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I had married Namita against her parents wishes…It was nearly 2
years now and one fine day my Father-in-law who is around 65 years
came to see us…I was surprised but treated him well. He after
understanding my business and me and meeting my parents thought hat
Namita had not made a mistake in marrying me. So he invited all of us
to his hometown for a re-union function.

I had met Namita as a colleague 3 years ago in UK. She was working
under my supervision. She was a rare combination of Brain & Beauty.
Namita is 5.4, dusky in complexion…very talkative and naughty…She had
been coming to office and I had either seen her in Chudidhar or Jeans
and shirt…she was pretty…but I had never thought she was gorgeous…
till an office party changed my outlook…

It was a Friday evening party thrown by another colleague as he was
flying back to India…I reached the party a bit late…it was around
9.00. It was the usually gang…of course with a few new faces…Namita
being one of them. I made my drink and joined my gang and as I sipped
I looked around and my eye fell on Namita…I was stunned.

She wore a pink sari & white blouse. Her lovely black hair was
shining…her sensuous curves was amply visible…I walked towards her,
she saw me a wished me…I was now standing close to her and through
her transparent Sari some top part of her titties and her navel was
clearly visible. She was a buxom girl…which was my major weakness.

Very soon…within a few days I proposed her…it looked like she was
waiting for my proposal…she agreed without any hesitation….but
unfortunately her parents did not agree and we had to get married
without their blessings…

Sexually Namita was very active…she was really good in bed and very
innovative…at an average we FUCK at least 15-18 times a week…even
after 2 years

So we arrived the previous day before the function. I was well
received in the railway station by her uncle and Aunt…We drew to my
in-law's place…during the drive Namita then inform me that her father
had married for the second time…I was surprised to hear this…I was
upset with Namita as she had not told me this before….

We reached a huge mansion…and we were received at the gate by family…
I was introduced to all the people…uncle, aunts, cousins and friends…
Namita's uncle guided us to our room…it was really big…with a huge
bed in the center with carvings…I was really impressed…

Very soon Namita came and told me that she wanted me to meet her
mother rather her stepmother and I accompanied her to meet my Mother-
in-law…I was stunned when I meet her…she was so young…maybe around 37-
38…half her husband's age…she was very fair…looked like a city lady…
she was around 5.2 and had a very shapey figure…to be very frank she
looked gorgeous and sexier then Namita…her name was Vanaja

After dinner I came back to my room, took off my clothes, put on my
shorts and relaxed…I though of Namita…and her sexy Step-Mom…Vanaja…my
COCK was up straight…droplets of my pre-cum stood at the tip…I
started to rub my COCK …my pre-cum kept flowing wetting my Shorts…
Namita walked out of the bathroom …I was stunned to see her…she was
looking gorgeous in her bridal sari…she told me that her mom had told
her to wear a bridal sari as that was out first night in the mansion…
before I could realize my mother-in-law stepped out of the bathroom…
she was actually helping Namita to get dressed… my Erect COCK had
made a huge protrusion which was clearly visible…and above all my
Shorts was Wet…with my Pre-Cum…my Mother-in-law was really blushing…
and Namita looked angry…

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RE: Foursome
Very soon we were alone and Namita was shouting at me telling me that
was too desperate…I did not care for her and simply pushed her on the
bed and fell on her…my lips meet hers and we kissed…very soon I was
between her legs and licking & sucking her juicy pussy…and she
moaning…I soon replaced my tongue with my Huge COCK…and started to
ram her…we fucked in various positions fro nearly an hour…she had Cum
3 times already…I knew my time was nearing…I pulled my huge COCK out
of her pussy…and shot streams of my thick, white CUM over her face
and into her mouth…I collapsed next to her…she licked my COCK clean
and went to the bath room to clean herself…

My 6th sense told me that someone or something was watching us…I
slowly pulled on my shorts and went near the door…I heard some noise…
I suddenly opened the door…the person was stunned and tried to run
away but I caught the person by the hand…it was dark and I did not
know who it was…but I knew it was a lady…I the skin was soft and
smooth…I could feel the bangles and also the long nails…I pulled the
lady into my room was some light was on…I was totally taken aback….

My Mother-in-law stood before me with her head bent…the top buttons
of her nightgown was open and I could see her melons…and even her
nipples, which were erect. It looked reddish…as I am sure she must
have been squeezing and pinching them…seeing us Fuck…I could even see
that her fingers were sticky…with her pussy juices…she just blushed
and walked out…leaving me stunned…my COCK was again fully Erect…I
went back to bed and slept without uttering a word to Namita…

The function got over and soon all the relatives and friends left…
Namita insisted that we stay back for a few more days…I agreed…My
mother-in-law was avoiding meeting me…but I desperately wanted to
meet her…the next day my father-in-law had to go out on some business
to the next town and he left early in the morning…So now it was just
me, Namita and Vanaja by sexy Mother-in-law…

After breakfast l decided to go out for a walk and as I walked I saw
my mother-in-law…walking towards me…she had not noticed me…therefore
I hid behind the wall as she approached me…I caught hold of her hand
pulled her towards me…her huge melons crushed onto on chest…my arms
went around her slender waist…she tried to push me but I was too
strong for her…I slowly started to kiss her on the neck…and squeezed
her lovely tits…

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RE: Foursome
"Please…leave me…you are my daughter's husband…" she said…I released
her and took her and made her touch my Hard, Erect COCK… "Do you want
it?" I asked…she did not answer but freed herself and hurried away…

In the afternoon during lunch whenever I got a chance I touched my
mother-in-law and I knew she liked it…Namita took off to her friends
place and informed me that she would be back in a couple of hours…
once she was gone…I sneaked into my mother-in-law's room…she was

I placed my lips on her and she was stunned to feel my tongue licking
her lips…she tried to push me but I was little too strong…I informed
her not to worry as Namita was not there and the house was empty…she
relaxed a bit…I continued to fondle and squeeze her melons…I took her
hands and placed it on my erect COCK…she was shivering with fear and
anxiety…I could see tiny drops of sweat on her fore head…

I continued to kiss her on her neck and cheeks and slowly put back my
lips on hers and this time she responded…she started to lick me lips
and face…her hands were slowly started to rub my COCK…I broke away
from and threw my cloths away…my Huge COCK sprang out…it looked Red
an Angry…I pulled her by her hair and put my COCK in from of her…she
slowly caught hold of my COCK in both hands…I moaned as I felt her
tongue on the tip of his cock. My Mother-in-law opened her mouth and
slid her mouth down on my cock and gently sucked and licked my COCK

I was standing in front of her and she was keeling and Sucking &
Licking my COCK like a Candy….she squeezed my balls…and kissed and
licked them…her saliva was wetting my thighs…soon I reached my climax…
I stroked my COCK and my balls exploded, my CUM shooting and hitting
my Mother-in-law. The load of CUM was so much that my mother-in-law's
face was nearly covered with CUM and her hair had strings on my CUM,
dripping on to her sari… she ran to the bathroom….as I collapsed on
her bed….

I heard the bathroom door open and saw my sexy mother-in-law walk out
naked towards me…her wet hair was sticking to her body…her breasts we
huge, nice and firm…her pussy was hairy and wet…we hugged each other
and kissed…I laid her on the bed and took her erect nipples into my
mouth and chewed them…she gave a small cry and moaned…I pushed her on
the bed and with my right hand opened her legs…and slowly started to
explore her pussy…

I eat and chewed her tits and slowly started to finger her pussy…her
moans increased and became louder…she spread her legs further...her
pussy was tight and Wet…I inserted my finger and start to finger-fuck
her slowly…her pussy was getting more and more wet and slippery and
her moans covered the room…

I pulled out my fingers and licked them…she tasted like honey…I
slowly moved downwards and started to kiss the smooth thighs, which
were wet with her juices…she moaned loudly as my tongue flicked her
pussy-lips…I spread her pussy and started to lick and suck her juices…
my tongue traveled far inside exploring her untouched areas…she gave
a wild grunt and sent streams of her CUM wetting & drenching my face…
I licked and drank every drop of it…and some overflowed wetting the

I position my Huge COCK in front of her pussy and she looked in
anticipation as I move forwarded she closed her eyes…I pushed my COCK
but found that her pussy was tight…indicating to me that she rarely
had sex…but due to her wetness and my Pre-CUM I entered her…she gave
a loud moan as my COCK got fully engulfed into her hot pussy….

I rammed and fucked her as though I had never fucked before…my cock
was moving like a piston …in & out of her pussy…she cried loudly and
sent out streams of her juices…wetting my COCK and sheets…I was
climaxing….I want to pull out but she insisted she pump my load into
her so I continued to FUCK and in final push I shot…I should have
come for more then 3 minutes…I filled her pussy with my CUM…she cried
with happiness…and even clapped….

I wanted to get back to my room as Namita would come back any moment…
I hurriedly got dressed…opened the door and walk out leaving my
mother-in-law in a state of bliss…another surprise awaited my outside…

A young girl aged around 18 or 19 was laying on the floor…her skirt
was up and her panty was down and she was Wacking her Pussy…as soon
as she saw me she pulled her panty and ran and vanished…I could see
the juices from her pussy drip on to the floor as she ran…I just went
back to my room and waited for Namita…

Namita arrived with a big smile…she told me her younger sister Anita
studying in a boarding school near by had come…she told me that she
could not make to the function as she had exams…I looked at her and

Anita was as tall as Namita but much fairer and chubby…her tits were
much bigger the Namita… During the dinner I watched that each lady
had her own thoughts…my mother-in-law was still feeling tired due the
heavy pumping she had from my in the afternoon…Anita was still a bit
stunned as she had seen me pumping her mother…Namita was a looking
happy due to her sister's arrival…

After dinner I saw my mother-in-law vanish in the kitchen. I was in
my room when Namita entered along with Anita…she looked shocked and
angry…Anita had told her what had happened in the afternoon…I was a
bit taken aback…I did not know what to say…Namita caught me by my
shirt and pulled me…

"So you have been fucking my mother…" she asked she pulled her sister
and lifted her skirt…her panty was dripping and was completely soaked
with her juices…

"See what you have done to my little sis" she said, "Do not you want
to help her you bastard" she asked…I nodded…I was anyway waiting for

Namita pounced on me and started to strip me…my COCK which was
already erect sprang out hitting Namita on her face…Namita took my
COCK into her mouth and started to suck and lick…Anita stood gasping
seeing her sister eat her husband…slowly Anita started to pinch &
squeeze her tits using her left hand and the right hand lifted her
skirt…pulling the panty down she started to rub her pussy-lips…

I pulled Namita away from my COCK and crawled towards Anita…put my
head between her legs…Anita was a bit shy…I started to kiss the milky
white thighs and licked her juices and slowly started to lick her
swollen pussy-lips…she moaned…in the meantime Namita was eating and
milking my COCK…I tongued Anita's pussy she gave a loud grunt and let
her juices flow out…

Hollywood Nude Actresses
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RE: Foursome
I was now on the bed and both the sisters started to eat my COCK…
They licked, chewed, sucked my COCK and Balls…I was hitting the
ceiling as tow gorgeous gals were plundering my COCK…their soft lips
and hands and their serpent like tongue drew my to ecstasy…soon I
blasted huge loads of CUM…Namita caught them in her palm and took it
to Anita…

"Eat it…" she ordered…Anita slowly started to lick her sisters palm…
soon I saw every drop of my CUM eaten by this young virgin brat… "Now
you are a good girl…Now you brother-in-law will give you a nice, hot
FUCK…" she said teasing her sister…

Both the girls started to lick and suck my COCK and soon my COCK was
standing to its full length….Namita continued to suck my COCK whereas
I pulled Anita eat her pussy…she was wet enough now for my COCK…
Namita switched places and started to kiss her sister on her lips…and
started to squeeze and massage her tits…

" Hey baby do not worry…it would hurt you a bit but later on you
would love it" she said to her sister and nodded at me…I slowly start
to enter Anita's virgin pussy…it was wet and tight…I pushed in slowly…
and could hear Anita moan and cry…Namita was comforting and
encouraging me to do it…I moved slowly applying saliva and Anita's
pussy juices to make the entry more easy…nearly 2 inches of my COCK
was inside Anita…tears was flowing out of her eyes…Namita was
comforting her sister…I decide to make a final push and put full
pressure and rammed…Anita gave out a huge cry as I saw trickles of
blood flow along with her juices out of her pussy…Anita was a woman

I slowly started to move in & out and Anita was more comfortable…her
cry turned into moans…she shot her CUM…which dripped down her pussy…
my COCK was ramming harder now… "Fuck her Harder…Faster" Namita
shouted and clapped…I obeyed my Wife and Fucked harder…Soon I felt my
COCK would blast so pulled my COCK and shot my load all over Anita's

I went into the bath room to clean my blood stained COCK…when I came
back I saw Namita licked her sisters pussy and belly…Anita was in a
semi-conscious state…as the sisters were licking and enjoying
themselves I did not want to disturb them…I slowly got out of the
room and spelt on the sofa in the living room….

It must have been around 4.00 AM in the morning when I suddenly woke
up see my mother-in-law licking my COCK… "So you have been fucking my
daughter?" she asked and I smiled…she came up to me and kissed me on
my lips…she was fully naked and I could taste my pre-cum in her mouth…
my COCK was touching her wet, dripping pussy…She slowly took my COCK
in her right hand inserted it into her Hot Oven and started to ride
my COCK like a Horse…

Her tits were bouncing & jumping as my COCK moved in & out of her wet
pussy…she was moaning…and soon shot her juices wetting my COCK and
balls…she slowed down a bit…but lifted her by the thighs and started
to ram my COCK really Hard and Fast…she told me that she wanted my
Cum in her mouth…I nodded and continued to FUCK…as I reached my
climax I pulled myself out and brought my COCK near her face…put my
palm around my COCK and began wack myself…my Hot, Thick, Lava spurted
out of my COCK hitting my mother-in-law and she tried to grab as much
as possible in her mouth…my CUM flowed through the corners of her
mouth…I still kept CUMMING wetting her face and hair…suddenly we
heard someone clapping behind us…we turned around to see…Namita &
Anita stood there with big smiles…They came running and kissed their
mother and started to lick my CUM off her face…I left them alone went
back to the room…I was so tired Pumping so much of CUM that I just

Next day I got up very late took a shower…I saw my father-in-law and
discussed a few things about his business…I informed him that I would
be leaving the same evening back to City…he agreed and asked me and
Namita to come along with him. When we entered the room he shook my
hands and handed over a draft for Rs. 50 Million as a marriage gift…I
was stunned by the present…My father-in-law told me that he would be
going out after lunch and would be back before I and Namita left…I

After Lunch I went back to my room and started to pack…soon I heard
Namita enter… "So how did you like the present" she asked "Great…" I
said…"Well Mother has something even better" she said and put her
arms round my neck and started to kiss…behind her stood her mother
and sister…. Absolutely Nude

My mother-in-law replaced my wife and started to kiss me and both her
daughters started to strip me naked…They pushed me on the bed and
started to lick & suck my COCK…my mother-in-law came on top of me and
put her pussy in front of my mouth…I started to lick & suck and
finger her pussy…her juices started to flow and the moans
increased… "I want you to Fuck me now…Please" my mother-in-law said…

Namita sucked her mother's pussy for some time…Anita was eating her
mother's tits…I was rubbing my COCK seeing the mother and daughter's
love each other… Namita took hold of my COCK and pulled me "FUCK her…
give it to my MOM" she said and I slowly inserted my Hard COCK and
stated to ram her wet, soft Pussy…within minutes my mother-in-law
shot her CUM with a loud moan…

"My Mom needs her Ass to be fucked" Anita said…my mother-in-law
looked stunned & confused…both her daughters turned her around and
comforted her…Namita & Anita spread their mother's Ass-Cheeks and
started to lick her Ass-hole…seeing this my COCK became more harder…
Anita started to apply some gel in her mother's ass-hole for my
COCK's smooth entry…Namita in the meantime put her massaged and
rubbed COCK… "mmm….come on…Fuck my Mother's ass…fill it with your
CUM…" she said….

I started to stuff my COCK into my mother-in-law's tight ass-hole…she
was crying and moaning…Anita was fingering her mother's pussy and
Namita was helping me to enter her mother's rare…inch by inch my COCK
started to disappear in my mother-in-law's Ass-hole…my mother-in-law
was moaning as her pussy was dripping…Namita & Anita were comforting
the mom and encouraging her…

Within a few minutes my whole length of the COCK was full inside my
mother-in-law's Ass-hole…her pussy was dripping with her juices
wetting the floor…Namita & Anita were eating there's mother pussy and
fingering it… "Fuck her HARD and FAST…" Namita said and I started to
move in & out of my mother-in-law's butt-hole… "ooooohhhhhhhhh….." my
mother-in-law moaned sending out streams of her juices from the pussy…
Namita collected some and applied it the entrance of the mother's
butt-hole…soon the passage became more smooth…I increased my speed…
ramming my mother-in-law's ass…Namita tickled my balls and started to
squeeze them…the sensation was too much and I gave a huge grunt…my
COCK bust inside in mother-in-law's ass sending out huge loads of my
CUM…I must have CUM for more then a minute and slowly subsided…

I pulled my lame COCK outside my mother-in-law's ass-hole…my mother-
in-law collapsed on the floor…both Namita & Anita took my COCK and
licked it clean as I relaxed on the sofa…after eating my COCK…both
the sisters started to lick there mother's ass-hole which was
dripping with my CUM…they giggled and kissed each other…my mother-in-
law lay on the floor…asleep

In the evening I and Namita packed and boarded the train…the whole
family had come to see us off…the train left and I and Namita relaxed…
after some time Namita kissed me and told me that both her sister and
Mom would be visiting us shortly….The very thought made my COCK Erect
and Hard…the whole night in the train I and Namita Fucked…I am now
awaiting my mother-in-law and sister-in-law's visit to my house…

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