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Dani's New Life - Chap 4b
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Dani's New Life - Chap 4b
(If you haven't already, please read Dani's New Life – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4a. This will make much more sense if you do...)

Only a few minutes had passed since Dani had lost consciousness; her eyelids fluttered and she gasped her first waking breath. Never before had she been so totally overwhelmed by such intense feelings and emotions. Her eyes opened, blinking rapidly as she tried to remember what had been happening.

Finally able to focus, the beautiful, blonde lawyer found herself on her back on the plush carpet. Her legs were raised and spread in front of her; both Paul and James, the 'surfer' brothers from California, each had a firm grip on one of her ankles and they held her so her hips and pelvis were tilted up. Dani immediately flushed as she realized how exposed she was and how cheap it made her feel. Her skin was moist with sweat and excitement and nothing could hide the pink diamond-hard tips of her swollen nipples.

CRACK!!! The sound of Tony's belt snapping together sent a chill through Dani's flesh and an electric surge to her throbbing clit.

The hot, corporate VP gasped and rolled her eyes back to the origin of the sound behind her. What she saw when she looked up was Sasha's cunt lips, red and swollen and her once-small vagina gaping open and leaking thick semen. Almost before Dani could catch a breath, the Russian-born beauty sank down facing the boys on the couch, and planted her cum-filled pussy directly on her first Corporate Officer.

"You wanted Tony's cum, bitch, so start sucking." Sasha's accent was making Dani crazy, remembering the beautiful girls she'd met on holiday or when she'd studied in Paris. "Baise moi, putain."

"Suck me, whore." Dani trembled as the gorgeous woman rocked her pussy against her sucking mouth and her busy tongue. She was picturing Sasha sliding her hips until her musky anus became the target of Dani's tongue. She ate deeply as she wished for more and then, without warning, her pussy started burning. A second later, she felt a quick tap on her swollen labia and the burn started to spread. The pain was starting to go deep into her sex and she could only groan into Sasha's deliciously wet cunt.

Two more quick taps and Dani felt her sexual psyche reach out to that Dark Place she had discovered with Alan...where pain became the most overwhelming pleasure. She knew that her Mistress was using Alan's crop as expertly as he had earlier, garnering much the same results.

As the waves of flaming pain turned into the most elusive and subtle of pleasures, Dani's oral technique changed as well. The frantic ministrations of her lips and tongue became painfully and teasingly slow and deep, driving Sasha closer and closer to climax. At the next strike, this one aimed at Dani's throbbing, swollen clit, the used and abused young lawyer sucked the Russian's clit between her lips. As the incredible pain radiated along every nerve in her body, Dani let her small, perfect, white teeth scrape as lightly as possible against Sasha's clit.

"Ohhhh...Alan...promise me..." Sasha could barely speak as the heat built in her sex, "the slut is mine...the first two nights in Paris." She was so close to the edge; she couldn't remember the last time someone ate her so well. Her hips moved as pleasure racked her exquisite body and Dani's earlier wish suddenly came true; her dusky pink, puckered hole came to rest over the beautiful blonde's mouth.

At first, Sasha delighted in the feeling of Dani's soft tongue licking and massaging her hard rubbery ring and the sensitive flesh surrounding it. Then her approaching climax drove her to take full advantage of the brilliant Vice-President lying naked beneath her. With a final groan, the gorgeous Russian reached down and pulled her firm, shapely cheeks apart, spreading her sphincter until it opened and forcing it down on Dani's tongue.

"Do it, you rich, married bitch!" The words were garbled in her thick accent as Sasha's ass attacked Dani. "Eat my asshole, you dirty cunt slave! Stick your filthy, lying lawyer tongue all the way!"

The wild Russian Sales Manager rode Dani's tongue like it was a small cock up her ass. She picked up the crop in her right hand as her left found her throbbing clit. Her fingers were a blur as she drove herself past the last barrier; as the waves of electric fire engulfed her, as her massive orgasm made her tremble and buck against the beautiful woman beneath her, she brought the crop down harder than ever, flush against the swollen and ultra-sensitive flesh of Dani's raw, burning cunt.

Dani's muffled scream sent unholy vibrations ringing through Sasha's spasming sex and her moans became a keening wail as her pussy flooded and her girl-cum soaked the lawyer's chin and neck. When she realized she'd made Sasha cum, Dani's own climax started all over again and it took all of Paul's and James' strength to keep her strong, beautiful legs from doing any damage. She kicked and rolled as the horrible pain from her whipped cunt and the humiliation of licking a woman's asshole – and thrilling to it – made her cum again even more forcefully than before.

Alan was still leaning against the bar, a scotch in one hand and a handful of Tami's hair in the other. He was skull-fucking the hot young redhead, not thinking about her at all; his total attention was focused on the two unbelievable figures locked together on the floor in front of him – an erotic tableau of beautiful female flesh, naked and moist from the sweat of sex and desire.

For the past two days, the beautiful and brilliant Mrs. Evans had been a constant source of erotic amazement as well as unbelievable sexual pleasure...and he felt her potential was only starting to show itself. It was much too soon to begin thinking about her the way he was starting to – he simply couldn't help himself. Somehow, above Tami's muffled moans and the sounds of lust coming from everyone else in the room, the slim, darkly powerful man heard the knocking from the door to his suite. He pulled the horny girl off his hard, thick cock and up on to her feet. "Someone's at the door – it should be room service. Let them in, little girl." He barely looked at her as he gave her his instructions.

Tami looked at her new boss with wide-open eyes. "Yes, Red...I know you're naked. Are you going to refuse the very first command I give you?" He sounded almost bored – at that point he knew it would motivate the girl more than anything else.

"Never, Master," Tami replied with a nervous tremble in her voice. She looked at him and saw all his attention focused on Dani and Sasha; without another word, she walked as proudly as she could, naked and exposed, to the door. Turning the lock back, Tami inched the door open to see a huge, bald, powerful looking black man staring into her eyes. As her flesh chilled with extreme embarrassment, she pulled the door back and let him in. Slowly and without any shame, he swept his deep brown eyes over her like she was a piece of meat. It made her cunt burn with the lust of physical desire and the intense heat of shame and submission. Almost unable to walk, she led him back to the bar where her Master was waiting.

"Mr. Jacobs," he smiled warmly at his long-time friend, "I have a wonderful selection of food and drinks waiting." He looked across at the two naked beauties slowly untangling themselves on the carpet. "Perhaps I should bring in the carts myself and leave my waiters outside."

Alan looked at the waiter. "Probably a good idea, James...I don't care about the blonde and the redhead..." Tami was standing next to Alan, still blushing from being naked in front of this big, black stranger, "but I respect my staff too much to let strangers in to see them playing." Both men chuckled, remembering times when the 'staff' partied like there was no tomorrow. "But if you'd like a hand, I'm sure Red will be more than happy to help."

"That's fine, Mr. Jacobs," the waiter dropped his eyes on Tami's pale, lightly freckled breasts. "This one look good enough to eat." His massive paw covered her tit and his palm pressed hard against the hard point of her excited nipple. "Mmmmhh...firm, like fresh fruit..." he raised Tami's chin until she was looking him in the eyes, "want me to take a bite, darlin'?" His quick, deep laugh startled the young girl as she realized his arm was now on her shoulder pushing her softly towards the door. "Honey, why don't you open the door and tell the boys James don't need them tonight. I'll come help you with the carts in a minute."

As Tami started walking back across the room, she felt the eyes of all the Sales Managers burning into her flesh. She didn't know if the feelings it gave her were good or bad – all she knew was that she wanted more of the same. When she reached the door, she looked back only to see the tall black man whispering in Alan's ear. Alone, naked and nervous, the sexy, twenty-three year old redhead twisted the doorknob and pulled it back, opening the door all the way.

Three young men, two of them black and the third Hispanic and all of them good looking, seemed to come to attention as the door opened. They were speechless as the living, breathing, naked centerfold told them that James did not need them any longer. But they felt no need to depart immediately; no longer speechless, they made rather crude but very flattering comments about the girl as she started pushing the carts into the suite. When their boss arrived a minute later, the boys scurried down the hall...but not before their comments and her public exposure caused Tami's pussy to start dripping like a loose faucet.

As Tami helped James set up the snacks and drinks, Alan disappeared into his bedroom with CJ, the Korean man on his team. He explained to his ever loyal manager that a very special occasion had just come up and Alan needed CJ to delay his special compensation for another day. For that night, Alan told him, he could use the redhead. CJ tilted his head at his boss, his flat face hard and questioning. "No, CJ...not like that," Alan said with a tone that wasn't going to accept any argument. "Pretend like you're her nice, American boyfriend – you'll kill her otherwise. She's had no training at all – it wouldn't be good for either of you." The powerful Asian nodded his head, reluctantly agreeing with his boss as they made their way back into the living room.

Dani was posed perfectly, kneeling on the deep carpet near the couch and waiting for instructions. After Sasha let her up, Tony helped the beautiful Russian to the bathroom so she could clean up. The Beach Boys – Dani fought back her urge to giggle as the nickname she would give the brothers came to mind – were looking at the snacks when Alan and CJ returned.

The blonde lawyer-turned-slut felt an eerie chill caress her flesh as the slim, powerful Korean glanced at her when he passed by. She knew something was happening but had no idea what it could be. Suddenly, her body was covered in goose bumps and once again, random crazy thoughts, impossible thoughts about her father flew through her mind, consuming all of her attention. She saw her Master talking softly to Paul and his brother but she couldn't hear what was being said over the pounding of her heart. Before she knew it, Alan was standing in front of her with Paul and James right behind him.

Alan couldn't remember the last time he enjoyed anyone like he was enjoying Mrs. Daniella Evans, a beautiful and elegant suburban wife and successful corporate attorney. And it was going to get so much better! Alan had to be careful to keep the joy out of his voice and demeanor as he addressed the slave on her knees in front of him.

"Stand up, slut." He made no effort to help her get to her feet – other than flicking the flat leather tip of his crop randomly against her sensitive skin.

Dani couldn't help but moan; her muscles had tightened up in her kneeling position and now stretched painfully as she stood, and the deadly little kisses of the crop limited her awareness to little more than the burning pain suffusing her flesh.

"You are quite the lucky slut tonight, Daniella – I have a surprise I know you will just adore." Alan kept his voice flat and almost toneless, but Dani was suddenly paying him a great deal more attention. The last time her Master had promised something, she was left alone and exposed in the middle of a busy sidewalk – her skirt around her waist and her naked pussy creaming as she finger-fucked herself. It was the single most embarrassing and humiliating thing she'd ever been a part of. "But before I tell you about it, Paul and James are going to help you get all nice and clean in the shower." With a dismissive gesture, Alan turned away as the golden surfer brothers each took an elbow and guided the blonde lawyer back to the bathroom.

Dani was starting to feel like the dark slate walls and the large glass panels of the shower were becoming a second home as one of the guys leaned her against the glass and the other started the hot spray. Away from Alan and his crop, the over-stimulated and under-fucked attorney was able to start thinking and functioning again. The first clear and cogent thought she had came when she looked through the glass wall and saw the two brothers stripping down to join her in the shower.

She was in total lust! They were a Playgirl 'double issue special' come-to-life before her wonder-struck eyes. She was a teenager again and they were the cutest rock stars ever! And 'Oh my God,' she thought to herself, 'those cocks are as beautiful as the rest of them.'

It was all about the reaction she had when they entered the large, steamy space and they surrounded her with their sheer physical presence. She wasn't intimidated as much as she was turned their Hollywood good looks and their SoCal tanned and perfect surfer bodies. Her heartbeat raced and her breathing became faster and shallower as two large hands, powerful but gentle, started washing her body with a silky soap lotion while the other two hands shampooed her fine, blonde hair, rinsing away the traces of the last hour's activity.

For the once-shy little girl, this was a situation she used to fantasize about – gorgeous, naked men...more like slaves, really...pampering her, cleaning her, taking care of her in every possible way. Amazed that even part of her naïve, youthful fantasies could ever possibly come true, Dani felt the tremors of her re-awakening lust as she looked more closely at her attendants.

Handsome in a casual, boy-ish way, both brothers topped six feet – Paul, the older by two years, was perhaps an inch taller than his younger brother James. They shared the ice-blue eyes of their father and his father – eyes that could pierce with a cold chill or comfort with gentle and loving warmth as they wished, but always magnetic and so incredibly sexy. Sparkling white smiles and full lips filled out their faces. Broad shoulders, long arms and lean, muscular torsos completed the upper part of the picture Dani was imprinting in her sensory memory.

She dropped her eyes and found herself staring at the slate floor, thinking their wet, soap-covered feet were as beautiful as the rest of them. Standing under the steaming spray, Dani shuddered and groaned when she realized she had been thinking about the brothers tying her up making her lick their feet and suck their toes. She had to look higher up and when she did, she could see the enormous power, the superb conditioning of their calves and their thighs – the years of surfing so evident in more than just their gorgeous, tanned flesh and their sun-bleached sandy brown hair.

Letting her eyes creep higher, it was James' organ that first pulsed and throbbed in front of her. It seemed to dance to the same rhythm that she felt being played on her breasts and nipples. He was not too long – maybe six inches – but he was so thick...even bigger around than Tony. His stunning cock and heavy sac were hairless like the rest of him. From her glance at Paul when they entered the shower earlier, she judged him to be perhaps an inch longer, but not nearly as thick around the shaft. And like his younger brother, his body was hairless as well. Dani's hungry cunt was creaming at the thought of having these gorgeous boys to fuck whenever she wanted it.

But then the soothing touches to her body stopped and Paul seemed to be through rinsing her fine, blonde hair. Vaguely aware that wash-time was over, Dani began moaning as James' initial, gentle touch became firmer; his fingers stopped gliding over her slick, soapy skin and were now starting to pinch and pull at her sore and swollen nipples and knead her breast flesh like a baker working his dough.

The younger brother pulled her dark pink nubs in a downward direction, stretching her breasts painfully, forcing Dani to bend forward at her waist. Her stiff breast-tips were on fire and her moans became labored groans as the earlier excitement of her juvenile fantasy slipped away and the evidence of her new reality seemed to slap her in the face.

"I said Suck it, Bitch! Open that fuckin' mouth, what you do best."

"Unnnghh...garrghhh" The suburban housewife jumped back as James slapped her cheek with his hard, heavy prick before shoving through her lips and over her tongue until she felt the head poke into the back of her throat.

"MMMNNFFFARGHHH" Bent over under the hard, constant spray from the shower, the Harvard graduate tried to scream with her mouth full of man-meat when James pinched a nipple so hard she thought it would explode.

"Sweetheart," he said over the sounds of her muffled screams and the steaming hot spray, "you don't want me to be feeling your teeth now – you be careful, little girl." With that warning out of the way, the younger brother thrust his hips forward, driving his cock into her throat and her hips into his brother.


Dani felt the shock against her flesh before the burn started to spread from her firm, tight ass as Paul spanked her round, pale cheek with the flat of his hand.

"UNNNEOWWW!!!" Before she could even react to the spanking, she felt the older brother's rock-hard organ slide as deep into her cock-hungry cunt as he could go. Even though he'd pushed hard against her cervix on his initial thrust, Dani disregarded the pain and focused instead on the sweet satisfaction of finally having two hard cocks inside her at once. Swallowing James and backing herself up against Paul, she vaguely recalled a moment from the past with Jimmy, her soon-to-be ex-husband.

In bed one night, both of them a little drunk after a party, Jimmy started to talk about the way other guys were looking at Dani that evening. Usually, it was a result of his insecurities and jealousies and it turned her off completely. But that night, he seemed to find it exciting...or at least it sounded that way to his wife. It had been a while since they'd had sex (she never thought of it as 'making love' with him) and she was hungry for it; her body was full of want and need. So she didn't stop his ramblings as they touched and stroked each other; he talked about this guy or that guy staring down her dress and the way she smiled when she noticed them. (It was mostly bullshit, but she knew he was drunk and she didn't care.) Then he started mumbling about how hot it would have been to see her do two of those guys at once. Dani rolled him over and slowly straddled his erection, leaning back and closing her eyes while she pictured the men he had been talking about.

They were good looking, stylish, and very confident...everything that Jimmy was not. And while they knew nothing would ever happen – even then Dani's family connections were well-known - especially at a cocktail party where everyone was at least professionally acquainted, they were bold enough (after a few drinks) to manage some discreet groping as they sandwiched Dani between them during a dance. And she also knew, unfortunately, nothing ever would happen with these guys, but it didn't stop her groping either.

Now, her fantasy more real than imagined, she wished she had a picture of James and Paul, their big, beautiful cocks buried deep in both ends of her, that she could give to Jimmy as a divorce present.

But once again, the lawyer-turned-payroll bonus was made to realize that this was not about her fantasies or her pleasure that night. When Paul's long prick was sufficiently lubricated, he pulled it out of her sweet pussy, lined it up with her dusky, puckered star and pushed it right back into her tight virgin asshole.

"AAAAAIIIIIEEEEEE!!!! Unnnngggghhhhh!!!" The sudden assault forced all the air out of her lungs as burning flames tore through her insides unlike anything she'd ever felt before. It seemed like a lifetime passed before her body expanded and adjusted to her anal intruder. And in the meantime, the cock in her throat was starting to swell and Dani couldn't catch her breath as James held her face tight against his slick crotch. Tears started rolling down her cheeks as she gagged on the thick cock that choked her while she was helpless to do anything but take the brutal ass-fucking that Paul began as soon as the horrible pain began to recede. All Dani could do was try to find her Dark Place where Alan had taught her to convert the worst of her pain to unbelievable pleasure.

The last thing she remembered about that shower was the thick stream of hot cum that erupted in her throat as she gagged and swallowed unconsciously, her eyes rolling back into her head. Paul felt the tension leave her body as he lunged one final time, burying his thick, hard cock deep in her bowels and filling her with his seed.

A few minutes later, the beautiful, twenty-eight year old blonde gasped and coughed, her lithe body shaking as she came back to herself. She felt the cool sheets of the bed she was lying on, sensing the presence of her 'shower buddies' hovering over her. Opening her eyes, she saw the real concern in both of the brothers' eyes. Then she moaned as the memories flooded her consciousness. She turned from James to his older brother, the Playgirl centerfold-type surfer who had just brutalized her by violently raping her ex-virgin ass. Her hand reached up and curled around the back of his neck; she slowly pulled his face down until his lips covered hers. Dani kissed her most violent abuser with all the passion and lust that had been building within her for the past two days.

James looked at the gorgeous attorney and then at his brother, shaking his head with evident scorn and disgust. It was another thousand dollars that he had just lost to his older brother. "Damn it," he thought to himself, "even when he tears them apart...they always kiss him first!"

Dani, still breathing hard, had to break their kiss. She moved her mouth to his ear, her whisper rough, like gravel, from James fat cock deep in her throat. "Thank you, Sir...this slut's asshole will always be yours."

Paul smiled as he looked at his brother. "I believe the thank you means two grand, bro." James only shook his head again, this time with a smile on his face.

They finished drying her, patting her gently with the thick, warm towels she had become so accustomed to. James carried her across the room and sat her on a plush stool in front of small table with a large mirror and all of her make-up. "Five beautiful for your Master." He studied the table for a moment, then picked up Dani's hairbrush. "Stand up, bitch." Even though Dani moved as the words left his mouth, he grabbed a handful of her long, blonde hair and jerked her up off the stool. He looked into her eyes and saw the strength within her; he was truly excited to be working with her for the next year – professionally and otherwise. "You cost me two thousand dollars," he told her. "You'll pay for that, Counselor."

He moved behind her and to the side; he could see her eyes stay on his hand until her sexy, centerfold curves blocked her view in the mirror. As her lust-filled eyes found his, she heard the swish behind her.


"Mmmmmmnnnngggghhhh..." She tried so hard to keep from screaming as the brush found her firm cheeks in rapid succession. The burning returned like someone just poured gas on an open flame and Dani rocked back and forth as the intense, painful heat of her ass became the electric buzz that made her pussy weep with her liquid excitement.

James smiled pleasantly as he laid the brush back down. "Better only have about four minutes now." He turned to catch the shorts his brother tossed to him and when he had them on, the Beach Boys left the room.

Dani lowered herself quite gingerly to the plush stool and looked at herself in the mirror. She felt like Alice about to go through the looking glass, only now beginning to understand the unique man who so recently took control of her life. After everything that had happened to the extremely successful, married lawyer...things she only dared dream about before...she realized, sitting in front of that silver glass, she could never live that staid, suburban life again. She never wanted to go back. With her mind clear, Dani quickly re-applied her make-up and made her way into the other room.

The brothers were standing by the snack cart, no surprise they had built up an appetite in the shower. Sasha stood between them, laughing at James as Paul recounted to everyone present the outcome of their bet. As Dani walked across the room, her skin flushed deep red with hot blood and feelings of shame – only the worst kind of slut would thank the man who used and abused her the way Paul had. Her eyes cast down, the way she knew they should be, she made her way to the bar to find her Master. As she started to kneel and assume the submissive pose she found so erotically stimulating, Alan stopped her. He took hold of her arm and brought her back to her feet.

"I'm sure you remember my friend, James, Daniella," Alan was being quite friendly and conversational, knowing it would put his bright new protégé on guard. "You never told me...was he the first African American to feel your little pink tongue buried up his asshole?"

There was an immediate silence broken only by the sound of Dani's ragged breathing. Blood rushing through her head, she could only hear the sound of her heart getting louder and louder with every beat.

Alan made a show of sniffing the air in front of the humiliated blonde. "Smell that, James?" He broke into a big grin. "I think someone might like to do it again." The others resumed their own conversations, leaving Dani to her own shame.

Dani could feel the drops of her girl-juice escape from her wet slit and start to travel slowly down the soft, inviting flesh of the inside of her thigh. At that moment, she would do anything anyone wanted from her. Alan was counting on exactly that reaction – he was quite good at what he does, too.

"Unfortunately, Daniella, what James needs is far less exciting," Alan continued. "There is a private smoker here in the hotel tonight, and he is short a hostess. You will help him out, won't you?" She looked at her mentor long enough to memorize the ironic smile on his face; she could only admire him more for how perfect it was...the thought of using it on Tina some time sent a thrill directly to her clit.

"Of course, Master...whatever I can do," Dani answered with the smoky, bluesy voice that made both men hard. Truthfully, she admitted to herself, she would rather spend the time with the big, powerful black man another way. But then her pussy started to tingle as she realized that nothing about Alan was ever as it seemed.

The smile defined his lips, but it didn't touch his cold blue eyes. "Look through the lingerie that Cheryl brought earlier. You should find a black quarter-cup bra and a matching garter belt. Dress in that, with sheer black hose and your highest heels." His voice rose slightly. "And for God's sake, Daniella, fix your hair and make-up – you look like a low-life fucking tramp."

Walking back to the bedroom, Dani's face was burning – everyone in the room had something to say in support of Alan's cruel observation. Once again, she was being treated with total contempt and the deep, hurtful feelings of shame and resentment caused made her pussy burn with a strange longing.

The beautiful blonde with the centerfold body looked at herself in the full-length mirror, twisting and turning and posing until she knew exactly how she looked from all angles. She had never worn a bra like the one that barely covered her as it lifted her firm, round 36C breasts. It seemed to be more about showcasing her stiff, swollen nipples than support. But there was nothing new to her about the rest of her alluring outfit. The garter belt was made of the same black lace that covered the bottom curve of her breasts, with black satin straps holding up her sheer stockings.

Looking over her shoulder with her back to the glass, Dani's heart beat a little faster as she studied her own reflection. She loved the way the high heels shaped her calves and her thighs – and the black hose highlighted those curves, creating shifting pools of light and shadow with each slight movement. Her eyes moved up and the once-conservative young woman was nearly overwhelmed by the pure eroticism of what she saw. The thin lace of the garter-belt, the satin straps on each side, and the tops of her stockings combined to create a very hot frame for her perfectly shaped ass. She spread her legs a few inches and bent forward slowly from the waist; she learned exactly how far to move before her dusky star pucker and her pussy lips were exposed.

Turning back to check her make-up and hair one last time, Dani let her eyes and her hand drift downward to her hairless, puffy mons. Her fingertip glided through her creamy slit, collecting just enough of her essence to taste. The same 'frame' effect was created in the front and it was as sensuous as the rear version. While she had never regretted the laser treatments that kept her sex permanently bald, she knew a small strip of blonde bush would have been highlighted so perfectly by the lingerie that hugged her skin. More than satisfied, she made her way back to her Master.

Before she got all the way to the bar, Sasha, still naked and exuding pure sex from every perfect pore, intercepted the incredibly hot blonde and drew her into a tight embrace. "Cherie, tu es très chaude...Darling, you are too hot, too sexy. Promise me, you will come to me tonight after you return." The wild Russian kissed Dani and then gently bit her lower lip until she moaned her assent. With a little spank to her pussy, Sasha released the secretly pleased girl to carry on with her new assignment.

Alan couldn't keep the pleasure out of his ice-blue eyes as he watched his new protégé cross the room. He heard James and the rest of the room's occupants moaning and mumbling when the two stunning women embraced; he'd enjoyed the hot tableau as well, but he had to get Dani ready to go. Just as Sasha released her, the dark, imposing Sales Director snapped his fingers at the half-naked Corporate Counsel.

He could see the insulting and demeaning sound grating over her and all he could do was laugh in her face. "Daniella, you are really much too easy. I would have expected a lawyer of your esteemed reputation would have much better control over herself." Her face burned once again as he took such obvious delight in shaming and embarrassing her in front of all the others. But it was when his voice became casual and conversational that she really started to listen with care.

"Eat something, Daniella." He motioned towards a covered tray on the bar. Removing the top, Dani found a plate of California rolls and several types of sushi and a covered cup of green tea. She was pleased that he'd remembered their first meal together. "It seems like you're going to have a late night." He chuckled as he glanced towards his only female manager. Dani tried to be discreet as she pressed her thighs together, trying to do alleviate the constant desire between her legs. "Stop acting like a horny high school girl, slut. No one has given you permission to cum. You've already disobeyed me twice tonight that way...that I know of. Who knows how many infractions you will need to be punished for by the time Sasha's through with you." Somehow, both Master and slave knew that wasn't the threat it sounded like. To Dani, it sounded like the promise of a reward for a job well done. Alan, still looking quite amused, turned to the big, bald waiter. "James, why don't you tell her what her duties will be as a hostess for you."

James looked at the beautiful, lust-driven blonde, wondering why his long-time friend wanted her tested in this particular way. The only possibility that James actually considered was that Mr. Jacobs was getting very serious about her – very quickly, too. "Well, whatever answers he might be looking for," James thought to himself, "he should get them tonight."

"It should be simple enough, Counselor." Dani loved the way his deep voice resonated within her. She desperately hoped that at some point during the evening, her duties would include seeing to his sexual satisfaction. She just knew his thick, meaty cock would feel even better in her pussy than it did in her mouth. "It's just a bunch of old men enjoying their scotch and their cigars. They do have their fun with the girls, though," James laughed easily. "You gonna be serving drinks, getting them snacks, whatever they want, honey. They tip you, you want to encourage them a little...flirt with them...rub those little titties up against 'em...let their hands wander for everybody."

Alan leaned across the bar and grabbed a pair of chopsticks. After pinching off a small clump of wasabi and mixing it in with the soy sauce, he very delicately unfolded a paper-thin slice of ginger from the spicy pink flower on the tray. He dunked it in the small bowl of dark brown liquid with swirls of light green and then, with his chopsticks, laid it across one of Dani's stiff nipples. The chill made her nipple grow even longer as the three of them watched closely – the soy-coated moist ginger now resting precariously on the tip of her magnificent tit.

"Don't move, Daniella." Alan's voice was so flat and detached it was frightening. "Don't fucking move." He turned slightly to James and his voice returned to normal. "Think we can make the ginger fall – with just three little words?" James just laughed, appreciating his friend's unique blend of style and humor. "James, did you tell her it was a fraternity party?" The large black man shook his head, trying to hide his wide grin. "I think you should tell her the name of the organization she will be serving in a few minutes, James." Alan didn't even try to hide his.

"But Mr. Jacobs, you know it's a secret."

"A secret fraternity of old men? Is that what you're saying, James?" He was having a grand time playing with his slut like this, but he knew it was time for her to leave and start serving. "Better give the bitch a dollar, my friend...make her your lawyer for you can tell her anything."

The tall, distinguished looking gentleman took a dollar bill from his wallet and put it on the bar. "You my lawyer now, Ms. Evans?" Dani barely whispered yes as she kept as still as possible.

"Phi Lambda Alpha."

It took every single bit of her concentration to stand still as the old Greek letters fell out of the man's mouth. It was the oldest lawyers-only secret society in the United States, an extended form of adolescence for the best and the brightest legal minds in the country. She would know many of these men and many of them, at least by reputation, would know her.

She felt the blood start to flow to her pussy lips and to her nipples.

"But it is so secretive," she mused. "How did I know that?"

It came to her was during a phone call home...her father was mumbling in the background while Dani and her mother spoke about other things. And it was suddenly very clear to the traumatized attorney. He'd been saying Phi Lambda Alpha as he tried to get his wife's attention.

Her nipple pushed the razor-thin slice of ginger out and off her breast as it grew larger, harder, and thicker than ever before. It's father's fraternity! Oh God...I can't...why this? Dani sensed the blood begin to rush through her, heating her flesh and engorging her sex. She felt an electric buzz move like lightening through her nervous system as her embarrassment and shame grew exponentially along with her understanding of what Alan Jacobs, her Master, was truly capable of.

The brilliant and extremely successful Sales Director sipped his scotch slowly, calmly watching his equally brilliant (he'd already conceded that – it really was quite obvious) protégé/slave process the information running through her head. He was amazed she hadn't fainted as soon as she'd heard the name from James. He could almost feel the rush that was overwhelming her with each passing second; certainly he knew the exact moment she climaxed. Only seconds later, trying to recover by breathing very deeply, she opened her eyes and looked intensely into his.

What he saw were two sharp slits glaring directly at him with equal parts of lust, confusion, and anger that dominated a totally erotic vision of submissive beauty. He knew instinctively that this paradox, her internal struggle with dominance and submission, was at the core of her intense sexuality...just like his own.

"Daniella," his voice cut right through her, "you pledged your trust in me only twenty-four hours ago. Are you regretting that decision already?"

He knew exactly how to play her; within seconds he saw the anger extinguished in her shining crystalline, penetrating eyes as her understanding and awareness grew.

"Not for a moment, Master," Dani kept her smoky piano-bar voice. "Doing whatever I can to please you, Master, is my duty."

Alan snapped his fingers and beckoned Tami off the couch. "Get her a raincoat, Red."

Several minutes later, alone in the elevator with James, Dani started trembling and her breathing was getting faster and more shallow as each floor light flashed on the panel. The large, ebony-skinned man opened his arms to the anxiety-ridden woman and she gladly took momentary comfort in his enveloping warmth. The bell rang, the door slid open, and he led her silently down the carpeted hallway.

They went in through an unmarked door that opened directly into a small kitchen. There were two chefs preparing hors d'ouvres and a gorgeous redhead dressed similarly to Dani. James took Dani's raincoat and handed her a tray filled with gourmet finger foods. He introduced the other girl as Lucy and said there was a brunette in the living room named Rachel. As he walked the beautiful blonde to the swinging door, James tried to offer what comfort he could. "Remember, Ms. Evans, they are all bound to secrecy as well."

Dani realized the only way she would be able to get through the next few hours was by forgetting the possibility of her father's presence. She knew she would go crazy looking over her shoulder every five seconds and that would only detract from the bone-chilling feelings of embarrassment and humiliation that served to excite her beyond reason over the last twenty-four hours. With the tray in her hands and a sexy grin on her face, the hot blonde backed through the swinging door and into her worst nightmare.

Being in Boston, it should have come as no surprise to the nearly naked and lewdly displayed attorney that the membership list would include some of the more honored and senior members of the Harvard Law faculty. Yet when Dani turned around to offer the contents of her tray, the very first man she encountered made her heart stop beating.

Dr. Winston Roberts, her Contracts professor, was until quite recently the only member of a very select group – men who could have her just for the asking. That he was brilliant was beyond question; he saw a logic in words that few others understood as well as he and he transformed the Law with his unique vision. He was a handsome, very young and fit sixty year old and with all the time he'd spent in TV studios as 'the legal expert' over the years, he developed a style that added to his appeal. But he'd never asked when she was his student; he'd seen her potential both physically and scholastically and decided to train her mind first. He regretted the fact that she married so quickly after finishing school, but only slightly. He knew that if she lived up to her potential, they would see each other again...and he was right.

She knew she was staring but there was nothing she could do as the hot flush of embarrassment and arousal spread across her pale, beautiful skin. The longer she stood before him, silent and exposed, the more her pussy moistened with her aromatic girl-juice. The thought that he might smell her...or even see her moisture drip down her inner thigh...was enough to start another mini-climax deep in her swollen sex. Dani was hard-pressed to keep her low moans to herself as her former teacher's eyes slowly and deliberately scanned her body from top to bottom and then back up again.

The deep, tremulous tones quickened her pulse just like they did when she was a first-year student. "What a pleasant surprise, Ms. Spinetti. I thought you would have followed a rather different career path after law school, but there's nothing wrong with the service industries." Her face turned bright red as his words flowed over her. He twirled his finger, indicating his desire for Dani to turn around. "But first," he said, "put that tray down." He tapped his long, elegant fingers on a table next to him and Dani bent over to set the tray down, totally aware that her stiff, swollen nipples were only inches away from him. Before she knew it, he was rolling her nipple between his fingers, stretching and pulling and making her moan louder with each tug. "These probably taste much better than the hors-d'ouvres, don't they?" After a hard little pinch, he motioned again for Dani to turn around. "If I'd known you were going to wind up like this, Ms. Spinetti," his polished voice made her feel so inferior, "we could have found far easier ways to get you good grades." His smirk was so degrading, leaving Dani feeling dirty and trashy and so incredibly excited.

As she stood and began her turn, Dani realized someone had stepped behind her. Facing away from her Contracts professor, she was now standing directly in front of her Torts instructor. "Now don't be teasing this pretty young thing, Win. You know she's Mrs. Evans now." The deep basso chuckle hadn't changed at all. Dr. Roosevelt Armstrong was approaching his sixties with grace and humor. His once-shaved scalp was now covered with short grey wiry curls and he'd added about twenty pounds to his once-thin 5'11" frame, but he still seemed as powerful and passionate as ever. Dr. Roberts was certainly her most important teacher, but 'Rosie' Armstrong was always her favorite. He had been an old family friend and had always treated Dani with affection and respect both at home and at school. But now, like his colleague before him, he was looking at her unhidden charms and touching his old friend's daughter in a most un-family friend like way.

Dr. Roberts' voice startled her from behind. "You mean the Mrs. Evans who took everything I taught her and became the darling of Wall Street, making a reputation and a mountain of money for herself? That same young woman who never once came by to say thank you, Professor?"

Her face was dark red and burning as she realized the truth in his words. She looked up into Dr. Armstrong's eyes, searching for forgiveness, or at least some understanding. He gave her nothing. "Yes, Win, that would be the same one. I haven't heard from her since her wedding... and now this most pleasant surprise." Dani gasped as he punctuated his words with his thick finger sliding into her wet pussy. "Yes, Win, a most pleasant surprise." His chuckle sounded just a little more ominous this time...or maybe it was because his fingertip found her G-spot and was working it expertly. Whatever the reason, her breathing was getting fast and shallow and her moaning was getting louder with each passing second.

"Rosie, when the wildly successful Mrs. Evans put the tray down a moment ago, do you think she was showing you her naked and exposed anus as an invitation?" At first, Dr. Roberts' voice was so normal and conversational that it almost covered up the meaning of his words.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhgggggggurnnnnnnnmmm..." Dani never realized that the sound she heard was coming from deep inside her right before her eyes rolled back and an overwhelming climax ripped through her. Both of her former professors laughed together as they held their most successful student as upright as they could manage. Thankfully, James was there in an instant to take the semi-conscious girl out of their hands.

He sat her down on a couch giving her time to recover her breath and her demeanor before he returned to Dani's former instructors. They were all surprised to see her only a minute later standing behind them with a fresh tray of hot appetizers and very sexy smile. "Gentlemen, I must apologize...I never actually offered you anything to eat." She moved between the three men, catching each of them with her stunning eyes. "See anything you'd like to nibble on?" Dani flipped her silky blonde hair like a teenager, enjoying her obvious effect on the older men.

"Dani, I think you must have been about sixteen years old when I first saw something I'd still like to nibble." Rosie's deep chuckle made James and Winston insist he recall the decade-old incident. Delighted at being the center of attention, the long-time family friend started to tell them about a summer afternoon at her father's suburban mansion. "They had a huge pool with an even larger deck...a wet bar and a soda was really..."

"We don't think you wanted to nibble the wet bar, Rosie...get on with it," exhorted Winston Roberts. "Get to the good stuff!"

"Well, yes...sorry...anyway, this delightful creature had been swimming in a sexy, white tank suit. You remember the style, boys...high-cut over the hip and a very low-cut back. Very sexy – but not revealing. I was sitting on a chaise lounge, talking to Artie about a case he was working on, when his delightful little girl climbed out of the pool and started walking towards us. Remember that, Dani?" She shook her head no, not losing her sexy smile for an instant. "Well, fellas, as she came closer to us, the afternoon sun hit her in a most picturesque way. Her cute little teenage nipples were clearly poking through the top of her suit and even better, the sunlight caused shadows that clearly outlined her tiny virginal pussy...almost better than if she'd been naked."

Dani felt the heat of the blood rushing through her face and her chest; she was flushed deep red with the shame of the memory that suddenly came back and overwhelmed her. She remembered that suit and the way she felt when she'd noticed her father and his friend looking at her in a most peculiar way. She remembered her pussy starting to moisten and her nipples getting harder and more visible as she moved closer to the two men. She knew her father expected her to be polite and walk over to them, but she could feel her nipples growing against the suit and she was feeling so ashamed and embarrassed.

"I turned to Artie, said something like 'your little girl's growing up very beautifully' and then, I'll never forget it, he says..."

"I say 'Rosie, if I ever see you look at her that way again..." The deep, dramatic voice sent Dani tumbling into her very first out-of-body experience – her body frozen as her father continued the story from behind her. "I'll kick your skinny black ass all the way back to Africa."

As the men laughed and greeted the newest arrival, Dani felt like she was floating above them, observing them while she figured out what she wanted to do. One vision that guided her was the way she 'saw' her father looking at her from the rear. He wasn't acting displeased at all! If she had to describe his expression, she would have said loving and proud and this sudden realization brought her back to herself. As she tried to control her breathing and stop the incessant drip of girl-juice down the inside of her thighs, she concentrated on her immediate circumstances. This was her life, she told herself...these were her decisions. She knew that if she truly had the courage Alan had given her credit for, she would not only survive this encounter, she would make them all admire her even more.

The greetings and small talk stopped and the silence gave the trembling blonde daughter the opening she needed. Handing the tray to James with a sexy smile and a humble "Please, Sir?" Dani turned slowly, catching Win Roberts' eye first and then Rosie Armstrong's with wickedly dirty grins before standing directly in front of her father.

She was trying to breathe slowly and evenly as she watched her father's loving and adoring eyes move over her flushed and heated flesh. Dani took the opportunity to gaze upon him the same way. Just an inch over six feet and perhaps two hundred and twenty pounds, his tanned face was as handsome as ever; the only real change over the years was his black hair turning silver. That's when she saw it for the first time – that's when she knew that Alan Jacobs and her father were cut from the same cloth. Dani trembled as the electric buzz spread out from her wet sex.

When his gaze returned to her face, she saw the same loving expression she had always seen in his deep, warm eyes and his familiar smile. Arthur Spinetti took a step forward and gently cradled Dani's face in his hands. As was his habit, he kissed his daughter gently on her forehead, then lightly on the tip of her nose and then finally on her lips. They had greeted each other that way as long as either could remember.

Dani melted into his tall, familiar body as they hugged. "Dani, I can't begin to tell you how beautiful you are this proud of you I am." Arthur whispered this into Dani's ear before he let her out of his arms.

She didn't want to let go! Dani found herself enjoying the feel of her stiff, exposed nipples rubbing against her father's dress shirt. She'd dreamed a long time ago that she rubbed her naked pussy against him and now that was happening as well – it was all too good to give up. But, she realized, some fantasies of a horny teenager should probably remain just that and after a tight final hug, she let him move away.

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RE: Dani's New Life - Chap 4b
He put his hands firmly on her hips and turned his beautiful and talented daughter back to face James and the two professors. "Well, gentlemen, what do you think of my little girl now? You don't need to say anything...your stroke-like expressions tell me all I need to know."

Dani was totally on fire. Her own father was exhibiting her, naked and exposed, to his old friends and her former teachers...and they were laughing about it. She was so incredibly turned on by the whole situation she almost missed her father's next remark.

"James," he said quite conversationally, "am I right to assume our friend lent you my daughter for the evening?" James nodded his assent with a big grin. "Then, would you mind if I..."

"Certainly, Mr. Spinetti...I pass her to you...for a moment." Winston and Rosie laughed and commented that James should have been a lawyer as well.

"I appreciate that, my friend," he said quietly to the tall, bald black waiter. Then he turned back to the others. "Don't be alarmed – I'm going to steal my little girl away for a few minutes so we can talk." He kissed Dani lightly on her shoulder as she faced her teachers. "I expect she has several questions she'd like answered. After that, I will be leaving so I'll speak to you both very soon." He paused long enough to know he had everyone's full attention. "Win, you didn't know her then so you can't answer. Rosie," he directed his attention to his oldest friend, "tell me...who looks hotter at the age of twenty-eight...Dani...or Theresa?"

Dani's gasp was audible throughout the suite. The implications of her father's question were too much to absorb without reaction. But her father seemed to ignore her response along with everyone else as he continued to humiliate her. "I do expect to hear from both of you very soon, though, with complete and explicit details of what you will have done to my daughter after I leave. And I want your honest opinions, friends...Teri will want to know if her little girl is even half the fuck she is...she may need to give her lessons." Without another word, Arthur Spinetti took his daughter's hand in his and led her through the suite to an empty bedroom.

When the door shut behind them, Dani jumped back into her father's arms. She felt she was on the verge of a new understanding with him and her mother, if what she'd heard was correct. But again, after a quick kiss, Arthur gently pushed his little girl back into a chair as he sat down on the bed.

"Daddy, is something wrong? That's the second time..."

"No, darling, nothing is wrong at all." She could see the love in his eyes shine all over her. "But Dani, please understand...I haven't seen a long time. You are more beautiful than I could ever have imagined, Daniella. When I look at you like this...I tell myself...I'm admiring a work of art, a living statue." He paused and looked away for a moment. Then he raised his face, a big smile on his lips. "You know, counselor, they can put you away for fucking a statue, huh?" As he'd hoped, he made her laugh and the tension was broken enough for him to explain a few things before he had to leave. "Ask me anything, honey."

"Daddy, please...I don't know what to ask. Tell me what you want me to know and then I'll ask if I still need to, okay?"

He looked at his grown-up daughter and saw so much of her mother he thought he should start there. "First thing, Dani...I'm not betraying anyone's trust...your mother knows we are both here tonight. You might not have believed it, sweetie, but your mother has always been a very free spirit. Yes, of course, the only way those two letches could possibly compare you to your mother is if they have already had her. They have, Dani, singly and together, with and without me present, for many years. My friends have been relying on genetics, hoping and praying actually that you've inherited your parents' sexual outlook, to finally get a chance with you.

"Dani, your mother and I both's a little late, we know...but at the time, we thought we were doing the right thing, being quite strict with you as a schoolgirl. We always thought you would totally embrace sex as soon as you were exposed to it – we just wanted to delay it until you were as emotionally ready for it as you were physically. What we didn't anticipate was your marriage to Jimmy – for that we are truly sorry." He paused and looked around the room as he gathered his thoughts before looking directly into her lustrous green eyes once again.

"Your mother and I met your new friend, Alan Jacobs, about fifteen or sixteen years ago. We have enjoyed our association with him immensely over the years – both personally and professionally. When he knew there was a good chance he would be working for your company, he called and your mother invited him to dinner. Sometime during the evening, he expressed a more than passing interest in the state of your marriage.

"Dani, I told him that as far as I knew, you were faithful to your marriage, though not necessarily still deeply in love with your husband. Your mother agreed completely, but if we overstepped our bounds by telling him, again, we apologize. However, by your very presence here...and your new sense of style...I think we were correct in our actions."

Her father's voice turned hard, almost formal and she recognized the same willful strength that Alan had as his disposal. "Daniella," the sound startled her and he noticed that her nipples hardened as soon as she recognized the authority in his voice. "Do you think of Alan as your Master?"

She could barely hear her own response over the beating of her heart and the sound of blood rushing through her body. "Yes, Daddy."

"Does he bring you indescribable pleasure from shame and embarrassment?" His eyes were cold and digging deeply into her soul.

"Yes, Daddy." Her shame now was smelling her own arousal as her father kept at her.

"Has he made you climax harder than ever...untouched...purely by humiliating you? You, my brilliant daughter, my Harvard-educated prodigy? Has he made you his slut, Dani? His whore?"

The beautiful daughter was shaking before her father; he had never spoken to her this way before. He had never revealed anything of a personal nature like this before and Dani was thrilled and excited beyond belief knowing that she was so much like her parents in so many ways. His voice was like the specter of total doom and destruction, daring her to lie or to hold something back.

"It took your mother just over a day, Daniella, twenty-six hours after he told us of his intention to seduce, dominate and enslave her, before she swallowed the urine he'd left in her mouth." Dani couldn't draw a breath and her heart seemed to stop cold as she stared open-mouthed at her father. "How long did it take you, Princess, before you let a stranger piss in your mouth?"

Her body was trembling, tears running down her beautiful face as her father humiliated her more than Alan ever had. And only then did Dani realize the gift her father was giving her – making her love him even more.

"Twelve hours, Daddy," she sobbed her answer, riding her shame and humiliation to the next level. As discreetly as she could, the nervous and frightened daughter spread her knees ever so slightly. She understood that her father would never take what she fantasized about giving him, but she knew, somehow, that he would appreciate knowing what he did to her...for her. As she cried and confessed to being Alan's slut, she brought her arms down and her hands to her thighs. She watched her father's eyes track down over her swollen, dark pink nipples and her flat tummy and then they opened slightly wider as he was drawn to the barely open slice of pink between his little girls thighs. She gave him one second to burn the beautiful image into his brain forever before her pussy closed and her thighs came back together.

He brought his eyes up directly to hers and when she saw the cold intensity had been replaced by the love and warmth she'd always found there, she knew they would be okay. "Questions, honey?" He spoke in the voice he'd always used to comfort her as a child.

"Do you still love me, Daddy?" She couldn't help it, bursting into tears again. "After I did such a terrible, dirty thing?"

They took a few minutes and Dani finally realized her parents' love and support was and would always be as strong for her as it was for each other. They truly understood what she was going through – with her marriage and with Alan. And she had their unconditional love and support with that as well. Finally, it came down to her last question for the evening. "Daddy, why don't you want me?"

Arthur's instincts, the ones that made him such a good lawyer, urged him to leave that one unanswered, but the plaintive look on his daughter's face wouldn't let him. "My darling girl, I know...right now you think that has to be a part of loving you." He put his arms out and she came to him. He whispered in her ear as they hugged. "Dani, love, I know how desirable you are. Believe me, little girl," he kissed her ear so gently, "it's not that I don't want you. I do...more than you'll ever know. I'm just old enough to realize that we can't always get what we want, Dani. And that's not always a bad thing." He squeezed her tight, knowing it wasn't the answer she thought she wanted. "Sometimes, baby girl, it's a way to show an even stronger love."

He let her go, out of his grasp as she found a tissue to wipe her eyes. "Daddy," her eyes still lit with hope and desire, "if I wasn't your daughter?"

She loved the cruel smile and the glare in his eyes. "Daniella, you would still be chained in the basement, all of us having our way with you, slut!"

Her smile was like a teenager being told she was voted prom queen. "Thanks, Daddy. Tell Mom I love you both and I'll call her soon. Will she talk to me about Alan?"

"I think so, honey – just ask her whatever you want." He took her face in his hands and repeated their three-step kiss. "Gotta go, sweetheart. Call me when you can about Jimmy and the rest. Love you, baby."

"Love you, Daddy." And then he was gone. Dani sat for a minute, absorbing what she could and remembering the rest for later before fixing her make-up and making her way back to James and the others. As she walked back to the men waiting for her, she found herself giggling at yet another new paradox. As much as she reveling in the pleasure of her new-found sexuality, knowing she was about to get more cock and pussy in the next several months than most people get in their lives...what she really wanted was about twenty minutes alone in her old room. She pictured herself turned on by reading some passages from The Story of O and finger-fucking her naked pussy...playing with her swollen clit...making herself cum over and over Daddy saw me naked... and feeling so ashamed and embarrassed and hotter than ever before.

She approached the unlikely grouping of two distinguished law professors and a room service waiter, feeling their hungry eyes burning through her exposed flesh. It only made her more excited and anxious to prove herself to all the new men in her life who suddenly seemed to be judging her so intimately. As she drew closer, the heat of sex and expectations seemed to grow stronger; the hot blonde lawyer, known to most all of the men left in the room, felt the flames of lust burn away any lingering ties to her past. She looked around the room and saw everyone was staring at her...talking about her...alone and naked with her father...and her skin started to burn with shame and embarrassment and her glaring, lust-filled eyes stared back – filling them all with a terrible hunger and desire.

Dani moved in front of James, standing about three feet away. She spread her feet to shoulder width and then clasped her arms behind her back, hands holding elbows and forcing her chest to thrust up and out. With her glaring green eyes looking down, she asked for permission to speak. After James assented, she looked at him with a smile and passed on her father's thanks for letting him have a few minutes alone with her. Then her smile faded but her eyes got brighter.

"Master," she began softly, using the blues bar voice that she knew James loved, "did you want me to keep serving hors-d'oeuvres to all the guests? Or was there something else you wanted? I know my father is expecting me to entertain my dear, old professors..." she giggled – but it just sounded so dirty, "and I don't know what time I'm expected back. And now I see all these other fine gentlemen," her gaze swept the room, curiously quiet now, "seem to be interested as well."

James looked around the suite and saw what Dani was referring to. All the men were silent, staring at Dani, Winston, Rosie and himself. Even the other two servers were standing still – holding half-empty trays but just watching to see what might develop. But as James was surveying the room, Winston Roberts took control.

"What exactly are you saying, Ms Evans? Do the attentions of all these men interest you? You will be taken tonight, counselor." Dani couldn't remember her face feeling so flushed before, her humiliation so open before this powerful group of her most senior and important peers. "The only decision you need to make, little Darling of Wall Street, is whether you want to be the Harvard Law School slut for a night or if you'd rather be an official Slut of Phi Lambda Alpha." Suddenly the silence broke and cheers of 'hear hear' and 'to Phi Lam Sluts' were heard through the nervous laughter. "Mind you, Ms Evans, there's only ever been one other for this Chapter House."

The frightened, nervous attorney looked at James for some help and guidance. She knew that this might be her true watershed moment. Everything she had done up until this very moment was still ultimately reversible. This would cross that line – these were important, powerful men that guided her profession and they made and enforced the rules which were the foundation for her public life as a Corporate Officer and lawyer. James kept his expression as neutral as he could – whatever happened, he knew he was going to spend quality time with this surprisingly sexy and accommodating young white girl. "As your current Master, I will let it be your choice, slut. But make it quickly...if they accept you as their fraternity slut, there will be a 'paddling' ceremony." He looked at the group more closely and beckoned Dani closer so he could whisper to her.

"I don't think more than half-a-dozen of them old men gonna fuck you, darlin', maybe one or two get a little kinky – nothing you can't handle." Dani was feeling the familiar vibrations starting to spread from the deep core of her sex outwards along every nerve path through her muscle and skin. "But you be famous for this, girl...they put your name – permanently – into the wood paddle...just be you and one other." Her knees were shaking so hard she could barely stand and the electric vibrations were concentrating all around her throbbing clit and her stiff, swollen nipples.

Dani made herself back up just enough to raise her head and make her choice known. Her voice quivered like it was her first day in Law School. "If these fine gentlemen, brothers of Phi Lambda Alpha, will have me as their Official Slut, if it pleases my Master, that would be my choice." The blonde, twenty-eight year old suburban lawyer felt her girl-juice start dripping out of her pussy and her eyes started to roll back into her head.

James caught her before she fell and laid her gently on the couch. Dani opened her eyes just a moment later to find herself surrounded by the remaining 'brothers'. They circled the couch, peering down at her with all kinds of different expressions, and their fingers touched her smooth, young flesh with long-forgotten desires. It thrilled her to see the want and the hunger in their eyes – she never really understood what kind of feelings her new sexuality could bring to her until now. She was naked and exposed, her most private and secret places open to public inspection and the touch of strangers. Her flesh was electric and her cunt was liquid desire. Putting herself in the hands of the most powerful group of men she knew, virtually begging them to use and abuse her, was by far the biggest risk she had ever taken and she couldn't wait any longer to see if she'd made the right choice.

Her nipples were being pulled and pinched while someone removed the quarter-cup bra from her perfect 36C breasts. Elsewhere, she felt other long, inquisitive fingers move through the folds of her labia while others removed her garters and still others rolled her stockings down her long, fit legs. She was vaguely aware of some verbal formalities in the background – motions and seconds and voting – and then another toast to their newest slut. And while all the poking and prodding fingers had kept her arousal at a peak, they weren't nearly enough to get her over to the next level.

As she tried to make sense of everything happening around her, Dani felt all those fingers grabbing on to her, lifting her up and turning her body over until she lay straddled lengthwise across the top of the back cushion of the couch. Her left arm and leg hung straight down, almost touching the carpeted floor; her right arm and leg rested on the seat cushions. Her head lay to one side on the heavy leather. Dani heard moaning and then realized it was coming from her as she unconsciously ground her naked, hairless crotch into the soft, black leather covering the thick cushions. She heard someone call for a pillow and then hands were on her again, circling her hips and lifting her flat tummy off the couch. When she settled back down, she felt the cool, smooth cotton of a pillow beneath her hips and she knew instantly that her firm, round ass was spread open and pointing to the heavens.

She heard them, these wise leaders of industry, commerce and government admiring her various attributes while at the same time disparaging her morals and her mental capacity for being in this predicament. The combination of praise and disgust was almost too much for Dani to bear. She would argue before some of these distinguished men someday – would they even be listening to her...or just remembering this one, fateful night? As her uncertainty mounted and her nerves came more into play, Dani thought for a fleeting moment to stop them. But before her eyes could open and find someone to help


"Mmmmuunnnnnggghhh!!!" Dani tried so hard not to scream, biting the soft leather as the pain spread outward from her burning, clenching ass. Her eyes blinked out the tears that came with the shock and pain from the flat wooden board and they opened to find the instrument of her torture in the hands of Winston Roberts.

"It is customary to thank the person who gives you something, Ms Evans, isn't it?" He moved closer to the back of the couch, his crotch only inches from her face as she lay there looking over her left shoulder. He showed her the polished hardwood paddle that was the symbol of Phi Lambda Alpha, filled with signatures of very famous and powerful men burned into the wood and sealed with numerous coats of heavy varnish. "I gave you the loving touch of our sacred paddle, little girl. Someone wishing to be our Official Slut would certainly want to thank me," he smiled and looked at the men surrounding the couch, "and all these other fine gentlemen when they present her with the same loving touch."

There was no going back – any chance she may have had was already gone. And not very surprisingly, this realization brought Dani back to the acceptance of her new self and the confidence that instilled in her. With her sexiest, husky voice she thanked her former professor, never dreaming that her fantasies from years ago might come true like this. He handed the long, heavy paddle to his old friend Roosevelt Armstrong who gave Dani the second part of her gift. When the heat from the wood kissed her ass, she thanked him and watched him pass the paddle to another.

By the fifth strike, Dani had transported herself to her very own Dark Place where she could change the very nature of the pain she felt and transform it to an intense, unnatural pleasure. By the time the last of the old fraternity brothers took his turn, they were barely tapping the paddle against the shivering, trembling cherry-red flesh that covered her ass. She was aware of them all, watching her and touching her, nothing about her private any longer, and she used their energy to make herself climax over and over again as she lay sobbing and moaning on top of the soft leather cushions.

For the next several hours, Dani knew what it was to be truly humiliated and degraded. These men whom she knew and respected, who knew her family and had been guests in her father's home, had used her and abused her with no more consideration than they would have given to a stray dog in an alley. She was fucked in all of her holes, singly and together. She was moved from one piece of furniture to another, from one cock or set of pinching, pulling fingers to another. As soon as one of them finished another was ready for his turn to pleasure himself at her expense. Finally, the last of the remaining men approached the cum-covered, slutty, but still centerfold-quality blonde. The past president of the State Bar Association and currently sitting as a Federal District Court judge he was, without a doubt, the most powerful man Dani knew.

His power manifested itself physically as well. At well over sixty years old, he was still athletic and strong and he liked to display it. He strode over to the chair where Dani had been resting since her last encounter. He stood in front of her and grabbed a handful of her long, blonde hair. "Do you know who I am, slut?" Dani nodded, wondering what he was going to do, how he was going to humiliate her. "Then show me the respect I deserve." He unzipped his trousers and pulled his semi-hard cock out into the light. He was thick and long and he reminded her of Tony – all man and filled with testosterone and thick, creamy cum.

Dani guided his thick head and his fat shaft between her slightly swollen lips until his cockhead hit the back of her throat and she gagged.


His free hand slapped her left tit hard and it took all the control Dani had to keep from biting the Judge's thickening cock. "If I want to hear you gag, counselor, I'll fucking make you gag... understand?" His eyes glared with that dangerous combination of power and passion as he slid his cock out of her mouth. With his left hand still full of her hair, he pulled her out of the chair, twisted her around, and pushed her over the soft padded arm. After he kicked her feet apart, he pressed his right arm down across the small of her back, forcing her heart-shaped ass up into the air. He slid his fat prick between her ass-cheeks as he pulled back on her hair. When her head was almost vertical, he leaned into her, pressing even harder on her curved spine, and whispered in her ear. "I do give you permission to squeal all you want, slut."

At first, she wouldn't give him the satisfaction and she remained totally silent as he plunged his long, hard cock through her dilated sphincter and lodged himself balls-deep in her tight, clutching rectum. But while he wasn't the first to take her anally that night, he was certainly the thickest – his hard, fat shaft carving new, unexplored pathways through her burning bowels. But after just a few more deep, dominating strokes, her ass was on fire and she couldn't stop the mewling and whimpering that came out of her mouth. He took his right arm off her back and sliding his hands and fingers roughly up her right side, he quickly found her stiff, swollen nipple. His grip on her hair tightened and she whimpered again as he drew her back to him – his mouth against her ear.

"I understand congratulations will be in order in a few months, Ms Evans," his harsh whisper held neither good feelings nor kind intentions. "Tell me, counselor, what will you enjoy more?" Dani's whimpering grew louder as his strong, thick fingers pulled her tortured nipple straight out from the tip of her breast, holding the full weight of her sexy tit by the stretched-out end. "All the new money..." Dani gasped, shocked that he would mention anything like that to her – especially under these circumstances, "...or my big, fat cock up your ass...every month...until I let you go?"

"Unnnngggghhhhh...Jesus...God..." Dani felt the sharp tear in her backside as the Judge fucked his steel-hard pole as far up her sweet young ass as he could. The pain only added to the electric vibrations that were threatening to overwhelm her as the core of her sex sent pulse after pulse of glowing energy through her flesh. She had to do it...had to tell him...the feelings of shame and humiliation were too much for the brutalized young lawyer.

"Yes...please, your Honor..." her voice was cracked and broken, strained from the way he'd twisted her head around by her hair, "please...take me...hurt me...fuck my ass harder than anyone, Judge...I'm yours, whenever you need me..." With total concentration, Dani used all of her internal muscles to clamp down hard on the Judge's enormous cock, over and over until even his powerful organ couldn't take any more stimulation and he unloosed the largest load Dani had taken all night, bathing her sorely abused rectal walls in hot, slippery cum. The change from the brutal savagery to the warm, silky smoothness was almost enough to bring her over the top, but her brutal abuser wasn't quite done with his display of dominance.

With a pop that kept her from crossing over, the Judge's softening organ vacated her hot ass and Dani suddenly felt cold and empty. Then she felt little else but the pain from her scalp as he moved her again, dragging her by her hair. When she opened her eyes she was back on her knees before him, like a beautiful, blonde Barbie Doll kneeling before an over-sized GI Joe. With a military bearing, the Judge stood before her, his left hand still grabbing her hair. "Show me you're mine, slut..." With his right hand, he gestured to all the others left in the room. "Show them who you are, Ms them what you need from men like me."

Dani's hands were trembling and her flushed, bruised body was quaking in anticipation of an overwhelming orgasm. She needed to cum so badly it was almost as painful as her anal rape – and he kept intruding and interrupting and delaying her final satisfaction.

"Take my cock, look closely – what do you see, slut? Describe it to everyone."

Her fingers slid across the slimy length of him. "It is covered with streaks of red and brown and grey..." Her voice broke down almost completely. "I shit...blood from where you tore my asshole...and cum, your Honor." Dani could hardly keep still, the waves of shame and total embarrassment swept over her, sweeping her along the with the electric pulses flowing from her aching nipples to her throbbing clit and her injured anus.

"Show us all who you really are, Ms Evans...I know I don't have to tell you how."

Like she had been waiting to hear those words for her entire life, Dani leaned forward and stuffed as much of his dirty, flaccid cock into her mouth as she could take. And when her senses caught up with her actions, her eyes rolled back into her skull and she was transported again into a universe that was completely filled by her cataclysmic orgasm.

Minutes later, Dani's eyes fluttered open as she came back to herself. She was stretched out on the couch, surrounded by James and her two former teachers; everyone else seemed to have departed. She looked at each of them and suddenly felt so dirty and ashamed of what she had done – tears started streaming down her cheeks. But when she looked at them again, more closely, she saw no disdain or lack of respect at all in their eyes or on their faces. In fact, Winston was smiling with pride as he sat down on the couch next to her. When he brought the paddle into view, however, Dani jumped with alarm.

"No...please..." she looked for the room service waiter, "James...I'm sorry...too sore...the Judge..."

All three men protested immediately, horrified that she thought they wanted to paddle her again. Winston, still on the couch, spoke as softly and non-threateningly as he could. "Dani...please listen...tonight's little party is all were wonderful – your parents will be so proud of you. Rosie and I can wait for your attention – as long as you don't make us wait too long." Dani wasn't sure she was hearing everything correctly. Her parents? What did they have to do with this? Dr. Roberts was still speaking and she tried hard to listen. "We know that your marriage might be a little we decided to use your maiden name, Dani – hope you don't mind." She was still very unclear about what they were saying until he turned the paddle over and showed her the back.

Dani gasped and smiled and laughed herself into a mini-climax as she read the three engraved lines in the dark, varnished wood:
The Official Sluts of Phi Lambda Alpha

Theresa (Teri) Spinetti

Daniella (Dani) Spinetti

Laughing and crying and hugging and kissing the three men as they helped her into the shower, Dani was both pleased and grateful that both Win Roberts and Rosie Armstrong were very willing to wait for their turns to debauch their old friend's long as it didn't take too long for her to recover. She promised them it would happen as fast as she could schedule two days back in Boston. They watched her soap up her hands and gently caress her sore, bruised body, her fingers gently massaging her tender breasts, her well-used pussy, and her still semi-open and raw asshole. Dani saw them looking at her and noticed the bulges growing in their trousers. She let the hot, steamy spray wash the remains of her initiation down the drain and stepped out of the shower into a large, warm towel in James' hands.

The pretty blonde, looking incredibly young and innocent without her make-up, giggled like a school-girl as six hands moved the thick towel across her firm, lithe body. The heat and the insatiable hunger came back to her immediately – she felt an infinite capacity for sex in any form as her lust drove everything else from her consciousness. She fell to her knees on the thick bathroom rug before the two Harvard professors as the towel dropped, revealing her complete nakedness. She rubbed their swelling organs through their pants and smiled up at them. "Please," her voice sounded as young as she looked, "may I be your slut tonight, too?"

Without waiting for an answer, she nimbly unzipped them and drew their thickening pricks out of their confinement. Slowly, almost lovingly, she laved their hard, stiff cocks with her delicate pink tongue moving from one to the other. Dani was constantly stroking them both as she alternated taking Winston's nice, long cock deep into her throat and then stuffing Rosie's fat shaft completely between her lips, her tongue dipping into his piss-hole to lick up his constant stream of pre-cum.

Only a few minutes passed before the combined excitement of the entire evening crashed down on the two older men. Dani could feel the swelling and the tell-tale throb of Dr. Robert's cock as lodged deep in her throat, but she wasn't ready – she wanted this to be the most memorable blowjob he ever had. Sucking as hard as she could, she moved her lips back until just his head remained in her mouth . With her right hand, she circled thumb and finger around him and squeezed hard while her left hand pulled his sac sharply downward. She let his large, spongy head slip out of her mouth with a pop! and looked up into his eyes.

"I have a confession to make, Professor." The slim, naked blonde, on her knees before him, sounded exactly like the intimidated first year law student he'd met six years before; it made his flesh quiver with the excitement he'd felt whenever he saw her back in her student days. "I lied to you...the first day we met...and almost every time we spoke after that." Her fingers were moving again, stroking his shaft and playing with his cum-filled balls. She started licking him again, unable to stay away from the erect penis she'd dreamed about for three years.

"What..I don't know..." his confusion was evident as he tried to focus on what she said...not the unworldly pleasure he was feeling throughout his groin.

"Do you remember, Doctor, how you used to end your conversations with me?" He shook his head, not knowing what the naked angel before him was talking about. "You used to ask me 'Is there anything you'd like to say, Ms. Spinetti?' And I always said no. I'm sorry, Professor – that was a lie. There was always something I wanted to say."

Dani's voice was getting deeper and she could feel the control she wielded over the three men surrounding her. Opening her mouth, she slipped her lips over his stiff erection, her lips gliding slowly past the ridge of his head and down the shaft. When his cock hit her throat, Dani started breathing through her nose, relaxing her muscles and letting him in. In seconds, he was lodged deep in her throat and she could feel him expand as his body readied itself for climax. Once again, she lifted herself off his ready-to-shoot weapon and stopped his orgasm with her fingers.

Dr. Winston Roberts groaned as she stopped his imminent explosion. He was not a stupid man – he'd watched her climax earlier with the Judge and he knew that she was no stranger to pain and abuse. He would have loved to change the smirk on her face with a slap of his hand, but he knew better than to leave any visible marks. Wisely, he grabbed a handful of the long, blonde hair behind her head and pulled hard, snapping her face up to his.

"Don't do that again, slut...unless you're told to." The pain from the back of her scalp connected directly with the core of her cunt, sending waves of pleasure/pain throughout her body. His voice was as hard and cold as any she'd ever heard before. It excited her beyond comprehension, bringing back all the fantasies she had about him...realizing only now how truly submissive she was even back then. He took his long, thick prick in his other hand and slapped her cheeks with it.

Dani shivered as the hot cock-flesh smacked against her face. Each slap made her pussy walls moisten even more, her arousal floating on the air around her as her girl-juice started dripping down the inside of her thigh.

"Tell me now, slut." His grip on her hair grew tighter with each word he spoke. The pain became a constant chill, causing goose bumps to cover her flesh and her nipples to grow harder and longer with each passing second.

"From the first class, Professor, and every day that I saw you after that," Dani's voice broke with her embarrassment...she had never said anything like this before – to anyone, "I wanted to tell you...I tried, Dr. Roberts...I wanted you...I wanted you to fuck me...every day...I wanted you to...own my pussy...use me anytime and any way you wanted to." She felt the heat in her core start to expand through her hungry sex as she knew she would tell him her final truth.

"And when you were through using me for your pleasure...I wanted...God help me, I still do...I want you to make me pregnant, Professor...I want your baby in me." The words made her cum.

The Harvard-trained attorney was barely able get those shocking words out of her mouth, yet she couldn't stop the litany of lust that poured out of her . She looked into his powerful, intelligent eyes and tried to finish what she had started.

Her voice came out in a deep, scratchy whisper. "I knew I was a bad girl, Professor. I realize now that I, I needed you to punish me." The slim blond took his hard, curved shaft in her hand and licked the underside from his balls to his crown before taking her tongue off him again. This time, she looked up with her eyes wide open.

"Do you still have that beautiful, black alligator belt, Professor?" He looked down and nodded once. Dani opened wide and slid her puffy pink lips over his cock-head and down his shaft until her nose was pressing against his groin. Grunting so everyone could hear, she swallowed his thick, pulsating shaft twice before easing back up and letting him slide gently between her lips on the way out.

"Good," she giggled up at the handsome, distinguished man, "but that means I have to spend the first night I return with Rosie." The giggle left her voice and the laughter went out of her eyes as she started stroking Winston with one hand and massaging his heavy balls with the other. "I mean after all, it wouldn't be fair if he got 'damaged goods'." Her eyes were dark and flaming as they bored into his. "You will whip me with that belt, won't you?" Her voice was little more than whispered passion and unabated lust. "Until that shiny black snakeskin makes my creamy white ass all red and bloody?" She looked at him with nothing but total submission in her eyes. "When the time is'll give me your baby, won't you?"

There was complete silence from the three men – the only sounds now were the strangled moans and groans that came from deep inside her. She sat back just a little and stared first into Rosie Armstrong's eyes and then she turned and did the same to James before resuming her rightful place before Winston Roberts...on her knees – her trained and talented mouth at cock-level.

"No one will tell my father, Win...just like no one will tell him about the Judge." Without another word, Dani plunged her open mouth over his plum-sized cock-head and started sucking him as hard as she could. Her tongue wrapped around his thick, vein-covered shaft, teasing him unmercifully just underneath the crowned ridge and then licking his piss-hole clean of the pre-cum that seemed to never stop running out of him. The harder she sucked the louder her Professor moaned. His moans turned to groans as she cradled his scrotum in the palm of one hand and started twisting the fingers of her other hand around the bottom of his cock.

Once, twice, three times she took him completely inside her mouth and throat, letting him feel the power that comes with skull-fucking a beautiful and willing girl on her knees until she held him with just his sensitive head lodged inside her lips. Her hand twisted again as her fingers stroked the underside of his shaft. When she drew a sharp fingernail slowly across his cum-filled sac, he groaned and gasped and then released rope after rope of his still fertile semen across her tongue, filling her hungry mouth.

The scene played out next to him was just too exciting and Dr. Armstrong was nearly ready to blow his load as well. Seeing his favorite student naked and exposed – used over and over by all the men of Phi Lambda Alpha - was enough to make the distinguished Afro-American professor as excited as he'd been in years. To see her on her knees, her pretty mouth stuffed with his colleague's cock was almost too much for the older man. He had to squeeze the base of his thick, dark shaft with one hand and pull down on his full, heavy scrotum with the other to keep himself from cumming much too soon.

The hot, young, white girl reminded him so much of his first real love – Teri Spinetti, Dani's mother. Roosevelt Armstrong had grown up in a strict Southern Baptist home and like the good son he was, he applied all of his time and energies to church and school. He never dated during college and it wasn't until he reached law school that his best friend convinced the handsome African-American to accompany himself and his date to dinner one night during a long holiday weekend. The brilliant but shy, unsophisticated man fell instantly for the uninhibited and sexy Italian woman. After having more to drink than he was used to, Rosie let his good friend Arthur and his hot girlfriend talk him into going with them back to Arthur's apartment.

She was the first woman he'd ever been with – he'd never even made-out with a girl before that night. His friend watched while Teri seduced the virgin student with a lingerie show and an amateurish lap-dance. He couldn't believe the sublime and exquisite sensations that flooded through him the first time she stretched her lips around his incredibly thick organ. Cumming almost immediately, he stayed hard as the beautiful young student proceeded to mount him and work that beer-can thick shaft into her stretched, screaming pussy. Finally, after taking minute after minute to work him all the way inside of her stretched vaginal walls, he came again as Teri screamed at her boyfriend, "Yes, I'll marry you, Arthur...but I'll never give this up – don't try to make me!"

He still remembered how Dani looked at the pool that day – her long legs taking his gaze up to her perfect teenage ass and then to her budding breasts that promised a taste of nirvana. He didn't really care about her age...over the years he'd often pictured her naked and lying next to her mother...he moved back and forth between them, stretching their tiny pink pussies with his fat, black cock. The thought of having them together, his favorite fantasy throughout the years, suddenly seemed well within his grasp and a chill passed through him with that realization.

As soon as Dani's soft, pink tongue wiped off the last drop of the thick, salty crème from Winston's softening dick, she transferred her attention to her favorite teacher. She felt his hot, broad, ebony organ throb and twitch on her tongue and knew instantly how close to climax he was. As soon as she took most of his fat cock into her mouth she knew she wanted to please him as best she could. She sucked even harder, both hands working his thick, black shaft as she forced her face further down until her pretty pink lips pressed against the short gray curls covering his groin. For a fleeting moment, the former student thought she was in charge of what was going on – until she felt her old teacher's large, black hands surround her small, delicate face.

The loving, caring blowjob that she wanted to give him was transformed almost instantly into a brutally painful and demeaning display of power – there was nothing loving or caring about it at all. His fingertips pressed painfully into her skull as he held her captive – her lips were stretched wider than ever while pressed hard against his flushed ebony skin. They both could feel his thick manliness expanding even more as he pushed his hips forward, driving his huge head into her throat. If he heard the mewling sounds of protest coming from her, he didn't let it show.

Caught unaware by his sudden and unexpected dominance, Dani was not prepared for what he was doing to her. She hadn't taken a deep breath and now his huge girth sealed her lips completely. His plunge started her gagging and sent tears streaming from her eyes. As Rosie forced his beer-can thick, shiny ebony cock even further down her constricted throat, the young, blonde corporate officer felt her eyes start to roll back into her head, her vision turning misty and gray. One more lunge and his plum-size head pushed into her esophagus – James and Winston swearing in disbelief as Rosie's cock was visible from the outside in Dani's throat – and the mist in her eyes turned to electric, multi-colored lights on the back of her eyelids. A river of thick, creamy semen poured out of his cock and down her open throat, bringing her over with him. And just as she started to pass out from the overwhelming combination of pain and pleasure, her pussy exploded, shooting her fragrant girl-juice down her thighs and soaking the carpet she was kneeling on.

Dani woke up on the couch a few minutes later. James was tending to her with a warm washcloth and a large, fluffy towel. When her eyes fluttered open, she found him smiling warmly down upon her, his hands remarkably gentle as they cleaned and dried her as best they could. After a moment, she seemed to panic and tried to sit up but James held her down softly with the thick towel. "We're all alone, Dani. They've all gone – your professors both said they would email you soon regarding your return arrangements." Dani smiled up at her gentle benefactor. "Now it's time for you to get dressed...your coat and shoes will do just fine." She let him slide her shoes on her bare feet and then help her up from the couch. A wave of dizziness passed over her as she leaned into James strong, solid body. He held her close until the feeling passed and then held her coat open. She stepped into it and he led her back the way they had come hours before.

Moments later he had her back in Alan's suite with whatever lingerie he'd found before they left the party room. It was now past 2:30am and the living room was silent except for the soft, sexy, rhythmic Brazilian jazz on the stereo. They were saying goodnight to each other as Sasha came gliding into the room.

Dani was bespelled and bewitched immediately and completely by the always surprising Russian beauty. Her hair was pulled back into innocent pigtails and it looked like she wore no make-up on her perfect, Slavic face. Dressed in peach-colored lacy boy-shorts and a matching spaghetti-strap thin halter top, she looked much closer to a girl in her twenties than a sophisticated and experienced international business women in her mid-thirties. Thanking James on Alan's behalf, she handed him an envelope as she escorted him out the front door of the suite.

Giggling like the girl she appeared to be, Sasha told James that Alan said the food was wonderful and if he felt his tip was not adequate, he could come back tomorrow for a little time with the new red-head. James was laughing as he walked down the hallway.

Sasha turned back towards Dani and motioned her towards the door. When the terribly abused yet still excited blonde was close enough, the Russian held her arms out and Dani fell immediately into her embrace. After what she'd had done to her by all those men earlier, she had never felt more welcome or sheltered in her whole life as she did that moment in the beautiful woman's arms. There was a softness there that Dani instinctively knew could be shared only by two women...intimately connected.

Sasha kissed her swollen lips so gently, promising more passion than Dani could deal with at the present. "Come with me," Sasha whispered in her ear, "I have a Jacuzzi in my suite. Let me make you feel better tonight, darling." She kissed Dani again, her tongue gently swiping Dani's lower lip. "Alan has been training his new little girl." Sasha giggled like a schoolgirl and the sweet sound make Dani's pussy tingle. "He knows you'll be with me tonight, darling." She kissed Dani deeply this time, their eyes opening to each other in wordless communication.

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