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Deepika on the set of Aishwarya
07-17-2012, 11:11 PM
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Deepika on the set of Aishwarya
The cameraman Peter watched as Deepika called her spot boy and asked for a glass of water. She had just finished the last shot of the title song Aishwarya Aishwarya. He watched her as she sat with the compact mirror, checking her make-up. The song was a regular kannada song but Deepika gyrating in it had made it a dick raiser at some points. He made some excuse and went to the video console just to see that one shot which had given him a helluva boner. He found it in the system and played it. It was the one in which upendra slid his hand over her chest. Her expressions were so horny. Almost as if she's enjoying it. It was quite probable. He'd been in the industry long enough to know that many of the actresses were just sluts who often enjoyed being fucked on screen. And he'd seen Deepika "acting". The woman could NOT act. So he was almost certain that the horny, lustful expressions she gave during this shot had to be real. He watched the clip over and over. He was hard as a rock. He looked around to see if anyone was watching. When he was sure no one was, he slid his hand down his pants and played with his penis for a bit. But it wasn't satisfying enough. Deepika fucking Padukone was right here, 20 feet away! He knew what he had to do.

He got up and went towards the water cooler. This is gonna be easy. He saw the spot boy pouring water for her.

"Hey, have you seen Miss Padukone's purse? She seems to have misplaced it"

The spot boy had messed up big time yesterday, and Peter knew that he would pounce at an opportunity to get back into Deepika's good books.

"I'll go find it," said the spot boy.

Perfect. He picked up the glass of water that the spot boy had left in a hurry. Time to work. He took out a small cellophane pouch from his pocket. It was full of long white capsules. He had bought them from his weed guy. They were supposed to be the 'new viagra'. They would put her in a trance like state in which she would beg and plead to be fucked. He took out 3 of them, split them, and poured it into the glass of water. It dissolved in a few seconds. He looked around for the spot boy and found him.

"Hey man," he said as he walked upto him, "you mind taking this?"

He watched as the spot boy took the glass and took it to Deepika. He watched with satisfaction as she drank the whole thing in one go. He couldn't resist a smile. Time to play. He saw as she got up and walked towards the studio door. He followed her as she went outside. He watched as she walked into her vanity van. Now, for the wait.

Fifteen minutes later he got up and went towards her van, opened the door and climbed inside. What he saw was a sight that men would kill to see.

Deepika was lying on the floor of the van, spread-eagled, in the same sexy red two-piece dress she had on for the song, her breasts heaving. The early effects have set in. He paused and took the situation in. Deepika Padukone was lying right there in front of him, and he was free to do whatever he wanted to her. He dropped to his knees, ready to have the best day of his life.

He bend down slowly and kissed her navel. She moaned. He looked up and saw an expression of pure pleasure on her face. Encouraged, he kissed her stomach again, slightly above the navel this time. She moaned again, louder this time. He was in business. He opened his mouth wide and sucked on her stomach, slowly moving up. He could see her breasts heaving harder now. He paused every now and then to look at the pleasure on her face, and to take in the beautiful, sublime sight of her lying there, arms spread out perpendicular to her, breasts heaving.

He sucked her stomach for some 10 minutes, and then made his way up, through her breasts, to her chest. He sucked at her cleavage area, moving up. She was moaning with pleasure as he moved up to her throat. She arched her nech backwards, giving him a clean shot at her throat. He opened his mouth wide and sucked at it as hard as he could for 10 seconds. When he surfaced, he saw that he'd left a hickey. Awesome.

It had been around 45 minutes since he'd given her the drugs. The second stage had set in. She propped her head up and said,

"Give it to me. In my mouth. Treat me like the slut I am. I want your cock in my mouth"

With pleasure. He saddled her chest, pinning her arms to the ground with his knees. This way, he would have his hands free.

"Yeah baby, just like that! Pin my arms to the ground and fuck me like the bitch I am!" She was writhing with excitement.

He unbuttoned his pants and took out his 10 inches of steel. She saw it and gasped. Her eyes sparkled with anticipation. He had used the drugs before and it had never produced results this good. This bitch must really want it.

He propped up her head with his hands as she opened her mouth. There was a pause. She was looking up right into his eyes. The gleam in those eyes said it all. She wanted it NOW. And just like that, he shoved all his 10 inches right into her mouth. She convulsed with pure ecstasy. He took it out and pushed it back in again. This time she licked it while it was inside. He could feel her tongue running over his dick and he got even harder. He started to rhythmically push her head back and forth with his hands. He was fucking Deepika Padukone's mouth! He kept on going for 10 minutes and then he had an idea. Without warning, he shoved his cock right into her mouth, making her swallow it. He held her head firmly in that position, not allowing her to retract. 1. . 2. . 3. . He could feel the back of her throat against the tip of his penis. 4. . 5. . He could see the orgasmic frown on her brow. 6. . 7. . He could feel her swallowing hard, struggling to get her arms free. 8. . 9. . She gagged. He still held her head firmly as she tried to jerk it back. 10! He took his penis out. She drew deep breaths, swallowing gulps of air, her chest heaving underneath him. He felt close to the climax. She looked up again, right into his eyes, almost as if she knew.

"Jizz on my face," she said, and opened her mouth.

Right on cue, he shot his load straight onto her face. The first bit hit her smack in the eyes, the second bit splattered on her face, and the third bit onto her waiting tongue. She licked the tip of penis, taking in strands that were still hanging onto it, and smacked her lips, all the while looking into his eyes with an expression of pure lust. Finally, she dropped her head back and lay there, with his cum splattered all over her face, breasts heaving, and an expression of pure ecstasy on her face, the most beautiful sight in the world.

He got up, buttoned his pants and turned around to go.

"Wait," she said, "you haven't even fucked me yet."

He smiled. This day was far from over.

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