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Do se bhale char
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Do se bhale char
I am Malini, 46 years old. Though I am this old, nobody can realize my true age. I look like may be in my thirties. That is because I have maintained my physique very well. I got married when I was 21and lost my husband when I was 23. Though I was very sexy even before marriage and always thinking about sex, I did not have sex with anybody before marriage because I am from a conservative family. I have a daughter who is married and well settled. I am extremely good looking and very sexy even at this age. I have maintained a tight body and terrific figure, as I have not been touched for last 22 years. I have fair complexion with reddish cheeks. I am about 5’10″ with 40-30-42-size body. I wear light colored transparent sarees with sleeveless blouse. I tie the sari much below the navel. My navel is very deep and there is a slight bulge around it on my flat cream colored belly. My friends (aunties like me) tell me that in case a guy gets his dick by mistake into my navel, still he will not feel the difference! When I walk on streets, people watch my boobs and navel with lustful eyes.

I have very high boobs, which are upright, creamy and have long brown nipples. I always wear bras, which are contrast to my blouse color because it looks great even from a distance. My bottoms are perfect rounded globes and are of football size. I have also developed my walking style in a way that my bottoms jump in a great rhythm. People walking behind me never miss to stare at the dance of my shapely buttocks and admire my shapely thighs. I have long black hairs, which fall nicely on my back, when I don’t tie them. When I put a knot, people can have a good look of my flat back and the bra strap which is clearly seen though the tight, transparent blouse. I have heard people saying “kya maal hai” when I pass by. I could feel that they are raping me with their eyes! I enjoyed their stare, but longed for a person who could quench my thirst for sex. I am a very horny female, and read lots of porno literature and watch blue movies. I have a big stock of blue movies and porno books. My cunt itches and waters with slightest thought of sex. I finger my choot regularly and every night I masturbate with a banana and eat it after I cum.

One day, Anand, my nephew, came to spend his holidays with me and also to study. He is my younger sister’s son. He was 16 then and was in first year of college. He was a handsome boy but we did not have any other intentions before. One day I came back from market and Anand was at home alone. The door was open and I got in. I saw Anand’s room was half open and I just peeped in. He had one of my porno books in his one hand, and was shagging with the other hand. He had quite a big organ for his age. He was totally engrossed in his act and did not notice me. I felt like rushing in and holding his tool, but did not have enough courage. I went to bathroom and fingered myself and got some relief.

Afternoon, I asked Anand, “Padai Kaise chalrahi hai, kuch takaleef to nahin?” He said, “no problem auntie, it is very convenient here”. That night, I could not sleep properly and all the time was thinking about Anand’s rock like lund and its big purple knob. After about an hour, I mustered some courage and went into Anand’s room. The night lamp was on and he was fast asleep. His lund had come out of his lungi and was in semi grown form. I held it in my hand and it grew in my hand and stood like a flagpole. What an enormous organ for a sixteen year old? My husband’s was half the size and I was never satisfied even when he was alive. I started sucking Anand’s lund and after about fifteen minutes he came with a big splash in my mouth. I drank the cum fully. I checked to see if he was awake, but he was fast asleep. I came back to my room and slept. I had almost decided to get fucked by him when he was here and not waste the chance.

Next morning when he wished me I felt as if he wants to say some thing else. For the first time I thought he was staring at my perfect figure. When I served him breakfast I was wearing a transparent nighty without any bra inside. He was staring at my boobs through the nighty like mad. I asked him if we could go to a movie. He was very happy. We got ready and I tied my sari lower than usual. Few of my cunt hairs were exposed. I could see Anand staring at my navel all the time. I asked Anand, “kya bath hai? Kya dekh rahe ho?” He said, “auntie, aap bahut sundar ho, You are more beautiful than any of the girls in my college”. I enjoyed the compliment and his hungry stare at my body. While going by taxi, I enjoyed his shoulders rubbing against my naked shoulders and both of us were getting excited. During the movie, I held his one hand tightly. He pushed the other hand in my blouse and started pressing my boobs and fingering my nipples. I started getting aroused. My nipples became very hard and long. He was feeling my nipples in his two fingers. After that he started feeling my belly and inserted his finger in my deep navel. Slowly he moved to below that and started playing with my cunt hairs. Then he inserted a finger in my cunt and started feeling my supple choot lips. I started burning with desires. I could not tolerate further and whispered in his ears, “Chalo ghar jayenge”. I got up, adjusted my sari and came out of the cinema hall. Anand followed me as if hypnotized. In the taxi, I moved my hand on his bulge in pants and he was feeling my big thighs.

Once we entered our home, I closed the door, hugged Anand very tightly and started kissing him hard on his lips I passionately moved my tongue in his mouth. I threw away my sari, blouse and petticoat and stood in front of him in my red bra and panty. I knew I looked great in my bright undergarments and my fair body was glowing. Both of us were fully aroused and Anand pushed me into the bedroom. I stripped him off within no time. He pressed my boobs on my bra and rubbed his nose on my panty, just where my cunt lips were. It already had a wet spot because of my leak at the movie. I think he liked the smell. He then unhooked my bra and removed my panty. Both of us were stark naked now. He admired my nude figure for a while. He exclaimed, “My god! What a beauty!” He kissed and licked my neck and sniffed my clean-shaven armpits. His lund and my nipples were fully erect now and we were trembling with desire. He started pressing my breasts hard and sucking them vigorously.

My booobs grew bigger with his action. I pushed myself eagerly towards him with each pressing and sucking. I held his tool tightly and started moving my hands to and fro. It had become rock hard and hot. The foreskin had gone back and the purple knob was glowing. In minutes we assumed 69 position and started sucking each others organs. When I moved my tongue around his big knob, he kissed my hairless cunt and began licking and sucking my clit eagerly. His sharp and rough tongue was probing deep into my choot. I was in heaven, as I had never enjoyed like this. I screamed, “Ha aha, Anand aur chooso, meri choot chooso, meri poori badan chooso”. Even when my husband was alive, he never used to give me such pleasure. We never had oral sex. What I was longing for all my life was coming true! After some time we filled our love juices into each other’s mouths. We relaxed for few minutes when I was feeling Anand’s rod and he lightly touching my choot. I felt so good. Then I said, “Chalo Anand, ab chodenge”. He said, “Han auntie, chodenge”. He was already erect once again and his lund was jumping in anticipation. I spread my legs and placed a pillow below my big bums. My swollen pussy was exposed and bloomed in front of him. I invited him, “Aao, Anand, mujhe chodo, mera choot tumhara hai”. He said, “Han auntie, main tumhe chodoonga, ae choot meri hai, ae gaand mere hai, ae bhare jhange, ai bade mamme sub mere hai”. Saying so he started fondling my boobs and sucking them once again. He then started licking my choot and pinching its thick walls. I oozed once. I could not wait any further. I shouted, “Anand, bus karona, kitna tarpaate ho, jaldi chodo, apna lund mere choot me daaldo warna mai mar jaoongi”. With this, he placed his tool on my cunt lips and gave a big push. It went in with chawk sound and really hurt me because it was my first fuck after 22 years! I screamed “ahahahahahah, dhire, dhire” loudly. He started moving in and out of my pussy without caring for my shouts. After few seconds, I really started enjoying this fuck. I started pushing myself upwards for his every thrust. I shouted, “Ooi ma, Anand, bahut mazaa aa raha hai, aur jorse chodo, meri choot farr do”. He said, “auntie, mazaa aa raha hai na, mera lavda tumhare choot ke ander kitna khush hai”. He lasted for almost twenty minutes during which I came twice. After releasing his load of cum deep inside my choot, he rested on my body. I covered his back with both my legs and relaxed.

After about ten minutes, he started kissing me again and his lund was hard in no time. I asked, “kyon, fir tayyar hogaye?” to his lund and it moved up and down as if to say, ‘yes’. He said “auntie, is baar peechese, main aapka gaand maarna chahata hoon. Aapka gaand bahut sundar hai”. I was taken aback. I had seen anal sex in movies, but had never experienced it. I wondered how such a big rod will get into my small asshole. But I knew that I had very big and shapely bottoms. I remembered those thousands of eyes that used to stare my bottoms greedily. I don’t know how many of them used to masturbate thinking of my big ass. I asked, “Anand, tumhara itna bada lund mere chotese gaand me kaise ja payega?” He said, “daro mat auntie, main sab sambhaloonga”. I thought I could as well give it a try and said “Halloo karna”. Anand made me rest on my four limbs like a dog, came behind me and started licking my ass hole. He then inserted a finger in it and started moving it in and out. It seemed as if he was lubricating it with his saliva and servicing it. I began to enjoy this. Then he positioned his lund on the ass hole and slowly pushed in. He put his hands through my arm pits and pressed my boobs hard. Meanwhile, he started fucking me hard in my ass. I screamed with pain ” Anand, ae mujhe nahi chahiye, dard ho raha hai!” He did not stop, but said, “auntie, sab theek hoga”. Now his lund was moving freely in and out of my ass and I was feeling great. Once again I started yelling with pleasure, “Anand, ha ha, jorse, meri gaand aur jorse maaro, mujhe apne lavde se maar daalo”. He came inside my gaand and at the same time fingered my choot so much that I came twice again.

Anand cleaned my oozing juices with his tongue once again before we retired for the day. After that day he fucked me in all possible ways for next two weeks before leaving for his hometown. I cannot forget those wonderful days. I kept wondering about our relationship where in I, almost thrice his age became a slave for this young boy’s sex. He calls me up some time. “Kya auntie, aap ke choot mai khujalee bahut ho raha hai na, aglee chuttee mai usko mitadoonga aap ke yaad se hi mera lund ud raha hai.” Really, my choot is not liking my finger or banana any more and I am just waiting for his next holidays to come. Anand also told me that before these days with me, his urge for sex was quite high and he was thinking of going to a prostitute. I am quite happy that I could quench his thirst without risking either’s health. Now when people stare lustfully at my body in the market, I feel like inviting someone home, but I did not dare thinking of the consequences.

I was quite happy about how things went around after I met Anand. After our departure, Anand called up several times. Each time he called, he used to arouse me with his frank language. After about three months he called up one day to say that he coming for a with two of his friends. I was just wondering who these friends would be and why are they coming here. The day he was supposed to come, I became very anxious and tense. I was very happy to receive the man of my dreams. But I was not sure weather there would be any opportunity to enjoy as he is going to be with his friends. Any way I decorated myself very well, wore my favorite light purple transparent saree and sleeveless blouse of the same color, put light lipstick and sprayed perfume to my well shaven armpits and waited for him. When the bell rang, I adjusted my saree well below the navel and opened the door. There stood Anand with his friends. One was a man, may be in his late twenties, tall, dark and well built with a nice smile. The other was a lady with darkish complexion, as tall as the man was, and with sharp features. Black beauty, I thought. I called them in. Anand introduced them to me as Mohan and Monika, who are his neighbors. I shook hand with them and welcomed them to my home whole-heartedly. Mohan was ogling at me and I could see admiration in his eyes.

As it was lunch time, I served them food. When I was serving, I could see all of them staring into my deep neck blouse to see the cleavage, into my flat belly and the navel and my heavy bottoms. I was clear that I had even impressed the lady with my charm. I talked to them about their interests and hobbies. After the lunch, I showed Mohan and Monika the guestroom and asked them to take rest. I was waiting to be alone with Anand! Once they went into the room, Anand hugged me tightly and started feeling my belly and navel. He showered me with kisses all over my body. We went into my bedroom and he hurriedly pulled my saree and threw it on the bed. I was now in my transparent tight blouse and petticoat. My big boobs were trying to rush out of my blouse. I told Anand I have to go the bathroom for pissing. He naughtily said he wanted to accompany me. I was shy because there were other people at home, but said ok.

While we were passing the guestrooms, we heard moans from inside. I peeped through the window. I could see Mohan and Monika naked on the bed vigorously fucking. Mohan was banging real hard and Monika was responding very well to his each thrust pushing her buttocks upwards. She was making loud sounds like, “Ahh Amm. Ahh Ahh.. Amm Ahh..Amm Ahh… Amm.” Mohan’s rod was very big and dark. Monika had a good figure. May be 36-25-38. Anand was also watching the scene with interest. Both of us were highly aroused by seeing the live show. Anand came behind me and held my boobs in both his hands and started pressing them hard. He rubbed his erect lund between my full butts on the petticoat. We then moved to the bathroom and I lifted my petticoat, lowered my panty, sat in front of him and pissed with a sound. He held his erect tool in his hand and started shagging. I could not control and started sucking his cock. I drank all his cum while he was running his hands all over my body.

While we were totally engrossed in our acts, we heard the bathroom door open, and Mohan and Monika entered! I was very embarrassed at my position. But they were also half-naked and equally embarrassed. I being more mature and senior person controlled the situation and asked them, “Kya, maza aa raha hai?” Monika told, “Han, auntie, aap log join karte to aur maza aa jata”. Mohan was smiling and we were taken by surprise. I did not show that and said, “Chalo, do se bhale chaar”.

We went into their room and it did not take much time before all four of us were stark naked. The other three could not help admiring my 40 size firm boobs, 42 size round bottoms and a perfect hourglass figure. Monika hugged me hard kissed me and started pressing my butts. Mohan and Anand squeezed my milky full boobs and played with my long hard nipples. I pressed Monika’s boobs and inserted my finger into her bushy cunt. I told her why she did not shave her cunt. She replied, “Auntie, aap hi nikaliye”. I requested Anand to get razor and shaving foam. I shaved her clean while she was moaning with pleasure and whimpering. Anand and Mohan were savagely handling our bodies. Soon Mohan and me and Anand and Monika were in 69 position and licking and sucking each other’s private parts with frenzy. We all came after some time and feasted ourselves with our partner’s cums.

Anand held my waist and gently rubbing my buts, placed me on the bed. I spread my folded legs and he inserted his erect dick in my cunt and gave a big thrust. He started fucking me harder and I screamed with happiness, “Anand, Harder, faster, Mujhe chodo, mera choot farr daalo”. Mohan pushed his cock in my mouth and pressed my boobs hard. He was licking Monika’s choot and also fingering her ass hole. After some time he took out his big cock from my mouth and fucked his wife’s cunt to her satisfaction. Both Monika and me were nicely enjoying their jerks when they exchanged partners. Mohan now started banging my cunt and Anand Monika’s. Our love juices oozed out. We were both lying side by side in the bed and Monika was feeling my boobs. Monika was screaming, “Abe saale, chod, aur chod!” Both of us were very ecstatic. Mohan emptied his load in my juicy choot and Anand into Monika’s. We were all exhausted and relaxed for few minutes.

Evening we dressed up and went out for a walk. We packed our food on the way back. We had our dinner without any cloths on. After dinner, I applied honey all over my body and Monika’s. Anand and Mohan licked all the honey. Mohan sniffed my armpits and licked them. Then he told me, “Auntie, mai aap ka gaand maroonga”. I said, “kisne roka hai?” and bent in front of him showing my 42 full butts. He held My boobs and rammed my asshole with his mighty lund. I was screaming with pleasure. He took out his tool and lied on the bed. His cock was looking upwards. I slowly sat on him and pushed my gaand around his shaft and lied on him. Now my plush choot was exposed to Monika’s lusty tongue. She licked me well and then guided Anand’s hard cock into my shiny choot. She said, “Anand, Dekh, Mohan kaise Malini auntie ka gand maar raha hai, tum uske choot chodo”. Three of us were moving violently now. Mohan was fucking my ass and Anand my cunt at the same time with all their vigor. I was in heaven. I was screaming, “Ooi ma, aur jorse, aur jorse, Anand, Mohan, mujhe chodo, mujhe apne lund se maar daalo!” Monika was also in full swing all the while pressing my boobs and sucking my erect nipples.

We thoroughly enjoyed the whole week when they were with me. We were literally in sex heaven all those days. After a week they bid me farewell, thanked me profoundly for all the pleasure, and said they would come again at the first opportunity. I kept wondering what happened all of a sudden that I am having these feasts after twenty-two years of total starvation. I was eagerly waiting with my fingers in my hole for the next chance.If you liked the exp. Mail me at

I was having my afternoon tea watching TV. My left hand was rubbing my ever-hungry crotch on the nighty. The doorbell rang and to my pleasant surprise it was Monika. There was another girl with her may be 20-21. I welcomed Monica and asked what a surprise? When did you arrive? She said, “Auntie, we live here now, Mohan got a transfer and we come two weeks back”. “You took so long to visit me is it?” I asked. “Sorry auntie, we wanted to surprise you” she said. Monika introduced me to the other girl who was witnessing our conversation rather innocently. Her name was Ila, Monika’s cousin. She had just finished her graduation. She was a foot shorter than Monika who was six footer. In contrast to her cousin, Ila was very fair and her boobs and bottoms looked bigger because of her plump figure. She was wearing tight T-shirt and black jeans. Monika was wearing a tight red salwar. Ila looked very innocent. I made them sit in the drawing room and went into the kitchen to make tea for them. As I was making tea, Monika hugged me from behind and started pressing my boobs hard. I said, “kya kar rahe ho, tumhari cousin aa jayegi”. She said, “usko sab pta hai auntie, hum log yahan chaay peene nahi aaye, Ila ko aap se dosti karni hai!” I wondered how innocent that girl looked. We came out and all three went into the bedroom. I removed my nightie, bra and panty, stripped both of them and we started kissing and rubbing each other. I made Monica lie down, spread her legs and licked her pussy passionately. Ila came below me and started licking my cunt. All of us were fully aroused. We were pressing and sucking each other’s boobs vigorously. As we were in full swing, the doorbell rang.

I hurriedly wore my nightie, with nothing underneath, and rushed to the door. It was Mohan as expected. He greeted me with a big smile and said, “auntie, kaisee hai aap? Aap ke choot aur gaand ke liye mera lund taras raha hai”. I said, “aao apna lund ka pyas bhujao”. I put my hand on his shoulder and guided into the room. He kept feeling my bottoms while going in. In the room, Ila and Monika were fully involved in a 69 position. “To dono randia shuru ho chuke hai” Mohan said. I could see his lund bulge in the pants. I asked, “dekho teen pariyan hai, kis kis ko chodoge?” he said, “ek ek karke sab ko chodunga, sab se pahale aap ko”. He dropped his pants and removed my nightie. I ran away from him teasing him. My boobs were swinging due to the run. He ran behind me with his big black rod jumping. Once he caught me, he held me tight and pushed me on the bed, put his mouth to my choot and started squeezing my boobs. I moaned loudly. He licked and sucked me till juices started flowing out continuously. He drank each drop and thoroughly enjoyed. He teased my erect clit with his tongue creating electric sensation through my body. My hands were lovingly feeling his fully erect cock. I said, “ab bas karo Mohan, muje chodo”. I guided his mighty lund to my wet choot and pushed in. It went in with a ‘puch’ sound. Mohan began fucking me hard and my moans and scrams became louder. This attracted the two ladies who were having fun with each other, towards us. They rushed to us and each one started sucking one of my breasts. Ila was giving light bites to my erect nipple. All the three were moving their hands lustfully all over my body. I was in heaven.

We rolled over after some time and Mohan was below being with my choot firmly clasping his dick. I started moving up and down. Monika gave her choot to me to eat. I fondled her firm butts with both my hands and probed her juicy hole with my tongue. Monika shouted, “han, han aur chooso, bahut mazaa aa raha hai”. Ila moved her hands on my big bottoms, pressed them and licked my asshole as if creaming it. She slid her finger into my ass hole and began moving it in and out; I was totally ecstatic and had several orgasms.

We were all moaning loudly. Monika said, “Mohan ab tum auntie ka gaand maro”. She made me bend like a bitch and spread my lovely big bums for Mohan’s huge cock. Then she held his cock and led him to my ass hole. It was already well lubricated and was ready and willing for taking the big lund into it. Mohan started giving slow thrusts. My smooth butts were touching his groin with each push and he was enjoying that feeling. He was squeezing my boobs while fucking my ass. Now Ila came below me and began licking my oozing cunt. I wondered at sex hunger of this young girl and pushed my choot to her eager mouth. Ila was very nicely working her tongue around my erect clit. Monika once again gave her choot for me to eat. I licked her cunt and chewed her clit with great pleasure. We had several orgasms till Mohan finally came deep into my ass with a big splash.

After that, we all got up and I moved into the kitchen naked. All the three followed me feasting on the dance of my football buttocks. I also enjoyed watching movement of the two ladies swaying boobs. We had some fruit juices and came back to the bedroom. I asked Mohan to fuck Ila while I enjoyed a nice 69 sessions with Monika. I was enamored by sex appetite of young Ila. She was thoroughly enjoying Mohan’s fucking. Her plump figure is moving so fast in response to each of his thrusts. Monika sucked my huge melons like mad and whispered into my ears, “auntie, hum aap ke bina nahi reh sakte hai, aap hamare saath hee aakar rahiye”. I smiled and said, “we can have this pleasure as often as possible”. After Mohan finished screwing Ila, I took his wet lund into my mouth and started chewing it hard. Within no time, it was hard like iron again and he once again fucked me hard and fast in my ever-hungry choot. I was fully satisfied and feeling complete. Though I always preferred guys fucking me, I got introduced to lesbianism and in a way I enjoyed it. Any way it was better than my own fingering! My guests stayed back that night. We enjoyed in all possible ways and quenched our great appetite for sex. Next morning each of them thanked me for a lovely time, hugged me hard, kissed me on the lips and bid adieu.

Anand kept fucking me almost every weekend and gave me all the pleasure, which I had missed before getting started with him. Two years back, my only daughter Nisha got married. The boy was a manager in a big MNC company in Mumbai. He was quite handsome, well behaved and was a very good match for Nisha. Though I saw him staring at my body many times, I ignored as I was quite used to people staring at my body with desire. Some times when we were at home, I felt his accidental brushing to me was not really accidental. I knew he has a crush on me. Though I got horny on occasions, I did not encourage him as I did not want any problems with my daughter. Few months’ back I had to go to Mumbai as my daughter was pregnant and the due date was nearing. There was no body to look after her as they were only two at home. When I reached Mumbai, Prashanth, my so in law came to receive me at the airport. He was very happy to see me. I could see him adoring my beauty with long gazes. He said, “mom, you don’t seem to grow old at all!” I smiled in return and asked how Nisha was. He hired a taxi and we left for home. In the taxi, though our shoulders brushed a couple of times, he didn’t do any thing more. I was more eager to visit my daughter and see how she looked after nine months pregnancy. We reached home. It was a two bedroom flat in a high rise building in a posh locality of Mumbai. Nisha was waiting for us. She hugged me. She was looking really beautiful with the grown tummy. I asked her about the due date and she said it is the coming Monday. She asked me to freshen up. I had a brief shower; we assembled for dinner though I really did not have appetite as I had eaten in the flight. Prashant made my bedroom ready and asked me to relax. I chatted with Nisha for some time and then left for my room.

I was really happy with the fact that I am going to be granny soon. I knew that Nisha, unlike me was not really fond of sex and her becoming mother within two years of marriage was a pleasant surprise to me. That night passed off quietly. Next morning, Nisha complained of some pain and we took her to the hospital. The doctor said she will have to be admitted immediately and the delivery may be in a couple of days as there was slight complication. As they do not allow anybody else to stay in the hospital, they took our phone number and asked us to leave. We wished Nisha all the best and left for home. On the way, Prashant took me to a restaurant and treated me with a fine dinner. During the dinner we talked general things and he complimented me several times for my figure. As we reached home, I had to rush to the bathroom. I finished pissing, got up and bent on the washbasin to wash my face. I was surprised as some body hugging me tightly from back and rubbing his hard lund on my bottoms! I turned back and found Prashant. He was smiling. He had strong erection in his shorts, which he was rubbing on my gaand on my saree. He was bare above the waist. I wriggled out of his hug and asked, “Aye tum kya kar rahe ho? Tumhara dimag theek to hai?” He said, Mom, main bahut dino se is mauke ki talash me hun! Now don’t waste time and join me for a great fuck”. I was horrified. I said, “Prashant, this is not right, I am your saas, like your mother, you can’t do this to me!” He was still smiling and said,” no relation can be greater than man-woman relationship. I am a strong man and you are a beautiful woman deprived of sex. It is obvious for us to fuck each other and enjoy life”. He said he always wanted to have sex with me.

What surprised me was that he got married to my daughter only to have me! He said he had seen me during a wedding and decided that some how he should fuck me. After that he brought this proposal through a relative and succeeded in marrying Nisha. I was wondering as to what to do. It was some days since Anand had fucked me and my body was begging me to yield to his pressure. At the same time I was thinking what Nisha would feel if she comes to know. Prashant asked me not waste time thinking, as we had to do lots of things. He took me to his bedroom, made me stand in front of the huge mirror, hugged me from behind and started pressing my boobs on the saree. He then pulled my pallu and stripped off my saree. I was now in my rose colored petticoat and the same colored sleeveless blouse. I could see my purple colored bra and panty through my cloths in the mirror. I was still resisting, but I had a look at his body. He was twenty-eight and was much stronger than Anand. He had well built body and had lot of hair on the chest compared to Anand who was ten years younger to him. He again hugged me very hard. I was almost getting pulverized in his strong hold. It was quite warm Mumabi weather and both of us were perspiring in spite of the fan. Prashant ran his face all over my chest and tummy and sniffed my armpits he then licked my armpits for some time. His hand was feeling my belly and fingers were probing my deep navel. I was now getting quite aroused and badly wanted to get fucked by him. But he was in no hurry. He was still in Bermudas and he started stripping me further. I kept telling what we were doing was not correct, but couldn’t resist running my hands on his hairy chest and inside his shorts to feel his hard tool. I realized that he had quite thick lund. He removed my blouse and petticoat and paused to see me in bra and panty. He then made me fully naked and waited to admire my beauty. He told me that I am more beautiful than what he really imagined! I was feeling shy and jumped on the bed and closed my pussy with both my hands. He removed his shorts and came over me. He had slightly shorter, but much thicker lund than Anand. I could not help ogling at his erect tool! Prashant removed my hands covering my clean pussy and started licking my clit while pressing my boobs with both hands. He pinched my already erect nips hard and I screamed with pain. He was licking my cunt vigorously and I was moaning with pleasure.

All my inhibition had vanished and I was thrusting my wet pussy towards his mouth. I yelled, “han, han, aur chooso, aur chaato!” He then started kissing me on my lips while feeling all my body with his fingers. We got into 69 soon and he gave his thick tool in my mouth and started moving it in and out of my mouth. I pressed it hard in my hand and licked its knob some time taking it in my mouth fully. I had already three orgasms by the time he came in my mouth with a big splash. I drank all his cum. He then lied down and pulled me on him and adjusted my wet choot to his still erect lund. I started moving up and down fucking him fast. He was just lying and enjoying the fuck. After some time he put me down pulled my legs on his shoulders and inserted his lund into my waiting pussy. He gave real hard pushes while I screamed with happiness and pain both. He kept pressing and sucking my boobs while he fucked me. Some times he used to bite my nipples so that I screamed in pain! After about half and hour he filled my cunt with plenty of his cum. Before cumming inside me he asked if it is OK with me. I said no problem. He then licked my pussy clean. Prashant asked me if I still feel what we are doing is wrong. I kept quiet and hugged him hard. I was in no way let this pleasure go and he was not going to stop there. He now made me lie on my belly and started kneading my buts. I was quite sure that he would fuck my butt. He sniffed my ass hole and started licking it. He moved his finger in and out of the hole. Then he made me stand like a cow, held my boobs in both his hand and inserted his erect lund in my ass hole. Though my ass hole was quite smooth with the seasoning of Anand, it was quite tight for the thicker lund of Prashant. He pushed it slowly, but completely inside. Then he took it out a little, and aging pushed in. He increased his speed now and was fucking my ass like a raging bull. He was kneading my boobs and some times putting his fingers in my cunt. He came in my ass after a real long fuck.

That night before we slept, he fucked me in my cunt and ass ten times! I was really tired, at the same time very happy with the newfound treasure! Next morning he gave me bath and we fucked in the bathroom. Then he dressed me up with a lavender saree for going to hospital. I could not look into Nisha’s eyes for some time. After two days, she gave birth to a very nice baby boy. She had to stay in the hospital for a week and all those nights Prashant fucked me at least eight to ten times per night. We enjoyed in all possible ways and he banged my choot, gaand, mouth and tits like there is no tomorrow! Some times he used to make me bend on the dining table and enter my pussy from behind. Some times he used to sleep on the bed and ask me to sit on his mouth and feed him my juices. Even after my daughter came home, he used to fuck me while she slept during day and night. I stayed at their place for two weeks after she came home to take care of her and the kid and them returned. Prashant saw me off at the airport and thanked me for all the pleasure. He said he would miss me. I was quite sure that still he is a good husband to my daughter and I was his only weakness. He had confessed this weakness to me and told me that though his good-looking wife is not much interested in sex, he had refused many offers from other attractive women to satisfy them. But I was always his dream woman and he had succeeded in getting me. When I was in the flight, my heart filled with the nostalgia of the time spent with this real man (!) And joy of going back to see my boy (!)Anand.

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