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Element wakes during the night to an intruder
07-15-2011, 03:47 AM
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Element wakes during the night to an intruder
This is a story written by myself and Element late one night...

The wind blew hard that night, rain pelted down rough on the windows and walls. Thunder can be heard echoing through the valley as in a bedroom a blossoming young woman laid under her sheets deep in sleep. Underneath the sheets she wore a black teddy that fit snuggly to her body. The fireplace nearby kept her warm enough to wear just this. Lengthy blond hair hung out all over her consuming her pillow, she lay on her left side as her eyes slightly opened. A crack of thunder makes her sit up. The woman's name was Element and her eyes were blue green as the ocean on a cloudless day.

Element had an admirer that she did not know about, one who thought about her incessantly day and night. Her admirer was so obsessed with her that she was outside elements window standing in the rain when element awoke from the noise of the storm. Element's wide open eyes scan thru her bedroom checking everything around her. Her mind flying with thoughts of a rapists or demon she rises from the bed and goes to the window looking up at the sky, unaware of anything at the foot of the window. Only the distant lightning give off enough light for her to see out, she doesn't see anything so goes downstairs for a drink, not realizing that her window is unlocked.

The window creaks open slowly.
Her mysterious admirer climbs in, shuts the window and hides behind the door with a length of material in her hands. Element returns to the room with a glass of water in her hands and as she walks by the door her admirer comes behind her silently the floor never creaked as she approached her. Before Element can turn around, she raises the material over elements face and holds it there. Element struggles for a moment but there is something on the material that makes her go weak at the knees. She can’t resist as the admirer, a woman, ties the material around her eyes so she cannot see. Boudica then lifts her to the bed and ties her wrists to the posts on the bed. Element is too shocked to even scream. She just lies there gasping as Boudica starts to slowly undress her admiring every inch of her smooth young body as she does so. Mmmm her breasts are milky white and her nipples are like small little rosebuds hardening as Boudica removes her clothes.

Element manages to speak saying, “who are you?” Boudica says, "I am what you have been dreaming of my little Element”, stroking the side of Elements face. Element thinks that she recognizes the voice but can't place it just yet. Element's eyes widen as she stares at the beauty controlling her every breathe Boudica slowly runs her tongue around Elements nipple, feeling it go harder under her tongue and Element can't help but tremble at the sensation of another woman's tongue on her, she knows it is wrong, this woman is taking her against her will but it feels so fucking good her body won't stop trembling. Boudica is slowly stroking Elements stomach, feeling how soft and smooth the skin is all the while teasing Elements nipples with her tongue, lips, and teeth. Element is starting to feel hot really hot, she can feel blood rushing to her pussy engorging her.

She wishes Boudica would touch her there but Boudica is taking her time, enjoying Element's body and enjoying the sensations that she knows she is giving her as Element is breathing quicker now and still trembling; lavishing the little angel below her with her superior skills as Element lay in total submission to her attacker. Boudica loved the control; She loved having this little innocent beneath her able to do as she pleases; loving the power no other man or woman has had of her virgin body; Loved to look at her creamy taut body, the slow curve of her hips, the soft but firm rise of her breasts, the soft cherry of her lips. Boudica started sliding her hands up and down the inside of Element's thighs, never reaching the tops, her skin was so soft there, like velvet, mmmm Boudica loved her velvet thighs. Element glances up into the face of her attacker still half hidden in shadow, submission to this person is all she thought as her body begged to be taken and owned by this goddess named Boudica.

Element was starting to get wet, really, really wet. Her heart rate could surpass that of a jackhammer yet Boudica is still holding back...robbing Element of her new found desires to be taken. She longed for Boudica to touch her, to fuck her but Boudica was still teasing her, stroking her thighs stopping right before she reached her cunt, sucking her nipples, licking her stomach, it gave Element shivers every time Boudica’s tongue got lower than her navel but she kept coming back up. Element's tongue unknots as she says, "Please...stop this punishment...I beg you...I'll do whatever you want! Please!" Boudica rose up from her stomach and kissed her full on the lips, her bare breasts rubbing against Elements driving her crazier. God it felt so good. Element was breathless at this stage and on the verge of coming before Boudica had even touched her pussy.

Boudica kept kissing her slowly on the lips rubbing her breasts against Element liking how it felt. Element was going crazy now she would have walked through fire for this woman now the way she felt. Boudica slowly moved her lips across to Elements ear and started licking and sucking her earlobe tugging gently on it. Element wished she was working on her clit but it still felt so good. Element, pushing her boundaries, turns her head stretching her earlobe even more. Slowly Boudica ran her tongue down the side of Elements neck and collar bone and back to her breasts. Her nipples were swollen and so sensitive that she gasped when Boudica started to suck on them more firmly. Boudica then moved down to her stomach again, using her hands to tweak and punish Elements sensitive breasts further. Element could barely handle what she was feeling, she was gasping now and moaning softly.

Boudica moved back down to her silky, oh so silky thighs, god they were so soft. She stroked them softly and kissed them over and over, Element thought she would die, the way she felt right now. She had never experienced anything like it. Element's wish for fulfillment drove her on the brinks of insanity from this erotic deity now nesting between her legs. Slowly Boudica placed her hands on either side of Elements thighs and slowly opened them further. She could see Elements beautiful pussy in all its glory. Elements cunt was glistening it was so wet begging for attention; Boudica couldn't resist any more, she had to have her.

Element sighs loudly as Boudica's steamy breathe fanned her already sizzling pussy. She slowly slid her tongue between Elements pussy lips; up to her clit tasting her; oh, she tasted so good. Boudica knew Element was on the verge so she didn't want to give her clit too much attention yet. Element wanted to scream yet her voice caught up in her throat resulting in a gasp for air. She slid her tongue back down between her lips, and stopped right at the entrance to her cunt where she slowly circled her tongue lapping up Elements juices, and then slowly probing her tongue into Elements dripping cunt. Element gasped as Boudica became a little more forceful, fucking her cunt with her tongue. Then she slid her tongue back up to Elements clit and slowly oh so slowly circled it. Element was practically hyperventilating at this stage and Boudica started gently sucking on her clit and then circling it, She then slid her hand down to Elements dripping cunt and lubricated her fingers in Elements juices.

She then slid her wet fingers over Elements aching nipples pinching them gently and sliding them all over her beautiful breasts. Still slowly teasing Elements clit she brought her hand back down and pushed two fingers into Elements cunt. She then intensified her sucking on Elements clit and slid the fingers back out of her cunt replacing them with her other hand and placing her lubricated fingers against Elements tight ass.

Element gasped as she felt Boudica entering her cunt and her ass at the same time. Pumping it hard as she pumped in and out ruthlessly; circling her clit, sucking, licking and kissing it. Element can't take it anymore she feels like she is about to fall off a cliff as Boudica plays her body like a conductor with an orchestra. Boudica starts to feel Elements hips buck as she screams out and comes, over and over, multiple orgasms rip through Elements body in waves and she gasps.
Boudica feels Elements pussy contract on her fingers and smiles. She slowly removes her fingers and slowly licks the rest of Elements juices from her pussy and from her own fingers. She then slowly moves up to Element's face kissing her body every inch of the way and then slowly and lovingly kisses her on the lips.

Boudica wasn’t finished with Element yet she had also brought a little bag of goodies with her. She untied Element from the bedposts and told her to get on all fours. ; Element meekly complied. She couldn't see or hear what Boudica was up to rustling away in a bag in the corner. Elements pussy was still burning with desire and Boudica knew exactly what he needed. She came up behind Element and knelt down and ran her tongue from elements dripping cunt right up to her little ass. Element moaned wanting more. Boudica kept lapping at her dripping pussy her own pussy was so wet right now; she was getting so turned on with Element. Element didn't want, she needed...nothing else in her life mattered...she needed Boudica! Boudica moved her mouth away from Elements pussy and positioned her strap on at the entrance of Elements cunt, sliding her hand under Elements stomach, around and under so she could play with her clit. She slowly placed the head of the dildo at Elements cunt, and slowly pushed the head in, all the while one hand teasing Elements clit, and then back to Elements taut little nipples.

She loved taking her fingers, slippery from Elements pussy and rubbing them, sliding them on Elements nipples, god it felt so fucking hot. She slowly pushed her dildo into Elements tight little virgin pussy and Element gasped.

Slowly she pushed until she was all the way in. She paused for a moment letting Element get used to the sensation before pulling out and then slamming back in hard making Element cry out. She started to go crazy on Elements clit and fucking her cunt hard. She was moaning and gasping herself hearing Element cry out just made her cunt so hot she wanted to fill Element, make her come so much, make her explode. She reached under and started squeezing Elements breasts, and then she pulled out and commanded Element to turn over and lie on her back. Element, dazed from the mind blowing ecstasy, quickly did as she was told and Boudica put Elements legs over her shoulders and placed the dildo at her asshole, "no" Element said, Boudica just smiled and started pushing the head of the dildo into her tiny ass. When it is all the way in she then slides two fingers into elements pussy and then uses her other hand to thumb Elements clit She slides her thumb lightly up and down on Elements clit and then starts fucking her in her pussy with her fingers and her ass with the dildo.

Element gasps at each thrust the sensations of being so filled taking her breath away. She feels like crying in ecstasy and Boudica is gasping right along with her so turned on she feels like she will come herself without even being touched. Element starts moaning, “Harder, fuck me harder!” Boudica starts pounding her harder her thumb going crazy on Elements clit, Element is bucking her hips meeting Boudica’s thrusts each time wanting Boudica inside her as far as she can go. Element feels like her whole body is made from electricity. Currents pumping through every muscle every vein her blood like liquid fire. Boudica is moaning louder herself now as Element suddenly starts jerking her hips uncontrollably and screams out Boudica’s name.

Element is still trembling from her orgasm as Boudica gently slides out of her and takes Elements legs from around her shoulders. Again she slowly kisses and licks Elements juices from her dripping pussy. She comes up to lay beside Element and says "God you are so fucking hot Element". Element is eager to please Boudica and knows that she needs to come by her uneven breathing. Element forces Boudica onto her back and pulls her almost limp form atop her. Element slides herself down her lover's form to her similar yet firmer breast. Latching onto a nipple she sucks sharply while teething it gently, trying to blow her attacker/lover/master's mind. Her left hand slides up and down Boudica's side by just the fingertips, going down to her firm, taut ass and back up just under the arm pit. Element pulls on the nipple then releases hearing Boudica moan.

Element grins wickedly, rises up a little and kisses Boudica's rose colored lips while stabbing into her mouth with her tongue attacking her for everything she was. Element slides her right hand down to Boudica's pussy playing with her already swollen and exposed clit. Flicking it with her finger; circling it, pressing it in then pulling it out. Her pinky contracting and extending thru her slit causing her new lover to almost scream her pleasure. Element slides down the goddess' body leaving smothers of kisses all over her breast, sides, armpit, and stomach. Her hands slide between the goddess' legs splitting them, she nestles herself between Boudica's legs. She wanted nothing more than to taste this deity so she closes her lips over Boudica's pussy, her tongue flicking up and down the slit, driving over her clit at least three times a second.
Boudica finds her voice and says, "No more torture...put it on and finish me off! Please!”
Element gladly slid the strap on over her petite hips and positions herself in the classic military position. She leans forward and plants her lips over her lovers as she thrust ruthlessly into Boudica. She screams out loud as element refused to let up the assault on her attacker, the goddess below her. The deity of her desire was now writhing in ecstasy, begging to be taken over the edge.

Element pulls out the dildo's length and fills her lover's ass now going even harder than before. She was letting her feel everything she felt plus more until Boudica's hips started bucking and she cried out as orgasm after orgasm ripped through her...

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