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11-13-2010, 05:02 PM
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She was earlier in maharashtra with her husband who is a sales executive in alarge mnc.they lived a happy life and gifted with a son .however since last two years she lives with her mother due to sudden demise of her sister, she also take care of her sisters son she is a expeienced teacher . She liked me a lot as i was considered as an intelligent youth.i never had an intention of having sex with her but once while i was returning from badminton club i saw her in a tight churidar walking along with her mother.the rhythm of her sexy ass made me vey horny,i will get this women at any cost,i sweared.

i increased my frequency of my visit to their my astonishment i found her to be very modern and sits cross legged, i peep in to her ass cleave without her notice.once she acknowledged but pretended not to mind. but later i discovered her to be utmost loyal to her hubby. things worked well as she decided to join for a msc (part time course in the university where iam working). In the first day of her class she asked for my companionship while returnig from class.that day it was heavy raining and the saree though not tansparent stuck to her body showing her structure which is like a "8".at that moment i got an erection but some how i managed to hide it by oushirting . By gods grace i am gifted with a 8 inch cock big enough to satisfy even the most sexiest whore.the buses to our area will be overcrowded so that she had no other go stand in front of me.

Her ass soft and big many time touchd my crotch and i was unable to controll my emotions. Even thogh i tried to suppress my feeling my boy was geting more naughty . As the time went on there was not even a single space in the bus so that my cousin has to lean her ass on my as to get potection from other naughty crowd. By this time i could feel my dick penetrated deep in to her saree creating a vibration, i could feel softness of her ass hole.she was helpless ,but her mind was revoltins sbut she had no other go but co operate with th me. Slowly i can feel the heat of her body from as and i slipped my hand into her peeticot and started caressing her dream asschheek she starte moaning , "not here we will get down.

She told. Next stop was a forest area so idecide d to get down , as soon as we got down she started trying for hher escape , she started to escape by running and yelling, sinnce it s raining and a forest area no one was there to help here,and moreover she does not know the place properly. More than that i am a badminton champion with powerful legs , i caught her by saree . she let her lose saree and again started to run but the human being in mye died and the devil came out. I made her faal by keeping legs across her.

I slapped on her both cheeks ,"please ont do any thing.......... aaah " she cried in pain." i laughed like a villain "no i will not do anty thing but give me youself ......saying this i strted rubbing her lips, she tried to push me, remember she is tall and strong but i gave her big blow once again to her head, she started crying......""eddi polayidichi ente kude kidanno allangigal pootil njan karpooram kathikkum"(bitch sleep with me or i will burn agarbathi in your pussy) i shouted in local language. She was crying but passion rulled me her posture standing trying to cover her breast made me crazy, i slapped her, took a small pen knife from my ppocket i struck her with it across shoulder causindg a small blood , fear ruled her as she realised i may tore her apart , " i will do any thing pleae dont kill me " i am excited it was 8 p.m , i wnt to be safe so i took my mobile which had a feeble coverage, " call your dad and say that you will be staying in my friends residence and you will return in morning'.she did exactly wt i told. Her breast fell and rise along with her sppech.again i could feel my eretion. First i want to see a lady nude. Before doing any thing, "dont u feel ashamed " while she returned the phone " nothing extra wt u r hus does to u may be better than it i replied: now take your blouase i ordered " she took it i could see reddish over crowded boobs trying to pounce out of her black bra i went forward and kidssed her boobs and screwsd it "ahaaaa " she cried with pain but her pain was my pleasure.

I twitched nipple, take your bra hook isaide, her bra was released andi could see two golden gloes, with large aerolas, i strted lickingcit like , at first she was not enjoying later she also reponded by saying "uhh;;;;;ummmmm.......ahhhhh.....more" i encircled her nipples which hhas become hardened i sucked,nibbled and cupped her boobs fo another hslf an hour,now even she started enjoying and giggling.please some more she begged , i licked the small wound which i created. On which she moaned then i moved into her abdommen area aline of blue hairs lined upto navel,her abdomen is flat with a large navel, i kissed it soaked with saliva then put my rod into it and stroked. Again her breast were taut and i started nibbling it again, i undid her petticoat and pantie,she had pussy tight with pubic hairs , it was almost wet , istarted licking it wildly, i drank all her juices , i nseted my finger and made too and fro motion she moaned " addddi adddiiii ........asssssss..........addddi........haapppaaaa"then slowly i entered my rod her pussy was realy tight so that it will not allow my rod so i pushed my cock slowly "aaa aaaaaa vedinnikunnooooooit pains) she cried , "please take it out, but to be honest once my rod is awakened even god casnnot take it back,

i started more and forcing her cries also increase which seemed to be song of sex" i made humpty no of strokes at last i could she saying "fuck me more .....more" iexploded in her after twenty minutes. I rolled from her she started to get up but this time really nude , and her ass facing me . The ass which made me all evil my tool again erected i caught her from behind and squeezed her boobs. "no no i allowed you once " she said " i sealed her lips with my kiss , she also responded i kissed her for another ten minutes, then i started rubbing her ass cheeks , i forced her to stand on four legs ," oh no it will opain, even my hubby had not done it please,,,," but my wicked mind was not hearing it i spanked her ass andstarted licking it. the smell of her shit made me crazy i licked and licked , then i started finger fucking her ass .oh no she squealed in pain"

but i slowly entered her ass "ahhhhhh .......ammma....... Viduda ......., but ny tool was working rapidly' many times i made long and deep strokes at last she fainted due to pain. I pissed on her face. Made her stand but she fell down due to pain in her ass . But she said she enjoyed it. So i again tried her ass though pained she enjoyed it this time but i could feel blood oozing out of her ass, "i broke your ass i laughed . I fucked her many times that nightmany times.

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