Daddy and Daughter Sandy Incest
Chapter 1

"Daddy! Hurry up! We'll be late!" Sandi looked at herself in the hall mirror one last time and she liked what she saw. She knew her father would love it too: a crop top that plainly showed her braless nipples and a skirt so short she actually decided to wear a thong instead of going completely naked underneath. "That would come later," she smiled to herself.

Tom Sanders had wanted to do something special for his daughter since he divorced her mother 4 years ago. He'd always loved his daughter more than anything else in his life and now he was going to help her celebrate her 18th birthday in Aruba. He'd let her choose what she wanted for her birthday and a week in Aruba with her dad was what she came up with. When Tom asked her why she chose that, she'd said she liked the way he looked at her when she wore a bikini. "This way, I can wear a bikini all day every day and you can look all you want!" she said with a grin.

Tom wondered if she knew about his fantasies. How could she know, he'd been very careful to keep them buried deep inside only allowing himself to think about them in the dark of his own bedroom, late at night, as he would fall off to sleep. Then he would imagine the unimaginable: fucking his own daughter. He'd tried to think about when it all started. Sandi was 15 and she was staying at his house one weekend after the divorce. It was late at night and Sandi had gone to get ready for bed. She'd always been his "little girl" and even though her body had transformed in the previous couple of years he really hadn't thought of her in any other way. Then she walked in to say good night and everything changed.

Tom looked up and before him stood the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. She wore a pair of white bikini panties and she'd put on one of his shirts. She hadn't buttoned it though, and it hung slightly open allowing a clear view of the swell of her breasts. He immediately felt self-conscious and quickly looked into his daughter's eyes. There was an unmistakable sparkle in them and a little impish grin on her lips. She's seen him looking he thought.

"So do you like the way your shirt fits me?" she asked.

"Yeah, the shirt... it looks fine. Better on you than me," he added without being able to stop himself.

From that moment on he found he couldn't stop thinking about his daughter in a sexual way. He'd lie in bed at night and imagine slowly kissing the swell of her breasts as he pulled the shirt back to reveal her nipple. His tongue would caress it causing it to harden. He'd picture his hand slowly moving down her stomach to the top of those little white panties, his fingers snaking under the band of elastic moving down to her moist pussy. Stroking his rock hard cock, he would cum in thick ropes and then he'd cringe inside. "What a pervert I must be, thinking about fucking my own daughter."

His awareness of Sandi's sexuality made the weekends difficult for him. He loved having her there with him, but he'd find himself hoping he would see her getting dressed or going to the shower. Whenever he did catch a glimpse of her it would become the starting place for a new fantasy and a new opportunity to masturbate with renewed vigor about his daughter.

Though Tom couldn't imagine it, Sandi wasn't exactly innocent in all of this. The night she wore her dad's shirt was part of a plan. She'd recently had a boyfriend break up with her and start dating another girl who she'd always considered a friend. Word got back to her that the boy dropped her because he thought she wasn't sexy enough. Sandi was devastated. She'd always enjoyed "playing with boys," as she called it. She'd sucked his dick, and let him get his finger up he pussy, not that she got much out of it.

Now she had to determine if she was "sexy" or not. That's when she thought she'd see how her dad would react to her. She'd always thought he was very sexy. He was 6'1" tall with a medium build. He'd had a beard her entire life so she really didn't know what he looked like without it and he'd just started wearing his hair very short as a reply to the bald spot that was beginning to take over. In fact, he looked a bit like Sean Connery to her and that was very sexy!

With that in mind she went in to her dad's room, put on his shirt, pulled her panties up a bit so they would ride up between the lips of her pussy and walked in to say good night. The way her father looked at her convinced her she didn't have her sexuality to worry about. She thought for a minute she'd have to put his tongue back in his mouth for him. Then he'd mumbled something about how good she'd looked in his shirt. She went to bed that night with a smile on her face knowing that if she could turn on her dad, she must be pretty hot.

In fact that thought began to run through her mind a lot. She'd daydream about what might have happened that night and she'd get wet thinking about her dad making love to her. She loved the feeling she had when she'd imagine him between her legs and pumping his cock deep inside her. She started doing little things whenever she was around her dad to get herself excited. She'd wear just a t-shirt in the morning finding reasons to bend over in front of him, hoping he'd look at her tits. She'd sit with her legs slightly open across from him and watch to see if he'd sneak a peek up her skirt. He always did.

Over the next couple of years, they developed an elaborate game of seduction although neither could or would admit it to the other. But they both loved it and secretly wished they could follow through on their deepest desires for each other. Sandi had finally decided that she would have to be the one to break the ice. When her father asked her what she wanted for her 18th birthday, she knew exactly what she wanted. She wanted to get fucked by her dad, but if she told him that it would surely scare him off. Instead, she decided she would take him away somewhere that she could finish the seduction of him she'd started 3 years before. Finally, after playing with herself night after night, imagining her daddy's cock pumping in and out of her pussy, her dream would "cum true," she chuckled to herself.

She told her dad that she would take care of all the arrangements. He said something about separate rooms and she assured him not to worry. Separate rooms? Not a chance! She booked a room with one king sized bed and a perfect view of the ocean. She was told that many couples book the room for their honeymoon. "This may not be a honeymoon but there's going to be a whole lot of fucking anyway," she thought.

She told her dad she'd need to buy some clothes for the trip. With the thought of seduction in mind she went out and bought the sexiest wardrobe she could find: the skimpiest bikinis, the shortest skirts, the sheerest tops, the sexiest lingerie. She picked out a little black dress that looked like it was painted on her lithe young body.

The last thing she did was go to the beauty salon. Nosing around in her father's room one day when he was gone, she'd found a copy of a magazine called "Barely Legal." In it were nude layouts of girls who had just turned 18. It confirmed what she'd thought about her dad, he was a dirty old man... thank god! He liked young girls, and she was pretty sure he'd get to live his wildest fantasy on this trip, but she wanted it be perfect for him. She noticed that all the models had shaved their pussy. There was something very "little girl" naughty about the way they looked with their smooth little pussies spread open for the camera. That was when she knew what she would do. "I need a bikini wax," was what she told the receptionist and was taken to a private cubicle and told to undress. When the girl came in to her cubicle, she was more forthright. "I want to surprise someone special. Can you remove all my pubic hair?" She really wanted to say, "I'm going to seduce my daddy with my pussy looking like it belongs on a 12 year old, can you help?" but she thought that might not be the right thing to say! She smiled when the attendant told her, "No problem! Sounds like fun!" If you only knew, thought Sandi.

"My god! You look beautiful! I don't know why you wanted to bring me on this trip instead of one of your friends!" Tom stood looking at his daughter's sensuous body. This week was going to be harder than he thought, and in more ways than one, as he shifted his growing erection as subtly as possible. Sandi grinned triumphantly at him.

"I just wanted to spend some time alone with you," she replied.

"Yeah, but if you'd taken one of your girlfriends you would have easily found many eager guys ready to party with you. Now you're stuck with me."

"Believe me, I'd rather be stuck by you, I mean, with you, than any young kid."

Tom caught the mistake but ignored its implications. "Honey, I'll be the luckiest man in Aruba!"

You can say that again, she thought as she smiled and gave him a big hug. "Oh daddy, I love you!" Her breasts smashed against his chest and she let her body mold to his, pushing her mons into him. "Oh my, I think he's beginning to get hard," she thought. This may be easier than I thought!

"Hey, I thought you said we were going to be late! Let's go!"

Sandi unwrapped herself from her dad's body. She wanted him so bad, she thought for a moment she should tell him, "To hell with the trip let's fuck right now," but she couldn't. She'd planned this for so long, she was going to do it right, even if she had to exercise all the willpower she possessed to do so.

"All right then, let's go!"
Chapter 2

Sandi looked at her watch and squirmed in her seat. It had already been 2 hours since they'd taken off and between her anticipation of the week ahead, sitting next to her father, the subtle vibration of the airplane, and the rubbing of her thong, which had eased it's way between her pussy lips, her pussy was as wet as she could ever remember. In fact she was sure she could smell her own juices.

"Are you all right, honey?" asked her father.

"Yeah, sure dad. I'm just getting anxious to get there."

"Well, you should just try and relax. You were up so late last night packing, I'm surprised you aren't asleep by now."

"I'm not sure I could go to sleep right now. I'm too excited." If you only knew how excited, she thought.

"Why don't you try any way? Here, put your head on my shoulder and close your eyes, you're probably more tired than you think," he said as he raised the airplane seat arm so she could snuggle up to him.

She couldn't resist an offer like that! Her body was aching for her father's touch. She leaned against him and rested her head on his shoulder.

"That's it, sweetie. Here this might even be better," he said as he raised his arm and put it around her. "Now, how's that?"

"Oh, daddy, you always know what's best for me, don't you!" she whispered in his ear.

Tom shivered as he felt his daughter's breath against his neck. He'd decided he couldn't take just sitting next to Sandi any longer. For the last two hours his eyes had constantly wandered to the expanse of thigh that she revealed as she sat next to him in her short little skirt. He swore if she moved he'd be able to see her crotch, which in his growing state of excitement he wouldn't have minded at all.

In fact, at one point he purposely dropped the magazine he was reading just so he could bend over and shoot a quick glance between her legs. When he did, he could have sworn he could smell the intoxicating odor of wet pussy... but that was more than he could have asked for, he thought. Maybe his little girl was fantasizing about the flight attendant. He couldn't believe he could possibly turn her on.

He did wonder why she'd dressed so provocatively, though. His first thought when he'd seen her before they left was that she was getting a jump on the island ambience. She certainly didn't have many more clothes on than what was commonly worn down there. But when she'd given him that hug and practically glued herself to his body, he began to wonder what was going on. Of course he didn't mind, not at all. He'd practically had a hard on since that moment.

"Daddy?" Sandi's voice roused him from his thoughts.

"Yes, honey, what is it?"

"Could you put that blanket over us, I'm getting a little chilly."

Tom's heart sank a bit. Damn, I was just getting used to looking at those beautiful legs, he thought.

"Sure. There, is that better?" he said as he pulled the blanket over her.

"Thanks, but could you pull it over your lap too? There's a draft getting under that edge," she said indicating the blanket edge between them. "See, like this."

As Sandi pulled the blanket over to cover her father's lap, she pulled her arm under the blanket and let her hand drop to his crotch. She felt his semi-hard cock pointing up toward his waist inside his pants. Her forearm rubbed against it as she let her hand hang limply between his legs.

"Oh, yes daddy. That's much better."

Tom's eyes rolled back in his head. Oh my god! She's almost holding on to my cock! He felt it harden as his daughter's hand rested less than an inch from his balls. He felt an involuntary spasm shoot through his cock, which in turn moved his cock against Sandi's arm.

"Daddy, I can't wait to get to our hotel, can you?"

"No, uh... no I uh... I can't wait," he stammered like a 14 year old on his first date.

Sandi smiled. Everything was going to be just perfect, she could tell by the growing bulge next to her arm in her father's pants.

I wonder if daddy's ever fucked a young girl before? The thought began to excite her as she imagined her father seducing some teenager, maybe even one of her own friends! Oooh, that would be shocking wouldn't it, she grinned to herself. My daddy the dirty old man! Well soon he's going to get some little girl pussy and I can't wait. She let out a muffled groan.

The thought of her father burying his face in her smooth shaved pussy filled her mind. The image made her so horny that she had to try to do something about it. Asking her father to put the blanket over her had two separate but related goals. One, which was a success by the feel of things, was to get her hand down between her dad's legs so she could feel his cock. The second was to give herself the opportunity to sneak her hand between her legs so she could rub her pussy. Ever since she had the hair on her pussy removed, she found she loved the feel of her smooth little puss. Of course, she loved playing with herself anyway but now there was something special about the feel.

She realized it was because she'd done it for her father. It was something overtly sexual that she'd done just to please him. She was going to fuck her dad. The man who made her was going to fill her pussy with his cum. God was that a delicious thought.

Her hand found it's way between her legs and she was overwhelmed with how wet she'd become. Her thong was drenched and her thighs were actually getting sticky. As she snaked her finger under the thong and slid it between her lips, she shuddered when it touched her clit. Oh fuck! If I'm not careful I'm going to cum so hard I'll scream right here on this plane. She pulled her hand out.

Oh she ached to find that blinding release in her orgasm but she knew now she was just too turned on. She couldn't do it surreptitiously if she wanted to. Her fingers felt sticky with the oozing juices from her cunt. This could be fun, she thought.

With that she pulled her hand from under the blanket and pointed across her father and out the window.

"Daddy, did you see that?" she said holding her pointing finger in front of her father's face.

"What, honey?"

"I don't know, I just saw something there," she continued to point with her finger right in front of his nose.

"No, I don't see anything." Tom's nose twitched with a scent that attacked his now rock hard cock right through his nostrils. He shifted uncomfortably hoping to move it from Sandi's arm, which still lay in his lap. He knew without a doubt he could smell pussy when she held her finger in front of his nose. I think she's playing with herself... and me too!

Could she know how he felt? He couldn't let himself believe it. She just must be a little turned on and touched herself. It was an accident that she pointed with that finger. "She probably didn't even realize it," he rationalized.

"Daddy, could you hold me a little tighter, I'm still a bit cold. Why don't you put your arm under the blanket and then you can pull me close to you."

She's a little vixen, he thought.

"OK, here you go." He moved his arm under the blanket and decided to give her something to think about. If she was playing with him, this should put a stop to it.

He dropped his arm around her and let his hand fall to her hip. Under the blanket, her skirt had ridden up and as he let his fingers caress her, all he felt was skin, the smooth skin of her ass cheek. He gently moved his palm in a light circle.

"Hmmmm... That feels nice daddy. Maybe you can give me a massage when we get to the hotel."

Tom moved his hand until he could feel the strap of her thong disappearing between her smooth young buttocks. Then, sliding his hand down along her left thigh he pulled her toward him. Sandi lifted her leg as she rolled into her father's embrace and let her outside leg cross over and rest on his. She felt his hand move back down to her ass and from behind felt the pressure of his fingers on her barely covered pussy. She let out a muffled cry as her father touched her.

"Is everything all right?"

Tom looked up to see a flight attendant peering down at him with concern across her brow.

His cock wilted. His face flushed.

"Is your..."

"...daughter. She's my daughter."

"Is your daughter OK?"

"Oh, yes, she's fine. She's just a little tired and I think the motion of the plane caused her to feel faint. She'll be fine, thanks."

"Let us know if you need anything," she smiled as she moved on.

Sandi let out a giggle.

Tom let out a sigh of relief.

"Maybe you better sit up, I think we're going to be landing soon." Tom's head was spinning. He could hardly believe what had just happened. He nearly had fingered his own daughter's pussy, on an airplane no less! Not to mention almost getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar!

Meanwhile, Sandi could only think of one thing: her plan was working! She knew it was just a matter of a couple of hours and she would be right where she wanted to be... naked and riding her father's cock!

Ain't life grand!
Chapter 3

By the time they landed, found their luggage, and walked outside to find a cab, the reality of everything that Sandi had been planning hit her right in the center of her dripping pussy. The heat of Aruba was no match for what she was feeling. She knew that her father had taken the bait she had carefully been dangling in front of him since they left their house that morning. She couldn't have asked for a better response. Her dad was every bit the lascivious lecher she hoped he was. All those years of teasing, which had been growing in intensity between daughter and father would end today, this afternoon. Sandi was sure of it.

As a final gesture of this long game of seduction, Sandi had a last surprise for her father. Upon arriving in the airport, Sandi excused herself to the women's room and removed her thong. Now it was just a simple matter of letting her little short skirt to ride up a bit in the cab so her dad could see her freshly shaved pubes. "He's gonna think he died and went to heaven when I get done with him!"

"Honey, are you all right? You can hardly stand still," Tom said as he looked at his daughter.

"I'm just so excited daddy, I can't stand it!"

Tom's eyes traced from her nipples standing at attention under her little crop top, to her smooth flat stomach and down to what he decided was the shortest skirt he'd ever seen. "I'm getting pretty excited myself," he thought.
After what happened on the plane, Tom had begun to consider the possibility that his daughter wanted him to bring her to Aruba for the purpose of seducing him. While he would never have allowed himself to consider that as a real possibility, he knew if he had the chance, he would.

Finally, the porter waved them to a cab at the curb. It was a small car, typical outside the U.S., and after giving the driver their luggage, they squeezed into the back seat.

"God there's hardly any room back here. You can put your arm around me if it will make you more comfortable, daddy." Everything was working out perfectly.

"Thanks, honey." Tom put his arm around Sandi allowing her to lean into him again.

As the cabbie got in and pulled away Sandi was ready for the last part of her plan. She wanted to do this while her father couldn't really respond and the cab was the perfect place.

"Daddy, I have a little present for you."

"Sandi, you shouldn't have gotten anything for me. After all it's your birthday!"

"But daddy, I couldn't resist. Now like all good presents this one comes wrapped but I took the liberty of unwrapping it myself. In fact, all your going to get right now is the wrapping."

"OK..." Tom wasn't sure exactly where this was leading but after what happened on the airplane, he knew anything was possible with his sexy little daughter.

"Now, you know how sometimes people save the wrapping off of their packages?" asked Sandi.

"Yes and you know I think that's really tacky, like they're going to reuse it for someone else."

"Well, I think you might want to keep the wrapping I'm going to give you, but I doubt you'll use it for someone else." Sandi was enjoying her little game.

"This sounds interesting. OK, baby I'm ready," Tom's curiosity was definitely peaked.

"Now close your eyes and hold out your hand." Sandi looked up to make sure her father's eyes were shut. He held out is right hand and squeezed his eyes very tight.

"There, my eyes are shut good and tight," he said with a grin on his face as he played along with her game.

"I hope you like things that are good and tight, daddy." Sandi couldn't help saying. Sandi pulled her damp thong from her purse and gently laid it on her father's open hand. Then she placed her palm under his hand a slowly raised it until the crumpled but fragrant panties were directly in front of his nose.

It took a second before Tom recognized the exquisite smell drifting into his nose. He gulped and opened his eyes. There on his hand was a black thong. He knew exactly what this meant and reflexively looked down at his daughter's lap.

His eyes must have nearly dropped out of their sockets. The small strip of Sandi's skirt was pulled back toward her waist. Her legs were slightly parted and he could clearly see the puffy outer lips of her naked little pussy. He sat transfixed as he lowered his hand that held the panties in front of his nose.

"I hope you like it... the wrapping I mean," said Sandi innocently. She then took her palm and cupped her mons, rubbing it lightly. "I bet you can't wait to get your present now that you've seen the wrapping."

"Uh... yeah... I can't... I can't wait." Tom's mouth and brain were no longer functioning properly. He shifted slightly and then realized that he was trying to make adjustment for the raging hard once again had.

"Here daddy, let me help you with that." Tom jumped as Sandi moved her hand toward him thinking she meant his cock. Instead she grabbed the thong still resting on his hand and stuffed it into his shirt pocket. "There, now they'll be safe and sound."

"The Seaside Resort, right?" said the cabdriver as he turned into the driveway.

"That's right, thanks," said Sandi. Her father was still unable to speak. She casually pulled down her skirt, barely covering her mound. She reached over and patted her dad's leg.

"We're here daddy, let's go get our room."

"Rooms, you mean rooms," he mumbled. Somewhere in the back of his mind Tom was clinging to his vision of them each having their own room.

"Oh, yeah, right..." Sandi chuckled to herself. After all that and he still thinks were going to have separate rooms. He's so cute, she thought.

They paid the driver, and followed the bellman into the lobby. As they approached the desk Sandi said, "I'll take care of this Dad, I made the reservations."

"OK, sweetheart," Tom was glad not to have to talk to anybody. He watched Sandi from behind as she stood talking to the woman behind the desk. God, she is one fine piece of ass he drooled to himself. What the fuck am I saying, he thought. That's my daughter... yeah, the one I've been fantasizing about for the last four years!

Clearly Tom's emotions were in turmoil but any misgivings he might have had disappeared when he saw Sandi rise up on her tiptoes and lean over the counter so she could sign them in. As she did, the back of her skirt lifted high enough to reveal the cheeks of her ass. Tom quickly looked around him to see if anyone else noticed the display his daughter was providing. No one seemed to be paying attention, for which he was grateful. Of course, he was also grateful for the spectacular view Sandi was giving him.

Sandi completed the check-in and turned to see her father checking out her ass. He looked up and his face reddened as she approached.

"Enjoying the scenery? You know Aruba is a desert island, which means everything is bare here. I hope you like it bare." Sandi loved toying with her father.

"Did you get my room key?" asked Tom, ignoring her obvious reference.

"Yes. Here... I hope it fits. Let's go up and see..."

Sandi turned and led the way to the elevator. The bellman saw they were leaving and joined them.

"I hope you have a wonderful stay with us," the bellman greeted them.

"Why thank you! It's so beautiful here," Sandi replied.

"You'll never want to go back," the bellman said with a chuckle.

As the bellman led them to their room he pointed out the hotel's features and amenities. He opened the door and guided them in.

"Well, there is your luggage. If you need anything let me know," he said as he left them alone in the room.

As the door closed Tom realized that he had left their entire luggage in the same room. "Wait!" he called.

"Daddy, what's wrong?"

"Well, obviously he forgot that he has to take one of us to another room."

Tom had walked to the door and began to open it.

Sandi called after him, "Dad... just wait. I have to tell you something but first I need you to come here."

"But I can still catch him..."

"Please daddy, I can explain if you'll come in here."

Tom couldn't see Sandi from the door so he turned and walked back into the bedroom. When he turned the corner he stopped dead in his tracks.

Sandi's skirt and top lay on the floor in a pile. Sandi was on the bed; legs spread enough for him to clearly see her open pussy lips. Her shaved cunny glistened with a slick coating of her juices.

"See Daddy, I need you to help me with something. I need you to come and fuck your little girl, Daddy. I've been planning this moment since the day you told me we could go to Aruba. Don't disappoint me. I know you want me. I want you too. I need you."

Tom's ears burned with the truth his daughter spoke to him. She wanted him to fuck her. SHE WANTED HIM TO FUCK HER!

"Sandi! Get off that bed and get over here right now!" he nearly yelled at her.

Sandi's heart sank. Oh shit, she thought. Slowly she got up and walked over to him, all of a sudden feeling very naked with no place to hide. She couldn't look at him.

Tom placed his finger under her chin and raised her head.

"Sandi, how am I going to fuck you with these clothes on?"

It took a second for the words to sink in. "Oh daddy!" she cried and threw her arms around her father's neck.

Tom reached down and grabbed an ass cheek in each hand. "You little slut! I'm going to fuck your brains out!" Then he bent down and kissed his little girl but this was like no kiss he'd ever given her before. His tongue probed her open mouth as each of them began to moan with pleasure.

Sandi pressed her hot little box into her father's cock. "Ooooh daddy, we need to let someone out to play!"

Sandi reached down and pulled open Tom's belt. As she yanked open his pants, Tom tore off his shirt. Sandi maneuvered him around so she could push him back on the bed, laughing as he started kicking his pants off.

"It might help to take off your shoes!" she laughed. She grabbed one and then the other, tossing them aside and then each leg of his pants, then his socks. All that remained was his underwear, which tented up obscenely with his rock hard cock.

"Oh this is going to be fun!" she said as she crawled up the bed and straddled his legs.

"God, get them off me before I rip a hole in them!" cried her frustrated father.

"But Daddy, I've been waiting for this moment for so long I want to savor it."

Tom groaned in agony as he watched Sandi lean forward. Her beautiful tits swayed back and forth as they hung in front of his hungry eyes. He reached out with one hand to touch them. Sandi looked up and smiled and then she lowered her mouth to her father's cloth covered prick head. Her tongue pressed against the very tip where the pre-cum had already soaked through the fabric. Slowly she lowered her mouth and let her lips encompass his cock head. She could taste the salty liquid and she reveled in the moment. She had her mouth on her father's cock. The delicious feeling of raw sexuality combined with the delightful knowledge of the taboo caused her pussy to melt within her.

She released her dad's cock from her mouth and hooked her fingers under the waistband of the shorts. She pulled slowly and deliberately. His cock painfully bent forward as she pulled them down. Tom didn't think he'd ever been this hard in his life.

Sandi lifted the waistband so she could get it over the prize of her dad's cock and then she quickly pulled the underwear down below his balls. The rest would have to wait because she was focused solely on one thing: sucking Daddy.

She loved the purplish-red flared head that stood so proudly at attention just inches from her face. Again she lowered her head, this time there was nothing between her tongue and the cock that made her. God, she thought, this was the same cock that fucked inside my mother's pussy and now I'm going to make it mine!

Her tongue gently touched the slit at the top. She swirled her tongue around the head and then enveloped it with her lips. She looked up at her dad. This is where she belonged. Tom's eyes met hers. Never would they look at each other in the same way from this moment on. Now they were father and daughter and lovers at the same time. They both knew that they had embarked on something that would change their lives forever.

Sandi lowered her mouth gently over her father's rock hard cock. She loved the feeling of it sliding over her tongue. She wanted all of it in her mouth and opened her throat as best she could to accommodate its size. She kept looking at her father's face, gauging his reaction. His eyes rolled back, his eyelids half closed. A low moan began to rumble from deep within. All the dreams, fantasies and good old-fashioned jerk-off sessions thinking about his daughter were coming true at this very moment.

Sandi began to suck up and down. She hadn't decided whether she wanted her father to cum in her mouth the first time or in her pussy. She found both options very appealing. Certainly she would have the opportunity to do both many times from now on. She couldn't wait to have her dad fill her pussy with his cum but there was something equally exciting about having him fill her mouth the first time he came with her. She loved the idea that her father's memory of their first sex together would be of her sucking the semen from his pulsating cock. Every time they were together, he could look at her mouth and remember the image of him blasting her throat with his hot jism, of her milking his cock dry, of the cum leaking out the side of her mouth and her gulping it down. Yes, that was what she wanted him to remember: that she loved his cum and she could eat it anytime, anywhere.

As all this played out in her mind she had begun to suck his cock with all the lust in her being. She was close to cumming herself, even though she was totally concentrating on her father. She could tell he was going to cum soon. Her tongue swirled around his cock as her lips rose up and down the bursting shaft. She cupped his balls in her hand and she felt them tighten. Suddenly her father began to lift his hips to meet her mouth. He was fucking her face with all his strength. She felt him tense and then he erupted into her mouth.

She'd given her dates head on occasion, but even the pent up cum of a teenage boy was less than the amount her father blew into her eager young mouth. She didn't know how often her father masturbated or if he had sex with anyone else, although she doubted it. But he couldn't have had more semen in that moment than if he'd been celibate for a year. Sandi had always imagined she would swallow all of it but it was simply impossible. As much as she gulped and licked it still ran out the sides of her mouth, coating her hands and his cock. She loved how it felt when it hit the back of her mouth and throat. She didn't want it to end but of course it did.

Sandi looked up at her father. His eyes were closed, in fact, he almost looked as if he'd passed out.

"Dad? Are you all right?"

"Oh baby, I've never been better. Come here." He motioned for her to crawl up into his arms. Sandi moved up and nestled next to her dad. "I've never cum like that in my life."

"Oh daddy, I love you so much!"

"Honey, give me a minute and I'm going to return the favor. I can't wait to lick that little pussy of yours!"

"Do you like it? I wanted it to be perfect for you."

Tom reached over and let his fingers feel the smooth silken skin of her naked little pussy. "How did you know I like shaved pussy?" he asked.

"I found some magazines in your room. All the girls were young and clean as a whistle," she laughed.

"Ooooh you little scamp you! If I'd gone through your room you would have been so mad at me!"

"Daddy, you can go through my room anytime you want," she said with a grin.

Tom looked down as Sandi held his cock in her hand, gently playing with it.

"I suppose your hoping you can coax that back to life," he said with a grin.

"You know it!"

"How about we give it some time to resurrect while I explore your perfect 18 year old body with my tongue?"

"Oooh, that sounds delightful!"
Chapter 4

As Tom rolled over onto his hands and knees he looked down at his daughter. He couldn't help but think of all the times he'd fantasized about this moment. Here Sandi lay on the bed next to him. He sat back on his haunches and admired her exquisite body.

Tom knew that Sandi might not have the size breasts that many find so appealing but the fact that they were a bit on the small side only increased his attraction. Her breathing caused her chest to noticeably rise and fall as the anticipation of her father's touch welled up inside. His eye followed the line of her ribcage down into the hollow of her stomach where her belly button mimicked the same rhythmic movement. He gently put his hand on her thigh so he could open her leg slightly while his eye traced a line from her naval to her the swell of her pubic bone.

There was no sight that was more exciting to Tom than a completely shaved mons. As he looked at his daughter's delectably smooth pussy he was taken by how perfect she looked. He moved down the bed so he could more easily see the lips of her moist furrow, which twitched involuntarily as it waited for his touch. He then noticed Sandi had grabbed a handful of bed sheet at either side, as if to prevent her hands from providing her own relief.

He couldn't resist moving forward again onto his hands so he could closely inspect her slightly reddened lips. They glistened in the afternoon sunlight that played across her. He could see and smell the flow of moisture that threatened to spill from her. He could only imagine how wet she must be and what an intense thrill it would be when he finally pushed his cock into her sweetness. It took every ounce of restraint he could muster to keep from attacking her pussy at that moment. There was only one good reason he could think of not to, but it had become the most important thing he could think of... he wanted this moment to be perfect for both of them.

He carefully took his thumb and forefinger and placed them at the top of her opening. Pressing down and pulling gently back, he opened her, allowing him to see her clitoris. But then, he could hardly have missed it. It was straining to be stimulated, reaching upward and engorged with desire. The dark pink inside her lips contrasted with the pale color of her outer skin.

Sandi moaned with an otherworldly sound deep inside her. Tom glanced up to see her head writhing back and forth, eyes shut tight and back arching. If he didn't know she was at the peak of sexual stimulus he might have thought she was in extreme agony.

While serving the purpose of seducing her father since that morning, all of her teasing had been stoking her own sexual furnace. Normally she would have masturbated at some point during the day just to relieve the tension but not today. She let the sexual energy build; made ten-fold stronger by the knowledge that it was her father who would supply the relief by fucking her. Now, she could hardly take another minute's delay.

Tom sensed her desperation and released the pressure that opened her lips. His hand slid across her perfectly smooth flesh and once again he was overcome with the intensity of his own feelings. His daughter. Her shaved pussy. Her wanton lust for him, for sex. It was more than his mind could contain. There was only one thing left to do. Ravish her.

Tom moved up on his hands and knees and being careful not to touch her with his body, nestled his face into the side of her neck. Her warmth radiated into his face, the strands of her hair giving him chills as they tickled his skin. His tongue traced up to her ear as he gently blew out a small breath. His right hand rested on her stomach and he could feel goose bumps race across her skin as he whispered, "I love you."

He kissed down around her neck leaning across to her other side and then up to her cheek, and her forehead. He lightly kissed each of her eyelids feeling them flutter beneath his touch. His lips found her parted mouth. He let his tongue sweep around the fullness of her mouth and then he softly kissed her, their tongues meeting and tenderly touching.

Although he could have lingered there he moved down to her chin, her throat and between the rise of her breasts. Her nipples were engorged with desire. He slowly kissed around the perimeter of each breast, feeling the softness of her flesh as his mouth and nose pressed against them. His tongue slowly circled outside one aureole and then the other. Such a delicious dilemma as he moved from one breast to the other and back again, trying to give both the devotion they deserved.

The moment that his tongue touched directly upon her nipple, Sandi let out a cry of relief. Her entire body tensed as she raised herself up and caused her nipple to be sucked into her father's mouth. Tom hungrily attacked it with lips, tongue and teeth. For Sandi, it was as if a bolt of electricity jumped from her breast down to her pussy. Having started with the breast farthest from him, Tom placed his left hand on her other tit and squeezed the nipple between thumb and forefinger rolling it between them. This double stimulation caused Sandi to succumb to her first orgasm at her father's touch.
Wave after wave of pleasure surged through her teenaged body. She had never experienced anything so intense, so all encompassing in her short sexual life. No amount of self-stimulation, no other boy, nothing had ever created the overwhelming response that shook her body in that moment.

Tom knew the second it hit that Sandi needed to cum so she could enjoy what was still in store for her. She had been so excited, at such a sexual peak that she would have not been able to enjoy the remainder of their first father/daughter lovemaking. He wanted her to remember everything, now as her ragged breathing began to slow, he knew he could take her back to that mountain and perhaps even higher.

He continued to suck on her nipple, but with a more languid pace, now moving from one to the other. Now his own sexual tension was beginning to build as he began to anticipate a dream he'd had for years: licking Sandi's pussy. Fully erect for sometime, his hardened tool seemed to grow even more rigid as he began to move toward his prize. He used his tongue to guide him down her stomach, swirling it slightly in her naval. He knew she had recovered from her "le petit mort," or little death, as she giggled when he licked her little belly button.

Then he moved lower, moving his head from side to side so he could let his cheek feel the smoothness of her pussy. He put his hands under her thighs and spread her legs. Bending over her as he turned, he placed a leg on each side of her and faced her in the classic 69 position. He didn't lower his cock to her mouth however. He didn't want her distracted from what he was going to do, but he did want her to be able to look up and see his rock hard cock.

He bent his head down and kissed the upper vee of smooth flesh. Sandi instinctively spread her legs even wider.

"Oh daddy, lick my pussy, please! Lick your little girl!" she implored.

Tom kissed around the outside of her open and puffy lips. He moved down one side and then down the other teasing her aching clitoris. She cried out for more, "Please lick my pussy, suck it, please..."

Tom moved instead to her inner thighs, kissing and licking down to her knees. His cock, hanging straight down as he bent over her, poked her in the stomach. The contact caused her to jump and she looked down to see a strand of clear pre-cum stretch between the tip of her father's cock and where it had touched her stomach.

Tom moved around the bed so he could kneel between her legs.

"Does daddy's little girl want her pussy licked? Is that what you want my perfect baby daughter?" he tantalized her.

"Yes, please, oh please..."

Tom moved forward with a sudden lunge and enveloped her naked dripping pussy with his open mouth. Her wetness filled his mouth as he licked and savored every drop. Her liquid ooze smeared across his entire face as he moved it side to side wanting to baptize himself in her essence. The warm sweet taste of her juices combined with the captivating aroma of her thrashing pussy overwhelmed his senses.

He was eating his daughter's pussy, which she had prepared for him. She had become his love feast. He would have her to enjoy forever. He would fuck her everyday for as long as he could. Oh how exciting it was to be licking the pussy of the little girl he fathered, how delightfully lewd and obscene.

His mouth searched out Sandi's clit and he took it between his lips. He began to milk it swirling his tongue around it. It seemed to grow even larger and Sandi started to moan louder, her body thrashing beneath him. The only respite he gave her was when he dipped his tongue down to her hole and probed as deeply as he could to taste her slick essence.

He was beginning to lose control himself. He knew the time had come to complete her transition from loving daughter to daughter-lover. He rose up on his knees and the loss of pressure against her pussy caused Sandi to cry out as if in pain.

"No! I need you! God, please finish me..."

It took a second for Sandi to realize that her father was positioning her so he could finally end this dance of theirs. Four years of teasing would soon be over when he impaled her with his cock. She looked down and saw how large and angry it looked with its red flared head stretched tight. The veins stuck out as they traversed down the sides pumping more and more blood into the distended phallus. Sandi looked up into her father's eyes. She was met with an urgent glare of unmistakable lust. She knew her father loved her, he had told her so only moments before, but now she could see that primal sexual need was coursing through him.

She took her hands and grabbed at her naked crotch. She quickly rubbed herself and then using both hands, opened her lips as wide as she could. She raised her legs at the knees spreading herself wide. She smiled with a lust filled hunger.

"Daddy, come fuck me."

Tom pulled her narrow hips toward him, his legs pushing against her thighs. He looked down and grabbed his cock, and rubbed it over her pussy causing her to gasp in delight.

"Yessss! Put it in me. Put it in me and fill me with your love Daddy!"

"You little slut! My daughter is such a fucking little slut! I love your little pussy and now I'm going to make it mine. Now, it's my personal little pussy and you are my personal fuck slut!"

With that he found the entrance and in one powerful thrust shoved his cock deep inside her!

"Oh baby, god this feels so good! I love you so much little girl."

Sandi's pussy was so wet, that in spite of being incredibly tight, Tom's cock filled her pussy in an instant. He lay still for a second reveling in the feeling. Tom always loved the moment he first put his cock into a pussy, but this was nothing like ever before. He looked down at his daughter. He knew he was in the perfect pussy.

He began to move, slowly circling his hips. He pulled back and allowed his cock to slide through her cunt and then he moved back deep inside her. Pressing his pubic bone against her he continued to move his hips applying pressure to her clit at the top of her pussy.

The velvet glove. He'd heard that phrase describe the feeling of a cock in a warm wet pussy. Fucking in and out of his little girl's pussy, he knew he'd discovered the true meaning of that phrase.

Tom nuzzled into Sandi's neck as he continued to fuck his daughter. They both found the rhythm that created the maximum mutual stimulation.

"Do you like fucking your daughter Daddy?" Sandi loved the effect her words had on her father. He answered by thrusting rapidly, slamming himself into her small lithe body. "I'll take that as a yes," she chuckled.

Tom did love it when Sandi verbalized his thoughts. He loved hearing her acknowledge that she was his daughter. The beauty of that thought started to boil between his legs.

He was fucking... his... daughter... He thrust harder with each word. Sandi met each one with her own urgent need. As they both neared their first fucking orgasm, their first mutual cum, Sandi cried out, "OH GOD YES, FUCK ME DADDY, FUCK ME HARD. MAKE ME CUM. FILL ME WITH YOUR LOVE DADDY! FUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKKK YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!

Sandi dissolved into an orgasm that she couldn't have anticipated. As the waves of exquisite pleasure engulfed her body she literally blacked out for a brief moment. Tom cried with each spasm that flooded the 18 year old. Sandi regained her sense of time and place as Tom's cock continued to pulsate, spending the last drops of cum into her cunt. They lay joined, Tom rolling over and pulling Sandi partially up onto him so he could keep what was left of his softening cock inside her.

"Oh Sandi. I've never experienced anything so powerful in my whole life. I never dreamed fucking my daughter would be so incredible!"

"Daddy, I love you," Sandi replied as she snuggled into him. This was just the beginning she thought. She let out a big sigh. This was going to be the perfect vacation!
I was in the middle of a great fuck, Marcia was on her back, legs widely spread as I was pounding her pussy with all the energy I had while we were passionately kissing. I had my tongue in her mouth and my cock in her pussy. She was moaning with pleasure as she experienced another wild orgasm. Just as I began to erupt inside her with a big load of semen, the doorbell rang. It startled me and I lost my erection. Marcia did not seem to change her mood at all and once she calmed down from her sexual high, she yelled, "Come on in!"

I was a bit apprehensive not knowing who to expect but knowing Marcia, it was probably some one wanting to have sex with her. As I finished ejaculating the last of my cum inside Marcia's hot pussy, I heard some voices and looked around to see who it might be, I recognized Marcia's neighbor Steve and a woman I assumed was his wife, standing at the bedroom door. She was a good looking woman with nice big tits that were nearly totally exposed by her little halter she was wearing, Steve had his arm around her cupping one of her tits saying, "See Sandi, Marcia's pussy is full of fresh cum just like you like it."

Sandi responded, "Oh yes, I can see that her pussy is really loaded, look at all the juicy cum oozing out of her fuck hole. But honey, I want to taste your cum too. So why don't you fuck Marcia after this guy is done. I know you like sloppy seconds and I love sucking her cunt when it's full of your cum."

I was a bit taken back by the conversation and having pumped my last drop of cum into Marcia's pussy, I just laid down on top of her feeling totally exhausted. Marcia grabbed my face giving me a passionate kiss while she rotated her pussy getting every sensations she could from my dick that was still buried in her cunt. As my cock began to shrink, I rolled off her to see Steve standing next to the bed now naked with his wife on her knees sucking his hard cock. Marcia looked over at Steve saying, "Has Sandi got you cock hard so you can penetrate my hot snatch and dump another load of cum in me like Charlie just did?"

"Yea, I'm ready for a good hot fuck Marcia, are you ready?"

"Have you ever known me not to be ready? The only time I'm not ready is when my pussy is already full of cock or when I'm pissing. I have even be fucked when I was sound asleep, you know. Now get up here between my legs sweetie and let me feel that big cock of yours inside my pussy again. I always like being fucked by you Steve, so just stick it deep inside me." Marcia opened her arms and legs inviting Steve into an embrace and for him to fuck her. Sandi released her mouth from her hubbies dick as he crawled between Marcia's legs and immediately sank his cock into her already wet cunt.

I looked down at Sandi who was still on her knees. She was a little plump with really big tits. The halter she was wearing had slid down to her belly giving me a great view of her bare tits. They were magnificent, big with 50 cent size rosettes and nipples that stood out nearly and half inch. I said, "Hi, my name is Charlie."

She responded, "Hi, I'm Sandi. How would you like getting down here and play with these mammies that you are staring at while my husband Steve loads up Marcia's pussy with more hot cum." She was pulling her halter up over her head as she continued talking. "I love having my tits played with and most guys love my nipples." With nipples like she had, no wonder guys liked them, what a find. I scooted down off the bed next to Sandi and took one of her magnificent tits in each hand. She kissed me hard on the lips as I began squeezing her wonderful big tits. I ran my fingers across her nipples many times enjoying how erect they were. I then took her nipples between my thumbs and index fingers and pinched both nipples.

She released our lip lock saying, "Oh yea, pinch those babies, I love having my tits and nipples squeezed real hard. It makes my pussy all wet and juicy and you do want my pussy to get juicy, don't you?"

I nodded yes as I continued pinching and fondling her tits and nipples. I then crunched down and took one of her tits in my mouth and bit her nipple followed by using my tongue to play with her magnificent nipple. She put her hand on the back of my head and pushed my face into her tits. As I was enjoying sucking on her tit, I heard her say, "Oh look at Marcia and Steve, they are really getting it on, I love to see my hubby get all excited when his dick is inside some gals cunt. I think Marcia is about to get another load of cum in her twat. I love eating Marcia's cunt, she has such big cunt lips that I love to suck on."

From our vantage point, we were both looking straight up Marcia's crotch, watching Steve's hard cock sliding in and out of her pussy. Sandi said, "I need to make sure my hubby really loads her up." She stood up reaching over between Steve's legs to rub his ass cheeks. When he began to groan, Sandi quickly ran her finger down his crack until she reached his asshole and then plunged finger in all the way. She began working her finger inside her hubbies ass as he began pumping Marcia's ass full of cum.

Steve responded, "Oh sweetie, that makes me so hot, I love having you finger up my ass playing with my prostate while I'm cuming. I'm really loading up Marcia's pussy for you, baby."

As Sandi was bent over, her big tits hung down making them look even bigger. I couldn't resist and got behind her reaching around her body taking a tit in each hand. I squeezed her tits very hard three or four times, then found her nipples and pinched and pulled on them a few times. She turned her head toward me saying, "Yes, oh how I like that. Now finger my pussy and get me off big guy, I need relief."

I let go of her tits, lifted her skirt finding her ass to be bare, she of course did not wear any panties. I slid my hand down her ass and between her legs until I found her cunt and when I did, she moaned with pleasure. She was wet alright, I slipped a finger in her and began finger fucking her like there was no tomorrow. She climaxed in a manner of moments, I was surprised but was rewarded with a handful of cum that oozed out of her cunt and ran down my finger and into the palm of my hand.

As Steve began pulling his shrinking cock out of Marcia's pussy, Sandi backed away turning toward me while taking a hold of my cum filled hand. She pulled it up to her face and very slowly licked my hand, then pushed my hand into my face inviting me to lick it. As I licked my hand she said, "How do I taste?"

"Good, real good and salty."

Sandi responded, "Thanks and I hope before tonight is over, I'll get a chance to eat some of your cum, I bet you are tasty too."

At this point I looked over at Marcia, she was still lying on the bed in the same position as before with Steve next to her, they were passionately kissing with Steve fondling her tits. She had her legs widely spread giving us a great view of her cum oozing cunt. As soon as Sandi noticed that her hubby was no longer fucking Marcia, she crawled up on the bed between Marcia's legs placing her mouth directly over her cum leaking cunt. Sandi made a loud sucking sound as she began to dine on Marcia's pussy. Marcia reached down grabbing a handful of Sandi's hair pulling Sandi's face tight into her pussy. Marcia pulled loose of Steve's lips to yell, "Oh shit Sandi, eat me you pig. Suck your hubby's cum out of my cunt you bitch, suck me good, eat me, clean me out, lick me, tongue fuck me, just don't stop you horny slut whore, you cum eating piss ass cunt."

Sandi was really working on Marcia's pussy, she was sucking and licking her like a possessed woman. In the meantime Steve had crawled up to the other side of the bed to give Marcia an opportunity to suck his dick. She was happily cleaning all the cum off his cock by holding his dick up and licking its full length, then taking his entire cock totally into her mouth with her lips tightly encircling his cock. She also would pull his cock forward so that she could reach his balls with her tongue and mouth.

Watching all this action got me hard as a rock and with Sandi's ass sticking up right next to me, I could not resist. I got behind her and slid my dick directly into her wet pussy and let nature takes its course. I fondled her big tits as I fucked her while I enjoy watching Sandi eat Marcia's pussy and Marcia suck on Steve's cock and balls. Steve had gotten hard again and Marcia was giving him a good blowjob. He did not last long at all as I watched him shoot another load of cum into Marcia's mouth. I was in hog heaven and banged Sandi as hard as I could. It did not take me very long until I unloaded a good load into Sandi's pussy.

Both Steve and I were spent and moved back to a couple chairs near the bed. Marcia laid back moaning as Sandi continued eating her pussy. Finally Sandi lifted her head to see what was happening. Her mouth and chin were shinny with cum. Marcia looked at her and motioned her to move up which she did. Marcia took Sandi's face in her hands and licked her face a couple times before she put a lip lock on Sandi as they began a torrid kissing scene. They were grinding their pussies and tits together while fondling each other like they were trying to get into each other's body. It was really a hot hot scene.

I looked over at Steve and said, "Do you know what we should do?"

"No, what?"

"Get a double dildo for the girls so they can be fucking each other when they get this passionate with one another and then you and I can get behind them and fuck their ass's."

"Oh shit, that would really be hot Charlie. Whose ass would you like to fuck?"

"Well, I've fucked Marcia's ass a number of times so I would like to try your wife's ass, if that is OK with you."

"Certainly, her ass and pussy are available to you anytime Charlie, as are her tits. She seems to really like you, so feel free to fuck her anytime you want."

"Thanks Steve, I appreciate that. She really has nice nipples and great tits."

"Yea, she really digs having such big tits and loves to show them off. Lately my brother has been coming over a lot and fucking her, I think he gets more ass from her than I do."

"Has she always been this hot?"

"Oh yea. In high school she was the class slut. I think she fucked every kid in school by the time she was a junior. When she was a senior, she had a college boyfriend and was busy fucking him and all his buddies in the frat. There were stories that she could fuck for hours and still want more. Since we have been married which has been three years, I have set up four gangbangs for her. The last one was the best. I arranged for 50 guys and she took them all on and fucked every last one. It was amazing to watch. When a guy would finish fucking her and pull his dick out of her pussy or ass, she was anxious to get the next cock inside her, she was not content unless she was filled with cock meat. She was awesome, just awesome."

"Are her tits natural?"

"Yulp, every cubic inch of her tits are hers. She developed quite late for most girls, she had been sick as a child and was held back in school for two years. But when she turned seventeen while still in junior high school, she blossomed into a very stacked girl, which I think is why she is such a slut today. And I am thankful for that."

"Do you know how she lost her virginity?"

"It was one of her mother's boyfriends. When Sandi turned eighteen, her parents had a special private party for her consisting of her mother and dad, her older brother and her mom's black boyfriend. She said that prior to the party, her brother and her would fool around but she was never penetrated. She would suck him off and let him rub his cock all over her pussy and tits, but not let him fuck her. She said that her brother's friends would come over and fondle her tits a lot and she would suck them all off too. She said that it became a regular thing, which she really enjoyed.

So at this party her brother, dad and black guy began fondling her, stripped her clothes off and all three gave her oral sex. They began by all three licking, sucking and fondling her at the same time, paying special attention to her big tits. Her mother even joined in, and they gave Sandi a round robin. She would have a mouth on each tit and one on her pussy while her mouth was either licking and sucking a cock or her mom's pussy. They rotated every few minutes. They kept this up for well over an hour giving her multiple orgasms. She was in such a state of ecstasy that she pleaded over and over to be fucked. Her mom chose Sandi's brother to be the one to break her hymen but not to cum in her or bring her to an orgasm. Her father would be next but he too was not to cum in her or have her orgasm. She wanted her daughter's first fucking experience to be with her boyfriends huge black cock.

They had her lay on the bed spread eagle as Sandi's brother mounted her. He got on his knees between her out stretched legs and wiped his hard cock up and down her slit. She was begging him to fuck her but he took his time as his mother instructed. His pre-cum was lubing up her pussy and when her mother felt that she was wet enough by slipping a finger in her daughter's cunt, she told her son to go all the way. They all watched as he eased his cock into her pussy until he met resistance. Sandi said that her brother was very gentle and slowly pushed his dick into her until suddenly her hymen broke and he was all the way in her. She said the pain was minimal and that she felt mostly pleasure when she received the first cock inside her. Her brother slid his cock in and out of her slowly as he fucked her giving her nothing but pure pleasure. When her mother sensed that an orgasm was close, she instructed had her brother to get off his sister and then had Sandi's father mount her. Both Sandi's brother and father have above average size cocks which she has become very accustomed to having them inside her. While her father was fucking her, Sandi's mom was sucking on her black boyfriend's dick making sure her was fully erect.

Sandi's father was not able to restrain himself very well so he dismounted her quickly before he shot his wad inside his daughter's virgin pussy. Her mom immediately released her boyfriend's hard black cock and had him mount her daughter. They all intently watched as the black guy crawled up between her legs placing his big dick at the entrance of Sandi's pussy. Sandi looked down between her legs saying, "Oh I want to be fucked so bad, but he is so big. Are you sure he will fit inside me without hurting me."

Her mother responded, "Yes dear, you will be able to totally accommodate Jake's big cock, he is very gentle and will not hurt you. You will feel nothing but extreme pleasure being fucked by such a large cock. Just lay there and enjoy."

Jake placed the bulbous head of his big cock between Sandi's pussy lips and gradually pushed in. Sandi could see and feel her pussy lips part as Jake's cock began to very slowly disappear inside her pussy. She laid her head back and just enjoyed the sensations of having her pussy stuffed for the first time with a very large hard cock. Sandi's thinks that Jake had about a 10 inch cock. When Jake was about half way inside her, Sandi's mom instructed her to raise her knees up next to her sides as far as she could to give Jake maximum access to her cunt. Sandi pulled up her knees up until they were actually touching her tits and when she looked down between her legs she could see that Jake had but a few inches inside her. She said the sensations she was experiencing in her pussy were fantastic and closed her eyes to totally savor the pleasure. There were ripples of pleasure going thrught her body. As the intensity and extreme pleasure increased she became aware of a sensation on her ass. When she looked down between her legs she realized that the feeling she was getting on her ass was Jake's balls, he was totally inside her, all 10 glorious inches. At that point Jake looked over at Sandi's mom saying, "You were right, this young thing can take all of me. She is going to be one hot pussy."

Sandi looked him in the eye and said, "Now fuck me! I want to know what it feels like for a man to cum inside my cunt. I want to know and experience everything about sex. So just fuck me like you do mom." Jake did not hesitate and fucked Sandi in his usual manner. He moved his cock up and down in a constant rhythm putting pressure on the upper side of Sandi's pussy to arouse her clit. He continued this until she climaxed and then began to increase the pace and the force of his down strokes. He had lots of stamina and when he felt a climax coming on, he would slow down for awhile and then speed up again. He kept this up for about 10 minutes, in the meantime Sandi had three or four orgasms, she was nearly delirious with pleasure and was screaming with joy. Finally he sped up the pace and maintained it until he shot his wad of cum inside Sandi's cunt. He then collapsed on top of her totally exhausted as was she.

When Sandi came down off her sexual high, she looked over to see what her family was doing. They were on the floor and all Sandi could see at first were three pair of legs. As she looked closer she could see that her brother was on the bottom on his back with his cock buried in her mother's pussy and her dad was on top with his cock buried in her mother's ass. They were moaning and groaning as her mother was taking two cocks at once. She heard her mother saying, "Yes, yes, fuck me deep you guys, fuck me good, I want all of your juices inside me, I want to be juiced up, I want your cum, just fuck me, ohhhhhh yes, yes, ohhhh fantastic I'm cuming, I'm cuming, fill me, oh fill me up." Sandi's dad was really pounding her mom's ass, sliding his 8 inch dick the full length in and out of her mom's ass. Once he pulled out totally and Sandi could see that her mom's asshole was dilated nearly two inches. He then immediately plunged his cock back into her ass and then remained fully penetrated as he pumped his cum in his wife's ass.

Sandi was getting excited watching her mom get doubled fucked. She moved her head so she could easily watch her mom being fucked while Jake was still inside her, she could feel the gradual withdrawal of his dick. She wrapped her legs around him to make sure he did not slip out of her, she loved the feeling a having a cock in her pussy and didn't want to feeling to end.

After her dad shot his load up her mom's ass, he rolled off her onto his back. Her mom and brother managed to turn over without disengaging so that her brother was now on top. Her mom looked in her direction and when she noticed her daughter was laying there relaxed she said, "How was is Sandi?"

"Oh mom, it was the greatest. I now know why you fuck so much. It was so exciting, I came four or five times, I just love the feeling."

"I know sweetie, it is a wonderful feeling. Now that you are no longer a virgin, you will have lots of cocks to fuck. Your dad and brother will be especially happy that there is another cunt to fuck in this family."

As her mom was talking her brother was picking up the pace and slamming his cock hard and deep into he mom's pussy. Sandi said, "Mom."

"uhhh, ohhh, yes dear what, what, ohhhhh yes, is it?"

"I want to be double fucked like you just were, I want to feel a cock in my ass like I watched daddy do to you.'

"OK dear. Ohh yes sweetie, fuck mommy's pussy, give me your semen, cum in me honey I love having both your cum and your dad's cum in me at the same time, yes fuck me good." Her mom looked back at her again saying, "Honey I know you will love it, double fucking is one of my favorite things. I hope you will like fucking as I do, I just love cock, I love to fuck and be fucked. I love being surrounded by lots of naked men with hard cocks knowing they want to get their cocks inside me, to fill me or cover me with their cum."
At that point Sandi's brother began cuming in his mother's cunt who obviously could feel his juices being ejaculated inside her as she returned her attention to the action going on between her legs. "Oh honey that's it, fill your mommy's pussy with your sweet tasting cum, dump your load deep inside me honey, fuck me baby, fuck your mom, ohhh yes, that's it, I can feel my cunt getting all juicy from your cum, keep it up baby, yes, yes fuck me and make your mommy cum, ohhhhh, yes, I'm cumming too, ohh love it, just love being fucked like this, ohh yes fuck meeeee." She laid back closing her eyes as she moaned in ecstasy as her son continued filling her cunt with his semen and as she reached yet another climaxed

Sandi's dad was still sitting on the floor entertaining another hard on as he stroked himself watching his wife and son fuck. He looked over at Sandi and said, "Isn't that hot Sandi, watching James fuck your mother and look how she loves it. I can never get enough of watching your mom being fucked; she is addicted to being fucked. Big, small, long, black cocks, it does not make any difference as long as they get hard and she can fuck them."

"Yes daddy that is hot watching mom and James fuck. I have never seen live fucking before, only on video."

Sandi's dad stood up still stroking his hard cock and walked over to where his daughter was lying on the bed. He pointed his cock at her saying, "Sweetie, are you ready for another fuck?"

"Yes daddy, but I want you to fuck me in the ass like you just did to mom. That looked so hot and exciting. I want to be doubled fucked just like mom was."

"Baby, I would love to be the first to fuck you in the ass. I have wanted to fuck you for over a year, ever since you started blossoming, you have fantastic tits just like your mom. It is going to be so nice to be sexually free with you, to be able to see your young naked body running around the house and to know that I can freely fondle and fuck you. I was hoping to be the one that took your cheery, but being the first to fuck your virgin ass is just as good. It is not often one finds a virgin ass or pussy to fuck. I'm going to go get some butt plugs and lubricant jelly to prepare your ass for its first penetration, I want you to really like being fucked in the ass, I love fucking tight assholes." Her dad left the room.

Sandi returned her attention to her mom and brother. James had finished pumping his cum into his mother's pussy and was just lying on top of her panting from all the intense action. Her mom had wrapped her legs around her son's thighs and with her hands on his ass was trying to keep his cock buried in her as deep as possible while she was wiggling her ass to maximize the sensations she was getting deep down in her cunt. "Oh baby I love having your cock inside me, I love fucking you, I love knowing my pussy is full of your sweet tasty semen. Oh this is the greatest.'

James slowly recuperated raising his head from his mother's shoulder, first kissing her on the lips, then he scooted down in order that he could get his mouth on her tits and began sucking on her nipples. His soft cock slipped out of her dripping cunt as he laid there devouring his mom's tits. She said, "Oh sweetie, you treat your mom so well, oh how I love having you suck my tits like this, it makes my nipples so hard and gets my juices going."

She held his face tight against her big bare tits while she kissed him the top of his head. She looked up at Sandi who was lying there taking it all in and said, "Isn't your brother the greatest?'

"Yes mom, I have always enjoyed James although we have never fucked, I have sucked his cock many times."

"Have you ever swallowed his cum?'

"I didn't at first, but I do now."

"Do you like how he tastes?"

"Oh yea, I love tasting James's cum. I think all guys taste good."

"How many guys have given blowjobs to, Sandi?"

"Oh, I think eight or nine. They are all James's friends except for two guys I met last week in the bowling alley."

About then James raised his head from his mother's tit saying, "Yea mom, and she gives great blowjobs. All the guys love coming over here so they can get Sandi to blow them."

"So that is why for the last few months all your buddies have been hanging out around here."

"Yep, so that they can get a fantastic blowjob from Sandi." James at this point rolled off his mom.

Sandi's mom raised up and looked down between her spread legs, as she saw cum oozing from her snatch she said, "You know Sandi, my pussy is full of your brother's great tasting cum. Would you like to come down her and dine on your mother's pussy and suck all of James's semen mixed with your mother's cum? I know you will like it."

Sandi hesitated never having placed her mouth on a woman's pussy before. Her mother said, "Its OK Sandi. I assume that you have never eaten pussy before, right?"

"That's right mom."

"Well, I think that you will really enjoy it as much as having your own pussy eaten. So why not get down her and I'll show you what to do. James really pumped me full of cum that I know you really like so much. I'll show you how to lick and suck my pussy clean while also giving me an oral climax."

Sandi crawled down off the bed and got on her hands and knees between her mother's legs with her face directly above her mother's wet pussy. Her big tits hung down like big melons, too much for James to resist as he reached under her and fondled his sister's tits and nipples. Sandi looked at him saying, "That feels good James, you never miss a chance to fondle my tits do you?"

"Nope, every chance I get and thanks for giving me so many chances. Thanks again Sandi for having such big tits and for letting me fondle and play with them like you do. My buddies also love seeing and fondling your nice big tits."

Sandi's mom asked, "How long have you two been sexual with each other?"

James responded, "Oh just for the last 6 months or so, ever since her tits got so big. She lets me suck her tits every night before we go to bed. I suck her tits, she sucks my cock."

"Have you ever eaten her pussy?"

"Oh a couple times she has let me lick her cunt, but she has not been very willing for me or my buddies to play with her cunt. She does show us her naked body a lot, lets us play with her tits but not much more."

Sandi was listening to their conversation while she stared at her mom's cleanly shaven pussy with cum oozing out between her pussy lips and down her crack. He mom glanced at Sandi saying, "Oh honey, just lick all around my snatch, you'll love the taste. Most of the cum you see is James's."

Sandi leaned down sticking out her tongue and gently licked her mom's pussy causing her mother to shiver the moment Sandi's tongue touched her. "Oh baby that excites me to see and feel you lick me. Now keep licking me and make sure you get all of James's cum." Sandi licked up one side of her mom's pussy and then the other side. She then moved her face down so she could get her tongue down her mom's crack to retrieve more cum. Sandi's mom raised her knees up and out to make it easier for Sandi to lick up the cum in her crack. James's cum had run all the way down his mom's crack and so Sandi followed the trail of cum all the way across her mom's asshole. Her mom squirmed and moaned when she felt her daughter's tongue on he asshole.

"Oh baby, love the feeling of your tongue on my ass. I love having my ass eaten almost as much as having my pussy eaten. You have a nice touch. Now move back up to my pussy and stick your tongue in my cunt." Sandi did as she was told and forced the tip of her tongue into her mother's cunt. Her mother helped her by reaching down and pulled her pussy lips apart. Sandi was getting a good amount of cum from her mother's pussy making her get horny. She was really gobbling all the cum she could get, she was really getting into it, she covered her mother's pussy with her mouth and sucked as hard as she could receiving a nice load of her mother's and brother's cum. Her mother told her to scoop out more cum by sticking her fingers in her cunt and dragging out more. Sandi pulled her mouth away from her mother's pussy, stuck her middle finger deep inside her cunt and scooped out a small of glob of cum. Her mother grabbed her wrist raising Sandi's hand to her own mouth licking her son's cum off her daughter's finger.

"Now sweetie, I want you to use your tongue and finger to work my clit. Just be gentle because it becomes very sensitive." As Sandi began to work on her mom's pussy, she suddenly felt something on her ass. She turned to see her dad standing behind her with a butt plug in his hand.

He said, "This will open you up baby so daddy can fuck that hot little ass of yours, OK?"

Sandi just nodded noticing her dad's hard cock hanging between his legs. She said, "Are you sure that it won't hurt me when you fuck my ass with that big cock of yours?"

"No darling, it won't hurt. You will find having your ass fucked to be nothing but pleasure. Just ask your mom."

Sandi looked up at her mom from between her mom's legs asking if it would hurt. Her mom responded, "Your dad is right, he is going to use those butt plugs to stretch your ass and once your anus is dilated enough, your dad's big cock will slip right in and you will love it. Trust me baby, ass fucking is great." Sandi went back to work on her mom's cunt while her dad slowly inserted a butt plug up her ass. She was getting real excited and was loving the reaction she was getting from her mom as she played with her clit. James continued fondling her tits, she loved all the attention.

Her mom continued giving her instructions of how to use her tongue and mouth on her pussy, especially how to stimulate her clit, telling what was feeling good and not so good. At one point she told Sandi to again lick her crack. Sandi's mom raised her knees and pulled them up to roll her ass closer to Sandi's mouth. Sandi took advantage of this and licked her mother asshole. Her mother said, "Oh sweetie, that feels so good, I like having my ass licked and eaten. You know my ass is full of your dad's cum, can you taste him?"

Sandi responded, "I don't know mom, I've never tasted dad's cum. Does it taste different than James's?"

"Yes dear, it does. Why don't you stick your finger in my ass and see if you can get any out." Sandi was so hot at this point that she willingly stuck her finger up her mother's ass, she used her middle finger and stuck it in all the way.

Her mother moaned saying, "Oh baby, that feels good, keep your finger in me, wiggle it around, now go back and suck on my clit." Sandi left her finger in her mother's ass, while she moved back up toward her cunt and stuck her tongue in her mother's cunt. She was wiggling both her finger and tongue making her mom really moan. In the meantime her dad had removed the first butt plug up her ass replacing it with another larger one. It was a tight fit and caused a little pain at first. Sandi froze letting the pain subside and once the feeling of pleasure returned, she continued sucking her mother's cunt and fingering her ass.

Her dad began working the butt plug in and out of her ass until he was able to insert it without any hesitation. He said, "Sandi, your ass is ready for its first fuck. James get down on the floor on your back and get ready for Sandi to mount you." James was still fondling Sandi's tits while also sucking on his mother's tits. He released both their tits moved to the center of the room, laid down on his back with his hard cock sticking nearly straight up in the air. Sandi's dad guided her to where James was lying and helped her straddle him, grabbed his son's cock guiding it into Sandi's pussy as she lowered herself. Once her pussy was fully penetrated with her bother's cock, her dad got down on his knees between her legs, removed the butt plug and placed the head of his cock at the entrance of her asshole. He slowly pushed his cock down into her ass, there was some resistance at first but within seconds his cock head slowly disappeared into her asshole and then he slowly inserted all 8 inches.

"How does that feel sweetie?"

"Oh god, it feels really good daddy, I feel so full and excited." He then began to slide his cock up and down in her ass slowly fucking his daughter's virgin asshole. She began to moan with pleasure as the fantastic sensation of being fucked by two cocks was taking over her body.

James grabbed his sister's face and began to passionately kiss her while her father methodically fucked her in the ass. James was also attempting to work his cock in and out of her cunt while fondling her tits as was her dad, he said to Sandi, "I sure can taste mom's pussy on your lips and I love how she tastes."

Sandi looked at him saying, "How do you know what your mother's pussy tastes like?"

"Don't be nieve Sandi, mom has let me eat and fuck her pussy for nearly two years now, ever since I turned 18. When dad is out of town, she lets me sleep with her. She has come home a number of times with her pussy full of some guy's cum and when dad is not home, she has me eat her clean and then I fuck her and fill her back up. She has shown me lots of techniques in eating a woman's pussy."

Sandi looked over to see what her mom was doing. Her mom's black boyfriend had crawled off the bed and had gotten between her mom's legs sliding his big cock into her mother's cunt. As she watched her mother being fucked, she remembered how it felt having that big black cock inside her pussy. Sandi intently watched her mother while she enjoyed the action going on in her own cunt and ass, not to mention the four hands working over her tits. Shit she thought, I have never had so much fun and felt so excited, my cunt is tingling from James moving his cock against her clit, my dad is giving my ass a great fuck, my nipples have become very sensitive from all the fondling, my brother's kissing me has been very sensuous and my watching my mom get fucked with a very big black cock has really turned me on. Oh how I love sex.

James grabbed her face and began another round of passionate kissing while her dad was ramming his cock deep inside her ass grunting constantly with each down stroke. Oh how she liked the feeling of having her ass fucked by her dad. She could hear her mom saying, "Yes, oh yes fuck me with that big black cock of yours, fill my cunt with your hot tasty semen, just fuck me hard, fuck me deep, oh just keep fucking me you big stud, I wish I could have another baby, I want a black baby in my belly, I want your black baby in my belly, I want your seeds in me, oh fuck me you bastard, fill me up with your cum juices."

She could not believe her ears hearing that her mom wanted a black baby in her belly. Suddenly her dad started to grunt real loud, he stopped his thrusting and with short stabs of his cock in her ass, he began unloading his semen. He grabbed her by the hips and pressed his cock as deep in her ass as he could while he groaned and moaned pumping his cum deep in her bowels. It felt so good knowing that her dad got so excited fucking her, she liked it that men and boys wanted her.

Meantime James released her lips and she turned her head to see the action between her mom's legs. Her mom had pulled her knees up high so that her black boyfriend could get every inch of his big black cock inside her. Sandi could just see a pair of big balls and a black cock buried in her mom's pussy. Her mom kept saying, "Yes fill my pussy with your black seed baby, I want all your seed deep inside me, fill me up with your cum. Oh yes fill me with you cum, fuck me, fuck me." Sandy wanted to touch the guy's balls so she reached over toward them, but was not able to reach them. She was able to only touch the guy's ankle.

Her dad quit grunting as he squirted the last of his cum into her ass. He relaxed and laid on her back as he recovered. She continued to hold on to the black guys ankle attempting to pull him closer so she could get at his balls. The guy looked down in her direction to check out what was going on with his ankle. Once he saw that it was Sandi griping his ankle he said, "What do you want baby."

"I want to feel those big balls of yours while your cock is pumping your seed into my mom's cunt."

Her mother over heard Sandi and responded, "Oh baby I love it that you are so inquisitive and want to explore. OK, honey, lets scoot over so Sandi can touch your private parts." They managed to scoot over giving Sandi easy access to where their crotches were joined.

Her mom said, "OK baby, with your cock still hard, fuck me some more, I love to feel your big black cock deep down inside my pussy and would love to experience another wonderful orgasm." The black guy raised his ass way up pulling his cock free of Sandi's mom's pussy and wiggled his ass back and forth making his dick swing around. Sandi reached over taking a hold of his big cock and stroked it a few times.

He mom watching the action said, "OK Sandi, guide his dick into your mom's cunt and let him load me up again. I love being fucked." Sandi placed the bulbous head of his dick at the entrance of her mom's cunt wiping her slit with the pre-cum. Her mom was impatient as she suddenly raised her ass up to capture a few inches of her boyfriend's dick inside her cunt. She said, "I need your cock inside me baby, now fuck me and get me off again. I want to coat that big black cock of yours with my cum and then lick it off or have Sandi lick it off. Now fuck me, ram that big cock meat deep inside me, fuck me good, make me scream, I want you really bad."

He obeyed and began ramming his cock inside Sandi's mom's pussy while Sandi held onto his balls. Sandi could hear the squishing sound from her mother's pussy being already full of black cum as she was being fucked again. Her mom said, "Oh I love to feel and hear the squishing sound in my cunt, it tells me I'm full of cum, juicy salty tasty cum that could make a baby in me if I was fertile. Oh how I love fucking!"

Sandi was at the same time, humping her brother's cock that was buried deep inside her own pussy. Sandi said, "Oh mom, lets see if we can orgasm at the same time."

"OK sweetie, that sounds wonderful. Let's do it!" Sandi and her mom both laid on their backs as each one encouraged their fuckers to get them off. Sandi managed to keep one hand on her mom's black boyfriends balls while her brother fucked her.

"Oh mom, I'm getting close, where are you?"

"Me too, oh sweetie ram me harder, move up so your cock rubs my clit, I want to cum quickly, now fuck good."

Sandi said to James, "That's it brother, fuck me faster, hammer my pussy, make me cum right now, I want you to unload your seeds inside my pussy. Fondle and kiss my tits, make me hot, I want to feel you cum inside me." James was grunting and moaning as he pounded away at his sister's pussy, doing everything he could to get her to have an orgasm. He did well as shortly she began to scream with pleasure, "OH JAMES, I'M CUMING, I REALLY CUMING, YOU ARE A WONDERFUL BROTHER, I LOVE THE WAY YOU FUCK ME, OH MOM, I LOVE BEING FUCKED, I HOPE YOU LET ME FUCK ALL YOUR BOYFRIENDS TOO, I WANT TO BE JUST LIKE YOU MOM, I WANT TO BE MY SCHOOL'S SLUT, I WANT ALL THE BOYS TO KNOW THAT THEY CAN FUCK ME ANYTIME, ANYPLACE. OH SHIT THIS IS WONDERFUL."

Her mom was also climaxing saying, "OH BABY! How I love being filled with your black cock, feeling your seed flowing inside me, I love to feel the veins of your cock rubbing against my pussy walls, oh shit this is great. Oh Sandi I love it that you like sex like I do. We are going to have so much fun and excitement. Yes you can fuck my boyfriends if you let me fuck yours. OK?" Sandi still had a hold of a big set of black balls feeling their reaction as he mom's cunt was being filled with cum.
"Yes, mom lets always be free with each other and share our male friends. I love holding Jack's balls as he fucks you."

"What about sharing female friends?"

"Well I don't have any female friends that I have sex with, so I have no one to share with you."

"That's OK, you can share mine until you get some of your own. I'm sure sometime in the future you will have sex with some females and can then share them, OK?"

"Sure mom, if that ever occurs."

As Sandi and her mom were discussing sharing their sex partners, James was slowly pulling his shrinking cock from his sister's pussy and once his cock was free, he remained above her with his limp dick hanging just above her pussy. His dick was all shiny with cum and had a string of cum running from the end of his dick to Sandi's pussy. Sandi looked down between her legs and when she noticed her brother's shiny cock and the cum dripping from his dick, she said, "Oh James, your cock is so beautiful, I've always like sucking your cock more than sucking your buddy's cocks. Now that your cock has been inside me and I have climaxed, I want to suck your cock even more. Please slide up here and let your sister suck you off, I want to taste you and me, you big fucking stud."

James did not hesitate and crawled up sitting next to his sister's face guiding his cock into Sandi's waiting mouth. She opened her mouth very wide accepting his entire cock as she grabbed his balls to pull him deep in her mouth and throat. She gave his cock a quick suck releasing it long enough to say, "Oh yes James, you taste so great and I love feeling your big cock in my mouth. Love you James."

As she was busy sucking her brother's cock, she did not notice her dad had crawled up between her spread legs. The first inclination was when she felt a tongue on her twat, and looking down she saw her father's head between her legs. As he very delicately licked the cum off her pussy lips and all around her mound, she placed her hand on the top of his head and gently pushed his face into her cunt while she flexed her pelvis a few times as she spread her legs a little wider to give her father maximum access to her crotch. He responded immediately by sticking his tongue inside her cunt to find her clit, and when he did, he pressed his tongue over her clit making her moan with pleasure. He was rewarded with a mouth full of juicy cum that was not only his daughters secretions but also those of his son's. The mixed cum he tasted was totally to his liking. He became very aggressive and began to really eat her cunt by sucking as much of her pussy into his mouth as he could, it looked like he was trying to suck her inside out. He then placed both his hands on her ass pulling her even tighter against his mouth and ran his thumbs down her crack until he felt her asshole, he then gently slipped one thumb completely up her ass.

Sandi began to moan with the joyful sensations her father was giving her as he ate her cunt and thumbed her ass, James was moaning from the pleasure he was receiving from his sister sucking his cock and Sandi's dad was moaning as he sucked the wonderful tasting cum from his daughter's cunt. In the meantime Sandi's mom and her boyfriend Jake, were 69'ng it, each also moaning with the pleasures they were receiving and giving.

After about 5 or 10 minutes of this rather intense sexual action with all five getting their rocks off again, it suddenly became very quite and all laid still from being totally exhausted. Sandi was the first to stir; she raised her head from between her brother's legs saying, "I want to celebrate all my birthdays like this. I love it, I love all the sexual action I've received this evening. James I want to thank you so much for being the one to take my virginity. You broke my hymen with tenderness and kindness and I will always remember that; I will also remember the sensations I felt when your cock slid inside my pussy, it was so exciting to see and feel you inside me, I loved the sensation of being penetrated and I was so glad it was you, brother. I have wanted for you to fuck me for a long time."

"Jake I want to thank you for being the first man to fuck me, feeling that huge cock of yours slide inside my pussy was fantastic, and when you started to cum inside me, the feeling was awesome. My first orgasm from a cock will never be forgotten. I will especially remember you for being the first black cock I ever fucked. I loved it and mom, I hope you will let me fuck Jake a lot more, I now know why you love black cock so much. It was awesome to see a big black shiny snake slide inside my cunt."

"Daddy I want to thank you for being the first guy to penetrate my ass and giving me my first ass fuck, I loved the sensations you were giving me as you fucked my ass, and I hope you want to do me in the ass a lot more daddy, I want to know that you desire me and want to fuck me."

"Mom, oh mom, I want to thank you for being the first woman to give me an orgasm by eating my cunt and then allowing me to eat my first pussy, I loved eating you mom, you tasted so delicious. I love you all and hope that this kind of sex never ends. My pussy, ass, tits and mouth is for all of you to enjoy whenever you want, I want to be used as a sex toy, so please, just ask me or take me, I'm yours and your friend's sex mate to do as you wish."

"Oh Sandi, you are going to love your life as a slut. You will find it very fulfilling and being used by men and women for sex is a real turn on. With your body, men are going to be hitting on you all the time, and once the word is out that you will spread your legs at the sound of a zipper, your pussy will be entertained with cocks 24/7. You have beautiful tits and your cunt and ass are going to drive men crazy with desire, you can have all the cock you want."

"Oh mom I hope that is true. I just love fucking and knowing that a man wants to put his cock inside me gets me so excited."

"Don't worry baby, all men will want to have their cock inside that hot pussy of yours not to mention your sweet ass." Sandi's mom had gotten up and headed for the shower. James was right behind her with his half hard dick flopping in front of him.

Sandi rolled over on her back, spread her legs real wide saying, "Any takers before I hit the rack?"

Jake said, "I would love to Sandi, but I'm exhausted and totally spent. Would like to take a rain check on that sweet little cunt of yours though."

"Jake sweetie, you will always have a rain check with me, my cunt is yours just for the asking. Daddy, do you want to fuck your hot daughter's pussy?"
"Sweetie, I have been waiting for almost two years to get in your pants, I have stroked myself off many times wishing I had you sitting on my lab with my cock stuffed up your tight twat and my mouth full of your tits. So yea, I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you real bad." Sandi's dad walked over to the bed where Sandi was lying on her back, legs spread real wide as she beckoned him to get on top of her. He just stared at her for a few seconds realizing that it was his daughter lying there bare ass naked, legs spread begging him to get on top of her and to fuck her. Before he crawled up on the bed, he bent over and gave his daughter's cunt a big juicy kiss, sucking her pussy lips into his mouth and tonguing her clit. Sandi let out a loud moan as she placed her hand on top of his head pushing his face deep into her crotch, she love having her clit touched, it was a new and exciting experience. After a few seconds of hot passionate cunt eating by her father, he began to move up her body, dragging his lips up her belly and kissing each of her tits and sucking her nipples. He followed this action with a hot passionate kiss on her mouth while at the same time, he sank his rock hard cock deep into Sandi's waiting cunt with her assistance using her hand to guide his cock into her cunt.

"Oh Daddy, it feels so good having you inside me, I love you. I want you to fuck me like you fucked mama when you got her pregnant with me. I want to feel you cum inside me, I want the same seeds that you planted in mom in me. It is so sexy to have my daddy's cock in me. I want you to want me as a sex toy, I want to please you Daddy, just tell me what you want and I will give it to you or do it. Ohhh Daddy, yes, I love having your cock in me, oh shit I love this. I love being fucked. I love it that you want to fuck me, to eat me, to fondle me, to finger me, oh Daddy I don't ever want this to change, just keep fucking me, please, please."

"It won't baby as long as you want to be fucked, I will be more than willing to fuck you. I love it that you are just like your mother, a hot slut wanting to please men. You will never have to worry about not having sex honey, you were built for sex, hot, nasty sex." He then proceeded to pound her pussy with deep hard thrusts of his cock, giving Sandi much pleasure evident from her screaming as her vagina nearly convulsed from experiencing yet another climax. The action of Sandi's dad pounding her pussy was causing her tits to really bounce with each thrust. Her nipples were extremely erect and her tits looked like two large melons about to be shaken loose from their base.

Jake had gotten dressed and was about to walk out the door just as Sandi and her dad had started fucking. He stood there watching the action and before he knew it, he had unzipped his pants and was stroking his hard cock. He was really turned on seeing the young Sandi getting hammered and watching those magnificence tits in action. As the hot action of Sandi and her father began to wind down, Jake walked over to the side of the bed where Sandi's head was. He held his hard cock in his hand and pointed it straight at her. She looked at him and opened her mouth to accept his dick. He placed the head of his dick in her mouth, she closed her lips and sucked really hard. He closed his eyes as he experienced the great pleasure of feeling a warm mouth on his cock, an experience he has had many times but it is always a wonderful pleasure.

Sandi reached over with both hands to hold Jake's big cock as she began to give him a blowjob, she really liked having his big cock in her mouth. She used one hand to hold his shaft and the other to fondle his big balls. She was moaning and groaning with pleasure as she devoured Jake's cock realizing the his cock was the first cock she ever fucked, the first cock to ever cum in her. In the meantime her dad being totally spent but still having his cock buried in her cunt, rolled off his daughter causing his dick to suddenly become disengaged from his daughter's tight cunt, making a loud "pop".

Sandi hearing the pop and sensing the vacancy in her pussy released Jake's cock from her mouth to look him straight in the eye saying, "That sound means my pussy is now available. Would you like for me to continue sucking your cock or would you like to fuck my pussy?"

Jake looked down at Sandi holding on to his hard cock that was about to explode, he said, "I don't care, I just want to unload real soon. You have me as hard as I have ever been and I really need to cum."

Sandi licked the full length of Jake's cock as she said, "Well, I want to feel this big beautiful black cock deep inside me once more sweetie, I want to have your black seeds floating inside my cunt, I want you in me." Jake moved down the bed getting on top of Sandi as she used both hands to guide his monster cock into her wet pussy. Jake used both hands to fondle her huge tits as he began thrusting his pelvis up and down getting all 11 inches in her. His balls were bouncing off her ass as he fucked her causing Sandi to giggle. She reached down under her ass and grabbed his balls each time he sank his cock in her. Sandi was going into absolute ecstasy thrashing her head back and forth moaning in total delight as she climaxed. It was a long and continuous climax, something she had never experienced before.

Jake had not as yet climaxed as he was having trouble keeping a constant rhythm with Sandi doing so much thrashing. As he was concentrating on getting his rocks off while fucking Sandi, he heard a familiar voice. Sandi's mom said, "What is happening, I thought we were through for the evening. Wow Sandi, you are one hot slut, you take after your mom." Sandi's mom was standing next to the bed with only a towel wrapped around her waist, her big tits were fully exposed and hung down, they looked magnificent.

She said to Sandi, "Raise you knees up next to your tits baby, that will give Jake greater access to your cunt and he will be able to get even a little deeper in you hon."

Sandi pulled up her knees and when Jake plunged down the very next time, Sandi's eyes were wide open, "Oh mom, he is deeper, it feels like his cock is in my belly. Oh Jake baby, fuck me hard, I love this, oh mom thanks for the advice. Ohhhhhhhhh I love getting fucked with a big dick, this is heaven. Fill me up Jake with your love juice, unload your hot seeds in me again, I want your cum in me." Jake was on fire and within seconds he was pumping the last of his cum in Sandi's pussy.

Sandi's mom reached down between Jake's legs and squeezed his balls saying, "You hot stud, maybe someday if Sandi wants a black baby, we will let you be the father. How would you like that?"

"Oh no, I can't afford no more kids. No, no, not getting anyone pregnant."

"But Jake baby, you are such a good looking man and we would not expect you to pay, we would not even keep the child, Just let Sandi have a kid and let her know how it feels to get pregnant. We would not do it until after she gets out of high school anyway. I had two babies that I gave away and three abortions. One child was from a black guy like you and the other was a Spanish man. Both very healthy and been told doing very well. They were hot sexy men that I just could not deny. Sandi and James have different fathers also, so we are not into raising lots of kids, just having them because I get into such hot sex with guys. In fact Jake, it has been over 8 years since I have had a child and was thinking about having one more and have been thinking of having you be the father. Maybe we should have you be the father of two children, one from Sandi and one from me."

"I don't know Ms Backer, this was never brought up before. It would have to be something to think about."

"OK Jake, just some idle thoughts. So how was my daughter. A good fuck?"

"Oh yea, a real nice fuck for being a virgin. She is going to be a really hot slut just like you." By this time Jake's cock had shrunk and he pulled out of Sandi's pussy with the familiar pop.

Sandi just laid there totally exhausted. She looked over at her mom saying, "Thanks for my birthday party mom. I really enjoyed it. The gifts were magnificent."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, now why don't you freshen up and come down stairs for a quick snack."

Sandi raised herself up to a sitting position, and as she sat there on the bed, her pussy began to ooze out cum onto the bedspread. She said, "Oh mom, I'm getting your bed soiled from all the cum dripping out of my pussy."

Her mother glanced at her daughter's crotch to indeed see a small stream of while fluid dripping from between her pussy lips. She said to Sandi, "I would have thought that Jake's balls were nearly empty and he would not have deposited very much cum in you."

"Well mom, I also have cum from James and dad."

"Dad! Did your dad fuck you too."

"Yea, while you and James took a shower."

"You little slut. You are going to be one hot cunt for the guys."

"You aren't mad at me are you?"

"Oh no honey, not at all. I'm proud that you want to be a slut like your mother." As she gazed at her daughter's cum oozing pussy, she said, "I also never like to see cum go to waste, so how about moving over to give me some space and then sit on my face and let me dine on that hot little well fucked cum filled snatch of yours." Sandi looked down between her legs, then placed her hands on her inner thighs using her fingers to separate her pussy lips, cum immediately began to run out of her cunt. Her mother quickly stuck a couple fingers in her daughter's pussy to stop the flow. Sandi let go of her own cunt lips and moved over giving her mom space on the bed. Her mom licked her fingers before getting on the bed; Sandi then got on her knees straddling her mom's face. She held her pussy just above her mom's face letting the cum slowly drip from her cunt into her mother's open mouth. Her mom placed her hands on Sandi's hips and pulled Sandi down to where her tongue was licking Sandi's cum dripping cunt. As soon as Sandi felt her mother's tongue, she lowered her cunt tight against her mom's mouth. It was not long until Sandi was moaning once more from another orgasm as her mother ate her pussy for the second time.

As Sandi was coming down off her sexual high, her mom got up and headed for downstairs to fix a snack. She still only had the towel wrapped around her waist leaving her big tits totally exposed. She prepared some sandwiches, chips and fruit for all to eat. James was the first to show followed by Sandi's father and then Sandi herself. She had put on a robe and taken a brief shower. When she entered the room, all of her family greeted her. Her mom said, "How do you feel Sandi?"

"Oh I feel great. It still feels like someone is between my legs. It's such a strange sensation. My pussy is a little bit sore, but I feel really great." As she walked past her father her reached up and gave her a big kiss, not a father daughter kiss but a hot passionate kiss using his tongue. Sandi responded in kind opening her mouth to receive her father's tongue and also inserted her tongue in his mouth. While kissing his daughter, he untied her robe letting it fall open, he then reached inside and squeezed her now exposed tits. He released her letting her sit down at the table. Her robe only partially covered her big melons.

James said, "I'm so glad you finally turned 18, it has been crazy around here not letting you catch us fooling around and especially catching us fucking. Now we can all relax and just let it happen."

"I'm glad too." Said Sandi, "I have been hot to trot and thought you all were sexually involved but was not sure. Now I know and love it." James got up from the couch and walked over to the table. When he walked behind his sister he stopped to lean over and kiss her, she bent her head back to receive his kiss and as she did, he ran both hands down her chest pushing her robe aside as he squeezed her tits. He continued kissing her and fondling her tits, getting her nipples hard. She was getting hot again and was wiggling her ass on the chair. He released her mouth and leaned further down taking a tit in his mouth and moved one hand down to her belly. Once he felt her crotch, he palmed her cunt while also slipping a finger in her. She just moaned saying, "You guys are going to keep me constantly horny. James, your finger feels good in me. Will you sleep with me tonight?"

James released her tit and pulled his hand free of her cunt saying, "I thought you would never ask. Of course I will sleep with you tonight sis, and I hope many more nights."

Her mother butted in saying, "Don't forget James, you have also promised to bed down with me too a couple times this week."

"I know mom, I think dad and I plus Jake can keep you gals full of cock most the time, OK? If not we may have to call in the Marines."

"Uh, now that would be a wonderful thing, a gangbang by a battalion of marines."

Speaking of gangbangs, I would like to plan on one within a couple weeks. I want Sandi to fully experience a night with all the cock she can handle, having her every hole played with, fucked, fingered, eaten, or whatever the guys want to do with her holes."

"Oh mom, that sounds so hot. Can we really have one?"

"Yes of course, it just takes some planning to make sure we only get clean guys. Don't want any of the bad stuff. However, I always, well, almost always, have the guys use rubbers during gangbangs. It's just not so safe as it use to be. I was never fucked by a guy wearing a rubber until your dad and I started going to swingers club a number of years ago. I must have been fucked by four or five hundred cocks by that time without any problems."

"How many different cocks have you had stuffed in your pussy mom?"

"Oh let me see. I counted one time just before I married your dad. At that point I had over three hundred lovers, mostly one night stands and mini gangbangs. After your dad and I got married, I have had maybe another three hundred. So I'd say 600 to 650, give or take a few."

"Wow, mom that is fantastic."

"Yes I think it is good. I know that some whores have had thousands of cocks, but for an ordinary slut, I think I have done alright."

"What is the most you have fucked at one time?"

"My college buddy set me up and by the time the evening was over, he said I had fucked 52 guys. I was a wreck, totally exhausted, covered in cum and filth, it was awesome and also terrible."

"Well dad, what is your record as to how many cunts have you fucked?"

"I'm a real piker compared to your mother, I have not as yet fucked 100 women. I think my record stands at about 89."

"Ok kids, it time that we all hit the sack. I know I'm tired and in need of sleep, but as your dad knows, if he gets a hard on, my pussy is always available for another fuck."

Sandi stood up and let her robe fall off her shoulders. As she stood there totally naked both James and her dad began to sense a rise in the jeans. Sandi grabbed James hand saying, "Lets get it on one more time James, it is so exciting that we can now all freely have sex. This is such a fun family, I love it."

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