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Erection at movies hall
07-15-2011, 11:42 PM
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Erection at movies hall
This is a true story…send to me by my chat friend Paresh. My (Paresh) wife and I are both in our late 30′s.

It started out with my wife and I deciding to go to a special showing of a movie at a local movie hall. As there was assigned seating, we proceeded to our seats. As we approached our row I was surprised to see my next door neighbor Meena and her daughter Pooja seated in our row.

They have been our neighbors long enough for me to have watched Pooja grow from a young teen to a beautiful, young woman. Pooja is in her early 20′s, about 5’5″ with black hair and was wearing a casual dress which came up to her knees, showing off her bare legs nicely. Her mom was also wearing a dress which appeared to be knee-high. She is nearing 40, also with black hair and a body which was simply an older version of her daughter’s… Nice breasts, shapely legs and come fuck me eyes. I let my wife enter the row first and followed her to my seat which was to the right of Heather. As I sat down we both said our hellos, saying how surprised we were to run into each other.

The movie started and about half-way through I noticed my left leg had brushed up against Pooja’s knee. Seating was a little tight so I repositioned myself away from her leg.

A few minutes later, again I felt my leg brushing her knee. I could see Pooja was sitting with her legs crossed and I could feel the warmth of her skin through my pants.
As I began to move my leg away again, I felt a hand grab my left leg and move it up beside her right knee. It was Pooja’s right hand and she had just grabbed my left knee and placed it right next to hers.

I thought I was dreaming. I looked to my right and saw my wife was thoroughly involved in the movie. Casually I placed my left hand on my left leg, covering Pooja’s hand. I guess I felt I had to hide her hand from my wife’s view. Pooja immediately took her hand off my leg.

I thought “oh shit” Pooja must have thought I grabbed her hand but the next thing I knew, she grabbed my hand, lifted it off my own leg and placed it underneath her dress covering her right knee.

I thought I was going to cum right then and there. Here was the daughter of my neighbor who had never in the past said anything to me other than passing hellos, now placing my hand on her uncrossed right knee. I couldn’t help but look over to see her cover both of our hands with her dress. I felt her move my hand slowly up her leg, feeling the warmness of her bare thighs. It felt like heaven… Smooth, soft and forbidden. I squirmed in my seat slightly, as my ever growing hard on forced me to re-adjust my position.

I checked my wife again, seeing she hadn’t noticed my distraction. My hand was now being led from Pooja’s thigh to her crotch where I felt a smooth, silky material which felt very warm and possibly moist? I felt her move aside her panties feeling course hair, moist lips and warm female juices flow from inside her to my hand.

Pooja made sure my hand was properly coated by scooting in her seat. She was looking straight ahead, giving no visible indication to anyone, including her mom, of what she was doing. Or so I thought.

I snuck a glance to my left again and again was shocked to see Heather’s left hand under her mom’s dress, apparently doing the same thing to her mom that she was allowing me to do to her.

I did a double-take and just continued to stare at what was developing before my eyes. Here was my neighbor’s daughter letting me feel-her-up while she was in fact feeling up her own mother, who obviously was enjoying it all as I could see her mom’s head back in her seat with her eyes closed.

It was too much for me to handle and I felt my self ejaculate into my underwear through to my pants! Even in the darkened theatre, I could see my cum stained pants but didn’t care much at the time.

I looked over to see Pooja take her left hand out from under her mom’s dress. She then looked over to me and smiling, placed her fingers up to her nose, smelling them. She smiled even more, looked straight at me and then placed her fingers under my nose for me to smell. They smelled musky but very pleasant. She then placed one finger on my lips and forced me to open my mouth slightly. She then placed another finger inside my mouth which I eagerly licked.

She then removed her left hand from my mouth, and took my right hand from her pussy and placed it up to her mouth. Quietly she licked one of my fingers with her tongue and then placed my fingers on my lips. I could smell her light, musky aroma and feel the wetness from her pussy on my hand. I quickly licked off her remaining cum from my own fingers.

She pulled her dress down and I could see her mother’s dress was also back to her knees.

Thinking things done, I looked to my right and saw my wife was still engrossed in the film. How I hadn’t gotten caught was surprising but Heather wasn’t through yet.
With a wicked smile on her face, she slowly placed her right hand on my lap, where my cum had seeped through my pants. She rubbed her small hand over the wet area and after getting enough cum from my pants on her fingers, moved her two fingers back and forth with my stickiness and placed her hand to her mouth. I saw her lick her fingers, then Pooja placed her fingers onto her mom’s lips. Stacy licked her daughter’s fingers clean. Pooja and her mom Meena went back to watching the movie and I sat there, cum-stains and all wondering what the hell just happened to me. Since that night, we have gone back to our “polite hellos” to each other but they both seem to smile a lot more than they used to.

My wife, after the movie asked me what I thought of the movie. I said it was okay and actually had fallen asleep during it. I’m not sure if she believed me or not… I wonder…? Leaving the theatre, she didn’t notice I carried my jacket in front of me rather that wearing it.

Let me know the comments for the story as my friend is eager to know how u people like the story. Pls mail me on xxxxxxx. Any lady from Mumbai want to have sex in movie halls can write to me. We can definitely have fun.

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