Bipasha Basu Incest
Bipasha Basu the scotching bengali beauty & sexy siren of bollywood just spent her 32nd birthday wit her friends. The night ended wit an steamy session wit the gr8 industrialist vijay mallya to whom she had his one of many personal call girls from btown & he gifted her wit an expensive benz SLR car. So on the whole her life was going gr8 in both personal & public terms even though it had many set backs.

So the next day, it was time for Bips to do an photo shoot for her best friend. So they selected the lonely places of bandra for tat shooting. At tat time Bips received an call from her father saying tat he was visiting Mumbai for some purpose & so he would want to spend sometime. Bipasha was really happy on hearing it & told her father tat she was on an way to her photo shoot & so she would send her car to pick him up to the location.

Bips father was an ex army man who spent his most life in working for his country. But quiet recently his life was going on several hardships because his wife, tat is her mother had divorced him & married some other person. So he was under a lots of stress, so Bips thought tat its her duty to make her father feel happy & for tat she should do anything.

So, it was hot photo shoot & Bips was just made an white dress which looked more like an long napkin. It exposed whole her body from top to bottom. The dress showed her whole boobs except covering her nipples while all other parts to were exposed, even the photographer didn't allow her to wear her panty, her pussy was covered by an flimsy material of her long dress. Her body exposure caused all the manhoods of the members of shoot to grow up & they all were enjoying the view of Bipasha's body. Even she noticed but didn't care for it bcoz she was said an hefty price of 2.5crores for tat single shoot, bcoz recently she had been proved tat nothing is more important in one's life except money. So, she didn't care & gave the poses she was asked for wit out even caring the hands of her make up man, director & other roaming in her body.
Suddenly, she saw her car returning wit her father in it. So she excused herself, wearing an robe over her exposed body to meet her father. Once, her father came out of car, she jumped & hugged him, giving him an kiss in cheeks to bring him to her shoot sharing all her pleasentres wit father. this was it that sexy body wear

Now it was time for her shoot, so she made her father to sit in a chair, went back to her position to shoot again by removing her robes. Once, her robes were removed it brought about an amusement in the eyes of her father, bcoz her daughter was fully exposed in front of him or literally meaning almost standing nude in front him. Though he had seen her daughter nude many times but there was something different. May the dress which she wearing wit any inners was making her to look more erotic & sexy. And along wit her huge 35 sized boobs were special they for him. Though his daughter had spent many intimate times wit her, today was first some bad thoughts were running through his mind.

He was completely enjoying the view that her daughter was giving him especially went her boobs were jumping & wen other men were touching her daughter's most intimate parts. Bips was quick to notice it, though this act of her father was not welcomed but she was happy tat her father was enjoying it so tat he can forget his wounds caused in his heart due to his past experiences.

The photo shoot got over by late in the evening, till tat time her father was completely enjoyed the dusky & erotic beauty of her daughter in the various costumes & lingeres she wore to pose. Once, even due to her costume malfunction her boob was totally exposed by coming out of her dress giving an grand view to all the members present in the shoot.

As soon as the shoot got over, Bipasha apologised for making him stay long & den told him they can her dinner outside. So she took him to an grand hotel to eat, but the whole time her father's eyes only transfixed on her boobs rather then food. Bips again noticed & ignored it as it was only father who seeing it who had seen her naked many times right from her small age.

After dinner got over, they went to her home. While her father was amazed to see the big home of her daughter. BIPASHA asked her servants to keep the things in her room & she went to change room to change into her night wear.
Again, the old father of Bips got to enjoy the view of her daughter. Actually bips was wearing an low cut red hot nighty wit wearing any inners which made her her breasts to protrude & giving an clear view of her nipples & even the shape of her pussy. Bips was really missing john while her father his wife and mainly the amazing sex they had. Both the people were totally immersed in their sadness which suddenly turned into an passionate lip lock but broken abruptly by her father & apologized.

So now Bipasha & her father were locked into an steamy kiss in lips but suddenly her father felt it was bed & broke it abruptly by asking to his sweet daughter. Who also couldn't believe tat it happened but both didn't know wat to react to it. So both age good nights & went to their room for an gud nights sleep.But Bipasha couldn't forget it & played tat moment again into her head thinking how the kiss happened & the more she thought about it the more she liked it. Bcoz the main reason was she feeling really lonely wit the presence of john in her room wit her & more the rumours of John going to get married wit an another girl was really pissing her off & she really wanted some man companion for her & who better than own father as she too saw the passion in the eyes of her father during the kiss & more over after his divorce wit mom she knew how lonely was his father wit out any women presence & love for him. So she knew her work is easier.
Her father is an ex military man & so being 52 yrs of age he still looked young & health bcoz of the exercises he performed to keep his both trim.So continued thinking abt her father & went to sleep. The next morning like alwayz she came out of her room just wearing bra & panties like alwayz wen she was alone at home wit out thinking tat her father was at home.but wen she reached downstairs she was der for an shock bcoz there she found her father. Seeing her father she was feeling shame but it was not the case wit her father. He was totally enjoying his daughter's beauty body over her black bra & panties. His sex urges was getting aroused & it above then their relationship which he wasn't able to control.So bipasha thought of playing wit her father.. She came near her father swaying her sexy body giving gr8 movement of her body to him which making his limp manhood to grow a little.. making bipasha happy as her plan was working in an gr8 way... So she thought to go to next level so in hurry she quickly sat on her father's thighs making her father go stunned to see her daughter action. she was only in sexy black bra & panties sitting just over her dad's groin making him go hot immediately. He was enjoying the stunning beauty of her daughter in her lingares. Now actually his manhood was growing extra ordinarily wit his groin touching her daughters beautiful & grand ass. Bipasha was really liking the movement of her fathers groin over tender ass but she wanted to enjoy the touch of her fathers cock over her ass she made some movements making her sitting directly on her cock making her & her father forget everythng & going to estasy. now her father got really courageous so took his hand directly to her breasts to press her boobs real hard over her Bra which she started to like it because it was after sometime tat someone was touching her intimate parts. While her father started to rub his index fingers over her nipples making her soft nipples go hard instantly. Now Bips father was totally out of control so tried to enter his hands into her bra to feel her naked breasts though bips was into the groove but she wanted to tease her father so she abruptly got up of her fathers thighs leaving him into shock saying tat she would make coffee for them. Now her father made to think tat he had made somethng wrong by touching her in her internal parts so only her daughter had left him suddenly. So he decided to ask sorry to her daughter & decided to leave her home. Soon Bips came in with coffee for both nw her father drank it after tat he decided to talk to her but b4 he could Bipasha interrupted by talking to him but wat she continued to tell her to his utter shock. She actually said her father tat she was ready for everything which her father wanted to do wit her body. He was shocked by hearing her say this though he was happy to hear this but he couldn't do bcoz though he wanted her body real badly but she being her daughter he tried to avoid her by saying tat it was against the society. But Bips quickly said tat there is nothing wrong in it bcoz these things happen all over the world & more over this happen within the four walls. She even noticed his lust for her body & she also wanted bring back her fathers happiness due to her divorce so shee is ready to do anythng......... So Bips quickly climbed the stairs b4 going she said to her father tat she would be waiting for him in bedroom so if he decides to have sex wit her he is more than welcome to her room saying tat she left him wit an sexy smile in her face which made her father go into two minds....
So Bipasha climbed the stairs leaving her father in his own thoughts whether he must go upstairs to fuck his beautiful daughter or not. Though he wanted to fuck his brain out he was afraid of the society & wat it ill think. But soon his eyes were filled wit the beautiful images of his daughter's photo shoot & soon he started to feel how her daughter would be if she naked. So he forgot everything & climbed his way to Bipasha's room. In the room, she was lying in a sexy way & was watching tv. Once she saw her father standing near door she smiled at him as though she knew tat he would come. Once her father arrived she quickly asked him close the door & join her in the bed. Tat one signal was enough for him, so he quickly closed & pounced on her daughter's tender body. He first kissed her daughter in her feet, in her dark thighs, her panty covered pussy,navel wit rolling his tongue all over her waists & now he started his work on her neck. He placed his lips on her neck & suck her neck, kissing it making Bipasha to come to a mood, he licked her ear lobes, bit it then kissed her cheeks. Once he knew tat she was under his control. He placed his lips over hers but he did not kiss her directly. He wanted to make her suffer for allowing to enjoy this movement b4. But Bipasha was burning wit Pleasure & ecstasy so seeing her father not co-operating he herself pulled her father face. Now both their lips got glued, bipasha was angry wit fathers action so while kissing she bit his upper lips making him to scream. Now due to the kiss passion was building up between them so now Her father wanted to feel her silky boobies. So kept his hand over her bra & started to massage her boobs but he wasn't able to freely move over her bra. BIPASHA understood the problems so she quickly helped to remove her bra. Now Bipasha was topless & her was now able to get free movements over her breasts. So kept on massaging her well grown boobs wit pinching & running his index fingers to make her boobs go rock hard. Though he was massaging her boobs there was no breaking of their kiss wit both of them exchanging lots of saliva. Even after finishing their kiss he continued to suck her nape making Bipasha to lose more of her grip. Now her father shifted his attention to towards her boobs wit him sniffing her naked boobs. Due to their extensive kissing she was sweating a lot. He immersed his face over boobs & started to lick her sweat wit his tongue. Soon her boobs were all watery wit her sweat & her father's saliva mixed wit it. It was really erotic feel for Bipasha. He sucked her boobies making her to scream her moan out. Bipasha was feeling out of this world wit her lovely big boobs being shook well &played by her father. He continued to lick her waist wit inserting his finger into her big navel making to moan a lot wit her body being drenched in the mixture of sweat & saliva making her looking got & resembling as a sex goddess.
Now Bipasha was really high & screamed to make her father to enter his manhood. Even her father was ready but he didn't want her daughter to become pregnant of her own fathers child. So he quickly took an condom from his bag & put it. He was not in a mood to do any foreplay & even Bipasha didn't want it. So quickly took his 8 inches cock which was well lubricated wit coconut oil & placed it over her pussy walls. He kept on rubbing his cock over her pussy making Bipasha moan more & make her beg to insert his cock into her love hole. Soon he inserted his cock into her pussy hole. First he started in a limited speed but once he was conformed tat he was able to place his cock well into her pussy he then increased his speed making her whole body to shake wit Bipasha putting her legs over his body to help him increase his speed. Bipasha got orgasms for more than three times. It was largest number of orgasm in these many years of sex life. He was really satisfied. He even did an Anal fuck wit he even tasting her ass cheeks wit his mouth.
Bipasha doesn't like to give mouth job & even his father prefered to ask her daughter to give him one. Now Bipasha started her music player & played her new Bipasha song from her movie jodi breakers. Both Bipasha & her father danced nude for tat song wit she shaking her boobs well for it & her father time to time feeling her sexuality. They both were feeling really erotic so they continued kissing each other in various parts of the body even he kissed her pussy which sent an strong vibration all over her body. Once all were over they both went to take an shower to clean her cum,saliva, sweat drenched body. Her father it cleaned her body wit soap he even clean her pussy lips by inserting his hand deep into her pussy to make her release her love juices. He even fucked her in doggy style again by making stand against the basin b4 taking rest.
Bipasha & father fucked many time, in many positions & places b4 he left her place to go back home.

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