Celebrity his is a fictional sex story based on the famous serial “Baalveer” running on sab TV.
Hey guyz! This is a fictional story based on the famous serial “Baalveer” running on sab TV. This will involve steamy intimacy between meher (sexy anushka sen) and baal veer (dev joshi). Starting, as we all know baal veer is a kid with superpowers, meher is an innocent girl, manav is her brother and montu, and keval are bullies harassing meher and manav. So one day meher and manav were coming to school and that day meher’s uniform was in such a way that her boobs were clearly bulging out in the dress and the skirt also showed glimpses of her panties. Montu, the school bully saw meher and seeing her he got rock hard and his 6 inch dick began to show a bulge in his pants and rohit was also drooling seeing meher. That day, even manav was mesmerized by her sister’s looks but then he made an excuse and made saloni (meher’s friend) suck his cock and he got satisfied then. However, montu was still hard and he got so horny that he made up a plan to fuck meher that day. So after school meher was waiting for manav near the gate when montu came from behind and made her unconscious using chloroform. Then, he took her to a nearby deserted jungle kind of area, and tied her to a tree using a rope. Then he was so horny that he removed all his clothes except his underwear and he grabbed unconscious meher’s uniform and ripped it apart. He almost got mad seeing meher in a pink soft cup bra and then pulling her skirt down he saw heaven, he saw her cute fair pussy of meher trapped in sexy red colored thongs and his dick ached like hell. Then due to all this, meher started getting to her senses and the moment she opened her eyes, she was speech less as she saw montu with a mountain in his underwear staring and drooling at her semi nude body. She was about to scream when montu saw that and put his hand over her mouth and with a wicked smile he literally pulled her bra off and meher was all red and ashamed and tried covering her boobs and thus she bit montu’s hand and as he took his hand back she instantly screamed Baal veer help!!. But montu even had a backup plan for this. As soon as baal veer landed around the area, keval who was already hiding behind a tree pounced on baalveer and threw his wand away and in the process baalveer was topless and rest of his clothes were torn then keval ran away. Baal veer couldn’t find his wand then but with his superpowers inside him, he found montu and drove him away. Then as his eyes shifted to meher who was tied to a tree, only in her panties he felt a strange feeling inside him, and then he untied meher. Meher in a fit of happiness from being saved from montu hugged baalveer, and for a moment or two her breasts were dug deep in baalveer’s bare chest and her entire body was in full contact with baalveer, then on realizing the situation both shyingly moved back. Then after all this fighting baalveer asked for water so meher brought her bottle but as she was just near baalveer her leg slipped on a tree root and she feel on baalveer and both were drenched with water and they fell down in such a way that baalveer’s mouth was exactly below meher’s boobs and his crotch area was between her thighs. Now this got even meher turned on and she pressed herself a bit more tightly on baal veer, and then suddenly a bright light emerged, blinding both for a moment. On opening their eyes, both were shocked, baal veer’s dick or divya Lund[means heavenly penis] had got so aroused that it became around 8-9 inches and was shining and hard. Meher lost her senses seeing this miracle and baalveer also didn’t expect this. Then meher asked baalveer if she can touch his divya Lund and before even waiting for his reply, meher started caressing and fondling baalveer’s divya Lund and this aroused baal veer more. Then baalveer put his hand on meher’s head and she understood what he wanted and first started licking the top of his dick and she slowly tried gulping it down her throat but it was so big for her that she couldn’t even take half of it, baal veer was now so horny that he grabbed meher’s hair and pushed his divya lund further in her mouth and she had tears swelling up in her eyes but even she enjoyed that. Then baal veer moaned and pushed meher a bit away and then a thick shiny fluid came out from his divya Lund and he splashed it all over meher which she licked with her finger and rubbed over herself. Then a naughty and horny meher told baalveer that his cum tasted better than manav’s and on hearting this baal veer was shocked that she had sucked someone before. Now he went near meher and tore apart her panties and then he slapped her ass hard and said that you have sucked your brother’s dick. Now be ready to get devastated! Meher was thinking that if he fucks me, then I would really be devastated! So she told him that she had did it just once and pleaded him not to fuck her, but now baal veer would listen to no one and he licked her pussy on which she moaned hard then he took meher in his arms and positioned his dick near her pussy. Meher closed her eyes for the worst and then baal veer with his full might, pushed his divine penis inside meher’s small pink virgin pussy (she had only sucked cock, never taken one). A loud scream of pain echoed through the place, and it seemed as if the trees were also shaking due to that scream. Baal veer had in one shot made meher lose her virginity and tore her vagina by his humongous divya Lund. Meher was unable to speak, tears didn’t stop for a moment and then again baal veer backed a little and gave another full thrust this time making his entire divya lund enter meher’s pussy and meher then shouted that please stop, but this divine arousal of baal veer wouldn’t permit him to stop today and thus he kept fucking meher and as he didn’t stop his in-out movement even for a minute. As slowly baal veer kept fucking meher, even she started feeling the pleasure and she also responded by her moving to and fro. Finally as meher felt that baal veer was about to ejaculate, she pushed him away with all her might and instantly took his penis in her mouth and again a thick shiny fluid came out from his divya Lund which this time meher drank yet it was soo much that it was flowing down her cheeks and her face was covered with baal veer’s cum. Again a light was emanated from baal veer and then he returned back to normal and he when memories of his sex with meher flashed in his mind, he saw meher and she gave a naughty little smile of satisfaction and thus baal veer was also relieved. Then he asked her about how she had sucked manav, meher told that she would tell him later. And she told that she loved the sex. Baal veer thanked her and asked that has she ever been ass fucked. Shyingly she said yes, by manav and sachin (friend of manav) so baal veer came near her, kissed her and said, next time baby! Then they found his wand and dressed up (magically) and left. Hope you all liked the story!! Do comment and like. If you all like it, then I would write further on this topic. You can send your views and suggestions to priyanshpatel6969@gmail.com.

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