Deepika Padukone Fucked in Hollywood Style
deepika padukone heard there will be an audition for xxx movie having lead actor vin diesel… she decided to try her hands in Hollywood as her rivalry priyanka chopra got role in Hollywood…
there was a film audition in Thailand.The role called for nudity and deepika’s agent made her audition for it. Deepika won the role but was reluctant about the nudity. She thought she could show the director that she could do the couple scenes she had in a solid way where she didn't need to disrobe. So she went to film the 2-3 scenes for the movie for the director. They went well and she proposed what she could do instead of the nudity scene. But the director said no and that if she didn't want to do it, he could snap her fingers and replace her instantly. Deepika was quite shocked by this since she was a big star here in India but being treated like a nobody was jolting. So she gave in realizing that the role could make her a big star since the nude sex scene she was filming was going to be with a big famous Hollywood star Vin Diesel.

The day of the shoot came. And Deepika was very nervous. The scene called for vin diesel to be fucking Deepika and Deepika was supposed to be riding vin diesel reverse cowgirl with her feet spread on his thighs. The angle of the camera was from the side so basically you could only see her tits and naked side. Deepika was given a flesh colored g-string for the scene. Usually what happens is actresses will wear the g-string and they digitally remove it in post. Deepika was shocked by how small it was. It's basically a string floss bikini bottom with a small patch to cover her pussy. Deepika has completely shaved for this scene to make sure no hair stuck out indecently.

Deepika pulled on her g-string and a robe and started getting her makeup done in her makeup room. Deepika felt a bit special that she had her own trailer and she had some champagne to calm her nerves for the scene. That's when the director popped in. The director is a famous one by the way and he was very powerful in Hollywood. Let's just call him O. O told Deepika to show him her look. Deepika was a bit startled. "What do you mean?" she asked. "Let me see what you look like to make sure you're ready." O replied. "But i'm topless under this robe," Deepika said shyly. "Honey, everyone's going to see what's under that robe in a second. I need to make sure you look ok," said O. "Don't worry, this is normal."

Since the makeup artist was a lady, Deepika thought it would be fine to strip down. So Deepika removed her robe and stood in front of O. O looked her over lasciviously. "Turn around," he commanded. Deepika felt awkward but did so anyway. Doing a little twirl. "Ok, this isn't good," said O. "I think you need to wear a patch not this this g-string." "Ppp...patch?" Deepika asked. O looked over at the makeup artist and said,"Hahaha...tell her what it is and get her ready." O then stormed off.

"What is a patch?" Deepika asked her makeup artist. The makeup artist looked at her and smiled,"Well honey, it's basically a flesh colored sticker. We just paste it over your privates." "Oh ok, so I wear it under my g-string?" asked Deepika.
The makeup artist laughed,"No dear. You wear the patch and that's it." She pulled out a thin piece of triangular shaped paper. Deepika suddenly felt a bit sick. All she was going to wear from her scene was a tiny piece of paper.
The makeup artist asked DEEPIKA to remove her g-string.
Deepika was still standing there topless. "Can I do it on my own?" asked Deepika not wanting to reveal her nakedness but the makeup artist said "No honey, i have to do it. So it doesn't fall off." Reluctantly, Deepika pulled down her g-string. There's no modest way of removing her g-string and as she bent over to pull off her g-string, her pussy revealed all its glory. The makeup artist stooped in front of Deepika and applied the patch to Deepika 's pussy. Deepika’s pussy was touched and fucked by every present man in Bollywood but No woman had touched her pussy before so Deepika was very shocked to have this middle aged woman press a piece of sticky paper to her crotch. After a few moments, it was ready. "You're good to go honey," said the artist.

Deepika looked at the mirror and saw herself. She looked completely nude. The makeup artist had applied some makeup to blend in the patch. If you looked from a far, Deepika looked naked. But when it was closer, you could see her pussy lips were covered. Although if you were much closer, you could make out her camel toe and the pink supple lips behind the patch. Deepika finished up her champagne and slowly walked to set.

The set was majestic. It was supposed to be a large bedroom in a classic mansion in the mountains of Thailand. There were about 4 cameras set up, a couple sound people and a few lighting people. The director and the producers were walking around. Her famous co-star vin diesel was already there. Vin diesel walked over to talk to Deepika.

"Don't worry honey, it'll be fun. And just let me know if you're comfortable." Vin diesel told her. O, the director walked over to them. "Don't worry, like all sex scenes it's very technical. Not sexual. And most of these people won't be in here anyway. It'll be a closed set." O said. Vin diesel then interjected "O, I think it's fine for all these people to be in here. If you send them out, we have to re set for the later scenes. Let's just get it over with. Instead of them leaving and then us shooting and cutting and waiting for them to come back. Let's not waste time."

Deepika was kind of taken aback by everything so she just stammered "Sss...ure." not knowing what she was saying and really just in a state of awe. She didn't want to upset anyone and she figured everyone would see her naked anyway so it didn't matter. "Ok then, let's get started" said O.

He ran over that the scene would start with Deepika fucking vin diesel reverse cowgirl and vin diesel would receive a phone call which he would answer while Deepika continued fucking him. Deepika would just have to moan and groan loudly and then ask vin diesel to "Get off the phone and fuck her harder!" Deepika ran over the directions. Vin diesel said "Yup, simple enough. And just get into it. It'll be fun." Deepika mustered a smile.

"Ok, good. Time to shoot. Everyone take your positions" said O. vin diesel pulled off the robe he was wearing to reveal a great toned body,his cock size can be determined by looking at his sock clearly. He was in his 40s but was very fit. He had a cock sock on too. This was just a sock that covered the penis and it was tied around the balls and the shaft. Deepika knew this was what vin diesel would be wearing but she noticed that the package was quite large which she giggled inwardly about. She took in a deep breath and removed her robe going topless and pretty much nude. Whispers rumbled around the crew and even diesel took a double look.

diesel took Deepika 's hand and led her to the bed. Diesel laid down on the bed and told Deepika to climb on him. Deepika positioned herself on him reverse cowgirl, placing her butt on the top of his groin/lower abdomen. Diesel caressed her waist and said "I'll put my hands here to balance you. Feel free to bounce as much as you'd like. You're a wanton hooker." Deepika looked down at Diesel and said "Ok." She slowly placed her legs on his thighs, feet positioned on each thigh. It was a very open sexual position. There were no cameras facing her directly. So no shots of her pussy patch or Diesel 's cock sock. Deepika was pleased about this but it was still such a highly sexual position.

Deepika just swallowed and took in a deep breath. It was time to perform. O checked the lighting and called for cameras to roll. He yelled "Action!"
DEEPIKA PADUKONE used her legs to push off VIN DIESEL and slowly started grindingand pushing up and down. At first she forgot to moan and O said "Start making sounds baby, don't just push off him" Deepika felt a bit taken aback by the director calling her baby but she started moaning "Oh gawd..yeah...ahhh...oooh...ungggh....yeah baby."Vin Diesel kept his hands on her waist but slipped them up and down the back. This made her feel very warm and tingly. Suddenly Vin Diese lplaced his hands on her tits, grabbing them roughly.

Deepika had a fit body. She was fair and tried to stay away from the sun like most indian girls but she also worked out. For this role, she ate very healthy and worked out like crazy knowing she would be nude. Her tits were a good size for asian girl too. 34B-Cs depending on the time of month. They were perky and she had nice pinking light brown nipples. Her nipples were erect currently. The cool air and maybe some mild arousement from the scene. Actually the set was very cold. They had to keep it that way due to the lights and the equipment. And all the people there.

Vin diesel caressed her tits and slipped a cheeky pinch on one of her nipples. Deepika was shocked by this but the director didn't say anything. So Vin Diesel placed both his hands under tits and controlled her motion up and down from his groin. "Ok be a bit rough with her cos she's just a two cent chink whore you're fucking" said O. Deepika was very angered by the word "chink" but she figured it was just direction for the role she was playing.Vin Diesel nodded his O's direction and sort of pushed up with his groin to pound her butt. The noise it made from his lower stomach slamming her butt was obscene. Plop! Plop! Plop!Deepika felt a little irked but it was part of the scene so she continued making her moans.Deepika closed her eyes and realized that she was getting a little aroused from the wanton treatment that Vin Diesel was dishing out. She felt a bit embarrassed.

All of a sudden O shouted "Cut! Cut!"Vin Diesel and Deepika stopped moving. "What's wrong man?" askedvvin diesel .Deepikavkept silent hoping she hadn't done anything wrong. "I keep seeing you cock sock. And we got no room to move the cameras man." said O. "This is the only angle we have." "So do you wanna change positions?" asked vin diesel ." I can fuck her doggy style. Then you won't see the cock sock." "No no," said O. "We got no time to reset everything. This is the best position for this scene."Deepika was rolled off Vin Diesel realizing that she was still positioned on him almost nude. She wished someone would throw her a towel or something but all the production assistants and crew just stared at her openly. They didn't give a fuck that they were staring at her.Deepika felt very self conscious all of a sudden and wrapped her arm on her tits covering them partly.

"So what do you want me to do?" asked vin diesel . "Well man, it's simple. It's something you've down a million times, " said O. "Lose the cock sock. Do it in the buff man."
"Fuck off!" replied vin diesel. O laughed and said "Come on, man it's the only way. Look you play the big playboy in this movie. You're fucking girls left right and centre and later on in this movie, you have a full frontal bro. People see your cock!!!"

"So it won't be a big deal if we got a couple shot of your side balls. And no one is going to notice you anyway man. They'll be looking at this bitch's tits!" laughed O.Deepika did not appreciate being referred to as a bitch. "Bit..." she started to object but O cut her off "Sorry honey, just a manner of speech. No offense." as he placed his hand on her shoulder.Deepika didn't like his slimy hand on her but was more concerned about what was happening with this cock sock situation. Vin Diesel thought for a few seconds "Ok fuck it, i'll lose the cock sock." "That's ok with you right Deepika?" said vin diesel . "Yeah she's fine with it. She better be!" laughed O before Deepika could respond.

deepika gulped in her head. Vin Diesel slowly placed his hand on his cock sock and with one swoop, pulled it off revealing all his glory. His cock was huge. It was limp and was about 9inches. He was a shower as they say. Deepika looked it over quickly and looked away hoping Vin Diesel hadn't seen her. Vin Diesel said "Don't worry honey. It won't bite. Ok let's back to it."Deepika smiled weakly. O said "Get back into position. Let's roll again."Deepika got back on top of Vin Diesel and this time he pushed her butt lower his stomach. She was a bit slow to place her feet on his thighs so Vin Diesel roughly placed his hands against her inner thighs and pulled them apart.Deepika looked down between her legs and she could see vin diesel's cock. She could feel the heat emanating from it. And to her horror, she saw it slowly start to harden.

"Action!" the director shouted as Vin Diesel began slapping his groin against her butt.
Deepika started fake moaning. And Vin Diesel kept moving his groin upwards. Slowly by slowly, vin diesel's cock was hardening but it was still in a semi-hard state.Deepika could see it slowly grow in size. She thought this was quite creepy that this famous actor was getting a bit of a boner from a sex scene. That this was highly unprofessional but part of her was also quite flattered. That she was able to give this famous actor an erection or almost one. She felt some heat in her groin. She was starting to feel a little sexy and maybe even horny. She let out a soft moan and this time it was real. She blushed.

"Cut! Cut!' shouted the director. Now what, thought Deepika. "What now man?" asked vin diesel. "Dude, your world famous dick, well now I can see it. You're supposed to be in her! Not drooping outside of her. I have your dick in my shot now man." said O. "So what the fuck do you want me to do? This isn't a porn man! I can't be IN her!" replied vin diesel.Deepika got a little worried. "Of course not man!" Said O. Deepika let out a relieved whew! "But I need you hard man. Cos if you're hard, you dick will be pointing upwards and her thighs would cover your dick. And it would look really hot too like you were really fucking her!" O said. Deepika was startled by this suggestion and asked "What do you mean hard? Like his penis?"

"Haha. Yes his penis!" laughed O. "Look honey, don't worry. This is Hollywood not some bullshit Bollywood show. He'll be hard and he won't be fucking you. You'll just have to make sure you cover his dick up with your legs. This happens all the time!" O said. "Besides, do you know how many women would pay to be in a sex scene with this guy!"Vin Diesel said "Fine. Fine. I'll get hard. Just give me a couple minutes."Deepikas lipped off him a second time and to her horror, she saw Vin Diesel grab his penis and start tugging at it. She was actually watching this famous actor masturbate in front of her on a full set.

She looked around in her near nude state. The crew were nonchalantly watching Vin Diesel jack off in front of them. Like it had happened a thousand times. It was so weird. O said "Ok hurry up man. Look at deepika's tits or something. Get hard faster man!"Deepika turned to face Vin Diesel who was looking over at her as he rubbed his dick. He was getting harder and bigger.Vin Diesel said "Don't worry honey. This happens all the time. But it'll make the scene look good so don't worry."Vin Diesel then placed his hand on Deepika's right tit and squeezed it roughly shocking her. He kept kneading her tit and squeezed her nipple. "What the fuck!"Deepika thought to herself but she was frozen on the edge of the bed. O looked at them like it was nothing out of the blue. Vin Diesel was using Deepika like a fluffer, like she was a piece of meat that was only made for his sexual pleasure. To get him hard.Vin Diesel continued rubbing her tit and Deepika just sat there not moving with a stupid half smile on her face. She didn't know how to react.

Soon Vin Diesel was hard as a rock. Deepika looked at his dick and with him standing and her sitting on the edge of the bed, his dick was almost pointed at her mouth. It was slightly pointed upwards. A full 10 inches now. Hard, veiny with a bulbous pink head. He was shaved with just a strip of hair at the top of his shaft or the base of it depending on how you saw that. It was the biggest penis Deepika had ever seen. "Get into position guys!" shouted O.

Slowly Deepika got on top of Vin Diesela gain resting her ass on the top of his groin.Vin Diese lpushed her low and his cock brushed against her ass cheeks and with a spring, it popped in between her legs.Deepika looked down and between her legs, between her milky white thighs there was this fierce one eyed monster staring at her. The tingling in her pussy started again. Vin diesel's cock was firmly resting on top of her pussy. The top of his shaft was lying on her pussy patch. The only thing separating his cock from brushing against her pussy lips was this thin piece of flesh paper.

"Action!" shouted the director.Vin Diesel started to grind against her.Deepika looked down as she saw his hard cock slip in between her thighs up and down. To the naked eye, it looked like he was fucking her. Deepika closed her eyes and got into the scene.
vin diesel kept going up and down, fake fucking deepika. And the director called out for Deepika to be animated. So Deepika placed her hands on vin's chest and slapped back on his groin with her ass. She started to increase the pace and moan more. She felt her pussy tingle and she could feel the warmth within her loins. To her horror, she felt herself get a little wet. Oh shit she thought as she was lost in the scene.

"Wait! Cut! Fuck fuck fuck! Cut!" shouted vin. It wasn't the director but vin. "Cut! Cut! Stop Deepika! Stop babe!"Vin Diesel said. Deepika almost disappointedly dropped off him. "What's wrong vin?? Was I hurting you? What what?"Deepika asked worriedly. The director ran over to the bed too. "What's wrong man? Everything ok?" O asked.

vin rubbed his dick. It was still hard but losing it's rigidness. "It hurts man! Fuck!"Vin Diesel said panting. "What? What hurts?" asked O and Deepika. "My dick guys! Your pussy patch! It's rough as shit. My dick keeps rubbing on it. And it's like sandpaper on my penis!"Vin Diesel said.Deepika looked down at her pussy patch. To her shock, it looked almost transparent realizing that her wetness had wet the paper. She absent mindedly rubbed the front of her the pussy patch to feel it. It didn't feel that rough. "Oh dear, I'm sorry! I didn't know!"Deepika said. "What can I do? Should I switch to a g-string?" asked Deepika. "NO! Definitely not!" said O. "What do you want to do vin?" asked Deepika.

"I think you got to take that thing off girl!" said Vin Diesel still rubbing his cock. "Wait, no I can't do that." said Deepika. "I would be naked!"Vin Diesel looked at her almost incredulously "What the fuck do you think I am right now?" he said almost rudely.Deepika was taken aback by his tone. O gave Deepikaa sort of matter of factly look and said "Look Deepika, you're pretty much naked anyway. So it's no biggie. All actresses get nude most of the time. Look at Hilary Swank, Halle Berry...fuck even Kate Winslet. They're buck ass nude in movies and they win oscars! So don't worry about it. We're not filming your pussy.We'll shoot this scene quick and we'll be done. So what do you say?"

Deepika thought about it and she realized that she was in a no win situation. She wanted this role so much and she was glad to be working with this famous actor and director. She knew she should just bit the bullet. No one would see her pussy anyway. And if she went to Hollywood, this would be common. Fuck it, she though to herself. She would do it. Her heart was beating fast and she nodded meekly at Vin Diesel and O. O smiled and said good.Vin Diesel said cool as slowly gripped his cock and tugged at it to make it hard. Deepika got up slowly from the edge of bed and before she could react, O stepped toward her and in one swoop grabbed her pussy patch and pulled it off quickly! "Ouch!" shouted Deepikain shock. "Like a bandaid baby!" said O. And there Deepika was. Completely nude. She looked down and to her horror saw her pink pussy glistening. Her pussy was bald and the sudden peel off of the pussy patch had made the whole are pink and engorged. She was in all her glory. Deepika scanned the room and saw a few of the men wink at her and make some sex faces at her. She was in shock.

Deepika looked over at Vin Diesel and he stood there rigid and hard. His huge penis was pointed at her and he seemed happy. O asked them to get into position again.Deepika slowly climbed onto Vin Diesel as they positioned themselves on the bed. vin's cock was now laying on her pussy. His shaft directly on her pussy lips. The warmth from her pussy and the warmth from his cock were now one. Deepika’s pussy was getting wetter and she didn't know how to stop it. She knew she was in trouble.

"Ok guys! Let's get going! Action!" shouted O.

vin grabbed her fleshy hips and grinded up on her.Deepika looked down watching vin's cock obscenely rise up and down in between her thighs. Shockingly his cock was big and heavy enough to rub against her clit. This was ridiculous.Vin Diesel was actually fucking her without penetrating her. Deepika 's breath started becoming heavy and quick.Deepika started moaning. But this time it was real. "Unggggh....ahhhh....fuck!" she let out.

"That's great! That's great!" shouted the director. "Really get into it!"Vin Diesel kept pushing upwards and slowly Deepika grinded back. She loved the feeling of his cock on her clit. He was really rubbing her into a frenzy. Deepika was now very wet. She looked down and she saw that her pussy lips were pink and engorged. Hard and soft at the same time. But to her horror, she wasn't just wet and glistening. Her pussy juices were in over drive. She was dripping and as she looked back at vin. She turned red. He KNEW that she was wet. He could feel her juices dripping down her shaft and balls. The warm juices had dripped down his cock and were pooling at the base of his cock. She felt so embarrassed.
"Ok slam into her harder." screamed O. "Really get in there vin!"Vin Diesel pushed Deepika 's hips deeper into his groin and he kept grinding his cock upwards. His cock teasing her clit was too much. It was like endless foreplay. Her skin was flushed now. And the crew filming her knew that that something was up. Her pussy pulsating with juice and both her and Vin Diesel sweating and girding had released a sex scent in the air. Everyone knew that something sexy was happening. This was going to be a special shoot.

As Vin Diesel kept pounding away, O said "Try to twist up into her. I can still see the base of your dick man!"Vin Dieselwas getting frustrated " I dunno what else to do." He shifted his butt to get his cock higher. "How about now?" he asked. "Nah man, not really." said O. Deepika tried to lift her leg lower. She turned slightly to look down at vin. Her palms still placed on his chest. "How about I turn this way more?"Deepika asked. "Sure" said vin.Deepika placed her legs a little wider on his thighs, opening up her pussy even more for him and his cock. His head was now directly rubbing the opening of her pussy.Deepika absent mindedly pursed her mouth and let a look of ecstasy cross her face as she still looked at vin. "No guys, still no dice. Can you move up more vin?" asked O.Vin Diesel looked up and Deepika and said, "Yeah I have an idea. Let me lift my ass sideways and me try this."Vin Diesel looked deeply into Deepika 's eyes and it was almost as if Deepika knew what coming but couldn't react.

With a smile,Vin Diesel thrust his cock upwards. And to Deepika 's shock, horror and sickeningly pleasure, his cock slipped into her sopping wet pussy. vin's big fat cock was now deeply embedded into the confines of her lubricated cunt. Deepika let out a deep moan and both anger and excitement crossed her eyes. "Wait..."she started to say but Vin Diesel lifted his groin deeper. "Unghhhh!"Deepika said.Vin Diesel started slowly fucking her. This time for real. "Oh that's great. Did you guys manage to get a good position?" said O. "I can't see your dick anymore, it looks great. Like you're really fucking her!" O was oblivious to the fact that Vin Diesel was now firmly inside Deepika .Deepika was shocked at how O couldn't see it but she thought with her legs on his thighs, any action in the private area was firmly out of view from the crew.

Deepika looked back down again at vin. Her face now contorted in pleasure and a bit of anger. "Don't worry baby. Enjoy it. I am!"Vin Diesel whispered to her. She slipped one hand to the front of her pussy. It was his left hand, the one of view from the camera. From the angle the camera's were filming his hand looked like he was holding her left hip. But his hand was firmly on Deepika 's pussy and he started playing with her clit. Rubbing it and circling it. She was so wet and horny and it felt amazing.Deepika had never been filled up so much. vin's cock was so large and throbbing inside her.Vin Diesel was manipulating her body fucking her slowly. Deepika didn't want to admit it. But she was enjoying herself.

Then she felt it. Her pussy starting to tense up. Her cunt walls trembling and starting to slime all over vin's dick. Deepika looked back down at vin. He smiled at her knowingly and mouthed to her "cum for me baby."Deepika hated that her body was doing this and that she was giving in to this famous actor who was now having his was with her and she was so embarrassed and humiliated that she was pretty much shooting a porno and that she was loving it. Her body froze and then she vibrated all over vin. Vin Diesel kept running his fingers on her clit hard and fast. Deepika 's resistance ws gone. Her lust had taken over as her mind went blank. Her juices spewing from her cunt down his cock. "Ohhhh.....gawdddd!"Deepika moaned loudly. She came.

"Wow...great stuff guys. Let's get more of this. Keep this fake fucking going guys!" O shouted.Deepika looked over at the crew as Vin Diesel kept fucking her. She was sweaty and some of her hair had matted on her head, her mouth was half open and her face and torso were a soft pink flush. After glow. She was putting on a fuck show.

Deepika couldn't believe what was happening. How could this be happening?! Her mind was racing with worry...what if someone saw what was going on? What if this was all on video? How would she be viewed in India? And how dare Vin Diesel keep fucking her. What kind of movie set was this?!! She felt rage and shame but the lust was too much. It's like when you have so many worries and thoughts in your head but you cum, and your brain is cleared. Her head was only filled with ecstasy.

"Ok turn you face more towards the camera Deepika. Moan louder...remember you're a dirty two cent whore in this scene!" shouted O.Deepika slipped a look at vin. He smiled up at her and his eyes were filled with lust, pleasure and dominance. He knew that he had her where he wanted. Right on his long hard cock.Deepika couldn't believe it. She was a successful actress in Bollywood. People knew who she was back here. But in this room, surrounded by a US crew, she was a just piece of meat bouncing on this actor's cock. She was nothing more than a meat hole. And sickeningly the humiliation of it all was making her even more wet. She turned her face towards the camera.

Vin surged up more and drove his cock deep unexpectedly. "Ahhhh"Deepika moaned. "Yeah, just like that Deepika. More of that!" O told her. "Unggggh gawwwd,"Deepika continued. "Yeah baby, ride that cock!"Vin Diesel said. He wasn't loud. In fact, he was only loud enough so that Deepika could hear him. It was more of a soft whisper but it was commanding. "I'm making you famous baby," he said. "You know how many bitches want my dick? And i'm giving it to you. Some random bitch from bollywood!" He continued.Deepika was shocked by his sudden change in tone. "I'm not from bolly...Sing......unggghhhh!"Deepika replied but was cut off by his cock surging up her cunt. "Cut...what the fuck Deepika!!" asked O. "What are you saying?!! That's not a line. Why are you talking to vin? You're supposed to be moaning not talking!" O got up and started walking towards them.

Deepika immediately reached down between her legs and pulled vin's cock out of her wet pussy. It exited the warm moist hole with a plop. She didn't want to get caught by O. "Why are you talking Deepika?" asked O as he stood over them.

"Sorry sorry, I lost my concentration. Won't happen again O. So sorry!" apologized Deepika. "Yeah man, my bad. I was whispering her some direction and she got confused. My bad O!" smiled vin. O looked over the two naked bodies in front of him. He paused for a second. "Ok fine. Let's get it done. And Deepika, you can let go of that," replied O and he walked off to his camera with a smirk on his face.

To her utter horror,Deepika looked down and saw that she was still gripping vin's hard cock in her hand. There was pre-cum and pussy juice all over her hand and vin's cock was bulbous, red and angry in her fist. Oh god she thought. She let go of vin's dick. But it was hard and sprung up again and hit her flat on her pussy. Stinging her clit with a smack.

"Ok let's get this done. Start rolling. Action!" O shouted.Vin Diesel pushed up and with a smoosh, his cock entered her again. "Fucccckkk....ahhhhh!"Deepika groaned. "God that feels good!"Vin Diesel whispered. And he kept fucking her.Deepika hated that she loved having his cock deep in her. She kept moaning - half of it real for the camera. "Great stuff guys. Keep going!" O said. "I'm going to cum in that sweet cunt of yours!" said Vin Diesel quietly. The statement snapped Deepika back into reality. Oh my god she thought. She hadn't even thought about Vin Diesel cumming. She looked over worriedly. "Great look Deepika! More of that!" yelled O. "Brilliant!"

Deepika felt Vin Diesel tense up in her pussy. She tried to wriggle free but Vin Diesel grabbed her hips and held her in place. "Noooo...pleeasssee....unnnggghhhh" moaned Deepika.Vin Diesel thrust upwards, "Oh fuck.....ahhhhhhhhhhh....fucckkkkkk!" moaned vin. His cock exploded in Deepika 's cunt. His seed flowing all over her insides.Deepika felt his hot cum shoot in her pussy and she felt him pulse and tense climaxing and climaxing. "Fuck you!" she said quietly. "You son of a bitch!" she whispered as she turned her head sideways away from the camera.Vin Diesel pulsed and throbbed a couple of times and slumped backwards. He was done.

"Cut! Hey man, you were not supposed to fake cum. You were supposed to keep fucking. But that looked good. I think we have what we want but I think I want a different shot.Deepika you can get off now." O said.

Deepika was on the verge of tears. "Ok" she said. "Don't worry babe. It happens!"Vin Diesel whispered. His cock was still in her spent but still hard.Deepika reached down to pull his cock out of her cunt. Sperm trickily down from her pussy to her shock. She couldn't believe what had just happened.

O walked over and told them "Look, a phone call was supposed to interrupt this coitus between you two. But I think it would look better if you Deepika, were blowing him. So basically I'll shoot you from the back and your head is just bobbing up and down in crotch as he stands. So it's the back of your head on camera and you on your knees. I think it'll be really hot and it will really show the power vin's character has on you when he answers the phone and you're still fake blowing him. What do you guys think?"

Deepika looked up worriedly. "I dunno..." "Sounds great!"Vin Diesel said. Let me take five to clean up.Deepika slumped off Vin Diesel and onto the bed. Vin Diesel smiled at Deepika cheekily.
Deepika didn't feel too well. In fact she was nauseous! She had just been fucked on set by Vin. Her first big break in a Hollywood film and she became a bonafide pornstar. But no one knew what happened except for Vin Diesel and her. Or did they? She looked over at vin. He cock was softening but still glistened with her juices. He made no attempt to clean up as a makeup artist brought him a robe and towel. "Round 2 baby!" he smiled at Deepika. Deepika looked at him meekly and nodded.

"May...I...erm please have a robe?"Deepika asked weakly looking around. The crew kept wantonly looking her over as they set up for the next shot. They didn't give a shit about this beautiful Asian woman totally in the buff seated on the corner of the bed.Deepika felt her nakedness all of a sudden and moved to pull the sheets over her when O shouted "Stand up Deepika! Don't just sit there. We got to reset!"Deepika thought she would fall over as she got up. Her legs were still trembling from shock and the fucking she has just received. She squeezed her pussy tight hoping that no juices or even worse, semen would drip down her leg. "Please...a robe!" she asked again as everyone seemed to ignore her.

Deepika stood by the bed and looked down at it in horror. There was a pool of wet juices that had collected. It looked like she and peed on the bed. To the naked eye that would have been the guess but she knew it was the combination of sweat, cunt juice and semen. Nature's elixir. She wanted to cry but was interrupted by a makeup artist. "Can I wipe you down?" the lady asked. " I'll do it!'Deepika said as she took the towel and padded herself down. She didn't want anyone to even sense what happened.Deepika walked off to a corner, still completely in the nude and started cleaning herself up. There were a couple of winks and stares as she stopped over to pat her legs and she tried to wipe off her pussy when she thought no one was looking. But someone was. Vin Diesel was staring at her the whole time. She was a like a fuck trophy to him.

"Ok time to start!" shouted O. Everyone took their place.Vin Diesel took his spot and dropped his robe. His cock was soft and dangled low. It was still huge and he took pride in giving the camera a full frontal. There was a sense of domination in his eyes knowing that a lot of men in the room couldn't measure up. " Deepika hurry up! Take your spot!" O screamed at her.Deepika nervously dropped the towel. And she walked over to vin, completely nude still. The walk was a short one but with all the eyes looking up and down her taut nubile body, she felt totally naked and shameful.Deepika stood in front of vin, reluctant to make eye contact.

"Ok get down on your knees. Back to us" directed O.Deepika slowly got down on her knees.Vin Diesel guided her down gently and placed his hand on her chin to direct her face to look up at him.Deepika was at eye level with his cock. His cock head was right in front of her mouth. And shockingly, she could smell him. She smelled the odor from his cock and knew it was a mix of his sex and her pussy. God, she thought to herself. She turned pink with shame. She looked up at him and while his smile was friendly, his eyes told a different story. He looked down on her like a fuck-toy. He had had her and he dominated her. There was a sense of lust, power and pleasure of knowing he had her in his eyes.Deepika looked down.

"Ok guys. I want you to get into it.Deepika bob up and down on his groin like you're giving him some real good sloppy head.Vin Diesel use her like a whore. Fuck her face really. So hold her head if you need to. Scene ends when the phone rings. I'll give a cue for that." O said.

Deepika wanted to throw up. But she kept focused. Here she was on her knees. Nude in front of a bunch of ang mohs and in front of the biggest cock she'd seen in her life. Was any of this worth it? She had a good life and big fame in bollywood. Wasn't that enough? Was getting fucked on camera worth it? Was this role as a whore worth it? Shame and regret welled up in her head. She needed to get thru this and make her complaints. She swallowed nervously as O shouted "Action".
Deepika started to bob her head back and forth. Stopping right in front of vin's dick. She could felt he heat radiating from his penis. Vin Diesel placed her hand on the back of her head to guide the pace. She kept going for what seemed like hours when O said "More lust! More action. Fuck her face vin! She's a dumb whore! Use that mouth like a warm wet hole."

vin grabbed Deepika 's head roughly and started pounding her face forward. Deepika was shocked as her lips and nose smooched into his cock. He would pull her back her hair and smash her face into his groin. She was stunned as this went on a couple minutes and then she realized that his cock was hardening. Vin Diesel was getting turned on by this apparent sexual act. "Stop...cut....cut!"Deepika sputtered as she freed herself from vin's grasp.

"What the fuck?!!! What the fuck!!! What are you doing????" screamed O racing towards them. "Who the fuck are you to yell cut! The scene was going great! O stood over them incredulous.Deepika looked up "He was hurting me. He was smashing my face into his dick! And he's getting hard! I can't! I can't do this!!!!"Deepika looked to get up but O shoved her back down.Vin Diesel said "Sorry I didn't mean it" O squatted in front ofDeepika and looked furious. "Look you stupid cunt. I don't give a fuck who you are? You're a nobody here. You're a stupid whore in this scene. I suggest you shut the fuck up and do what you need to do. I don't give a fuck if you have deep throat Vin Diesel and gag on his cock. Do you fucking understand?!!!!"

Deepika was stunned in fear by O's tone and yelling. "But..." she started. "No fucking buts bitch! I own your ass. We will sue you till you're fucking destroyed. And we'll let everyone know that you were a fucking slut on set but taking vin's dick up your cunt!"

"Whaa...what?"Deepika stammered. "You think we didn't know?!!! This mother fucker does this on every set. He wants to test the pussy as much as all of us. He fucked you and we all know. Fuck we have footage of it. You think we couldn't see you taking that dick up your pussy bitch?" O asked.

All kinds of emotions hit Deepika. Anger, frustration, shame, fear. Tears started to well up. "" said Deepika. "Yes YES bitch! You shut the fuck up and finish this scene. Then we'll all go our separate ways. And since Vin Diesel is getting hard." yelled and then looked over at Vin Diesel and saw his cock was at full attention," Well since he IS hard, you'r going to suck his cock for real. Cos that's pretty much the only thing you seem to be good for bitch. You suck his cock. We get this scene done and maybe it'll look good on film. Cos you aren't an actress bitch. You're a two cent cunt whore!" O berated Deepika.

Tears rolled down Deepika 's face as she looked up at O and vin. This naked woman trembling in fear with tears down her face looking up at these two powerful men.Deepika never felt smaller or weaker in her life. She nodded at O as she burst into full blown tears.
As O walked off in a huff,Deepika was trembling on her knees. Naked, glistening with sweat and tears staining her face.Vin Diesel walked up to her and held his hand out "Sorry Deepika, I didn't mean all of this. O just gets pissed really quick when actors fuck around wasting his time," he said.Deepika looked up at him and Vin Diesel saw her innocence and pain. Here she was. A star in her own country but a lost puppy in the real world of film making.Vin Diesel felt sorry for her but he knew that every starlet paid her due at some point.Deepika wasn't any different from the fresh young 20 yr olds who moved to LA from Texas or whatever small town they were from.

"Come on babe, let's get this done,"Vin Diesel smiled. "You might even enjoy before." He pulled Deepika up her hand as she felt the weakness in her knees return. She didn't know what to do. She was a deer in headlights. And those headlights were a big fat dick.Deepika let Vin Diesel lead her to the side of her bed. "Yeah that's good vin!" directed O. "Kneel down in front of him Deepika " O commanded.Deepika feebly got down on her knees. vin's cock was directly in front of her. Looking at it up close and personal, it was terrifying. A big red bulbous head on a veiny long muscular shaft. His balls looked full and heavy. It really was the biggest penis she had ever felt in her. He was shaved which made him look even bigger.

Deepika had stopped crying. She looked up atVin Diesel with her massacre stained face. In a different world, she would have fucked him for real. He was a big star and tho older, he was sexy to her. But this debacle made him look like a monster to her. "What about her face O?" asked vin, "it's all stained up from her makeup and crying. We need makeup in here!" "No leave'll look hot. Like she was gagging on your cock. Heck...she'll be doing it in a second anyway." shouted O.Deepika swallowed as she snapped back into reality. Her stomach tightened up again. She wanted to throw up.Vin Diesel smiled at her. It was a mixture of lust and dominance. Behind those twinkling blue eyes, she saw a streak of sadism. She knew he enjoyed making girls do this even if he seemed all nice on the outside.

"Ok...time to suck it bitch! Cameras rolling," said O. "Action"Deepika hated him. She hated everything about this.Deepika looked up at vin. She was frozen...she didn't know what to do.Vin Diesel sensed it and grabbed his cock with one hand and her head with the other. "Open up baby! " he whispered to her.Deepika didn't want to but she involuntarily felt her mouth open. She had a pretty mouth. Pink full lips. Not like Angelina Jolie's or anything. But sexy and she knew she gave good head.Vin Diesel slapped the head of his cock on her lips which shocked her and caused her to open wide to protest.Vin Diesel took the opportunity to stuff his cock head into her mouth. "Gawd..."Deepika mumbled. He was big.Vin Diesel slowly pushed in more of his cock. His hand was on the back of her head forcing Deepika forward. "Gulp...cough...ulp!"Deepika choked. She wanted to fight him off but couldn't. Her hands wanted to move his cock but Vin Diesel was forceful. He brushed her hands off and she could only hold his thighs and ass for balance. "Cough....ulp...pleasse..!"Deepika coughed up spit as she gagged on his dick.Vin Diesel looked down at her powerfully. He was enjoying this.

"No hands bitch....keep holding his face." O shouted. "Fuck her face slowly. Make her gag on it."Vin Diesel took the words as gold. He placed both hands on Deepika 's head, digging into her head and hair and slowly moved her up and down on his cock.Deepika was tearing up and snot was building up in her nose from the choking. But somehow he was taking him whole. She was sucking his dick with no hands. All tongue and all mouth. She looked up at him. "You're one sexy bitch!" he said.Vin Diesel knew there was nothing sexier than a woman on her knees, naked and submissive with a cock in her mouth.Deepika had that dazed look in her eyes. That mixture of shame, fear and lust. Fuck he would have come if he wasn't used to it, thought vin.

Deepika couldn't believe it. She was sucking vin's cock in front of the crew for a Hollywood film. How could this happen?! Why was this happening?!! She blamed herself for being so naive.Vin Diesel kept shoveling his cock in and out of her mouth, controlling her head expertly.Deepika would choke and spit would dribble down her mouth and drip onto her chin and tits. But he wouldn't stop. This was sadistic but in some bad place in hell, this was also sexy as fuck.Deepika didn't know what was happening to her but she was getting warm. She was getting wet. This treatment of her. This disgracing of her being was making her horny. Fuck, was she a slut, she thought. She looked up atVin Diesel again and this time she realized that she was sucking him off. Her tongue swirled around vin's cocked.Vin Diesel looked down at her again and smiled at her, "That's it baby. I knew you would come around. Suck that fat dick!" he commanded.

Deepika couldn't believe it but even with the tears in her eyes from gagging on vin's cock and the humiliation she had been subjected to, Deepika 's body was beginning to submit. Her fair white skin was flushing a beautiful pink. Her body was glistening with sweat from all the work she was going on vin's cock. And down below, her pussy was wet. In fact, her pussy was engorged. Pink lips a bright pink and her juices were flowing. Fuck, she thought. She was a slut.

On his monitor, O watched Deepika 's head bob up and down vin. "Fucker did it again" he thought. "vin was fucking yet another cunt and she was enjoying it." he said to himself. O couldn't believe that this girl was pretty much fuck meat for vin. O knew he was going to cut most of these scenes. Heck,Deepika wouldn't even be credited in the film but this was sure as fuck worth it. Who knows, he thought, maybe he'd get his chance too with this slut. He looked at the scene in front him.

A young fresh faced Indian girl completely naked sucking the big fat cock of a hollywood star. Damn he loved his job, thought O. He got hard.
Deepika kept sucking Vin Diesel off. She was now entranced. Her body had submitted to him to her horror and shame. She was actually enjoying the strong hands on her head, guiding her mouth over the big piece of meat in her mouth. She couldn't think. Her thoughts were mixed with lust. Her head unclear. She kept looking at Vin Diesel who returned the lust drunk stare. Tears were welling up in Deepika 's eyes not from sadness but from gagging. But she couldn't stop. She wanted his cock. She needed it. Her tongue swirled around his cock and she used to tip of her tongue to force her way into the last cock slit on his penis head. She knew he would be vulnerable there and sensitive.

Deepika knew when she would hit the bullseye.Vin Diesel would grip her strongly or slightly push her away but it was pleasure and pain to him. Just like he was giving her. Her mouth was filled with pre-cum and thick saliva.Deepika stole glances at his fat dick and it glistened under the hot lights. Saliva was all over a face and dripping down her tits. Mixed in with her sweat, her body was shiny and looked glorious in the lights.Deepika was very fit. Perky boobs, glorious pink nipples than every woman and man dreamed up and she worked out just enough. She had a defined tummy but not the six pack that made her look like a man. Firm lines on each side of her abdomen. And she was shaved down there. Her pussy clean, pink and supple. Silky folds of wonderment than Vin Diesel has relished.

And then she realized, she was playing with herself. To her utter horror, she realized her shame reached new heights. Her hand had found its way to her clit. Lost in sucking vin's cock,Deepika realized that she was flicking her clit. In fact, she had two fingers in a sopping wet vagina and pulling the folds forward to give herself pleasure. What the fuck was she doing?! But Deepika couldn't help it, she needed a release and she came to her senses realizing that she was slurping and moaning on vin's cock. Fuck she though. All these people looking at her thought she was a slut and now she had just confirmed it. She WAS a slut. Deepika was enjoying herself.Vin Diesel looked down at her "Yeah babe, enjoy yourself. This is your dick too!"

O looked atDeepika playing with herself. He had gotten enough footage for the scene. Shit, he had more than enough. But he kept rolling. This was fucking priceless. Here was this bitch who he and Vin Diesel had broken and most of the starlets he had down this too would just leave and never been seen again but here was this girl...scratch that...woman who was lost in wanton lust. She was enjoying the moment. And O couldn't believe it. His cock was straining against his shorts. He needed this bitch too. Damn vin, he thought.

vin suddenly looked up and O and said "I need to cum man. She's been going crazy on my penis. Do you have enough?" "Yeah yeah, let's cut. Go get yourself off" O said.Deepika pulled back from vin's cock, somewhat disappointed. "May i have some water please...and a towel." she asked meekly. She leaned back to get up whenVin Diesel pulled her back close to him by her hair almost forcefully. "Where do you think you're going? I need to cum."Vin Diesel said. "Erm...what?"Deepika asked.

"Put your lips back on my dick babe. I'm going to cum. IN your pretty mouth." he commanded.Deepika shook her head " that's not part of the deal. No..." she replied. "None of this is part of the deal. Come on! I know you enjoyed sucking it. What's some cum? It'll taste good too. I ate a shit load of pineapple yesterday! Hahaha" replied vin. O and a few of the crew laughed in the background. "Get it over with Deepika. The crew are tired. You already fucked vin. What the fuck is some cum?!" shouted O.Deepika felt a stomach twist in a knot.

She had never blown anyone like how did to vin. And she had NEVER let anyone cum in her mouth or face or tits. It was disgusting to her. BUT she felt curious. Her body was lost in lust. She had done everything they asked. More than she ever thought her body could do.Deepika slumped back to her knees. Her will had given way. She was defeated. "Good girl" said Vin Diesel as he placed his erect cock head on her lips.Deepika parted them and took him in. She started bopping up and down. Her right hand found its way to her clit. She might as well enjoy it, she thought. She drew in a deep breath. Her left hand went to vin's heavy balls. She began massaging them gently. And at the base of his big cock. "Fuck...that's the shit"Vin Diesel said.

Deepika pulled back from his cock as Vin Diesel looked down. His eyes worried as to why there was a lack of pleasure on his cock.Deepika spit on his cock. Vin Diesel smiled and scoffed at the same time.Deepika doubled her efforts. Swirling her tongue on his cock head and rubbing his balls.Vin Diesel placed his hands on her head. He was close. And then it happened. His body tensed up and Deepika knew, she had him. He pulsed and then he exploded.Deepika felt the first shot of warm cum hit the back of her throat. Then another shot exploded. She choked and pulled back. Bad mistake. vin's cock flailed around releasing spray after spray of long stringed cum. Semen hit Deepika on her face, cheeks, chin and her hair. Somehow the sperm avoided her eyes. It was a cum shower.Vin Diesel tugged at his own cock directing the semen at Deepika. She was covered.

Then came the applause.Deepik alooked at he crew. They were all clapping for her.Vin Diesel had just showered her with his seed and she was a sloppy mess. Covered in sweat, cum, pussy juice and saliva. She didn't know a body could release so much fluid.Vin Diesel smiled at her. "You're going to be a star."Deepika did't know what came over her but she felt somewhat elated. She looked at the crowd in front of her and smiled.

In the distance, O stared at her. His cock twitched.

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