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Apprehension and excitement for Paul.
07-15-2011, 05:03 AM
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Apprehension and excitement for Paul.
Paul’s long journey was coming to an end. He knew he was looking forward
to this meeting but there was still that feeling of apprehension, this was
the first meeting for Paul with Fiona and Mark.
Not having met them before, he had those familiar butterflies in his tummy
as he drew up outside Fiona's flat. He parked the car and made his way up
the stairs to the door wondering if Mark was already there.
Paul knocked and waited, he could hear someone moving toward the door and
the lock being turned. The door opened and Fiona stood there wearing her
short skirt, He could just glimpse her stocking top and felt that
familiar twinge in his groin. Fiona moved toward him and held his head in
her hands and kissed him, Paul could feel her warm lips on his and her
tongue brushed his lips to part them and probe his mouth. Paul responded,
his tongue reaching out to explore Fiona’s mouth, he dropped his overnight
bag and his arms enfolded Fiona as they both explored their sensuous mouths.
Fiona pulled away and said that Mark had arrived a few minutes earlier and
was waiting in the lounge, she took hold of Paul’s hand and led him into
the lounge, Mark stood up as they entered and they shook hands.
Both Mark and Paul felt a bit awkward and embarrassed, Fiona sat them both
on the settee and said she would fix some drinks, G&T's okay boys? She
called from the kitchen. Paul and Mark shouted together that it would be
great. Fiona mixed 3 large Gins with a splash of tonic and brought them into
the lounge, giving one each for the boys and one for her. Fiona sat
between the two men and said cheers and all three chinked glasses.
The house was very warm and Paul removed his coat, blimey said Fiona,
you're keen! Paul smiled nervously and sipped the Gin, he could feel it
burn his throat, it was strong WOW.
Fiona put her drink down on the coffee table and did the same for the two
men, she took both Mark's and Paul’s hand and placed them on her breasts,
her skirt had ridden up as she sat down and both men could see her stocking
tops and the tops of her thighs. Paul leaned over and kissed Fiona's neck
and Mark's hand reached forward to Fiona's skirt.
Fiona gave a shudder and her breathing became shallow and erratic, the
sensations she was feeling were incredible, her whole body tingled. Paul’s
other hand found Fiona's panties, he could feel the wet patch spread beneath
his fingers.
Fiona groaned, but leant forward and stood up, keeping hold of the two men's
hands, she pulled them both up and guided them to the bedroom.
As the door opened, Mark and Paul could smell the musky incense, the room
was in semi-darkness and soft music played in the background. The bed looked
huge, big enough to accommodate all three of them. Fiona looked to both the
men and put her fingers to her lips, indicating that they were both to
remain silent. She told them to stay at the foot of the bed, she then laid
herself on the bed and proceeded to slowly remove her clothes, she could see
the hungry look in the men's eyes, she took her time and eventually she was
naked apart from her stockings. Her full breasts stood out, two round orbs
with huge erect nipples waiting to feel the mouths of Paul and Mark.
Fiona caressed her nipples and asked Mark to remove his clothes, Paul
looked at Mark, not knowing what to expect. Mark began removing his clothes
right down to his shorts and stopped, Paul and Fiona could see Mark’s
erection beneath his shorts, Mark hesitated, Fiona leaned forward and hooked
her thumbs into Mark’s waistband, teasing his shorts down. Mark's manhood
sprang out full and erect and Fiona's tongue lightly caressed the head and
she took his shorts off. Fiona took Mark's hand and pulled him onto the bed.
Your turn now Paul, she whispered. Paul stood there mesmerized, unable
to move, Fiona knelt up on the bed and slowly removed Paul’s shirt, she
unbuttoned his jeans and slid them off, soon Paul just stood there in his
boxers, his erection also showing through complete with small wet patch.
Fiona did the same for Paul, teasing off his boxers and taking his manhood
into her mouth, she could taste that same salty taste that she had
experienced with Mark, she thought to herself how nice that was.
Fiona took Paul by the hand and eased him onto the bed, all three were
lying next to each other, Fiona could see two proud erections either side of
her, one darker than the other, but both fine specimens she thought. Her
hands reached out to either side of her and grasped both phalluses, she
could feel the juices on both penises and she knew that she had to taste
What a choice for Fiona, which one first? Fiona's juices were flowing from
her pussy like never before; she could feel Paul and Mark's hands on her
breasts, running down toward her secret pleasure spot.
Now boys, said Fiona, I'm going to show you both how to suck a penis, and
I'm going to use each of you in turn to demonstrate to the other. Now watch!
Fiona took Paul’s erect penis into her mouth, starting at the head, she
worked her way down the shaft, nibbling and sucking. She pulled her head up
drawing her lips over the bulbous head of Paul’s penis. She said, "While
you are doing this, use your hands on the shaft" and proceeded to
demonstrate, carrying on with the sucking. Fiona then moved to Mark's shaft
and repeated the whole process. She sat up with a big smile on her face,
saying “Easy, isn't it?"
Fiona took the bull by the horns and said" which one of you will suck a
penis first?"
There was no answer, Fiona asked again and squeezed Paul’s penis, Ok, Ok
said Paul, I'll go first, is that alright for you Mark?
Mark just smiled, giving Paul the go ahead. Paul knelt up and leaned
over Fiona, Fiona let go of mark's manhood but kept a hold on Paul’s
Mark's penis reared up in front of Paul, he could see that Mark was
uncircumcised and reached forward to pull Mark's foreskin back, Mark's
bulbous helmet looked shiny and wet, it glistened in the dim light, Paul’s
head bent forward till his lips touched mark's manhood, it felt warm and
tasted salty, although Paul had tasted his own cum on occasions, nothing
prepared him for this.
His lips sank down over mark's shaft, feeling it stretch his mouth until the
head touched the back of Paul’s throat, his tongue traced patterns over
the head of Mark's penis and he sucked.
Paul’s head began to bob up and down on Mark's manhood, he could taste the
manliness of Mark but didn't stop, Mark started to groan, Fiona's lips
covered Paul’s penis, also tasting the man juice, she loved the taste and
couldn't understand why some women didn't like to swallow a man's juice.
Paul gripped mark's balls and pulled them, Paul pulled his head back so
that Mark's bulbous tip was between his lips, he grasped mark's penis and
began a series of long strokes on Mark's shaft.
A low moan uttered from Mark's lips, Mark knew he was close, and Paul did
also. Paul had felt the pulsing from his own penis many times and knew
this was the moment when Mark would spurt into his mouth. This was the point
of no return, doubts stayed in Paul’s mind could he do it?
There was no time to think, Mark exploded into Paul’s mouth, Paul’s head
sunk lower over mark's shaft, forcing the head to the back of his throat,
Paul sucked and swallowed over and over, not tasting the sweet liquid
sliding down his throat, it seemed to go on for ever, warm and sticky.
Paul could feel Mark's penis soften in his mouth, he knew the moment had
Fiona kept Paul erect with her mouth, and beckoned Mark to take over.
Paul lay down on his back. And Fiona’s lips covered his, taking his mind
off what was about to happen, Mark couldn't believe what had just happened,
it had felt incredible and now he was about to do the same for Paul.
Mark's lips came down over Paul’s penis, he heard Paul take a deep
breath beneath Fiona's lips, Mark could taste Paul, he also knew what man
juices tasted like. He had done the same and tasted his own juices, but this
was different, this fantasy of Mark's was coming true, he had another man's
penis in his mouth and was enjoying it.
Mark's head bounced up and down on the shaft of Paul’s penis, taking it
all in and then drawing his lips up the shaft before sucking the end, he
liked the taste.
Paul knew that it wouldn't be long before his sperm would explode from his
shaft, he had known that on countless occasions he would withdraw his penis
from the mouth that sucked him, but now this was different, he would
experience the ultimate pleasure of Cumming in someone's mouth.
Paul felt guilty, he knew he would, this was forbidden fruit, but he
couldn't stop himself, Mark felt Paul cum, it rose up his shaft like a
fountain, Mark sucked, tasting the sperm as it passed over his tongue and
down the back of his throat, what an experience he thought.
Fiona looked at them both with a smile on her face, this was so erotic for
her, her juices flowed copiously between her legs, she reached down with her
fingers and brought them to her mouth,
mmmmmmmmmmm she thought, this gets better as time goes on.
The three of them lay back on the king size bed, all manner of thoughts
running through all of their minds.
No-one knew for sure what happened, but they must have drifted off to
sleep. About an hour later, Fiona awoke to the sensations of fingers
kneading her nipples, each of the two men had their mouths firmly fixed on
Fiona's nipples and running their fingers down her belly to her very wet
Mark's fingers found Fiona's pussy lips, they were very wet to his touch, he
quickly found that little button hidden just behind. Paul lifted his head
and found Fiona's mouth and his tongue probed between her lips going deeper
into her mouth. Fiona was enjoying this as she lay on her back, she opened
her legs and drew her knees up, Mark's fingers were soaking as they found
the opening to that pleasure spot. Paul had one hand on Fiona’s breast but
his other hand wanted to pleasure Fiona as well, he reached down, bypassing
Mark's busy fingers to find that tight little hole beyond.
It was just as wet as Fiona's pussy, Fiona couldn't believe it, mark's
fingers reached inside her finding her most sensitive spot and Paul’s
finger was probing her tight little hole. Fiona could feel those fingers
working their magic and her first orgasm came quite suddenly and without
warning, mmmmmmmm she thought that is so good.
Fiona wanted more, she pulled away from Paul and Mark and knelt up, facing
the two men, that smile was on her face as she straddled Mark, easing
herself down onto his erect manhood; she felt his penis force apart her
pussy lips as it made its way to her pleasure spot, it felt so good.
Paul didn't want to miss out, he knelt up and came up behind Fiona, he
liked what he saw, it was so erotic. Paul pushed his tongue into Fiona's
bum, his long tongue seeking out that moist area between her legs. Paul
had a close up view of Mark's penis thrusting deep inside Fiona, his tongue
found Fiona's pussy lips and felt the smoothness of her lips together with
the shaft of Marks penis, Fiona moaned, Paul’s tongue flicked between bum
and pussy, Fiona thrust her bum out wanting to feel more, she moaned "
Paul, I want you too"
Paul knelt up between their legs, his penis already wet and dripping,
there was no need for any extra lube he thought.
Paul’s fantasy was about to come true, he leant forward and his penis
touched that forbidden spot, it was electric, Fiona tensed, “relax baby"
Paul said. He tried again and Fiona opened herself to him, the head of
Paul’s penis entered her so very slowly, it felt so big to her, this was
only the second time this had happened to her but her juices flowed even
more. Mark took his cue from Paul, easing his penis almost out and as
Paul continued to penetrate Fiona, so Mark did the same.
Fiona could feel both penis's going deeper inside her, filling her up, she
felt a little pain, but it was a nice pain, the feeling was incredible to
all of them, both Mark and Paul could feel each other inside of Fiona,
Fiona's mind was in turmoil, never had she experienced anything like this,
the extra pressure on her G spot was enhanced along with another good
feeling from behind.
Both Paul and Mark started a slow rhythm, pushing in and slowly
withdrawing, the feelings were exquisite, never had they experienced
anything like this.
Fiona had her first orgasm, both Paul and Mark felt it as her muscles
expanded and contracted around both their penises. Both men speeded up a
little bit, beginning to thrust deeper and deeper inside Fiona. The waves of
pleasure kept coming for Fiona, orgasm after orgasm, each one bigger and
better than the one before. It was at this point that Paul could last no
more; he felt that urge deep inside of him, the rising of his sperm and that
wonderful feeling. Mark could feel Paul, he also knew that he too was
ready, his sperm shot forth deep inside Fiona almost at the same time as
Paul. Fiona felt both of them cum deep inside her, she orgasmed again,
clamping down on both penis's, holding them inside of her.
The three of them slumped down, spent and exhausted, Fiona still sandwiched
between the two men, as both Paul and Mark pulled out of her wet holes,
Fiona turned and kissed each of them.
All three drifted off to sleep.

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