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Daddy takes my virginity
07-16-2011, 01:04 AM
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Daddy takes my virginity
I could not wait for the spring college semester to end. Any more teasing from my sorority sisters about being the only remaining 20 year old virgin would ruin my summer plans. I knew that my virginity was going to be lost soon. And the best part was, my father was going to do it, and he did not even know yet.

My name is Lauren, and I was a college sophomore. I joined a sorority to remain roommates with Lelani. I met Lelani the first day of college, the dorms made us roommates. She was excited to be able to attend college. Born in Korea, her parents allowed her to be an exchange student. High school was where Lelani met Courtney. They became best friends. Courtney was a year older than Lelani and I, so she was already a member of the sorority. It was only natural that Lelani and I join the sorority, seeing how we already spent a great deal of time visiting the sorority house anyway.

Courtney was what others may call a little slutty. Standing 5 5, she kept her blonde hair cut short. She always said she didnt want her hair to get in the way when she is sucking college cock! She had the roundest little butt. Men were always checking out her 120 pound body and 34 c boobies. With her beaming smile, and cheerleader legs, men melted before her. Oral sex is her favorite. I swear, if she doesnt suck off a man at least once a day, she gets a little bitchy.

Lelani is an asian beauty. I cant believe how long and lean her legs are for someone who is only 5 7. With a cute little upturned nose, brown hair, brown eyes, pearl white teeth, I was amazed at how sexy I found Lelani. Her breasts are a nicely rounded 36 b, an added bonus on her 125 pound frame. Her tummy had just the slightest of a bulge. It always looks inviting, especially when you look down to see a nicely trimmed triangle just above her pussy.

As for myself, I am a bit taller. I stand 5 8, with dangerous curves. Brunette, with brown eyes, I pack quite alot into my 135 pound body. I developed early, finally ending up with 38 ds. My goodness, you would think a man never would notice my eyes. A mans eyes invariably always go right to my chest. That may be okay though, because my butt is a little bigger than my other two friends.

Freshman year started out as a learning process, in more ways than one!! I discovered early on that Courtney was a horny woman. That girl almost always needed sex! She probably fucked at least 30 guys that first year. She never held back if she saw a cock she desired. Her oral skills were well known, and she never wanted for any cock from the college guys.

Lelani was a little more demure. She had an occasional fling. Her smoldering good looks attracted a lot of attention, but she wasnt spreading her legs for every college guy she met. She was pickier. I was glad about that. I would have hated to come home every day to a strange man fucking my roommate.

As for myself, I was the 19 year old virgin. Word slowly got around that I was saving myself. A quick fuck from a tipsy college boy was not what I was after. I liked older men, anyway. That is not to say that I was completely chaste. I did enjoy giving an occasional blowjob, if the man was older, and handsome. I had even had some cock up my ass. However, when anyone tried to fuck my pussy, the legs snapped shut. The biggest thing inside my pussy has been my fingers

Which brings me to my sophomore year. The second semester of my freshman year, I found myself growing horny for Lelani. Her exotic looks were affecting me. I wondered if she ever thought about a woman. I knew she masturbated, because her slim dildo always had some fresh pussy juice on it.

One day, I asked her what she thought of some new panties and bras I bought. While modeling them, I swear she looked at me hungrily. She then asked what it was like to have such big breasts. I told her it got me tons of attention. I just saw her staring, so I asked if she wanted to feel them. She did, and thats when we began to kiss. That afternoon was the beginning of our semi lesbian relationship.

It was only natural for Lelani and I to room together sophomore year. Other girls wondered why there werent college guys constantly visiting our room. We explained that I was saving myself, and Lelani was concentrating on studies. Little did they know that almost every day, Lelani and I were eating each others pussy. I was shaved by then, but Lelani kept her sexy triangle. I am sure other sorority girls were lesbian roommates, but we were so busy with each other, we never noticed.

Courtney stopped by quite often. Almost every time, she had a story about her latest college cock. I have to admit I was a little jealous. Her stories about all the cock in her pussy always got me horny. That was to Lelani's benefit , because she got to eat me out. In time, Courtney found out about us. Courtney, being a little slutty, joined in.

Courtney wasnt much for eating pussy, but she watched. Sometimes she would finger, other times Lelani or I would eat her out. I swear I ate the cum of quite a few college guys out of Courtney's pussy. I remember one night, Courtney stopped by. She was tipsy, and had fucked three different guys. I just sat her down, and ate all that cum right out of her pussy. It tasted great combined with her juices.

Nature was catching up to me though. Courtney's stories were getting to me. Every story got my pussy wet. The taste of the cum out of her pussy made me wish it was my pussy full of cum. But I had always been saving myself for that special someone. The man who took my virginity was to be the man I cared for. I always assumed it would be my husband. But could I wait?

Then it hit me. My father was the man I cared deeply about. Divorced when I was young, my father threw himself into the business world. He was modestly successful. He was able to send me to college. He had a nice home, and a nice vacation cabin. Every year we went away for a week for a vacation. Just me and dad, that way we got to get away and relax.

In his early 40's, dad kept himself in shape. While not exactly the muscled college stud, he was quite handsome. Brown eyes and hair, like myself, he stood 6 2, and weighed 215 pounds. A small belly was forming, but otherwise he was fit. My aversion for older men was going to take a turn.

Forming my plan, I asked Courtney and Lelani to help me. Courney was ready and willing, no big surprise. Lelani took a little coaxing, but came around . My plan went into action

First, I asked dad if two college friends could join us for the cabin vacation. He asked about sleeping arrangements; there are only two beds. I replied that my two friends could sleep in one bed, and us two in the other. Silence ensued.

"Daddy, it will be allright, " I pleaded. "After all, we are father and daughter."

A seed was planted. Father and daughter in bed, and it would be all right. After a little bit of hemming and hawing, daddy agreed.

I didnt know how much sex daddy had been having, so I needed to make sure I put him in a state of constant horniness. Courtney and Lelani made sure to bring their skimpiest bikinis. From day one, that is about all they wore. Summer at the cabin can get hot, so all three of us had the excuse to wear practically nothing. I could tell daddy was getting turned on. The constant bulge in his shorts was evidence of that.

At night I turned up the pressure. I crawled into bed with daddy, and made sure to sleep with my butt pressed against his hard on. And trust me, he was always hard!! The sight of three attractive college girls prancing around almost naked must have been insufferable. I made sure to grind my butt back against his cock. No doubt he was wondering what he had been talked into.

Day four struck, and so did Courtney. I dont know how she went three days without giving a blowjob, but she did. Day 4, daddy was putty in her hands. And her mouth. She pretended to sneak him off to the woods, then dropped his drawers. He put up a mild protest, but daddy had no chance. Once Courtney's lips were around him, all will power vanished.She sucked him off quickly. Im sure he was glad to cum. What a load he had built up!!! Courtney said later she almost couldnt swallow a full load for the first time.

That night, I once again teased daddy in bed. He seemed less reluctant to pull away. Maybe the cum being drained out of his balls relaxed him. It was time for me to lose my virginity

The next morning, Courtney again led dad out to the woods. Once again, she tugged down his shorts. This time however, I was still in bed. And Lelani had joined me. I have to admit, I was pretty horny. I had not cum in days. I was perpetually wet from teasing daddy. It was now time for Lelani to start eating me. Time to get me ready for daddy's cock.

Courtney pulled off of daddy's cock. Looking up, she said she had a surprise in his bedroom. Guiding him back to the cabin, I am sure daddy thought he was about to fuck Courtney. Imagine his surprise when he opened the door to see his daughter being eaten out in front of him.

I saw the look on his face, a combination of surprise and lust. He said later he was glad his heart was perfectly healthy. Courtney led him next to the bed, and began to suck my father again

"Daddy, I am still a virgin, " I said. " I am ready to lose my virginity. But I want it to be special. I want it to be with a man I love. I want to lose my virginity to you."

What could daddy say? Here he was, being sucked by Courtney. His daughter was being eaten by an exotic asian beauty. And now, his own daughter was offering up her virgin pussy. Daddy just pulled his cock out from between Courtney's lips, and I swear it grew another inch.

"Baby, you know how special to me," daddy said. " If you desire this, I would be more than happy to help my little girl become a woman. I have been desiring you. Maybe now is the time for us to make love."

With that, daddy moved Lelani away. My pussy was now soaking wet. Daddy put his mouth where Lelani's had been. He kissed my pussy deeply. Then he rose up, placing his cock head between my pussy lips.

"Girls,'" daddy said, "help me put my cock in lovely daughters pussy.

As Courtney got behind daddy, and helped ease him in, Lelani circled her fingers around daddy's cock to guide him in.

"Taste yourself baby," daddy said, as he leaned in to french kiss me.

Daddy's tongue french kissed me as his 7 inch cock entered me. Daddy went slow. He knew I didnt want too much pain. He just wanted pleasure for his baby girl. And pleasure was what my pussy was beginning to feel. I had become so horny. All I could think about, and feel, was daddy's hard cock. It felt So good!!! When he was all the way inside, he broke off his kiss.

"Are you ready to fuck me honey?" he asked

"Yes daddy, dont stop until my pussy is full of your cum." I replied

And daddy didnt. He fucked me slowly at first. All 7 hard inches slowly went in, then pulled out again. Once again, he slid in, then pulled out. My legs opened further, and I unconsciously pulled my knees towards my breasts. My nipples had gone hard. I glanced over to see Lelani's head between Courtney's open legs. It was happening, daddy was fucking my pussy while Lelani ate out Courtney!!

My breathing began to quicken. It felt fantastic to be finally fucking!! Daddy began to fuck me faster. His powerful strokes were beginning to totally fill me up. I had no idea I could get this wet! After a few glorious minutes, I grabbed hold of daddy's butt. I could feel his butt clench with every thrust. It was not long before I began to fuck back.

With every thrust, I brought my hips up. The sound of slapping flesh soon filled the room. I could even hear Courtney moaning out. I knew how well Lelani could eat pussy. Courtney was nearing an orgasm. I also knew I was getting close to cumming.

"I am getting close daddy," I wailed.

"Oooooh baby," he grunted.

"Fill my pussy daddy! Give my pussy cum for the first time!!" I hollered.

I had never really been a screamer, but this first time I could not help it. With a low groan, I felt daddy's cock swell.

"Here it cums baby," daddy groaned, "here cums my cum for you!!"

With one final thrust, daddy began to shoot deep inside me. My hips rose up, accepting his hot sticky cum. It felt so fantastic!! When his cum splashed against my clitty, it triggered an immense orgasm. My body went rigid. I could feel the orgasm starting at my toes, and rip through my body. My first time was indeed special. Daddy had given me the best orgasm of my life.

As daddy lay on top of me, the last few spurts of his cum shooting into me, I slowly quit cumming. My breathing began to slow, as did daddy's. My pussy felt fantastic. I slowly massaged daddy's softening cock with my pussy muscles. I wanted daddy to know how much I loved him. So, I kissed him deeply, and continued to massage him with my pussy.

Leave it to Courtney to join in after our special moment. Looking a bit sweaty, she eased daddy's cock out of me. Then she took it back into her mouth. She sure loves any taste of cum she can get. She really is such a slut. Lelani lowered her head between my still open legs, and began to eat me. AT LAST. Now someone else can eat cum out of my pussy!!

Daddy spent the remaing part of the vacation fucking all of us. He laughed about our plan for me to lose my viginity. Dad was a true sex machine, making sure all of our pussies were well taken care of. Of course, me being his daughter , I got priority. Those last few days of vacation, my pussy never wanted for stiff cock deep inside me.

It is now my junior year. Lelani and I have a house. Daddy comes by to visit when he can. He also has found Lelani to be an exotic asian beauty. I love to get Lelani ready for daddy's cock by eating her, then watch her take daddy's cock deep into her pussy. Afterwards, I get to eat daddy's cum out of Lelani's pussy, while daddy fucks me fron behind. I never have to wonder if daddy is getting enough sex now.

Courtney is still being Courtney, fucking all the college guys. She still sucks daddy from time to time. Daddy is still the only man my pussy has fucked. That is okay with me. Between Lelani's tongue, and daddy's cock, I no longer have to ever worry about being too horny.

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