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Doing the landlord {Do It In Mexico (2) }
07-14-2011, 10:57 PM
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Doing the landlord {Do It In Mexico (2) }
Make believe husband (cont. )

...........I got home from my first day gone public fully dressed as a lady. It was late in the afternoon, I filled my bathtub with warm water , put in scented bathoil in it , laid in there for an hour and 20 min. Thinking of that day in town , when I was getting fucked by FRANKLIN . Just thinking of that whole scenerio made me horny . I started slightly fingering my asshole, but that could not compare to the hard cock FRANKLIN drove inside me with such TLC. My cock was so hard , I got out of the bathtub and just had to jerk off .

After all that excitement !, I went to work on myself, I applied some nice and expensive perfume on, very light but very effective, polished my toe nails, I glued on some finger nails, polished them, big eye lashes & mascara, make-up, light blush, eye shadow, plucked my eyebrows, lipstick , eyeliner, nice big red earings.

And then I started on what to wear for my relaxation,,,, I put on a red underwear set ( panty & bra ) my kotex of course, shiny silky pantyhose, my small breast set , white shorts ,and like always do at home ,, very short.... Red and white tight blouse, then my wig , a darker/straighter and a little shorter hair wig and a pair of white medium heels. I looked in the mirror I wasn't going out anymore that evening , but I looked awsome ,,, what can " I " say right , but oh well.

I stepped out onto my back patio with a mixed drink on my hand. !!!I saw a big beautiful sunset!!!! My radio of course played 24-7 out there at a very smooth classical spanish station at a low volume. I laid down on a loveseat, set my drink down ,,,,,ligths out. I was kinda exhuasted or maybe it was just that moment of peacefulness overtook me , but I dozed for a good while.

!!!!Senorita REBECCA ,,,Senorita REBECCA,,,"Ola",,, Senorita REBECCA,,, '''I woke up with a girly yell'''' . "Senorita REBECCA it is me CARLOS" he said...... I am very sorry to scare you senorita, but I was passing by and saw you lay there , I got a little worried... "Thats OK. CARLOS I said,,, Thats OK''. The beautiful sunset had turned into A lovely big moon by the time I was awakened. I looked at the clock on the radio It was 8:38 pm , I had slept for A little over 2 hours. CARLOS had a big stretch of land that he had trails running up and down all around it. And he would do his routes randomly. He claims he was passing by and saw me lying there, so he stopped to check on me , which I think was very sweet. With the big moonlight and my very dim patio lights , I do believe he could've seen me from a distance which was about 50 yards. But then,, I wonder how long had he been standing there checking me out, I wasn't worried about my wig , I make sure thats always secure. My cock is tigthly tucked under my kotex, which was very tuckt' when I woke.

I'm sorry Miss REBECCA maybe I panic'd!! , "He said",,... No No No CARLOS It's alright , "I replied". 'I think that was nice of you', "I told him". Then he continued, " Is that I'm an old man already and maybe I panic and worry too much"". Yes my wife say I worry too much"""". You are not old ,,maybe you do panic but you are not old CARLOS! I answered. Jokingly I told him ,,"" you are about 27 years old "" Right ? 'Oh thank you Senorita REBECCA' Thank you, he said. Please CARLOS , "I'm married, I'm no more Senorita!! I said, Just call me REBECCA ,, I told him ".

'So you don't think I'm an old man? he asked,,. OH OH , I thought to myself, now how do I get out of this one ^%%$$# . Well,, no I think your still strong and handsome""oh man I was getting deeper into this'''. ''I am 62 years young'', he said''. 'wow! 'he did look good for his age anyway. He was tall about 6.4 and still had all his hair, natural dark brown. must've weighed around 200lbs. great body for his age . Since he worked the land, he was pretty well fit.

'You smell and look so pretty'' Seno,,,oh I'm sorry,, he remarked '',,It's REBECCA. Yes CARLOS,, just REBECCA,, remember no more Senorita''. I answered". well,when I was trying to wake you REBECCA, 'I could smell that fresh and lovely scent', it is nice,. he said'. Why thank you CARLOS Thank you. Than a nice song played on the radio, and he asked ,very politely,would you do me the honor of dancing that beautiful song with me? Oh no CARLOS you are married, I am married, and if you get close to me your wife might smell my perfume on your shirt,, or maybe your wife comes over to look for you? I answered. ' My wife never look for me, never, not even in bed anymore!'',he replied. 'I don't think it's a good idea anyway CARLOS', I said.

He must've got upset, cause with a little stronger voice he said,"" I take my shirt off and you dance with me"". Ok ok, I replied, but we wait for another song ok?, this one is almost over. Let me get you something to drink CARLOS, you want a glass of water, a soft drink? You have something stronger? Yeah! sure, a beer or a drink ? A good drink REBECCA,, O.K. CARLOS ""a strong drink comming up"..As I walked towards the backdoor I could feel his eyes on my whole body. I kynda wanted him to feel free, to think that I was intimidated, dominated by his strong dancing demand.

An idea came to my head!. To make things more exciting, and think that I was cheating on my husband while he was out of town, and to let CARLOS think that It was real , that he was home alone with a married woman that he wanted to dance with, or maybe something else. I maxed the ringer on my cell phone, and made it ring on purposely, It rang a couple of times and it was loud enough for CARLOS to notice. ""Hello"" Oh Hi sweetheart!!. I pretended. ""Oh Fine"" I continued as I came out of the house. Pretending It was FELIPE, my husband on the other end. I walked towards CARLOS with his drink and one for me, not knowing that I was playing him, my eyes were focused on his eyes which were focused on my legs and crotch I wasn't worried about my cock,it wasn't responsive yet it was well tuckt'

I proceeded on the phone " Yes honey" I went into town but just for groceries FELIPE!!!. And CARLOS looks at me and gives me that (YOU KNOW THAT I KNOW YOU GOT FUCKED).....gottcha kynda smile,,,and like,, what a slut you are!!.. I continued ""No, No, Oh No, nobody's been by baby, "MR. CARLOS'"!,,, no he hasn't come by , nobody's been here darling. Yes," I was In bed already",,no not asleep, yes thinking of you FELIPE, """No honey, please no """ well O.K and then I kynda shift my shoulders up and down as I look at CARLOS with a smile,,I put my finger on my mouth as to tell him to keep hush!!!. ""Panties ? red,, no, no bra"", after a little kinky talk on the phone, I reply, ""O.K honey I'm glad you came FELIPE,, but you know how I feel about all that cream going to waste!! I noticed CARLOS rubbing his crotch, I view the biggest bulge I had ever witnessed. ''Alright FELIPE'', I gotta go, gotta get cleaned up darling"". 'Of course I came too baby' , "" O.K love you Too"". bye now..Iwas trying to make CARLOS think that my husband missed me, and we were having phone sex,, which I think CARLOS was convinced.

With an acting blush face, I handed CARLOS his drink as he was rubbing his bulge. ""I'm sorry"", I said. Saved by the song, it came on, he stretched out his arm, offered me his hand, I responded. We started dancing, then I paused ,,""let me take your shirt off""I said, ""so It won't have my perfume on CARLOS"".. "Thank you REBECCA", he answered.I unbuttoned his shirt and with every button I undid , I could feel his manhood come alive, if that shirt had more buttons that thing would never stop growing.

Our bodies were glued as we danced, He said 'Thank you for this dance lovely lady'. And I could hear him breathing deep, as to breathe my fragrance. 'Your quite welcome handsome young man'. I replied. Here I was a 22 year old guy,crossdresser,woman,lady,wife,cheating wife,slut or whom ever I was at that moment, taken by this mature man. He was actually convinced he was with REBECCA ,FELIPE'S wife. ""REBECCA""!! he said. Yes!! CARLOS ?, I replied,... "I heard you talk to your husband on the phone ,and,,and"" ,, ""WHAT CARLOS """? I asked ""WHAT?? Than he said"My cock started reacting like it did when I was young" Thank you REBECCA,for making me feel young for this moment"". "Oh,CARLOS don't be silly". 'But you do have a big monster on you!!.... I could feel it dangling side to side on my legs as we sway to the song""".

I started caressing his hairy chest, touching his lips with my fingers,I wanted to kiss him so bad,feel his mouth and his tongue exploring my hot mouth, no sooner when I craved it , It happened, our lips met, our mouths snapped together.I could feel his manly thick moustache prickling my face, what a sensation,this older mature,experienced,whiskied strong of a man had me melting in his arms.He lifted me and carried me in his arms with no signs of strain. ""CARLOS""! ""put me down,, what are you doing your'e gonna hurt youself""" I demanded... "No Mi AMOR",,,,It's O.K I just want to carry you in my arms. He carried me little ways from my house,since it was his land,I guess he knew where he was taking me. We got to this little remote area about 100 yards from my house with big beautiful trees and a small pond. As he lay me on the thick grass, I could see the moons reflection from the water, It was lovely and I told him so. He said that was the place where he had 1st made love to his wife. I was honored I told him but , It wasn't gonna work with me.

I think he got tick'd off again cause, he started reminding me,of how I had lied to my husband about, being in town only for groceries,and among other lies, like nobody has been by the house... ever. ""You know what I think?"" he said. !OH OH I thought to myself ""He knows, He suspects that I'm not a woman"" ""!!!what? "what do you think CARLOS"? I asked nervously.. Than he answered,, ""I think you need a real man"",and that your husband FELIPE does not satisfy you', ""and maybe he is gay, your husband, maybe he likes to get fucked too"", Thats what I think, he said,.... He was ever so right I thought to myself. And while saying all that he was taking his boots off. CARLOS !! what are you doing? ""I am going to fuck you""he replied ''''..But you can't, no no please CARLOS!!,no I answered, ( pretending I did'nt want him to, my mouth said no but my ass said ,,yes, bring him in ).

!!CARLOS !! I am married"". than he said "that didn't stop you from getting fucked over at the bar today"". '''CARLOS ''' Please don't tell my husband"" I boggusly begged. No mi AMOR!! ""I won't ,You don't want me to, I won't tell your husband"" BUT,,, !!! and looks at me and than looks at his bulge on his pants. ""Well O.K. "" CARLOS"" and since he was rather tall I came to my knees from where he'd lay me down.I started rubbing his huge bulge 'wow that felt big' ""You like it REBECCA?''he asked""... 'I can't do It' CARLOS !!. I said,, as I showed him the extra kotex pad I had in the backpocket of my shorts. !!NO??"So what happened at the bar! ""Inside his office when you were with him"" he asked" ,.. "He is a friend of my father,I answered,, I just gave him a hand job for some favor my father owed him CARLOS. ""Please don't tell my husband""I won't tell him MI AMOR I won't"".But he still slipped his hand for my pussy area , as I let him do so, to confirm about my kotex thing, ''Oh well '' he said. And with that he was convinced. I felt bad for him,so I told him ""CARLOS"",, there's another way of fucking me""!... And said he had never done it through there... I told him that he should be honored cause nobody had done me through there either,not even my husband.""But I don't want to hurt you REBECCA"" he said. that was nice of him. ""We can do it slow and gentle CARLOS "".. Please CARLOS ,,,I need you baby,,you got to fuck me"",I need your cock,,....Here I was now sort of begging to get nailed in the ass, by what appered to be the largest cock I'd been with.

I proceeded to his pants,he looks down at me, as I look up at him, with the bright moon upon us. I loosen the button,unzipped his pants, to my surprise, no underwear, I wiggle his pants down,had a little trouble cause of his hard-on they drop down to the ground, out pops his cock slapping my face, what a great feeling.After a few strokes of that beautiful long and thick shaft I noticed pre-cum at the tip. My finger is there to intercept the fluid, I look up to see CARLOS he eyes are nailed to my face, I take my finger dip it into my mouth. ""REBECCA""" MI AMOR he calls". ""Yes baby? I asked"". I am 62 years old and have never known anything but pussy fucking""he said.""I reply,, I have been married to FELIPE 4 1/2 years , a fewfucks and 1 or 2 handjobs is all I've had from that bastard. I replied..((but I did say from him ))... "CARLOS lets enjoy this"" ,,,. ""Yes MI AMOR yes"".

"I want to smell your body REBECCA" said CARLOS" So I stand up, he picks me up, stands me up on a large tree stump. I tell him ,"I want you to kiss my legs and thighs CARLOS "",,, hoping he stays away from my breast. With me elevated on the stump his face is even with my crotch area,he unbuttons my shorts shakes them loose takes my shoes off,turns me around with my ass right on his face, by this time his sniffing like a dog. 'Mmmmmmm', he moans. I take off my blouse to make him feel comfortable. He Pulls down my pantyhose,my panties are the old fashion wrap around brief type,with a slit in the ass area , which he wasn't even curious about.With his tongue, he licks me all around my lower body,legs thighs,feet,my ass cheeks, and keeps repeating 'mmmm very good , very good''',he carries me again in his arms, brings me down just to give me a big kiss in the mouth,all this time I'm in his strong arms ,I close my eyes but I can still see stars.His mouth is now hotter than mine which is a good indication that I'm gonna get a good fuck.

After he pulls away from our kissing ,he stands me on the stump again , my ass facing him ,except this time he digs into my asshole,while licking my ass fondling my ass cheeks he spreads them out to dig in deeper with his tongue... I can feel the bristle of his moustache all about my ass area.He bends me over, with that my ass voluntarily spread,so with his free hands he starts caressing my breast which feels real good , but still with my bra on,my fake breasts are the pricey ones,strong adhesive unnoticable edges, so they do have that real feel sensation.He asks me to undo my bra, I, I, I, I, gglladly do so. Just reaching for that strap, to undo it, makes me feel real feminine and that made my cock erect . He starts fondling my tits ,I can't believe I'm naked (except for panties) in font of a man. He keeps fondling my tits as he is digging in my ass with his tongue,,""Baby ,CARLOS baby"",, ""yes darling" he asks?. ""Remember you said you didn't want to hurt me Baby"" ? I asked.. ""Am I hurting you MI AMOR ""? He asked back. "My tits hurt a bit" I answered. No problem !! He answered, So he gently pulls his hands away.

So he focused on my asshole for a great while, It seemed like he was eating me forever,and that old guy never showed a sign of cumming ,I looked down at his cock It was as hard as before ,, What energy. !!!I want some CARLOS!!! What you want REBECCA? ""I want to taste you too CARLOS baby""!! You know you are a smart man CARLOS, very smart. "Why you say that REBECCA MI AMOR ""? Because you know, my husband FELIPE doesn't make love to me in 2 yrs.And I found gay magazines and a vibrator in his suitcase , he doesn't know that I saw them. ""AY,AY,AY REBECCA"" ,When I met that guy I thought he was kynda funny. ""CARLOS"" love me, make love to me,, or please just fuck me and leave me if you want to.""Put me down baby"" I told him,"yes darling he replied. He carried, me puts me down,Icome to my knees, I look head on that massive cock of his in my face , I start kissing it with passion, I start licking it up and down that shaft, I put my hands on his balls, they were hard as stone and full of that delicious sperm.I put that tool in my mouth , I suck it like a crazy woman, I gag, but I don't care. I eat that mans manhood, what ever fits in my mouth , I work my way to his balls, licking every hair around it. Still crazy for more cock, I back off the balls, Put my mouth over that big head, that itself almost fill my mouth, but I take more in, and more.This man just won't explode, not that I want him too , not yet anyway.

All this time he is looking at me, as I am devouring all his manhood. I couldn't help myself so I turned him around, with his ass facing me, I lean him over slightliy,spread his legs grab his cock from through his legs , it's long enough that I start sucking from behind him, by this time he is starting to react by quivering and moaning. I keep on sucking, I grab a good 6 inches all the way back behind his legs.After sucking his cock, I start moving my lips to his crack, a slight movement of delight from him , and I proceed,I go back to his cock, on and off to his ass crack,a little bit more inside his crack everytime.Suddenly I'm digging into his ass crack I hear him saying ""never happened like this to me before"". ""Do you like it baby ?''"I asked"I'm a man It shouldn't feel this good '' he replied, after sucking and licking I pulled away.

He said"REBECCA" I might say some words that are not very gentleman like when I cum,,"" so don't take them personal If I do happen to cum, or to say such words,, "'O.K. Baby"'I answered"", thanks for that warning.""I am so hard"", he said. ""It's been so long,, he kept on,"" ..""It's alright"" I comforted him, It's gonna be alright.. ""O.K REBECCA bend over"", yes baby yes!!! As I bent over he spat in my ass as to lubricate it a little , placed the tip of his cock in my asshole. I wanted to thrust back to take it all,but had to restrain,so he would think this was my first time in the ass.As he was slowly pumping and rammin, I had to moan and make all kinds of movements and gestures. But to my expectations that cock made me move quiver and moan naturally. He was pumping slow rythmic strokes, and started saying !!PINCHE PUTA!!PINCHE PUTA!!which translates, to fucking whore. ""You want more I got more !!PINCHE PUTA!!"""Yes I want more baby""", I replied..!!!!give me more CARLOS!!! I was hurting so good . When he asked you want more ,,I reached my hand to feel how much cock was left to take in , I could swear that thing grew more,I felt at least 5 real thick inches of cock inside me.I still had half to take in my ass from his massive cock. !!!!PINCHE PUTA MUJER CASADA!!!!translate fucking married whore.FELIPE JOTO!!!! that my husband was gay,was he ever so right. Must've been 45 minutes of pumping and 5 more inches inside me ,, It was to the hilt now , that man was fucking me like he was a caveman , I can't believe I was actually taking all his manhood in my asshole. He started reacting when I started saying"""Fuck me CARLOS """"Fuck you FELIPE"""" aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh baby give it to me, all the way all of it baby!!!!!!!!! PINCHE PUTA REBECCA!!! !!!YES I"M PUTA !!!! PUTA REBECCA """"" yes !! I"M PUTA I felt a last thrust ,,, Gush of cum inside my asshole dripping out while he still was inside me... He pulled out slow I stayed bent over."Aaaayyyy REBECCA""he moaned.. He put his fingers in my ass, grabbed some cum ,,""I heard you tell your husband not to waste it"""" Yes I did didn't I""I answered,, I opened my mouth licked over and over, every time he would give me more. After my ass was empty of the dripping sperm , he got in front of me , and said ,I got more , suck baby , ""oh my"" more sperm!! MMMMMMMm I blew him for about 10 min. and he gave me all his wad of sperm, I swallowed every drop he offered me. After we finished he asks to carry me back,I accept and takes me in his arms kissing my face as he carries me back to my house,Thank you ''REBECCA '',,he said..He lays me on the sofa , then he just turned around and left me there, like a cheap whore that I am,, I fell asleep there for a long while ...very very happy ending.

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