An easy and safe way to show off
I already have two real stories of my exhibitionist experiences in the last few years concerning the seduction of my husbands Stepson but I still crave that thrill of showing off, making it look as an accident. I browse E-Bay once in a while and found a nice item and eventually won the bid. I had the seller ship it insured via UPS and was able to keep track when it would arrive. It was due to arrive Monday and that morning I had an idea, to flash the driver as he delivered the package. In the past I have answered the door naked holding a skimpy towel when a pizza was delivered since my husband had dared me to do it. This time I wanted the thrill all to myself. I can easily see the road from the living room and remained naked up until the time I saw the truck pull up. The drivers are always in a big hurry making it seem safe to give him a quick look. I hurriedly wet my hair and grabbed a somewhat small towel. He rang the doorbell and since I had the door open with only the storm door closed, I yelled out, " Be right there". I held the towel up to me to make it look as though he interrupted me taking a shower and opened the storm door and told him to step in since I had to sign the special electronic clipboard he was holding out. As soon as I reached to hold the clipboard, my towel fell to the floor. I pretended to be shocked and placed my left hand over my pubic area as he held the clipboard. I signed it and apologized for being in the shower as I let my hand move away so he could get a look at my shaved pussy. He thanked me and walked away. I must admit that in a matter of a few minutes, I was on the sofa taking care of matters since that always makes me need an orgasm. I won't tell my husband about it since he always wants to share my experiences which he does sometimes while we are on vacation such as last fall while we stayed at a hotel for 3 days in West Virgina which was near a bike trail that we always enjoy each year. The hotel has a nice large heated indoor pool with a bar situated next to it. We were not allowed to carry drinks to the pool but could sit on a stool with our swim suits on. Anyway, since my husband is very adventurous, he spotted a man swimming by himself and whispered to me, "That guy certainly has a bulge under his trunks". Eventually we invited him to have a drink with us at the bar which he did and we all talked for a long time before going back to the pool. It was getting on to the evening and asked the man if he had dinner since he had told us he was alone and was working a job in the area in construction. We met him later after getting dressed in the dining room and had an excellent meal and a good bottle of wine. He was somewhat shy and my husband asked if he would like to have a drink in our room. We had a nice bottle of whiskey and some soda and sat around watching the TV and talking. I was feeling rather tipsy and told hubby to click on a pay movie. He browsed the various movies and then clicked on the adult movies section. Our friend was obviously nervous when my husband clicked on one of the porno movies which we would pay for later when checking out. The movie was somewhat nice since it didn't start right out with heaving sex and actually had a plot to it. My husband winked at me and I knew he wanted me to do something erotic. I excused myself saying my dinner clothes were uncomfortable and went to the bathroom after grabbing my husbands favorite T-shirt which was somewhat short and had the open sleeves allowing anyone to peek at my breasts. Our guest almost gasped when I walked out past them and sat back on a small sofa in the room. We had found out he was married but hadn't been home in two weeks and I figured he needed to see a woman half naked. He kept glancing at me while the movie was showing a woman going down on some guy. I was getting turned on big time and needed some prodding from my husband as what to do. I should have known he would soon pretend to be too drunk to stay awake and soon he was on his back on the bed as being passed out. I was watching the movie and let out some low moaning sounds. He watched my right hand venture down to my uncovered pussy and I opened my legs enough for him to see. I then said out loud, "Even this T-shirt is too warm for me" as I pulled it off showing everything I have. I knew hubby wanted me to do something yet I didn't want actual sex with this guy. I went over and sat next to him and whispered, "Take it out and cum with me". He took the hint and soon he pulled down his pants where his nice tool plopped out. I turned towards him letting him see my fingers go to work and at the same time he was jerking off big time. It only took about 3 minutes and I heard him groan as he made a mess on his trousers. I also had a nice orgasm knowing he had seen me naked in this strange situation. That wore him out and soon he was saying goodbye as he left for his room. My husband jumped up immediately and removed his clothes and in a matter of a few seconds, we were engrossed in heavy sex. Yes, it would have been easy to have sex but as I mentioned earlier, just letting a stranger see me naked is enough. We will be going back there again this summer but will be taking his Stepson along which should be interesting.

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