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It was about two week after Sue Lee’s eighteenth birthday, and both Dennis and Sue Lee was still experiencing the highs that two people go through after becoming lovers. For Dennis the fact that he had raised his new lover from the time she was two months old, seem to have made what happen between them even more beautiful.

In a span of two weeks father and daughter made love daily, Dennis became relentless when it came to fucking Sue Lee. When he was away from her, he could barely keep his mind on anything else. When he was home Sue Lee was the focal point of all his attention. If he could have fucked her every hour on the hour, that would have been just fine with him.

However, there were other women in his life. His wife Mary of nearly twenty years, the only woman that has ever loved, and the only woman that he would go to his grave loving. And then there was Lilly.

Lilly was the couples second adopted daughter, and a year younger then her big sister Sue Lee. The closeness between her father and her sister did not go unnoticed, Lilly suddenly felt like a stranger in her own home. It was not very long before Lilly got on to what was going on, and it was confirmed late one night when Lilly came down stairs to get a drank water, and heard strange sounds coming from the living room.

Easing the kitchen door open she peered into a dimly lit living room. Lilly could see two people lying on the floor, in front of the fireplace making love. At first she assumed it was her parents. However, she remembered as she was coming down stairs passing her parents bedroom and seeing her mother lying in bed reading a book..

Lily’s mind seem to go blank as she watched the couple as they took pleasure in each other. At first she could not comprehend what she was seeing, or who is was, if not her

mom and dad. As she quietly eased her way closer in order to get a better look, it became quite clear that one of the lovers was her father.

Lilly did not know what to think. The shock of seeing her father in the middle of their living room, making love to another woman , while her mother was just a few feet away seemed to be something that she just could not get her head around.

Another shock was soon to follow when Dennis pulls out of his mystery lover, it was more disbelief when Sue Lee’s face appeared from under her father’s body.

Returning to her room without saying a word, Lilly needed time to think. She did not know just how to react to the sight of her father fucking her sister. Part of her was so confused, she did not know how she would react at breakfast tomorrow morning.

Lilly heard her father and sister come upstairs, she then heard the bathroom door shout, and then she heard running water from the shower. Lilly knew that her mom must have heard them, the way they were giggling, and carrying on. With the bathroom being right next door to the girls room, and there being a connecting door between the bathroom and her bedroom, Lilly knew if she were real quite she would be able to hear and see what was going on.

Lilly quietly eased open the bathroom door, crouching down Lilly was right she had a perfect view of what was going between her father and her sister.

There was nothing inhibiting about Dennis and Sue Lee’s relationship, when they were alone nothing was held back. Dennis had just pulled Sue Lee into the shower, the two were laughing and touching each other. Dennis had pinned Sue Lee against the wall, as the warm water cascade down their bodies, Dennis was having his way with her, pushing in and out of Sue Lee’s pussy. He was fucking her as if he had been doing her all his life.

From what Lilly could see, it seen that Sue Lee was enjoying what her father was doing to her. She never tried to fight him off. At one point Lilly saw Sue Lee reach up and pull her father into a deep passionate kiss. As Lilly watched feelings of envy began to take root.

They had finished their shower, and Dennis had laid Sue Lee down on the bathroom floor, with her legs wrapped around his waist Dennis was going to town on that pussy.

The harder he stroked Sue Lee’s pussy, the more turned on Lilly became. The sight of Dennis banging her sister stirred up feelings in Lilly that was not really new, being seventeen the thought of being with a boy had entered her mind a time or two. The fact that she never took her mother serious when she would tell them that one day they would share their father’s bed, it seemed so surreal to her.

However, what was happening right before her very eyes was very real, and the feelings that it had awaken was real as well. The sight of her father eating her sister’s pussy was mind blowing. It was obvious to Lilly that her father loved eating pussy, she could tell by the look in his eyes.

The taste of Sue Lee’s pussy was beyond good, to Dennis. As she watched her father enter her sister once again the moans and groans told Lilly that her sister enjoying the feel of their father’s big dick inside her.

A spark of jealousy hit Lilly as she the strong connection between Dennis and Sue Lee became clear. She quietly close the bathroom door, and went back to her room. When Lilly went to bed that night sleep was the last thing on her mind, she laid in bed with the image of her father on top of her sister. Lilly wondered what it felt like to have a man’s cock inside her, but more to the point she could not stop thinking about how good it would feel to have her dad’s cock in her tight seventeen year old pussy.

As she laid in bed her hand wonder down between her open legs, her pussy seemed to ach to be filled. Lilly enjoyed touching herself, something she had been doing for a few years. Still Lilly felt that she was ready for man, and she saw no reason that since her father loved doing Sue Lee, that he shouldn’t love getting into the pussy that she was so willing to give.

The next morning when Lilly woke she thought it all had been a dream, however one look at her sister as she laid peacefully sleeping in her bed,. Lilly could only think of one reason why Sue Lee would have such a beautiful smile on her face..

It had been a normal morning at the Miller house. Dennis was sitting at the kitchen table enjoying his first cup of coffee, while Mary prepared his breakfast of bacon and eggs. It had been an unbelievable night, sex with his sweet Sue Lee was getting better and better. The day was about to get even better as a sweet sexy looking Lilly came to the breakfast table.

At seventeen she was tall lean and trim, with an angelic face and a body that was made for sin. Lilly gave her dad a sweet sexy smile as she poured herself a glass of milk, sitting down at the table it was obvious that the tight black jeans, that highlighted every curve, and the white sexy t-shirt that read “Come Get Kitty” that stopped just above her waste that she was wearing, was having its effect on her dad.

He could barely take his eyes off her, she sat down in her usual seat across from her father. He felt his dick quiver inside his panes, as his blood suddenly ran hot for his youngest daughter.

Her short black hair and whiskey eyes blended well with her five feet eight inch frame. Just by the way he was watching her, Lilly could tell that Dennis could not wait to get his hands on her size 34d tits. Lilly knew that no matter how much he loved loving Sue Lee, she knew that her dad would not be able to resist her.

For weeks father and daughter played their cat and mouse games. One day when Lilly was home alone, or at least that is until she looked up and saw her dad standing in the door of the bathroom, watching her shave her pussy. They never said a word, instead Dennis waited until she was finished, before he walked over to her, as she sat on the bathroom counter. Spreading her legs he plugged two fingers deep inside her freshly shaved kitty, as his lips found the back of he neck soft and smooth.

Her low sexy groans told him that he was welcome to do to more. Pushing her back he tore up her blouse, watching her beautiful firm tits tumble out as he gripped a handful.

“Do you want to fuck me dad?” Lilly asked as his hands found her tight smooth pussy again.

“Oh baby you know I do.” Dennis said as kissed his way down her neck, until he found a sweet hard nipple to suck on.

“Then why don’t you?” she asked

“Because your mother and I agreed that I had to wait until you’re eighteen before you can come to my bed.” he said as he tore himself away from her sweetness.

“You mean you’re not fucking me because I’m seventeen?” Lilly said in frustration.

“Yes sweetheart, believe me I’m sorry, but I gave your mother my word.”

“But dad we can do it, we don’t have to tell mom, unless you don’t want to love me, the way you love Sue Lee?” she asked as tears filled her whiskey brown eyes.

The words shocked him to his core, for Lilly to think that he loved or wanted Sue Lee more then her was just not true. “You know about your sister and me, but when, how?”

“I saw you one night fucking by the fireplace , Sue Lee’s pussy must be real good, that’s why you don’t want me.”

“Sweetie, that’s not true, the fact is I have wanted you so badly for weeks. You think I haven’t noticed the way you look in those tight fitting jeans you be wearing? God you don’t know how hard you been making my dick lately.” Dennis said.

“Are you hard now?

His silence spoke volumes as Lilly made the next move. Hopping down from the bathroom counter brushing up against him as she walked into her bedroom, knowing that he would follow her pretty little bare ass, he watched as she laid her naked beautiful body down on bed.

Dennis knew that he was too weak to ever say no when free pussy was being offered. Lilly would be the youngest girl that he had ever fucked, but at that point it really did not matter. After removing his cloths, he climbed between his daughter’s open legs, and with open arms Lilly welcomed her father into her bed.

He felt her pussy lips open as his hard cock sank deep inside her. To his surprise she was not as tight as he had thought she would be, which was perfectly fine with him. It meant less work at getting at the goodies.

“MMM, baby girl you feel so fucking good.” Dennis said as he felt Lilly wrapped her long legs around his waist.

Slamming his rock hard cock in and out of Lilly’ seventeen year old pussy, Dennis seem to have no mercy on the young girl. It was clear that Lilly was gong to be his little slut girl, there was no doubt that she like to fuck.

“Oh daddy, daddy fuck me, fuck my ass daddy, oh yes, yes, yes, fuck me long time daddy.” It seemed that she never wanted to stop. Dennis pounded her pussy deep, hard, long, and fast.

Puling out of her, the very thought of eating that young sweet pussy send Dennis to the edge. Spreading her lips Dennis ravaged that sweet little pussy, the taste of her young sweet juice drove Dennis wild with the kind of excitement that he had never known before.

That entire afternoon brought many first. The first time Dennis fucked those sweet young tits was unbelievable, or the first time he shot off of load of cum inside her, that made them both scream in pleasure. However, the most incredible first came as Lilly screamed out the words that a father longs to hear from a daughter.

“Oh daddy please let me suck you cock.” Lilly screamed, while her pussy was being pumped over and over again.

He did not know how she knew what to do, but by now he really did not care. All Dennis knew is that no other woman has ever made his dick feel that good. Dennis was amazed by her talent mouth as she licked and sucked his dick to satisfaction.

Lilly was only a month away from turning eighteen at the time of their first fuck. Mary and Sue Lee never knew that Dennis and Lilly had become lovers weeks before her birthday.

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