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Fantasy Photoshoot
07-16-2011, 12:41 AM
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Fantasy Photoshoot
While I have posted true stories, this is fantasy. It is a letter written from the point of view from a husband. With permission and encouragement, I started dating his wife about 8 months ago. After a small and unofficial wedding ceremony I became her second co-husband and moved in with them. I have my own bedroom there but still maintain my own house for when Linda and I want to really be alone.

She has been alternating beds from night to night. During our honey moon road trip, we decided to have a child. Her husband David has been required to wear condoms ever since.

On one of his nights alone I asked him to write the details of his first time watching us together. This is the letter he emailed.


I was curious the other day when you sat down with me and said you wanted to talk. You said that Linda and you were talking about doing a photo shoot of her.

Then you said that you both decided it would be fun if instead of a solo shoot of Linda, someone else took shots of the two of you playing and being nasty. The two of you discussed a few different friends of yours that would love to take the photos and see our wife naked. Linda named a couple of them that she would like, but then you brought up me.

You two had discussed asking me to watch you have sex just so it wouldn't be as uncomfortable when I eventually came home from work and found you two fucking on the couch, or I walk by your room and you left the door open, or when we would all be watching TV one night and you want each other but don't want to go to the bedroom.

She said it would be a turn on to tease me and put on a show, and you told her it would be a turn on to have her as I watched. You told me that you two did not want a threesome with me yet, but if I can keep my hands to myself you would like me to be the photographer.

I of course said "YES." You said that you both knew that I would be naked and jacking off in between shots and had no problem with that.

Then you made me somewhat anxious Jon when you warned me that because you two have a different relationship, the sex is very different, and I need to be prepared for that in advance and that I was not to talk or otherwise interrupt.

The night before I was rock had as our wife climbed in my bed and started to slowly stoke my cock. Linda gave me the same warning about what I would see without telling me what would happen. She told me she wasn't sure what you had planned but knew it would be kinky and that you could also be a little rough in a loving way. She pulled my cock towards her pussy then covered the entrance.

She kissed me and said she wanted me inside her....after I put on a condom, "We don't want any accidents."

My heart was racing all that day. Linda and I both having the day off made it worse since she would not let me have her, wanting to save her energy until you got home for the shoot. She did have me polish her toe nails and then when it was dry rub her entire body down with lotion. I then shaved her bush the way we all like.

After lunch Linda asked me to help her get the bedroom ready. We changed the sheets, vacuumed, set out candles around the room and placed the padded stool next to your bed with a towel over it for me so I didn't make a mess. We then checked the lighting with the camera as she lay on the bed naked. She wanted her clothes off so that her body would lose the lines from the seams in her clothes, since we all know how easily her skin shows marks.

Our wife was laying back lightly touching her pussy lips telling me, "Maybe I should get myself close to cumming a few times then back off just to build things up." Then our wife sat up on the edge of the bed close to my stoll and showed me her wet fingers laughing saying, "I guess I don't need any build up." She then spread her long legs apart a bit and layed each calf across one of my thighs facing me. She said she loved me, and hoped I would be able to handle everything ok tonight.

She rolls around on your sheets in fornt of me as she purrs and whines that she wishes you would hurry and get home. Then we hear the front door open, she claps and says, "goddie goodie, aren't you happy for me darling I'm going to get fucked now." She kisses me on the cheek and ask me, "please leave us alone for a bit?"

I walk down stairs and we say, "Hello Jon. Linda is climbing the walls for you. I will be in the living room when you are ready." You go up stairs and hear the shower start.

After awhile I hear a lot of whispering then you come down in a towel and say, "David, Linda and I have talked and we don't want the night ruined if you can't handle this. The agreement has to be that if you don't follow the rules, Linda will tell you 'David leave'. Then you will walk out of the room, get dressed, and leave to go sleep at a motel or a friends house for the night. If you agree and your ready for this, come upstairs."

With my legs shaking I walk up the stairs behind you. On the bed is Linda looking radiant. You start to direct her in poses as I take many photos. They are emphasizing her feet and her other sexy assets. You have her change to the two piece outfit, then finally stripping to nothing. After a few more shots where you make her finger herself and suck her fingers, you kneel on the bed giving me a perfect side view of you both. I take more shots as she moves towards your cock like a magnet. She is worshiping it with her hands and mouth.

You brush our wife’s hair from her face so we can see her lips on your shaft. You tell her that we need a schedule so that you know what nights you need to be around to have her in your bed. She smiles at you and strokes you cock and says I will just switch off with my husbands. You ask her what nights will be yours, she needs to decide? She pauses and doesn’t know what to say. You explain that with scheduled days one of us will get her 3 nights and one 4 nights. Linda closes her eyes goes back to your cock and tries to avoid the question.

You then state, "Look at the way she loves my cock David. You love it don't you darling?" She nods with her mouth full. "You need this cock don't you my love?" You grab a handful of her beautiful blonde hair and pull her gapping mouth off your cock so she can answer.

She looks at you pleadingly, "Yes I need it, I need it all the time." You then release her hair and she goes back to sucking. You order her to look me in the eyes as she sucks you.

"Linda my love you please me when you admit what you need and you are honest. As Linda continues to nurse on your cock you ask her, "What about your husband David's cock?" You again pull her mouth off you.

She maintains eyes contact with me as you told her and she smiles and says, "I love my husband."

You pull her head back by her hair making her very uncomfortable demanding, "That wasn’t the question my love?"

Her eyes divert from mine to yours, then back to mine with a sad sort of I have to answer look. She moans, "I always enjoy sexy with my husband David."

You raise your voice, "Do you need David’s cock all the time?" My wife’s eyes well up and without saying a word, she looks at me telling me she’s sorry.

She moans in despair, "No Jon. Not like I need yours." She goes back to sucking you in earnest.

"Then who you will have 3 nights and who you will have 4 nights should be and easy question. Look at David and tell him your answer." Linda is licking up and down your shaft and kissing the head thinking about how to say it.

Then she just decides to spit it out while she strokes your cock and massages your balls, "David......I’m going to sleep with Jon 4 nights a week."

My heat sinks at the same rate my cock turns to steel. I hope this doesn’t mean I am losing my wife, but I am happy she enjoys you as much as she does.
Just then your phone on your night stand vibrates twice. You make no move to answer it.

You just grin at me and say, "David two of my friends are at the front door. Please go get them and bring them up here." I am a little thrown since I didn’t realize you had decided to let your friends see Linda naked after all. I walk down and open the door to two good looking but young guys. The blonde guy had shaggy hair with a swimmers build, and the dark haired guy was more muscular. They could not be more than 21. I invite them in and tell them to follow me upstairs. Once inside the bedroom they start stare at Linda’s naked body as they begin to strip. I am frozen watching this.

You explain that you found these two room mates on Craigslist and that their fantasy was to share a married woman. You thought it would make a good shoot and that being shared by two young guys was one of Linda’s many fantasies. You also explained that they were also one of the few guys who would show proof of clean STD tests.

You pull your cock away from your wife and kiss her gently. You then leave her on the bed to be joined by the guys, one on each side of her. They tentatively start to touch her legs, then stomach, then breasts looking at your for approval. They tell you how much sexier your wife is then her pics. I want to shout, she’s my wife too, but I know better. The blonde guy started kissing his way down Linda’s neck to her left breast followed by the dark haired one doing the same on her right. She looked in complete bliss as she held there heads to her chest as if nursing.

After a couple of minutes the blonde guy continued his kisses down her belly over her mound and parted her treasure. The dark haired guy rose up on his knees above her offering her his cock at her lips. She quickly devoured him while stroking his shaft and massaging his balls. He really enjoyed the way she used her mouth. When the blonde guy commented that this was the best tasting pussy he ever had, they agreed to switch. Linda was just as enthusiastic about swallowing the blonde guys cock. The dark haired guy either ate pussy better or our wife was more worked up by this time because her ass would no longer stay still on your bed.

Another minute of this and Lori pulled the blonde’s cock from her mouth and cried out that she was cumming. After a few strong convulsions she lay there out of breath. The dark haired guy then had a request for me. He wanted to get good shots of Linda with their cocks in her hand showing her wedding ring. She slobbered on their cocks as her ring sparkled for the camera.

The dark haired guy then asked Linda if her married pussy was ready for some new cock. She smiled wickedly at them and answered by spreading her legs. She told them that you had condoms in the right hand night stand. The blonde guy was quickly kneeling between her spread wet thighs lining up his head with her unprotected very married pussy. She covered her hole with her hand.

You laughed as you and the blonde guy pulled her wrists over her head telling her, "It’s not your fertile time this weekend my love."

This guy is sliding the head of his cock up and down Linda’s slit making the head wet.

You tell our wife, "Linda if you don't want this, you know your safeword."

She pleads to you, "Jon he shouldn't he could make me pregnant!" The head of this young cock is now placed at the entrance to her pussy. She moan "Nooooo." "You know your safeword!", you retorted.

My heart was racing and I stood. As if it's not enough for the three of you to gang bang my wife, but you intended to risk Linda becoming pregnant as well. I was mad at you and couldn't believe you would go this far against our wife's wishes.

I was about to pull this guy off Linda when you spoke, "Look at me my wife....I promised you I was going to fulfill YOUR fantasies tonight. The first is risking pregnancy form another guy just because you are horny. I think you are horny now aren't you?" Other than to open her mouth in shock, she has no answer.

The invader is advancing....the head’s crown is about to disappear in her folds. Your wife cries to you, "I thought you didn't want men in me bare until you made me pregnant?" Your grinning reply is, "No I didn't want David in you bare until you were pregnant."

Her eyes lock on mine with a pleading look. Her refusal to call out the safeword tells me how very badly she wants, no needs this bare cock in her right now. The head is pushing in her lips. The pressure make her look at it going into her she look at it.

"We shouldn't" is all she can muster as she spreads legs. The head pops in her wet hot little hole and she let's out a sharp gasp. My wife looked almost in horror as this young man sank his bare cock into her pussy. She moaned and dropped her head back to the pillow crying out, "Jooooonnnn he shouldn’t."

Your words wake me from my trance, "David if you don't get pics I will have to invite them back when your not here and take the pics myself." I snap away without even looking through the viewfinder. As if in approval to your stamen Linda moans how good the cock in her feels in her. The this young man slowly slides himself in and out of my wife. She let's out a long low moan as she drops her head back on the pillow and her body surrenders. You kiss her forehead tenderly and tell her, Just enjoy what we are going to all do with your body tonight. The pregnancy risk is just the first fantasy fulfillment. The second fantasy is that you will be gang banged by three men. During all this I am going to fulfill two more of the fantasies you told me you would actually like to become reality.

She looks into Jon's eyes.....then into mine as her soft heels rest on the dark haired guys ass. The guy slides in and out and moans how her pussy feels.

The blonde guy says, "Look how wet it is and no one has even cum in it yet. She’s dripping thinking about us all banging her pussy. Let me feel!"

The blonde guy takes his position between her thighs. His cock is a little shorter but much thicker. He starts to shove himself into her. She is too tight for him. She puts her hands on his chest to stop his thick cock from going into her.

He thrusts into her and grunts, "You little slut. You can take it." He thrusts again and shoves all the way home. Linda screams and starts to cry. The blonde lays on her giving her time to stretch. Her legs wrap around his waist so he holds still, her hands gripping his back. She is begging him to hold still with her lips to his ear trying to catch her breath.

The thick cocked young man then tells her he wants her on top.

She says, "Oh my god yes. Roll over slowly." The couple roll over and her ass is in the air. I move back a rear view and see her pussy lips stretched around the blondes cock. I get good shot’s of this as well as the sexy soles of her feet along side the guys thighs and her toes pointed back. He grabs her face and kisses her hard As her hips start to move I see the cock is so wide her lips are gripping the skin on shaft. He is mauling her breasts with his big hands.

I see you Jon move to stand on the head of the bed facing Linda. You grab Linda’s hair and tell her to look at me. I move to the side and watch her suck on you.

You tell the dark haired guy, "Now." I then watch you hold her head tight. The dark haired guy picks up a container of lube on the night stand and starts massaging his cock. He then crawls behind our wife and globs it onto her ass crack then slowly slides a finger into her bottom. She struggles at first then realizes you are holding her head too tight and now the blonde guys hands are holding her hips like a vice. Dark haired guy fingers her hole in circular motions as I continue snapping pics, then after a minute he stops withdraws his finger and wipes it dry on her ass cheeks.

The guy kneeling behind our wife aims his cock at her pink asshole then the head starts to spread her ass cheeks with both hands. He starts nudging into her recently virgin ass.

Then you say, "David my wife is about to get triple penetrated for the first time in her life. Get good shots." I snap away as you tell her, "This is the third fantasy you told me you wanted to be reality. I hope you like it darling." Then you put your cock to her lips and she opens and swallows it all.

I have to set the camera on my knee to hold it steady but I am still able to photograph the hottest most surreal act I've ever seen. I am beyond hard. I am beyond turned on. I feel my cock throbbing and the cum building in my balls yet I'm not even touching myself.

I study the perspiration on my wife's back, the way her ass shakes just a bit as the dark haired guy’s ass muscles clench every time he slams his hips into her rear, the way her breasts are being squeezed by the blond guys fingers as he sucks hard on her nipples, the way her juices and the boys precum are shiny around her pink stretched asshole continuing over her taint and covering her entire pussy mound down over the blond guys balls, and the way Linda's gripping your ass as she fucks your cock with her mouth.

As I notice each of these visions it is as if I am mentally stoking my cock. When you tell Linda to look at me she makes eye contact and begins to orgasm instantly. Without touching my cock it starts to twitch and my body cock spurts cum nearly a foot up and it splatters over my stomach and lap. Linda sees this and can't believe it and her body continues to be rocked by the strongest orgasm I've ever seen her experience. The blonde guy on the bottom yells and closes his eyes.

The dark haired guy moans, "I'm about to cum in her ass." He grips Linda’s hips and slams his cock even faster into her ass. I see you sweating and breathing heavy as well. The visual and physical stimulation has to be incredible for you. When the guy in our wife’s ass cries out that he's cumming you grab the sides of Linda’s head and pull her onto your cock all the way. I see she is choking with your cock in the back of her throat. Her contorted face still looks sexy even though she is turning red while its impossible for her to get air. I am concerned but figure as soon as your cum stops flowing she will be able to get air.

The last spurts of cum have finished erupting from my cock but its is still hard as I watch you four still in your extended orgasms. You must of let off the pressure of your cockhead in her throat since she is now able to cough. Her face is covered with a sheen of perspiration and continues to turn more red. When she coughs with your cock in her mouth your white cum splatters out around your shaft some of it dripping from Linda’s chin.

Both boys stop thrusting and hold themselves in our wife’s body as the last of their seed is filling her bottom and possibly fertile pussy. She really appears in distress now and I am thinking she will have to go unconscious soon. I stand on wobbling legs and I think she is about collapse. You look at me as you put my Linda through this. I am about to yell at you and pull her mouth off you when I notice two things; your hands are not holding her head anymore and she is holding your ass and stretching her neck up to impale herself on you.

As this realization hits me, our wife does loose consciousness for a slip second and fall down off your cock and on to her hands on the mattress above the blonde guy. It is clear she is disoriented and I want to console her. She is still coughing up your cum up onto the poor blonde guys face and chest. The blonde guy grabs her face and right after she gets her first intake of air her kisses her fully on the mouth smearing your cum between them. Linda breaks the kiss when he releases her and she collapses on top of his body, her head on his chest facing me. She is too exhausted to hold her head up open her eyes or close her mouth.

I move to the foot of the bed and see the blonde guy has slipped out of her stretched gapping pussy.....her hole drooling his sperm on his legs.

The dark haired guy says, "Get a shot of this." He raised his torso all the way up and starts to lean back pulling his cock out of our wife’s ass. It almost makes a popping sound as he does yet they are still connected by a string of cum between these two. .....his cum starts to run out before her muscles can contract again.

The dark haired guy then says, "Jon if we can do this again after she’s pregnant with the round belly, we will pay extra!" I then realize what her fourth fantasy was.

Thank you for everything,


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