First Night After Wedding Sex Story
Ramratan has a wonderful career. A Chemical Engineer, with a specialization in Powdered Metallurgy, he has been doing wonders at Philadelphia. His parents arranged a marital negotiation for their only child. Moments of bridal night came at its normal course. Manorama was brought to the newly decorated bedroom for the couple. The groom was also ushered in the room. One of his colleagues commented Bachchoo, yeh raat fir kabhi wapaas nahi ayegi.

Zarah hoshiari se isse paal poshke paar karna.”The bride was seated at one corner of the bed. Ramratan’s father asked all to leave them alone. As they left, Monorama stood up walked up to the door and bolted it making a loud noise, which startled Ramratan. Ramratan had this drawback.

He went to a boy’s school. In the Engineering College, he kept himself confined to studies.He hardly spoke to any female other than his mother and that too never looked up to her eyes while talking. Marriage went off peacefully. His wife Manorama, was a smart and accomplished lady. After she came over to the in-laws place, her mother-in-law had a few secret conversations with her, which none else came to know. He was vividly puzzled at the first question from his newly wedded wife.

Mein suni hoon ki aap kabhi aapke mataji ki siwa koi aurat se kabhi baat nahi ki? Kya yeh saach hai?”Ji lekin mujhse aap ko baaten karna hi parega.Mein jaanta hoon.Fir kuch boliye naa

As she speaks, she comes near her husband and holds his hands firmly. He shivers, but lets her fiddle with them. She picks his hands and places them on her shoulders and keeps her head on his chest. Meri tamanna thi, ki suhaag raat mein meri pati mujhe bahut pyaar karenge, aur pyaar karte karte saari raat beet jaaygi. Lekin mujhe yeh saab ki aadat hein hi nahi.”Koi baat nahi, mein aapko pyaar dungi, aap sirf usko lete rahiye.

Aur aab se koi baaten nahi, sirf pyaar hi pyaar. Monorama takes her husband and makes her sit on the bed, stands in front of him and begins to kiss him. Very light kisses to begin with are speedily followed by deep ones, starting from his forehead, eyelids, nose-tip, cheeks, throat and finally on to his lips. Ramratan does not realize when he makes his wife sit on when he makes his wife sit on his lap and begins to reciprocate. His hands surround her neck.

As she kisses, her hand open up his kurta buttons and trespasses on to his broad chest and she implants a few kisses there too. Now he is holding her head and pressing it on to his chest filled with dense hair. He realizes that Manorama is trying to take off his kurta and allows her to do so. Manorama slides down on to the floor and licks his navel mound giving a tickling sensation.

Unable to withstand, he picks her up and makes her lie down in bed, removes her saree from her naval and kisses there making her moan softly. He unknowingly bites her chin and kisses her lips, throat and comes down to her cleavage over the saree. Manorama removes the saree and uncovers the cleavage to allow him access to her bare skin. As he licks there, she opens up the top most hook of her blouse, and then all the hooks one after another.

Ramratan peels off the saree tucked inside the waistband of her petticoat. Manorama rolls over and removes her blouse and saree. She understands that her husband is walking in proper line now. Ramratan finds his wife in white bra and petticoat. He feels that his penis under his underwear begins to react now and starts growing in size.

Manorama dabs her husband’s face on her well shaped 38 size breasts and he kisses them over the bra a couple of times and whispers – ” Kholiye naa isko. Nahi, aap ko baaki kaam karna hein. Maine aapni saree aur blouse utar diye aab baaki aap ka kaam. Ramratan gets up and goes behind her and tries to open up the hook with his inexperienced hands. After multiple tries, he is able to undo her bra hooks.

Her round and well shaped breasts jumps out of the bindings of the bra. He holds them in both hands. Aap ki breasts bahut sundar aur nazook hein. Inko Hindi mein kya naam se pehchana jate hein, aapko maloom hein kya? Kya? Inhe chunchiya kehte hein. Yeh chunchiya aurat ki badan ke sabse bara point of attraction hote hein. Dono ki upar do gulabi mounds ya ni nipples bhi bari akarshit kar rahen hein mujhe. Aapne mooh pe loon inhe?

Meri iss badan ki har cheezen aap ke liye bani hui hein. Jo aap ke man chahe, ki jiye. Pooch kyun rahe hein mujhe? Having her consent he begins to suck his wife’s round, well developed nipples. She in the meantime undoes the knot of the strings of his churidaar. It slides down revealing his brown brief covering his enlarged erected penis. One of his hands begins to search for her petticoat strings and unties it.

Manorama keeps moaning as she too begins to get aroused. But remembering her mother-in-laws lessons, she tries to control herself to the extent possible. She has to entice her husband to have a sexual intercourse with her on the very first night. This has been her secret dream. Ramratan gets a bit bolder. He pushes down his wife’s petticoat on to the floor, revealing her brown printed panty.

Manorama enters her hands through the elastic band of her husband’s brief and feels his strongly built penis and brings that out.

Aap aurat ke baare mein nahi bata payenge, yeh ho hi sakta hein, magar khud ka baare mein zaroor jaanenge.


Aapne iss lambe danda ko hamari bhasha mein kiss naam se pehchana jata hein?”

Nahi maloom.

Isse laura ya lund bola jata hein.

Ramratan gets more practical by sliding down Manorama’s panty and asks “ Aur aapki is vaginal part ko Hindi mein kiss naam se pukarte hein hum log. Jaankari rakkhiye, isko choot yah bur kehte hein. Itni saare jungle gher kar rakkhe hein aap? Aapko naa pasand hein to kaal hi mein inhe saaf kar dungi. Mein ne sochi ki aap natural surroundings mein dekhne pasand karenge isse. Itni jaaldi kuch nehi hein.

Mera to iss baare mein ekdum jaankari na hone ki naate mein puchha tha. Aab shadi ekbaar jab ho hi gya, humlog apni pasand baad mein mita lenge. Manorama keeps on fiddling her husband’s so called lund., while Ramratan decides to remain passive. He was enjoying the lust shown by his newly wedded wife in their bridal night. She suddenly slides down the bed on to the floor and holds the cock in two hands and shoves it in her mouth, very much to her husband’s surprise.

He kept quiet to probably see how far she would like to venture. After a while she raises her head and asks, Aap ko meri yeh kaam burah to nehi lag raha hein? Lagnaa chahiye kya?” Aab aap mujhe musibat mein daal diye hein mere pati sahib? Mujhe maloom hein ki yeh kaam zyada tar insaan ko ‘ganda` kaam maama jaate hein. Mein woh chhoti ansh mein hun jo isse buri baat nahi maante hein.

Chaliye, iss maamle mein mujhe aap ki saath hona zaroori hein. Chhoriye naa, kahe mujhe sataa rahen aap? So long Ramratan was trying to play second fiddle to his wife. He now felt that he should be more aggressive. He forced himself up and drew his wife up to himself and kissed her on her lips a deep and a long kiss. A kiss which made Manorama gasp for breath. At the same time his hands were busy fondling her excellent shaped 38 size breasts.

After a pause, he repeated his kiss. This time Manorama was prepared and she rose to the occasion. This kiss prolonged for more than half a minute.. But Ramratan distracted his wife by just placing his left hand on to her cunt covered with pubic hair. As soon as it was touched, she let out a huge and pretty loud moan ouch! And was promptly followed by auch uch-auch-u-u-u-u-u-issssssss!

Ramratan at once covered with her mouth so as to protect the moan from going outside the room.

Janu-u-u-u I am cumming! Mein to jhaad gayi! He could virtually feel the volcanic heat evolving out of her pussy, which literally burnt his inserted fingers. But he left it inside and began to play with her pea shaped clitoris, which made her get aroused spontaneously once again. He increased his pace of finger-fuck. Her juice emerging out of her own cunt was all over hubby’s fingers.

Manorama reacted very fast and took out his hand. She made Ramratan lie on his back and climbed on him in 69 position. She again placed his cum-filled fingers over her cunt and held Ramratan’s fully erected rod in between her firm tits and began finger-fucking.

Ramratan kept cool as usual, That made her think.
Aap ko aaram nahi mil raha hein kya?
Mein ne kab eisa keh diye aap se?”

Nehi bole, iss liye mujhe sochni pari. Agar bol deten to koi chara nahi rehta. Boliye naa!
Saach mein, mujhe khoob anand mil raha hein aap se.
Magar aap mein uttejanaa ki koi nishani nahi dikh raha hein!

Sexual excitement kya who to ( ) mujhe aaj pata chalne lag raha hein. Dekhten hein kitni doori tak yeh hum dono ko le jati hein.
Aap aaj aage nahi barh na chahte hein kya?

Aap mujhe jahan le jaa payenge, wahin tak hi jaunga mein. Akela safar ka dum mujhme hein hi nahi. Aaj to mein sirf aap se paath loonga.
Jaaiye, mere peechhe kyun pare huye hein aap? Jin mein itnaa control hein, mein unhe nav-shikshakh soch bhi nahi sakti hun.
Thik hein, chaliye hum aage barhen. Chup chaap leit jaayieh.

Ramratan sat up, made Manorama lie properly on her back, placed a pillow under her hips and widened her legs apart to the utmost possible width so as not to hurt her. He then knelt down between her legs and placed his long, strong, erected penis at the tip of her cunt touching her vaginal opening, used his finger tips to open up her cunt lips and applied some force on her.

Anh! Anh, Zara ahista janab, mein kunwari hoon.

Magar mujhe to aap shadi kar chuke hein, phir kunwari kaise rahe gayein aap
Chhoriye! Aap bahut shaitaan niklen.

Ramratan was keeping on applying pressure as he was fooling around, trying to distract his wife from the thoughts of agony of pains of first insertion. He suddenly applied a great deal of pressure and at the same time pressed her mouth with both hands. Her cunt passage gave way to the fully erected dick of his and the whole rod went inside. Manorama was struggling to yell. After completing the operation he removed his hands. Her eyes seemingly were bulging out and were filled with tears. Bus bus, memsahab!

Aab aap ko aur rona nahi parega. Operation is complete. Syringe poori tarah andar chala gayah. Yeh ek hi baar aapko itna pareshani mein daal na tha mujhe. Aab sara jeevan iss dard ko paana nehi hein. Aage dekhte jaayeh, sirf aaram hi aaram hein. Manorama was smiling now, How well her husband performed this painful operation! To her he was simply a genius. She failed to understand as to why her mother-in-law had to caution her?

He has been fantastic in his planning. While play-acting as a novice, he paved his way all through miraculously well. She stretched herself and hugged him with great love. “Aap to bahut unche kism ka khilari nikle. I have developed a great deal of respect for you my dear hubby.”

Chaliye, Aap khush to mein bhi khush. Aab kaam mein bane rahen? Ki baaki ka kaam doosra din ke liye chhor dein. Aap ka jo marzee! Mein aapko kuch bhi kehne ki layak hun hi nahi.”

Ramratan simply smiled within himself. He had concealed himself from all regarding his potential in this field of life. Never in his life did he show any interest in women folks. He was busy building up his career. He has crossed the bridge as he approached it. There was no imagination or any dream of any sort in these lines ever.

He enjoyed immensely as he began fucking his wife on the bridal night itself, fulfilling her well nurtured dreams of her bridal night. Manorama kept on cumming and cumming repeatedly making her tired and exhausted. He did not change his position even for once and kept on fondling her tits, biting them mercilessly.

She was so overwhelmed that she even forgot to moan even once after she was penetrated. Night was clearing off with tinges of daylight appearing. Ramratan felt that he was on the verge of cumming. He took out his erected dick and poured his stock of semen on the tummy of his wife and then slept very peacefully, not even bothering to think how his wife will tackle his mother.

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