Decent fucker Rahul
On a Cold wintry afternoon in Orissa, I met my good friend in Brajrajnagar in Jharsaguda district of Orissa. I stayed at his residence for two days. On the second day, after eating breakfast, myself, my friend Kamal and his wife Sanjana engaged in a chat. Sanjana looked absolutely gorgeous in her nighty. Her thick lips listened with moisture and looked expectantly at me. I also became extremely horny on seeing her. Both Kamal and Sanjana are very broad minded and therefore, they had no qualms in having an intimate chat with me.

We discussed a lot of things and when the clock struck 12, Sanjana turned to the cupboard nearby and clutched a couple of cds and inserted one in the Computer, which was placed near the table. Sanjana, Kamal and myself , watched the Blue Film on the Computer. In the film, three men and two ladies were performing group sex. Sanjana became very horny and started to squirm in her seat. Kamal, in the meanwhile, started to stroke her thighs gently even as I hugged her from the other side. I massaged her neck even as Sanjana put her hand touched my underwear and Kamal inserted his hand on Sanjana’s underwear. The sounds emanating from the Blue Film added to the lust and passion of all of us. Now Sanjana started massaging my cock vigorously and I could not control my passion. Sanjana licked my shoulder and held my cock in her hand after removing my underwear.

Now, Sanjana, Myself and Kamal lay on the bed. Sanjana was sandwiched between myself and Kamal. I kissed Sanjana all over the body and Kamal licked the ears of Sanjana on the other side. Sanjana whispered in my ears “Rahul, fuck me please‿. The words sent current into my system and I was completely writhing in ecstasy.

Kamal massaged her left breast along with her nightly, while I massaged her right one from the other side. Kamal slowly removed her nighty and she was in her red bra and red underwear. Her boobs spilled out of her bra. I licked her face – forehead, nose and cheek and Kamal, drew a line with his tongue on her left boob, after unzipping her bra. I kissed her neck even as she strove valiantly to grasp my cock in her left hand and kamal went down on Sanjana and pulled her underwear down and started to stroke her well shaven pussy with his middle finger and circled his tongue on her belly button. I licked her right boob even as I screwed her left boob with my left hand. She was writhing in pleasure. She started to gently massage my cock, it grew bigger and erect. She slowly touched her nimble fingers on my cock, in all its directions.

Now, I removed my underwear and Kamal removed his. All of us were Completely nude. Now, Sanjana sat on the bed and Kamal massaged her boobs from behind and I took my cock and placed in front of Sanjana’s mouth. Sanjana sucked, licked and spit on my cock. My cock was glistening with moisture. The slurping sounds of Sanjana was so intoxicating, it was a big turn on for both Kamal and me. Kamal after stroking her boobs, came in front of Sanjana and started to lick her pussy, even as I was sucking and licking her boobs. Her nipples were very erect and ripened to fully glory. Never before we were in such delirium.

Now Sanjana and Kamal were in 69 position with Kamal on bed and Sanjana on top of him. Kamal licked and sucked her pussy, drawing her clitoris out with his tongue. I could see the juices of Sanjana dripping from her cunt. Sanjana was enjoying the fruit of Kamal by licking and sucking his cock. She kissed and sucked his balls even as she massaged his full cock. It was in full temper. I became so horny and could not resist myself. Sanjana swung her eyes towards me and cannily called me to join the action. I could not resist and immediately went behind Sanjana and licked her buttocks. I liked her well tanned buttocks. I gently massaged her buttocks. She moaned and uttered “Rahul, put your tongue inside my ass. My tongue responded in a flash and I immediately put my tongue inside her ass and I felt a wonderful feeling. There was absolutely no foul smell from her ass as we decided consciously to consume only Fruits to make the encounter memorable.

Now, Kamal requested me to fuck her and I stood on top of her and fucked her hard even as Kamal French kissed Kamal. It was such a joyous feeling as we all watched the Blue Film. I rode her very hard and simultaneously stroked her boobs. Kamal put his cock in the mouth of Sanjana and it stiffened. After that, he took his cock and placed in between her full ripe boobs. He fucked her boobs even as I fucked her pussy. It was such a good experience that all the three were literally floating in heaven. Now, after a few minutes, we loosened ourselves. Sanjana kissed my mouth and said “You are wonderful.‿

Now I lay on the bed. Sanjana took her pussy and put my cock inside her pussy. She started riding over me. Kamal ignited her passion by stroking all over her body. Afterwards, in an unexpected way, Kamal put his cock in my mouth and this was the first time, I was sucking a man’s cock. I was initially reluctant, but I felt good afterwards and I enjoyed sucking another man’s cock. It already had moisture left over by the lickings and sucking of Sanjana. I sucked, stroked and licked his balls.

Now, Kamal too joined the fucking act. Kamal lay on the side nearer to Sanjana’s ass. He inserted his cock in her ass. Sanjana at first was moaning and writhing in agony as his cock broke its way through the exterior of her ass. For the next few minutes, myself and Kamal pounded her pussy and ass as though we were on a mission. Myself and Sanjana exploded simultaneously in a thunderous orgasm even as Kamal let his fluid inside her ass. It was a thoroughly enjoyable fucking night.

That remains to be the last experience to me so far as I did not get any other decent opportunity as I am always choosy about such encounters. Please mail me. Or add me at xxxxxxxxxxx

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