Family Punishment Tradition
Hello everybody,I'm here to narrate a real story about the prevailing punishment traditions in my family and in several other families. You can research and confirm that such traditions exist even today.I'm the son of a middle-class couple in India. My mother is a housewife and father, a government employee. My father has three brothers, he is the second eldest brother. All the 4 brothers are married with kids. All of us live together under the same roof. A separate section was appended and made into a big house.

In our family, no wrongdoing is tolerated. There is punishment if anybody does anything wrong. No matter who did it. The uncles, the aunts and the kids are all punished. But the young children are not punished in the same way as the adults or the grown-up kids are. If my memory is accurate, I was about 14 when I first saw the family punishment practice. Usually, on the day of the punishment, everyone would be whispering about it. The kids never talked about it.

I have seen the punishment of my youngest uncle, my third-eldest aunt, my mom, a newly-married cousin-in-law, and an elder cousin sister. When the punishment is being meted out usually all family members are present and they encourage the punishment. Usually the punishments are given for silly, simple mistakes. People found out reasons to punish someone. This is what is done. If a female member does wrong, she will have to pull down her churidar-pants and underwear to reveal her buttocks and stand in front of the whole family including her kids. Two of her male in-laws will then hold her as she bends over their arms and spank her. For some mistakes, the elder sis-in-law will do the spanking too. I learnt the word spanking much later after I came into contact with the internet. My eldest uncle is a rough man. He usually spanks very hard and hurtfully.

If a male commits a mistake, he is usually asked to do the dirtiest deed. That is, he will have to lick the auns of the younger sister-in-law. Licking the anus, where shit comes from, of a younger woman is considered to be a demeaning act. If he is the youngest of the brothers, he will have to do the same of the eldest sister-in-law.

Once, when my third(third-eldest) aunt was getting punished. That is, my eldest uncle first spanked her. I was watching and I saw her buttocks go red. Everytime, my uncle spanked her, I could hear a "hmm" sound come out of the aunt's mouth. It was because my uncle was hitting her so forecefulyl that she was being pushed forward. To avoid her falling down, uncle was holding her around the waist with his left arm. She couldn't move away. Surprisingly, her husband was watching all this and encouraging the act. He was sitting in the same chair as the eldest aunt. The eldest aunt is heavy and slightly dusky in color. She had her arms around the third uncle. I turned around to look at my mom and found that she was sitting in the same chair as my another uncle - actually, she was sitting on his lap. My dad was standing and talking to another aunt. It looked to me like dad was drinking, but I'm not sure. On that night, my dad also spanked the third aunt, then slowly caressed her buttocks and everybody started comforting her. AS tiem passe3d, there was a lot of noise and laughter. I fell asleep.

I'd never forget the time when my mom was punished. She seemed to be smiling while taking the spankings from the elder uncle. She was producing the "ah" sound with every spank. It was like the sound women tennis players make while hitting the ball. Mom had to expose her buttocks to the family one more time when the second uncle was caught for smoking in the bathroom. It was the eldest aunt who smelt the smoke from inside the bathroom. She asked him to come out, he didnt. So she kept shaking the door until the latch gave away. And my youngest uncle was literally caught shitting by the eldest aunt. He had a beedi in his hand and his punishment was arranged the same night. He was asked to lick my mom's ass. I still remember, at first he went near my mom's buttocks and took his mouth closer. Then he took back his head as if he didn't like the smell. But the family members ordered him to do it. He didnt have any option. While he was demeaning himself, my mom and all the other woman were laughing out loud.
Later on, I found my mom and the uncle who licked her buttock talking and laughing having a nice time. My mom usually wears saree, sometimes churidar at home. When she was being licked by uncle, she was wearing a saree. She had to lift her saree all the way up to her waist and pull down her panties. Seeing this, my penis got an erection. My younger aunt was standing behind me holding my shoulders while I sat on a stool. Her thighs were rubbing my back. She was telling my "Look at your mom pulling up her saree, look at her buttocks" like it was important for me to not miss it. It was, what shall I say, very intoxicating especially at that age when you don't know what is going onbut likes it.

My eldest aunt - the heavy, dusky one - too had to show her buttocks once. It was when she and the youngest uncle were punished. Being the eldest, I suppose, she didn't get any spanking. But my youngest uncle, who was getting punished, had to lick her buttocks. She wasn't wearing any panties and she lifted up her saree and stood their like a rock ordering uncle to lick her buttocks. She didn't seem to have any hesitation like unlike the younger aunts and my mom.

The two punishments I'd never forget are the ones that were meted out to a cousin-inlaw (the bride of a cousin) and a cousin sister. I think they were punished for coming home late or some such silly thing. Both of them were in their early twenties and really hesitant to go through it. But with time, they seemed to be okay with what was going on.

My eldest uncle spanked both of them very hard really really hard. that they cried. Almost all the men spanked them. Remember, these were two separate incidents. As in the case of my cousin sister, even her father spanked her. The men didn't just let them pull down their churidar-pants, but wanted it to be completely removed. My cousin sister was even asked to dance in front of the whole family - nude. She was a very slim, shy, beautiful girl. When the punishment ended. she was sitting on her father's lap as he was stroking her sides and telling jokes.

My cousin-in-law was touched everywhere by all the men. Her husband, was being handled by my mother and younger aunt. He was sitting on my mother's lap with his legs on both sides of my mom's two thighs put together. He was too happy to care abotu what was going on with his wife. This form of family punishment tradition is still practised.

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