Bella meets some of Rico's friends
Rico thinks he'll shock Bella but she loves it, all of it, and so does her husband.

After her night with Rico Bella had gone home and, no surprise, found Fernando there, waiting somewhat impatiently. He wanted to hear the details; who had she been with?, what had she done?, had she enjoyed it?, would she do it again? He was bursting with questions but he kept his silence, waiting for her to come forward.

Bella told him that she had met Rico at the café. "You remember the handsome man we saw awhile ago outside with his friends, and you said I should go with him to his apartment?" The look on her husband's face was priceless! "Well, I met him yesterday. I was in his apartment when you called me, from "out of town," and she emphasized the last words, letting him know that she had been onto him when she got the call. "Yes, I remember him. Did you really go with him?" He could scarcely believe it. "Do you really want to know?" "Oh, Bella, yes, I do, everything, please! You know how much I want you to be with another man, to know that it's not only I who appreciates you. And it would make me feel good to know that you've had someone else but still return to me, your loving husband." Bella took it in, but now it was in a new light. When he had tried to convince her before she hadn't believed him, hadn't believed she could do such a thing, or that he really meant for her to do those things she'd done with Rico. Now she knew better. She could do those things, and her husband really did want her to do them. How grand life was turning out to be! "Rather than tell you, let me show you," and she began undressing. She had left her panties at Rico's so when she let her skirt drop to the floor Fernando was amazed to see that not only was she nude but that her pussy was shaved, or at least her lips! And when she removed her top he saw that there were red marks on her breasts, and her nipples were swollen and puffy. "I'm a real woman, now, my husband," and the sound of her telling Rico that he was her lover flashed in her head, "in every way." She led him into the bedroom, her delectable ass firm and perfect but for the slightly red marks from Rico's hand prints, swiveling as she walked, dressed only in her high heeled boots. She lay on the bed, her legs spread wide, her pussy lips red and puffy, as were her nipples, from constant use. "Get your ring, I want to feel it when you fuck me." Fernando was amazed, hearing his sweet wife talk like this, but he quickly undressed and got his vibrating cock ring. She took it from him and slipped it onto his hard cock. "You want to know what we did? We did this," and she took him in her little fist and squeezed until the head was fat with his blood, then licked him. "But first he licked me," and she pulled her husband's face between her thighs, letting him lap at her smooth pussy (that still harbored the remnants of Rico's cum) until she was cumming, "and I, ohhh, I came so hard!", her fingers digging into his shoulders. "Then ... ," and she moved down until she could take him into her mouth, into her throat, her tongue rubbing along the base of his shaft, her fingers playing with his balls, squeezing as she tickled his asshole. "And then ... ," and she sucked him until he was shooting his load deep into her throat, listening to her gagging and gargling. She sat up, long trails of his cum on her chin, one dangling as it stretched to her breast. She rubbed it on her nipple and pulled his mouth to it, moaning as he licked her tit. She kissed him and thought she could still taste Rico. They fucked again, not making love, just lustful animal fucking, Fernando behind her, pulling her hair as Bella had described Rico pulling it. "Wait, I want to get on you," and he let her free, lay down and had her climb onto him. She held the vibrator against her clit, rubbing her mound against his cock, the vibe sending shock waves through her body deep into her smoldering cunt. "And what do you think we did this morning, after we had fucked all night?" She lay back, her hair flowing down her back, raised her hips until she was high enough that she could take him in her hand, reached between her legs with her other hand, spread her asshole with her fingers. "He fucked me here until I was begging him to cum in me, to fill my bowels." Fernando could take no more, he gripped her tits, making Bella cry out in pain, then rammed into her dark star, still wet with gel and cum, her thighs slapping against his, the vibe raking her clit and the tight ring of her asshole each time she descended, until he was pumping his cum into her. They lay panting, his cock still hard within her tight ass, his hands now gently caressing her face and breasts. He looked into her eyes, those huge orbs filled with love for him, he could see that and it filled his heart. He pulled her down, kissed her luscious mouth, her lips soft and tender from all the kisses they had received and given. "And will you see him again, my sweet wife?" She nodded, her lush lips breaking into a huge grin. "Oh, yes, this is only the beginning." Bella and Rico continued to meet nearly every day for the next few weeks, always at the café, then the short walk to his apartment and a long day or night of sex. For Bella every time was as amazing as the first time, with Rico adding something during each session. He would tie her wrists to the bedposts, or blindfold her as she sat on a kitchen chair. On one occasion he had pressed her body against the picture window in his apartment and fucked her from behind, her tits flattened against the glass, only three stories above the afternoon passersby. It was always exciting for them both. She never told her husband when she was going to meet Rico but she always told him later, in great and vivid detail, everything they had done, no matter how erotic or nasty it may have been. Bella met Rico at the café for dinner, as they had planned. She had left a note for her husband telling him that she might not be home that night but not to worry. She was dressed in skin tight jeans that were cut low enough to show the top curves of her hip bones, black leather boots stylish at mid-calf, her top a transparent red gauze that hid her nipples until you were right in front of her, the fat tips nearly poking out of the flimsy material. Her lustrous hair was flowing around her lovely face, her huge pale brown eyes sparkling as she smiled to her lover, kissing him as he rose to greet her. "Bella, you're more gorgeous each time I see you!" She thought he might be exaggerating but she still loved the compliments. Hearing his voice gave her tingles in her belly. She had been like a school girl waiting to see her boyfriend again, she was so excited! "I've been thinking about you every day, my lover," the sound of the words still giving her cunt a throb and she could feel her wetness, which had begun even as she was getting dressed to meet him. "Tonight I have something in mind that you may not want to go along with." He sat watching her face, her eyes. "But if you trust me I know you'll enjoy it." He waited, silent now, letting her run any doubtful thoughts through her mind, but he had to wait only seconds. "Rico, I can't imagine what it is that we haven't done, but whatever it is, I know you won't disappoint me, so yes, my lover, let's do it." She was even more excited now. Gone were the days when she would tell her husband that she wouldn't do this, wouldn't do that, before even knowing how she might feel or whether or not she might like it. If Rico wanted her to do it, if he thought she'd like it, she'd do it, and tell her husband when she got home. Rico excused himself and was gone but a minute, and they finished their coffees and left. The walk to the apartment was quiet, both on the darkened street and between themselves, each lost in their own thoughts. Rico was congratulating himself on yet again being able to have this beautiful woman do his bidding, and Bella was looking forward to yet more delights of the flesh with her magnificent lover. She trembled for a moment when she considered that it might be painful or humiliating but then she smiled and thought, no, he won't hurt me in any way. As they entered his apartment Bella was surprised to see two of his friends, Marco and Simon. She'd met each of them before, at the café while having a pre-sex coffee with Rico. They were both very good looking and quite nice and Rico had only last week mentioned to her that they had told him how beautiful she was and how lucky he was to have such an extraordinary woman for a lover; it was no secret, everyone at the café knew of their relationship. Bella realized immediately what was happening, what was expected to happen if she stayed. Of course she would stay, why would she not? She had thought about such a thing more than once; one of her girlfriends had told her how amazing it was to be loved by more than one man at the same time. Now she would find out for herself if it would be as good for her. "Ah, I see! Let me guess: we're going to play a game and if I lose I am to be the prize. If I win then you are to be my prizes. Either way I win, It's not fair to you, so why waste time with a silly game?" Bella pulled her shirt from her jeans, letting it flow around her. She unsnapped the brass button at her waist and let the zipper down. The jeans were so tight that they stayed in place, which Bella had anticipated. "If you want to see me undressed, fair is fair," glancing at their trousers as she leaned forward, her breasts hanging enticingly in the transparent top, and unlaced her boots. She glanced up to see that the three men were rapidly undressing and as she took her time with her laces they were all naked in a minute. And hard. And throbbing. Marco seemed to be leaking already and Bella chuckled to herself. "Sit, please, all of you, on the sofa," and she pulled the top over her head, her lovely naked breasts falling free, the nipples plump with anticipation. She threw the top to the side, then stood in front of Simon, lifting her leg as she leaned on Marco and Rico. "Take it off please," and she pulled back as the boot slipped free, then repeated with the other. "Now, my jeans, please, and I don't think we're in too much of a hurry," but as she looked to Marco she laughed, "or are we?" His cock was quivering, standing straight up, almost pressing against his belly. Rico was wondering if she would be naked beneath the jeans. "Stop, just for a moment. Does she have anything on under the jeans? Panties, a thong or g-string? Or is she naked? The one who is correct gets to have her first." They all agreed, Bella simply shrugging her shoulders. "And in the event of a tie, Rico?" she asked. "As I said, whoever guesses correctly gets to have you first, so in a tie it would be two," and he hesitated for a moment, and then "or even perhaps all three." Bella thought about it, that this could go so many ways, but in each scenario she was the clear winner. "Sounds fine with me. Who thinks I have nothing on beneath?" and she walked across the room and back so that they could better judge for themselves. The jeans clung to her perfect ass, the rear seam tight in the vertical crease that separated her full cheeks. "Nothing," voted Marco. "A g-string," chimed in Simon and Rico nearly simultaneously. "Well, let's give you a look, shall we?" Bella had never felt so naughty in her life! Here she was, with three handsome naked men with hard cocks, waiting to see her remove her jeans to learn if she was wearing underwear! Amazing! How her life had changed, and all for the better as far as she was concerned. She gripped the edges of her waistband and pulled downward. The blue material lowered and her belly was revealed, then her mound, her dark hair short, then her nude lips. "I win, I win!" Marco exclaimed. Then Bella pushed the jeans down onto her thighs and Marco saw the thin black g-string that had been pulled down as well, and a long groan escaped his lips as Rico and Simon gave each other high fives. "I'm sorry, Marco, but I never leave home without underwear. Now, my lovers, may we go to the bedroom; this carpet can be rough," speaking with a certain amount of carnal knowledge. She walked with Rico and Simon, with Marco lagging behind, but from his perspective he had by far the best view, her gorgeous ass swaying with each step. "So! You two are first with me. How to do it? Hmm. Simon, you're the guest, so you should get some amount of preferential treatment, yes? So which is your preference with me? Should I suck you, or would you like to lick me? Or do you want to be in my pussy? Perhaps you fancy my ass? Not a bad choice in the lot, I think." Bella couldn't believe what she was saying, but her pussy was dripping as much as Marco's cock was weeping. She gave him a sly glance, saw him look longingly at her. "Bella, you have such beautiful eyes, the first thing I noticed about you, in fact. But the second thing that got my attention was your mouth, so with your permission I'd love to have you suck me." Simon looked a bit sheepish, this probably being the first time that he had this conversation with a woman. His handsome looks gave Bella the courage to take his hand, pull him onto the bed, push him down on his back and grasp his beautiful cock. The thought struck her that he was just another man to her, then the next thought was, so was Rico, now. She felt a flood of relief sweep through her, for she had been beginning to doubt that she could be with Rico, and others, and still love her husband. Now she knew, and all thoughts flew from her mind as she lowered her beautiful head, her eyes holding Simon's until her hair fell over her face, and kissed the dark red tip. As she knelt over Simon she felt hands on her waist, and she knew it was Rico, it had to be Rico. His hands spread her cheeks and she felt his breath there, sending a shiver through her body, felt an overpowering quake in her cunt as his tongue touched just below her asshole, then continued down, through her dripping slit, stopping just short of her clit. She pushed back, and her pussy was filled with his warm tongue, then his fingers, probing for her hot spot, finding it, massaging the tiny seed on the roof of her sugary depths. Again she marveled at how far she had come in the past weeks, with Rico and now with his friends as well. Simon thought he'd blow his load immediately, especially when he saw Bella undressing, then again when she kissed the tip of his cock. But she would feel him approaching climax and back off, licking only the shaft, then his balls, sucking one into her mouth, rolling it around in the warmth, then let it pop out, her lush lips brushing over his nut sack and his tight asshole, then she would take him in again, down into her throat, or sometimes just the head, sucking it at first gently and then with more suction. Bella was playing him like a violin, increasing and decreasing the tempo and rhythm, letting Rico's licking of her pussy and asshole bring her along, pushing her up the hill, getting her to the peak, then letting her stay there, hanging. She knew she couldn't last much longer, her pussy ached, her clit was throbbing, her cunt was pulsating with each change in pressure and speed, her sphincter was clenched tight. Finally she had to cum; she reached back and grabbed Rico's hair, pulled him to her and rammed her hips back while at the same time pumping Simon's shaft. Simon reacted immediately, and his spurts into her mouth gave her the kick she needed to bring her over, her body stiffening as Rico jammed his thumb into her ass and pinched her clit between his fingers, then rubbed both areas until she fell forward onto Simon. She had a mouthful of cum, half of which she swallowed but the other half spewed out of her mouth and onto Simon's belly. She laughed, then licked the pool that had gathered in his navel, slurping like a kid at an ice cream cone. She was lying there, gasping, when Rico pushed into her from behind, filling her cunt until his balls were slapping against her pussy. She rose up and leaned on her fists, then looked up to see Marco in front of her, stroking his cock, his eyes wide, trying to hold on, not to cum yet, not until he had been in her, anywhere. Bella licked her upper lip with the tip of her tongue, motioned to Marco and took him into her mouth, still sticky with Simon's semen. Marco was larger than Simon, larger than Rico, but he had no control and was cumming almost as soon as her lips had closed over his apple sized head. Bella paid no attention, sucking him and swallowing, then continuing to suck, keeping him hard. After a few minutes he and Rico changed positions and when she felt Marco stretch her pussy she knew what the argument concerning size was all about. Never again would she doubt anyone who said it didn't matter; it did, but to Bella technique was all, and in that department young Marco, for all his handsome good looks and physique, was sorely lacking. Still, she enjoyed the feeling of him in her pussy. In a few minutes she was glad that his large cock was stretching her cunt because Rico was getting her asshole lubricated with gel. Better him than Marco, she thought. It surprised her, though, that instead of Marco pulling out of her pussy he kept pounding at her while Rico held his cock to her rosebud and fed it into her. Bella thought she might explode, or be torn in half, but instead she kept feeling fuller and fuller as both men fucked her. Never had she felt like this, her body filled with male flesh, her mind reeling with thoughts of what was happening. Suddenly she realized that Simon was at the foot of the bed, a camera in his hands, snapping still pictures rapidly as she was pummeled from both ends, her hair flailing around her beautiful face, her pendulous tits swaying. When she looked into the lens her eyes were glazed with lust and abandon. As dawn broke Bella lay on the bed, on her side, Marco behind her, his thick cock having eventually eased its way into her asshole, the final sex act for them both. He was limp now, and everyone was totally exhausted. Simon was at the computer, uploading the pictures of the night's activities, and Rico was in the shower. The room reeked with sex, her female aroma mingled with the pungent scent of semen and sweat. Bella tried to estimate how many orgasms she had had, which was the best, the longest, and how many times her pussy had been filled with cum, and her ass, and how many times she had so much cum in her mouth that it ran down her chin, splashing on her tits and belly. Her neck was caked with it, it was in her hair, with long stripes flaking on her back. Her nipples ached from being sucked so long and so hard, her clit was numb, her pussy lips puffy and red, her cunt was throbbing with each heartbeat. "What a wonderful night!" Fernando had worried when Bella hadn't returned by midnight but he knew that if she needed him she would call, so at 1am he finally went to bed, lonely now without her warmth by his side. He thought of how much he loved her, how good their life was together, and how much more erotic it was now that she had finally acceded to his wish to take a lover. "What is she doing now?" he wondered. "Or more precisely, what are they doing?" Little did he know what had happened during that night, but he would know, he was sure Bella would tell him, as she always did, and then they would make love. He thought of that as he stroked his cock, drifted off to sleep almost as soon as his ejaculation splashed on his belly and chest, the first spurt hitting his cheek it was so strong, his memory filled with her cheek against his thigh as she nuzzled his cock with her lovely lips, how her nose poked into his nut sack as she took him into her throat, and how, now that Rico had broken her anal cherry, she would groan as he mounted her and fucked her tight ass. In the morning he got dressed, more worried now that she hadn't come home during the night, but this wasn't the first time she'd spent the night with her lover so he wasn't overly anxious. He arrived at work and got busy, getting ready for a trip out of town, knowing that when he told Bella she would likely schedule another date with her lover. It was now almost lunch time; he was working on a spread sheet, costs and estimates, boring, but it had to be completed by the end of the day. Lunch time now, and everyone was gone but Fernando. He heard the chime of his email, announcing an incoming message, saw that it was from Bella and clicked it immediately, a flood of relief coursing through him. "Dearest husband, I'm sorry if I made you worry but you know that wasn't my intention, and truthfully, if I had know what was to happen I'd have told you, but it was a surprise to me. Click on the link below and you'll see what I mean and why I wasn't able to return until just now. I'll see you this evening, my dearest. Hurry home." He saw the link, knew immediately that it was a site where people posted erotic videos and pictures of themselves, their wives and sweethearts. He clicked onto the site, opening a group of pictures titled "MILF with friends". With friends! Oh, god! He saw as it opened that Bella was on a bed, naked, her back to the camera, but it was her, he knew it from the small scar on her shoulder. The rest of the pictures showed her naked in various poses, most with one or more of three men, all faces blurred but he recognized one as Rico, her lover. Interspersed with the photos were comments from the viewers, all adoringly positive, requesting that her face be shown, asking if she was a shared wife, where they might meet her. At the end of the pictures was a comment from the poster: "If you like these, you'll love the video!" Oh god! Fernando clicked to the video link, his heart pounding now, saw that it was not one but a series of clips, each the full length that was allowable to be posted, about ten minutes apiece. He waited impatiently for the first clip to load. It was Bella, no doubt about it, her gorgeous tits hanging as she took one of the men in her mouth, until his balls were banging against her chin, her fingers between his legs, her sucking him, licking his long shaft, kissing the bulbous head, until he was cumming on her face and tits! He was shocked! It was one thing for her to tell him what she had done, perhaps she might have exaggerating a bit, but this was it, this was the real thing, living proof that she was sucking and fucking another man; no, three other men! The second clip showed her sucking a different man, the cock almost obscene in its size, but Bella was obviously enjoying herself as she took it nearly to the hilt while a different man, Rico he thought, was behind her licking her ass or perhaps her pussy, or both. Several of the clips were of Bella being fucked from behind, or with her legs over someone's shoulders, or riding a cock as she shuddered in orgasm, some as she was sucking another as her pussy was being fucked. He almost came at his desk as he saw one man grip her hips and push into her ass as she sucked the man in front of her. It was an hour later when he came to the last clip: Bella mounted on Rico, her back to him, facing the camera, and it was clear that his cock was sawing in and out of her asshole. One of the other men came to her, held his cock to her mouth, the huge cock from before. Bella's fingers were at her pussy, spreading her swollen lips when the huge cock pushed deep into her cunt and she was fucking both men at once! Oh god! Her eyes were closed, her mouth open, remnants of cum on her neck and tits and in her hair, a mantra of "fuck me fuck me fuckmefuckmefuckme" over and over from her smiling lips, her body shuddering. With trembling hands Fernando broke the connection, sat back in his chair, his throbbing cock aching for release as the sounds and images of the video remained in his mind. He forced himself to continue to work, going on auto-pilot now, until at last he was finished. He sent the report off and hurried home, wondering all the time if Bella would actually be there. "Fer, I'm so happy to see you, I've missed you so, my love!" Bella rushed to him, kissed him even before he had his suit jacket off, her mouth sweet and warm, her lips full and wet. He could feel the heat of her body through the thin robe she wore, and the scent of her shampoo was fresh in her hair. He couldn't help but think of seeing her with her hair and face streaked with cum, and not his at that, but instead of getting angry and jealous he felt himself again becoming incredibly aroused. Bella could feel his arousal as well, his erection pressing against her leg. Upon arriving home she'd fallen asleep as soon as she sat on the sofa, and had slept for five hours, then woke up and ran to the shower, from which she had just emerged. True, her body was sore and tender in some places, her nipples were still not back to their normal softness, but all in all she felt superb. "Bella, you look so beautiful." He paused, then decided to go on with it, get right to it. "I saw the pictures that were posted," watching her eyes, "and the videos." She blushed, but then smiled at him. "Is that what you wanted, is that more to your liking than a dull housewife?" "Bella, no, you were never dull, no, never! I love you, I always will, and nothing you do will change that, never." Bella led him into the bedroom, stripped, and as she rode his body she told him word for word what had happened.

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