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Family becomes nudists
07-15-2011, 01:08 AM
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Family becomes nudists
My name is Kayla. I am 18 years old and just started college. Every year my mom takes us on a vacation. Each year it's somewhere new. Because I was in school and my younger brother was 16 and in high school, she planned the trip over spring break. I was very happy when she said we would be going to Jamaica. The first thing that came to mind was the warm weather and hot guys on the beaches.

It wasn't long until we were leaving for vacation. As we arrived at the hotel it was everything I thought it would be. It was hot and sunny and as we passed by the hotel pool I noticed alot of people hanging around the pool. My brother Steve noticed right away that most of the women were topless. That's when my mom said it was normal for women to go topless here. He just looked completely shocked. Maybe it was the first time he had see a women topless.

Seeing the women go topless was something that really turned me on. What my brother didn't know was that I loved being nude around the house as often as possible. I just never got up the nerve to be nude in front of him. I started off stripping and walking around the house when nobody was home. Then I got more daring and started laying out in the backyard. The feeling I got tanning completely nude was amazing. My mom knew I enjoyed being naked when she came home early one day and caught me completely nude in the backyard laying out. I was about 16 at the time. She was really cool about the entire thing. She just sat next to me and asked if I was enjoying myself. It led to a brief conversation about how much I enjoyed being naked. She just said to be careful the neighbors don't see me and to make sure I got dressed before my brother was home.

Anyway, now I was in a place were nudity was more acceptable. That's when my brother asked if we were going to go topless? My mom asked Steve if it would bother him if we did. He looked completely shocked but answered, no. So we went up to our room and started to get settled in. It was a single room with two beds and a pull out bed. It had a very large bathroom with a shower big enough for two people. It also had a great balcony overlooking the ocean in the distance. As we put are stuff away I asked my mother if she wanted to go down to the beach for the day? She said sure. My brother Steve said he wanted to go to the pool instead. Not surprising after seeing all the topless girls by the pool. My mom just smiled and said fine, you go to the pool while Kayla and I go to the beach. We will meet back at the room by five.

So with that Steve took off. I told my mom I wanted to change real quick into a new bathing suit I just bought for the trip. So, since it was just my mother me, I just started to change in front of her. As I took the bathing suit out of my bag, my mom noticed that it was nothing but strings. So I stepped into the bottoms and pulled them up. It was a string bikini thong. As I did this my mom was just checking me out. She said she couldn't believe how small the bottoms were. As I turned around she just smiled and said that from the backside I looked like I wasn't wearing anything at all. As I was finishing getting ready I saw my mom looking through some information on things to do in the area. That's when she started to giggle and made a comment that this would be right up my alley. What, . She said that at the next beach over the beach is designated as a nude beach. That's all I needed to hear. I asked my mom if she would be up for the adventure. She didn't see to sure about it. I told her it would be a perfect time to try it. Steve is at the pool and it might be a great chance for us to check out guys. It told her I always wanted to try being nude outside of my own back yard. So she said she would give it a try.

As we left the hotel and started walking to the beach, my mom asked me if I thought there would be alot of me their. I told her I hope so. I would love to watch a bunch of nude men walking around. My mom turned a little red and said she couldn't believe we were doing this. As we started getting to the sand we saw a large number of people in the distance. As we kept walking closer we started to see people without any clothes. So we kept walking and looking for a good spot to set up. As we got to where most of the people were my mom and I started to notice that there were more men than women. Almost all the people at the beach were completely nude. I couldn't believe how many men were just walking around with their penis' just completely exposed. Never before have I seen men completely nude like this. My mother looked at me and said, your enjoying the view aren't you? I just smiled back at her.

That's when my mom said, why don't we get set up over their and pointed to an area by a dune where several men were laying down. I thought sure , why not. At least we had some guys to check out. As we started to lay our blanket out I noticed that some of the guys in the area started to notice us. I just acted like I didn't notice. That's when it was time to start taking off my clothes. I felt a rush like I had never felt before. What surprised me was the fact that when I looked over at my mom she was already topless. So I took off my top and put it in my bag. I had pretty nice tits. They were 34's and were very firm. People thought they were breast implants because they would stand up firm. It felt great to feel the sun on my chest. But despite the fact that m mom left her bottoms on, I wanted to go completely nude. So I just untied the string bottoms and stepped out of my suit. I have to tell you, it felt so sexy standing completely exposed on the beach knowing that I was surrounded by naked men. My mom just smiled at me as I stood in front of her naked.

As I sat down my mom said something that took me by surprise. She said she was surprised that me aren't walking around with erections. Funny, because I was thinking the same thing. Most of the men were relaxed. I did notice that their packages came in all different sizes though. Some men even though they were not hard still were very big. I told her I thought it was really cute how their penis' swing back and forth as they walk. Just as is said that we both stopped as a guy went walking past our spot. I watched as my mom was staring at this guys cock as he waked by. Even his balls were bouncing as he walked. I was starting to have alot of fun checking out men with my mother. She was defiantly loosening up.

That's when we noticed the guy laying next to us. He was very good looking with a nice body. My mom said that she thought he looked real sexy, especially with his penis laying on his leg pointing right at us. She was right, he looked great just laying there with his penis laying on his thigh. It looked like he was semi erect. The head of his penis looked red and was a good size. His balls were hanging low between his legs. That's when we noticed his cock move a little. As if it had a mind of it's own it started to grow a little more. I don't know what he was thinking about but it was starting to turn him on. As we tried not to stare my mom and I watched as his penis kept growing. As it did, it started to look like it was going to stand straight up. It began to roll toward his stomach as it kept getting bigger. My mom looked at me and asked if I was having fun. I told her I've never seen a guy getting an erection before. By the time I ever saw my past boyfriends penis it was already hard. As we looked back over at the guy next to us we watched as his little friend looked like it grew to about six inches, but was still lying on his stomach. Then it started to bounce up and down a little to his heart beat. That's when his penis started to lift off his stomach. I said to my mom, this guy is getting a full erection! As we kept watching he kept growing. Each time his penis gave a little jump it stood up a little more. It was really hot to watch. Within about 20 second his was cock was standing at attention. It had to be bigger that six inches and stood straight out from his body. Just as he finished getting hard he started to wake up. He looked at his penis and saw his erection then looked in our direction. We quickly looked away and then both of us got embarrassed.

I thought maybe he would just roll over, but instead he started to stand up and walk in our direction. My mom and I gust looked at each other. I thought it was fun to watch men walk around with their flaccid penis' bouncing around. Well let me tell you, watching a guy walk down the beach completely hard was quite a sight. As he walked toward us his cock pointed straight out . It was extremely hard a rigid. You could tell as it tried to bounce up and down as he walked. Instead it was his balls that were swinging as his cock stood out hard. As he got closer my mom started turning red and I started to get a little excited. That's when he came up to us and introduced himself. I was trying my best not to stare at his hard- on. He said his name was John. That when my mom introduced her self and said that I was her daughter Kayla. I felt rude just sitting down so I stood up and shook his hand. As I stood up I felt great standing completely nude in front of a great looking guy who was completely nude, not to mention that he had a complete erection.

That when he asked if it offended us that he got hard. My mom said not at all. I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often. As she was saying this I could see him staring at my tits. It was hot watching his penis stand straight out from his body and pointing right at me. That's when he asked if I minded putting some lotion on his back. I looked at my mom and just bit my lip. I said, sure. With that I had to bend over and pick up the lotion. I felt very exposed as I knew he could see my ass as I bent over. I stood back up as he turned away with his back toward me. I started to put lotion all over his back. I even slowly worked my way down to his ass a little. I wanted to let my hands wander to his front side, but not with my mom watching. Instead when I was finished with his back, I asked if he would mind doing the same for me. So I handed him the lotion and turned around. The entire time my mom was watching as this guy stood in front of us completely turned on.

I heard the squirt of the lotion as he put it in his hands. He started to rub the lotion on my shoulders. As he did I started to loose my balance and took one step backward to regain myself. As I did I realized how close he was to me because I felt his hard-on against my ass. I quickly jumped forward in embarrassment. My mom looked shocked. As he continued I would feel his erection graze my leg every so often. It felt really warm. When he finished I turned around and took the lotion from him. We both thanked each other and he said maybe we could play some volley ball later. Then he walked back to his blanket.

My mom said she couldn't believe that I stepped back into him until his penis was against my ass. It was funny watching you jump like that, she said. That's when her cell phone rang. It was my brother. He wanted to come to the beach instead. My mom tried to discourage it but he must have kept it up. So my mom told him we were at a clothing optional beach and that it was up to him if he wanted to join us. My mom hung up and told me that Steve was coming to the beach. Now my brother and I have never been naked in front of each other. I had no idea what to expect. My mom said that if my brother wants to go nude don't discourage him. It might be a good experience for him. Before he got there I turned over on my stomach not sure how I felt about the entire situation. Before I knew it he was right next to me. He looked a little embarrassed to see us both without any clothes. As he was about to sit down my mom told him he could take off his shorts if he wanted to. He stood there for a moment and then decided to join us. As I watched my brother reach for the waistband of his shorts I couldn't believe that I was going to be nude on a beach with my brother.

So he continued to pull at his waistband until his shorts dropped to his feet. As I looked up at him I got a full view of him. I was surprised how well hung he was. He wasn't hard thank goodness buy he was a nice size. When he noticed me looking he got shy and put his hands in front of his penis. I said sorry and looked away as he sat down next to me. He laid on his stomach at first so nobody could see him exposed. After laying on my front for a while I wanted to turn over. I guess it had to happen some time. As i turned over my brother was looking over at me. As I started to sit up I knew he could see my tits. I decided I was going to go for a walk over to the drink stand and get something. As I stood up I felt dirty being completely nude with my brother. But he was still facing down as I got up. That's when my mom said that if he wanted something to drink he should go with me for the walk. He reluctantly started to turn over.

As we started to walk I could tell we both checking each other out. I felt my nipples start to harden as I watched as his penis bounced back and forth as he walked. As we got our drinks I noticed his penis was a little bigger than before. It must have been from standing in line with other naked people. AS we were waling back Steve said to me he was starting to have a problem. As we were walking I looked over at him and saw he was starting to get an erection. At first he wanted to put his hands over it, but I told not to worry about it. I said several men had hard-on's today. The more we walked the harder he got until his penis was standing at full attention. I couldn't believe how big it got. He said he didn't want to be in front of mom like this.

I told him, why don't we go for a walk away from everyone until you calm down. he said, sure and we walked near the back of the beach. As we were walking I noticed he was not calming down at all. He apologized for getting an erection . I told him its natural and nothing to be ashamed of. I told him I was surprised when you started to get hard how big it got. You have nothing to be ashamed of at all. Do you mind if I ask you a question Steve? I guess not he said. When you get hard and it stands straight out like that does it hurt? He answered no, it actually feels great. I just don't want to be in front of mom with a hard-on. I told him I understand, but my questions weren't helping him calm down. I told him that if it would help him calm down and he wanted to stroke himself, I wouldn't mind. I couldn't believe I just said that, but I felt bad for his condition. I told him I would stand next to him so nobody saw him doing it. He thought about it for a moment as he looked around. I stood in front of him facing toward him so that other people in the area couldn't tell what he was doing. As I faced him he took his one hand and started to touch himself. He started off slowly at first. I told him he looked great and not to be embarrassed. That's when he told me that he couldn't believe how good I looked nude. He told me that he got hard because as we were walking he kept watching my tits bounce around. As he told me this he started stroking himself faster. As he started to build up a rythem his balls started to bounce back and forth. I told him I have never seen a guy jerk off before. It looks like your having fun. If your too embarrassed I will turn my back when your about to cum? He told me he didn't mind if I saw him cum. Just as he said that he started to really go at it. As he was going at it he told me he was a bout to cum. I noticed the tip of his cock was dripping pre-cum already. He had a nice string of it hanging from his tip. Then he trust his hips a few times and started shooting his load. he shot it into the sand right at my feet. It was quit a sight to see him cum. he must of shot like seven times.

As he finished his penis started to go limp right away. So we started to head back to our blanket. As we got back I noticed the guy from this morning talking to mom. He wasn't hard anymore. As I got to the blanket my brother sat down exhausted and I was completely turned on. That's when he asked me if I wanted to go for a walk to the ocean. I said sure why not. So we started to head to the water. As we got back I asked him if he wanted to lay with us. He dais sure. He move over and laid next to me. After about 30 minutes I noticed that my mom and brother seemed to be asleep. So I asked Steve if he would mind putting lotion on me again. He said sure so I rolled over on my stomach. When he finished I turned over and saw that he had started getting hard again. As he laid next to me I got a close up view of his impressive cock. So i decided to take advantage of the situation. I told him he didn't have to cover himself up. As he laid on his back I watched as his penis started to get hard. So I took some lotion and started rubbing it on his chest. As I did his penis got completely hard again. Since my mom and brother were sleeping I decided to play with his penis a little. I started just rubbing his balls as his cock kept jumping as I touched him. As he laid back and closed his eyes I leaned over and kissed him on the head of his penis.

What I didn't know was that my mother was starting to wake up. Before long I started to give him a blow job. He started to moan a little but I never gave it any thought. I started to really go at it licking him from top to bottom. AS I licked his balls I could feel his warm cock against my face. I wanted to make him shoot his load. As i kept going I didn't realized I now had an audience. Two girls walking by and now my mom. Within another minute he was about to cum. I didn't want him to have cum all over himself, so when he started to cum I let him shoot it in my mouth.

to be continued.......

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