Entertaining Nadia and Sadia
Rahul was 16; he lived in a typical house in a typical estate. His bedroom was at the back of the house on the 1st floor. His window faced the similar room of the back room of the house next door.

A new family had moved in and the 2 daughters Sadia 15 and Nadia 18 were notied immediately by the randy Rahul.

Both girls were well developed, slim and athletic with bouncing breasts and well-proportioned curves. Rahul decided he would fuck them both and have their pussies begging for his tongue and cock. The girl’s shared the back room of the house and Rahul decided from the 1st day that he would seduce them with his muscular body.

That night he deliberately didn’t close the curtains. He knew they would be watching as he started his exercises wearing only his boxer shorts. He kept his back to the window or when facing sideways kept his gaze away from the window so that there would be no eye contact.

He finished his exercise routine, now covered in sweat, then without looking at the window again, he grabbed a towel and pulled off his shorts. Now he went to the window and looked out, his 6-inch cock semi hard. As he expected, both the girls were watching, but in shock of having been seen, they quickly shut the curtains and disappeared from view.

Rahul laughed as he went into his bathroom to wank and shower. He came back into the room naked and looked at the girl’s window, he noticed that the curtains were closed, but could make out a pair of eyes at each edge of the curtains. They were watching.

He moved around the room naked for a while, moving things from one side to the other, before finally lying down on his bed naked, from the corner of his eyes he noticed the curtains moving as the girls tried to get a better look. Slowly Rahul massaged his cock erect again and finally slept holding his member.

He got up in the morning to get ready for school; he noticed Sadia was in her room near the window brushing her hair. He waved to her and caught her attention; she saw his nakedness again and blushed, turning away. Smiling Rahul went into the bathroom and washed.

At school he saw the girls in the corridor and approached them.

How are you, he asked them. Did you have a good sleep last night.

Both girls blushed and turned away.

Hey don;t worry, said Rahul. I don;t mind you watching.

That night Rahul went into his room and waited for the girls to come to thier’s. He stood at the window and Nadia came to hers, Sadia, less condident stayed back. he opened the window and so did Nadia.

Would you like to watch, or are you going to hide behind the curtains again.

She opened her curtains wider and gestured for Rahul to begin. He sat facing her and removed his shirt. Picking up his weights he started to exercise and noticed that Sadia had come closer too. Finishing his reps, he stood up and removed his shorts. Sadia looked away, then her eyes came back. Slowly as Rahul stroked it, his cock became errect and Sadia’s eyes grew with wonder.

He watched as Nadia unbuttoned her nightshirt and opened one flap, revealing a beautifully formed breast, large as a big orange, firm and ripe, it was colour of cofee with a darker aerola. He nipple was hard and proud and she kept her shirt open for Rahul to enjoy.

Just as Rahul was about to cum, Nadia calmly teased her nipple with her finger, before drawing her shirt closed and moved away. Only sadia was standing here in her short nightie, her shapley legs glowing in the light. Rahul sprayed his cum out of the window and then blew Sadia a kiss, before going to wash.

For the next week, Rahul repeated his display for the girls, slowly they too stripped for him and by the 8th day, Rahul had seen both girl’s naked breasts and Nadia’s hairy pussy.

The next day was a weekend and they met to go to the mall together. He bought a set of ladies razors as a present for Nadia. You should shave your pussy he wispered as he handed her the package. It will look much nicer.

Our parents are going to a party tonight, so are yours, Nadia told him. Why don’t you come over and shave it yourself.

If he needed a green light, tonight was it and at exactly 8:05 pm, 5 minutes after the elders had driven away, Rahul was in the bathroom in Nadia’s room.

Whilst Sadia watched, Rahul and Nadia stripped and entered the shower together. They kissed under the hot water and explored each other. Rahul kissed Nadia’s breasts as she stroked his cock. He knelt down and lathered Nadia’s hairy pussy, slowly and carefully he started to remove the hair. 2 blades later, infront of him was a sliky smooth pussy, bald as the day it was born. he kissed it and Nadia, pressed her lips against Rahul’s mouth, inviting him to explore with his tongue as her younger sister watched in awe.

Fuck me now Rahul, she moaned. I want your hot prick inside me. Rahul dried his prize carefully and took her to Sadia’s bed. She offered him a box of condoms and he selected an ultra thin one. Sadia watched as her sister kissed Rahul’s cock and sucked it. Then put the condom on the shaft. Slowly Rahul entered the virgin hole and Nadia screamed in pain as she lost her chastity. When the pain had gone, Rahul started to stroke and Nadia matched his every move. Rahul came moments after Nadia Climaxed and collapsed on top of her. They lay together for some time before Sadia came over and pushed Rahul off her sister.

She lifted off her nightie to reveal her slender body. apple sized breasts stood proud on her slim chest and Rahul hungrily took them in his mouth one after the other. He fingered Sadia’s pussy, which she had already shaved and sent electric pleasure through her body. sadia collapsed on Nadia’s bed and Rahul went down on her pussy with his mouth. Sadia was already moist and Rahul drank her juice deeply, enjoying the taste of virgin pussy.

I want to kiss your cock she said, taking off the soiled condom. She licked some sperm from his cock and made a face, then tried again and liked the salty flavour. Just like popcorn she joked as she gobbled his flacid cock. Soon it was hard and ready to explode, but Sadia was not letting go. Rahul had no choice but to flood her pretty mouth and cum over her face. He pulled Nadia over and made her lick her sister’s face clean. Then as Sadia lay back, Rahul mounted her. Using a fresh condom he entered the younger sister and once again tore a virgin pussy with his hard cock.

Sadia came almost immediately; Rahul took his time to ejaculate. When he withdrew, there was more blood on his condom. He removed it and both girls greedily started to suck and clean him with their tongues.

It was getting late; the parents would be back soon. Rahul went back to his room and stood at the window. it would be many years before the curtains in either room would get used.

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