Behan aur Khala Randi Nikli
My name is Shahzad and i am living in alfalah Karachi. I study in university of Karachi. I am living with my mamoo, khala both are unmarried and my sister rubab. Rubab is very sexy. When she gives the jharhoo in the morning she doesn’t wear dupatta and her mummay looked very much in her loose dress. She also doesn’t wear bra in night and also when she gives the jharhoo. Her nipple is black but very tight. I saw her regularly when she give the jharhoo in my room when i am sleeping I regularly take mutt on her before she came in my room I drop my money under my bed she regularly saw it and dry it.

I saw her every night she always put her two finger in her choot when she is going on to her bed I saw her from my bathroom which is attached to also with rubab’s room I don’t believe it that she took two finger at one time. She also pumped her mummay with one hand in her shirt she spread her legs very much and takes own finger in her choooot regularly. She saw me after ten days when she takes Coca-Cola bottle in her choot. She takes cream for takes the bottle in, from bathroom where I was. At that time she was naked and my hand on my lund which is not very big but acceptable for those girls who fucked with me first time. So my sister saw me and said what are you doing here this time? I don’t give the answer first time then I told! “ What can you do with this bottle and where is your clothes then she look very nice her face look like very innocent baby then I said “tumharay bhai ka lund nahin hay kya jo ya bottle lay rahi ho” then i take bottle from her and give my lund in to her hand then she rubbed my lund slowly she said “bahi hay to ya chota but main isay barha kar doon gi choos choos kar “ it is very soft then I take my hand on her mummay I sucked her mumms very thirstily and also her nipple with my tongue. She said me “bhai mujhe aaj itna chodo kay meri choot phut jaiy”.

I pressed her mummay very tightly. Her voice like ooooohhhh yaaaaaaahh aaaaaaaaa “fuck me bhai or zor se dubao barhe din se inhein nahin dubaya yasir nay”. Yasir is her boy friend who living with our house and I know yasir fucked my sister many time but because I also want to fuck my sister rubab so i didn’t ask any thing to yasir.

After some time she bend down and suck my lund like thirsty girl. I said “ choos rubab tujhay to yasir ka lund choos choos kar bohat experience ho gya ho ga” then she saw me one moment and suck very hard she took my all lund in and out in her mouth. she also sucks my tuttay. my tuttay is look like little lemon. She suck my lund very fast after three or four minute i have cum.. then I sad stop and I said to rubab “ ab tum jaldi sa lund apnay mun say bahar nikalo “ then i drop my money on her face and mouth she also drink my money and said “ bhai tumhari money or yasir ki money main bohat furk hai yasir ki garhi thi or tumhari putli “. then i said “ meri rundi bahan ab juldi say dubara mun ma lo lund ta kay ya khara ho jai”. then she took my lund again her mouth and suck very hard after some time my lund is again standing. then my sister ask me thet “ ab meri choot bhi to chato warna main tumhain chodnay nahin doon gi”. when i suck her big choot her voice was very loud like “oh no yes oooooohhh suck it suck it bhai you are great sucker” because of her loud voice sexy. my khala first time very shocked to see me and rubab in this position. then she said “ koi baat nahin tumhare mamoo ka lund to main choos choos kar thuk gai mugar khara hi nahin ho raha pata nahin kis ki choot phar kar aya ha jo itna thunda ho gya hay ab mera bhanja apni bhan kay saath apni khala ki bhi pyaas bujhay ga”. then i feel me very lucky because i have rundian in my home but also shocked because my mamoo also fucked my kahal and his sisiter. then rubab and i got confidence. i said to khala” to aap mera phi lund khara kar kay dikhain agar khara ho gya to aap ka ok” then she start suck my lund and i suck rubab’s choot. after some time my kahala said “ chalo bhanjay ab jaldi say meri choot main lund dalo ya khara ho gya hay” then rubab ask “ nahin bhai pahlay mujhay chodo main tumhari bahan hoon” that time kahala said “ main tumhari khala hoon pahla huq mera hay rubab main tumahari choot chatoon gi please Shahzad ko mujhay chodnay do “ rubab said ok. then i start to fuck my own khala. she was in dogi positioning she also suck rubab’s choot, which was so hungry for lund. both are looking very hot. “aaaaaaa ooooooooo yaaaaaaaa ooooh yes yes chodo aur chodo zor say jhutkay lagao” these are the voice from my khala. after some time i have cum in my kahala’s choot she also feel hot hot cum in her choot. she said “ bhanjay apni money to pilatay tumharay mamoo ki to bohat garhi aur phiki hoti hay. chalo ab meri gand maro” in this time my lund once again standing and i start to fuck khala from her big gand. after some day do gay to mujhay kya do gay” then khala said ok Shahzad thank you very much to fuck me. Now you fuck your sister she is looking so khuwar. Then she wears her dress and goes to sleep.

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