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Book of Matthew - Harriet's dream stone
07-15-2011, 01:15 AM
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Book of Matthew - Harriet's dream stone
I try to get the dream stone back from Harriet but is it too late?
Harriet's place smelled very sweet and fresh as she opened the door and walked inside. I waited at the door for her to invite me in and she turned, looking over her shoulder and smiled and said, "Well, aren't you going to come in?". Her flat was nicely furnished with paintings on the wall, and a few sculptures on carefully placed shelves. As with most women's apartments, it was light and airy and very clean.
“Would you like some wine?” Harriet asked.
“Yes, please.” I said.
Photos of what I could only assume were Harriet’s family lined the wall. She seemed happy with them. I smiled as Harriet walked back into the room and asked me to sit on the settee. She handed me a glass and held her glass steady as she sat down. Harriet smelled sweet, a lovely and expensive perfume.
She crossed her legs and sat back, brushing a strand of hair from her eyes. She is certainly beautiful. The soft light of the room made her face look almost porcelain. Pale British skin certainly seemed to fit her features.
"So, what is this all about? Why are you so interested in me?" Harriet said leaning away from me and sipping her wine.
"Good wine." I said.
Harriet smiled waiting for me to answer her.
"This is going to be more complicated than you may think." I said.
"Oh really? Why is it complicated?" Harriet asked. She glanced up at the clock. It was obvious that she was expecting someone, most likely my daughter, Paula.
"Do you ever think about why you dream?" I asked.
"Hmmm...good question. Why do you ask?" Harriet asked. She hadn’t really meant it was a good question, I think she considered me insane but harmless.
" fair, you can't answer a question with a question!" I said. Harriet seemed to be thinking then she said, "I don't know. I never really thought about it. I would assume its just part of our subconscious, just something that we store inside and it comes out when our brain is at rest."
"But have you ever dreamt something that you just couldn't explain? Visits to a landscape that you have never seen before? People speaking in languages you've never heard before?" I asked. I watched Harriet’s eyes, looking for a sign of recognition. There was none. My heart sank, there would be no connection and I needed the stone.
"Do go on." Harriet said.
"Dreams are perhaps what you said, just a mental download, but perhaps they are much more. Some people dream of entire new worlds, some dream of events that later come true, some dream of lovers that seem so real only to awake and find themselves old and alone. Dreams seem to be a connection to other worlds. So the real question is, if we can connect to these other worlds when we dream, are the worlds the dream or is this the dream? Perhaps to go even further, are both simply real and we are simply unaware because we’ve been told that only this world is real?”
"Yes, and so this is all leading to...?" Harriet asked.
"Do you want to try something?" I asked.
"I'm not doing anything crazy and if this is just a cheap attempt to get in my pants, I've got news for you!" Harriet said.
"Harriet, sooner or later you are going to have to stop thinking I'm only after you for sex. Trust me, sex is just the end of something erotic, there are worlds upon worlds of erotic pleasure, not all of them involve getting in your pants. Right now I just want to show you something and it doesn't involve your pants in the least bit."
"Let me have the dream stone I gave you." I said.
Harriet felt her neck for where it should be hanging and a sudden look of shock passed over her face when she felt that it wasn't there! She looked up and I held out my hand to reveal the dream stone.
"See? Worlds upon worlds. One were the dreamstone is still around your neck, one where it is in my hand and one..." I closed my hand and reopened it, "… where the chain attached to the stone is no longer there, maybe it never was." I said.
"So you are a magician?" Harriet asked.
"No, not really, not the way you think of it. There is no trick. We are already in another world." I said.
"Listen, I don't know what the hell you are talking about and my company is going to be here any minute, perhaps you should go?" Harriet said. She sat up, shifting her weight as if to stand and then stopped cold. Her mouth opened and tried form words but light bounced across her alabaster skin, waves of light as if from under water.
In my hand was an egg shape with light in the center that radiated out creating an under sea world. The stone had changed, Harriet had changed it. They were already one. I was too late.
The light went out and for a moment I it was completely dark, Harriet’s terrified breathing the only sound. A dim light flickered below us and stars surrounded us. I smelled pine and a wind caught Harriet’s hair, lifting it lightly. Harriet looked up at the stars. The wind blew across us and Harriet's white silk dress blew out and billowed behind her. I stood and pulled Harriet up with me to get a better look at her.
"My God Harriet! You are absolutely beautiful! That dress fits you perfectly and you are radiant in the moonlight. May I have this dance?"
Harriet looked down at the dress, pulling her hands away from mine. She looked down at the sheer fabric that shifted and danced with the wind. The stars twinkled and shifted light. As if on cue, a hundred little downy seedlings circled around Harriet and I. She laughed and spun around in them, her tiny little hands reaching out for them but unable to catch one. I laughed and joined in, both of us skipping around in the dew covered grasses and the little white seeds floating around our heads. Harriet absolutely glowed with beauty, her whisper thin white dress shimmering in the light of the stars and enhancing the gentle curves of her beautiful body. Her pale skin seemed softer than usual, sensual and I longed to touch it.
She twirled and lifted into the air, riding the breeze. Her laughter sounded like music on the wind and I lifted into the air to catch her in the dance. Now the cool dew covered grass was replaced by a reflective marble tile floor, elaborately decorated with intricate designs of flora and fauna. Seamlessly we shifted from outside to an elaborate Art Nouveau ballroom. Harriet and I floated above the marble floor slowly lowering until our toes touched and we found ourselves in a ballroom of masked figures. I leaned in and kissed Harriet lightly on the lips. I ran my hands down her small back and across the gentle curve of her ass, she let out a soft moan that was more music to my ears than the instruments that played around us. When we finally came up for air, Harriet's eyes only half opened.
"Who are you?" Harriet asked.
I didn’t answer, allowing her this dream. A gentle breeze passed across my back and I looked up to see that we were standing on a balcony over looking a perfect English garden. A maze of manicured bushes led down to a beautiful rose garden. Harriet looked down at the garden and back into my eyes, "Isn't it beautiful?"
"Yes, it is." I said.
She drew in a deep breath and looked out at the rose garden saying, "I had a friend who got lost here once. She was playing a game…" Harriet seemed lost for a moment, a look of worry, "well, I'm not sure they were friends because they left her in the garden. It was late at night and she was cold, alone and afraid. She..she heard a dog bark ...somewhere and she wondered what would happen if the dog came and found her in the garden?"
I heard the barking of a dog in the distance and when I looked back, Harriet was gone. I turned and put my hands on the rails of the balcony leaning over to try to find her. Down in the middle of the garden I saw her. She was naked. She covered her nude body with her hands and arms. She tried to find a place to hide but the garden had been reduced to vines and brick. What had once been beautiful was now terrifying. The balcony was fading, I was finding difficult to see. The dream was fading. I was losing her! I jumped off the balcony and flew down to the ground. I saw the shape of several wolf-like creatures move past me in the bushes ahead. I ran through the trees, trying to get to my sweet Harriet before her nightmares did. A wolf ran past me, not paying any attention to me because I was not part of its world. I tried to reach her before the nightmare did. I leapt into the air, trailing over the tips of the bushes. The small Harriet, nude and afraid, didn't notice me even when I landed right in front of her. The wolf dogs circled her, moving in for the kill. Tiny tears flowed down Harriet's face as she tried to curl up into a small ball so that the wolves wouldn't get her. I walked up to her and stretched out my hand.
A dog made a leap for her! I stretched out my arm and tried to touch her but the dream kept fading. I had lost the stone, this was Harriet’s world now! I heard her scream and then a blur of darkness! I threw myself into the dark shape and we tumbled to the ground.
"You know that you will pay for this? You shouldn’t be here. One day you will pay." It said.
"I have already paid, for thousands of years. Leave her alone, she is mine." I said.
The silver shimmer of eyes faded back into the darkness and I heard laughter. Let them laugh. I would have my time.
In a single movement more like turning than falling, Harriet and I were on the ground and her beautiful nude body lay in a soft carpet of thick grass. I rolled over top of her and my hands moved to her soft breasts, slowly rolling around her flesh. Harriet closed her eyes and allowed me to kiss her and touch her perfect body. Already moist and warm, her pussy responded to my touch by allowing my fingers inside her. I felt bad for taking advantage of the dream but the moment had presented itself and I was still a man.
I parted her pussy lips with my fingers and fucked her softly. She opened her mouth and let out a sweet sign. I lightly licked her nipple and it tightened against my touch. I eagerly took it into my mouth and sucked. Harriet thrust her hips up against my hand, moaning and rolling into me. She arched her back and let out another delicious moan that made my cock throb and my heart pound. Her pussy made wet sucking sounds each time my fingers slid in and out of her juicy little cunt.
Harriet wrapped her legs around me and pulled me down into our naked embrace. I let her guide my cock into her wet little slit. We kissed as I slowly penetrated the creamy little folds of her pussy. Her mouth tasted like sweet cinnamon and sugar. I was enjoying the sensation of slowly sliding my cock in and out of her wet little cunt but Harriet had different ideas. She locked her legs around my ass and forced me deep inside trusting against me violently. It was then that I noticed we were in the air. Much better than any bed, we floated around each other fucking wildly!
"There...ahhh...oh yes! Right there! My God! I love your big cock, you are making me so fucking wet!" Harriet screamed into the night!
Then she clinched her ass and came, "Ohhh..yesss! Fuck, oh my god! Oh yes!" she screamed. I was trying to keep from cumming but her beautiful face all curled in ecstasy as she released into a beautiful orgasm was too much for me to take! It was an odd feeling, the cum shooting into her warm little pussy yet not really her pussy, almost like I was cumming…in…my pants!
“That was fucking cool as hell!"
Harriet looked at me in shock and confusion as she recognized the voice. Suddenly the cool thick grass was replaced by thick carpet and the trees were replaced by walls and stars with a stucco ceiling. Harriet fell backwards and then quickly scooted away from me. I could feel the sticky cum in my underwear. Paula sat above us on the settee smiling.
"Harriet! Matt! What the fuck!? That was so cool! I want to do it!" Paula said.
Paula dropped off the couch and sat Indian style on the carpet. My hand was still extended only now the dream stone was cold and gray, no longer connected to Harriet. Harriet looked from my face to Paula's and then shook her head saying, "W...What did you...? What was that? What did you do to me?"
"I didn’t do anything! That was your dream." I said.
"So that was real? I mean you were there?" She asked trying to understand what had happened but fighting it.
"Of course but it’s over now. It won’t ever happen again." I said.
Paula looked us over and said, "What? Come on! What did you guys do!? I mean I want to do it! You guys looked like you were fucking tripping hard!"
But Harriet couldn't stand it, she got up, a little shaky but still able to walk into the back room.
"What's her problem?" Paula asked.
“Nothing, it’s all over now. We can leave.” I said.
“Oh, just like that?” Paula said.
“Yeah, where is my sister?”
“Right here.” My sister said from the kitchen. She had the fridge door open and closed it now with a drink in her hand. “Only one problem, no one is leaving.”
“Why not?” I asked.
“Because there is a hunter waiting for us as soon as we leave Harriet’s apartment. Why did you have to use the stone?” She asked.
“I didn’t, Harriet did it. She was connected to the stone. I tried to pull her out. I thought the stone was lost forever in her soul.”
“No, your little slut is too stupid to keep it. She resisted and pulled away and I saved your ass and hers.”
“Actually you came in right as I was…”
“I know what you were doing, now go clean your shorts. We have to figure out a way out of here or we have to keep Harriet entertained so that she doesn’t kick us out. She is the only reason it hasn’t attacked. It can’t figure out a way to kill us without risking someone who hasn’t been opened.”
“Can’t you just send us home?” I asked.
“Not without using magic. If I do the hunter will attack even with Harriet here. You’ve really fucked up lover. Now go clean your shorts, I think she has a spare bedroom down that hall.”
I walked down the dark hall and opened the door. The room was dark even with the curtains open. I flicked on the light but nothing happened. A dark smokey voice said, “Hello lover.”
“Fuck.” I said.

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