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Anal with Amanda
05-14-2012, 05:17 PM
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Anal with Amanda
Her wavy blonde hair was a mess. That was because when I was fucking her in the ass, I had been pulling her hair back.

"I never knew I liked it rough until now Mike!" Amanda said.

I slapped her shapely ass again. She squealed with delight.

What was left of my hot load in her ass flowed out of her ass and down her thighs.

Sweat was dripping off our bodies. This wasn't a quickie, fucking Amanda never was.

We first saw each other at the local Pizza joint; she had just gotten off of work. I was like 3 customers back while she ordered.

We started talking, she was home alone. Her husband and son were on a hunting trip this weekend. She thought a pizza might hit the spot.

We hadn't seen each other since he had been released from the local kink club. She and my ex wife Liz had been held captive in.

"Would you like to share a pizza Mike?" She asked me.

"Sure Mandy, I would love it!" I replied.

She hit me in the arm.

"Did you forget how much I hate that name?" She growled and smiled.

"Oh shit I need to get some beer to go with the pizza!" She said.

"I can get the beer while you order the pizza Amanda, Amber Bach right?" I told her.

"Yeah that's good."

"Back in a bit." I said.

I went across the street and they only had a 12 pack. I went to the cash register and had to wait behind some dude buying a hundred dollars worth of daily lotto tickets.

By the time I got cashed out and back to the pizza parlor, Amanda was just coming out.

I followed her home and we ate the pizza at the dinner table. We talked about what we had been up to since we had last seen each other.

We ate the whole pizza and sucked down all the beers. She had some tequila and we did shots.

We went and sat on the couch. We got to laughing and started hugging.

It wasn't long till we were sucking face. She removed her blouse and sat there in her frilly white bra. Her 38 D's were just too close to resist diving in.

I moved forward and kissed her where the breast bone is. My hands roamed over her clothe covered tits. She moaned and I felt her nipples get hard.

I unclasped the bra and her milkers came free. I kissed and licked those yum, yums.

Pretty soon we were naked and in a sideways 69. She was sucking my cock hard. I was licking her shaved pussy.

She stopped all of a sudden. I groaned.

"Mike would you like to fuck my ass like you used to do? She asked.

I looked at her and grinned.

"Thought you would never ask!" I said feeling like king of the world.

She got up and went into the kitchen; she came back with her purse and rummaged around it for a bit. She pulled out a tube of 'Glide'

"You carry that in your purse?" I asked.

"Yup, girl never knows when she is going to get a quickie!' She giggled.

"Dare I ask what else you got in there?" I inquired.

"I will show you later hon, now I just need that cock in my ass!" She smiled and stroked my cock to hardness again.

She pushed me down on the floor, she lubed up my cock and then her asshole.

"It's been about a year; Joe hates to fuck me in the ass!"

She knelt over me and slowly slid herself onto my 7 inches.

"MM Yea Mike so nice."

Her tight asshole fit right onto my cock. She rode it hard and fast. Her 38s bounced as she did.

She squeezed my cock and then released it. I wasn't too much longer and I was filling her ass with my hot load.

This is what we did for most of till about late Saturday night. We would eat food. Eat each other and I got to fuck that sweet asshole of hers.

I had to leave before the family got home early Sunday Morning.

As for the contents of her purse, I was quite shocked. She had a 22 caliber pistol in there, a bic lighter, a box of ammo. She also had a 12 pack of Trojans.

As she said "You never know when you are going to get a quickie!"

Nothing quick when you fuck this woman for sure.

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