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I am Rishi Kumar from Coimbatore. I was a call boy? May be, but i feel this is a service to aunties those who starve for sex. I have fucked many aunties those who need sex and i would like to share my experience with one of the aunty who i fucked and satisfied her sex desire.

I was there in a shopping mall to buy some groceries and there was the aunty who was shopping too. We both were near and searching for something when i found Durex Flavored Condom on the shelf, i was very curious and i took it and was reading the instructions. I felt somebody starring at me and when i turned the aunty who was shopping near me was smiling at me.

I smiled back and return to shopping, when i was out with a huge bag of groceries to my car, i cant take out my car keys when i was struggling the aunty came near and asked me that i need help when i said yes, she opened the car door for me and as a return i said thanks, she asked can i drop her nearby. I said yes and she is now in my car and we were talking just general where i am from and what i am doing and when i asked about her, she told she is living alone and she is divorced.

On the way i want to describe about her. She was 35+ and was wearing a saree on the day, her boobs size at 38 D and her back is so huge to hold in one hand. She has good height and good weighty body and a fatty pussy. When we reached her home, she got down from the car and she asked me why cant i come and have a cup of coffee. I refused first and as she asked me too many times i cant resist and i too got a demon in my mind pushing me into her home.

When i enter her home, no body was there and it was a big hall and i sat on the sofa, she switched on the TV and went in to prepare a coffee for me. I was just browsing the books on the shelf and i found a DVD player and i switched on. I just got a shock when i see a hardcore fucking scene came on screen. I was just standing there and watching a group hardcore fucking in TV. The sound was also there, when i tried to reduce the sound aunty Renuka came rushing from the kitchen. She just stood before the TV and me and when i switched it off, she had a blank smile and i smiled back and return to the couch. She sat near me with the coffee and i asked do you like movies like this, she said she has been starving for sex after her divorce more than 5 years ago and this is her only way to satisfy herself. I just asked how you can be without sex for 5 years she said she will masturbate and suddenly she asked me can you do it for me today.

I am the happiest man in the world that time to have such an offer to someone who came for shopping. I said yes i can and took out the condom i bought there in the shopping mall. She was excited to see the condom and asked me to come to he bedroom, it was a big room and we both went in and i stood near the door of the bedroom where she went in and switched on the light and started smiling at me. I went near her and told shall we, and i started to remove her saree. Wowww, its really good to see girls like this than nude. Her breast was pounding to get out of that blouse. I just remove everything one by one by the time she was grabbing my cock with her left hand and caressing it. I was pressing her boobs with very much force and started to finger her pussy in the my left hand when i was kissing her strongly on her lips. She made me lie in the bed and remove my pants and t-shirt and she started to suck my cock like a hungry baby.

She has been sucking it for more than 10 minutes and i feel like cumming when i said i am going to cum, she just pulled my cock more inside her mouth and took my full load in her mouth. I was just lying and she wants me to do a 69 with her. We both came to the position and i sucked her pussy lips which was very cleanly shaved. We were sucking and sucking and sucking and i got erection like a big tower and made her turn into doggy position and inserted my cock immediately. She shouted when i inserted the cock with that much force as her pussy has not seen cock for more than 5 years. When i increased the pace of my fucking she was shouting shouting and shouting. She increase the pace to the extreme and she was moaning me to come on come on come on fuck me fast please.

I just came and the condom was full of my cum and i removed my cock from her and we both lied on our hands and were hugging her tightly and when i was again started a raise, she started to suck my cock and i made her in 69 and i too started to play with her pussy in my tongue. I was exploring her pussy with my tongue. She was moaning and she asked me to fuck her again, i pulled her straight this time made her spread her legs to the extent and again pushed my cock in and it was heaven to push it in. I thrust in for more than 10 minutes and when i felt like cumming she want it in her mouth and i took the condom out and flashed all her mouth with my cum.

We went to the bathroom we had a wonderful time there too where we both laid together with shower on and i was fucking in water. It was a wonderful experience for me and also for her. After finishing things i came out after 3 hours from her house and left for my home. After that i had many encounters with her which was satisfying for both of us.

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