Ammi Barsaat mein Chudi
Nilofer cursed under her breath as she stepped out of the Magellan Building. The sky was dark, belying the time of 4 in the evening. Drops of rain had already started to blotch the sparkling white tiles at the entrance to the magnificent skyscraper. It was times like this that she wished she had a desk job and didn't have to run around visiting customers.

She cursed again at the fact that she had tried to save a few rupees by parking at the open air car park rather than using the basement parking facilities. Still, her abbus words echoed in her ears - every rupee saved is a rupee earned – and it was that same frugality that had put her through college. That same philosophy had enabled her to continue sending her own two children to college as well, something that may not have been possible after Javed's tragic death just over two years ago.

Nilofer bit back her tears at the though of Javed. A drunken driver had taken her husband away from her. Taken the first and only man she had ever loved; taken the first and only lover she had ever had; practically taken her whole life away. But she had been strong and together with her children, had slowly rebuilt their lives. Nilofer had returned to work in mutual funds and the pay was good although the work was tough. Most importantly it kept her occupied, on the move and paid the bills.

The rumble of thunder brought her back to the present and the more pressing task of getting to her car. She raised her briefcase over her head and stepped out into the light drizzle. Her heels clipped smartly across the cemented sidewalk as she walked briskly. The wind was blowing strongly now and she had to keep one hand on her dress to prevent it from billowing upwards. Her steps became faster as the rain drops started becoming heavier.

"Damn it!" She cried as she pulled the briefcase from the top of her head and grabbed it to her chest, making it easier for her to run. The rain was starting to pelt down now and Helen cursed again as her hair started to get wet and limp. She was hardly 50 metres away from her car when the skies opened and torrents of rain poured down, soaking her to her skin.

Shivering slightly, Nilofer ran the remaining distance to her car and quickly opened the car door, throwing her briefcase in before she swung herself into the drivers seat. The windows started to mist up with her body heat and the difference in temperature outside. Nilofer turned on the air-conditioning, watching as the windscreen started to demist. Her feet squished in her shoes and she kicked them off, thankful that she drove an automatic. Shivering slightly, she put the car into gear and pulled out into the traffic.

The heavy rain beat like a drum on the roof of her car and she had to squint out at the curtain of rain pounding her windscreen. She glanced at her watch and realised she would have to cancel her next appointment – not only was she running late but she couldn't meet clients looking like she did!

A quick phone call and she had rescheduled her appointments for another day. Nilofer noted with some satisfaction that the traffic was clearing. She drove carefully through the pouring rain and it wasn't long before she was back in her neighbourhood. As she turned into her road, she pressed her automatic garage door opener. Nothing happened.

"Shit!" she said softly to herself. "Why doesn't the remote work?!"

She drove in closer and kept pressing the button on the remote. Nothing happened.

"This is getting to be ridiculous." She grumbled. Nilofer parked the car in the driveway and turned to look for the umbrella she usually kept in the car. It wasn't to be found and she realised she had used it just yesterday and hadn't remembered to put it back. "Pretty stupid Nilofer" she muttered. "Now your gonna get soaked again."

She waited for the rain to abate a little before she flung the door open and ran to the house. She fiddled with her keys and finally entered her house, leaving a little puddle on the floor.

"errr.... Ammi"

Nilofer spun round to see her son Afzal sitting at the dining table with three other boys and two girls, books sprawled all over the table.

"You're all wet Ammi....." Afzal said as his friends stared at his ammi. "you'd better dry off."

"Y-yes, I will." Nilofer mumbled, as she realised that all eyes were on her. Turning quickly, she marched up the stairs.

"Oh my God! You never told us your ammi was a babe"

"Did you see those tits on her?"

"And that ass...oh wow! Her ass is almost as tight as yours Jasmin"

"Shutup Munaf, or you're not getting anymore of it."

"Did you catch those legs? They're amazing."

"Guys! Come on! That's my ammi you're talking about. Please.!"

Nilofer stood at the top of the stairs, amazed at what she had heard. She was pleased that Afzal had stood up for her and yet a little peeved that he had stopped the compliments. She must look a mess, and yet there were these compliments. She made her way to the bedroom and picked up a towel to dry her long brown hair.

There was still a lot of comments being made downstairs but she couldn't make out any of it. She thought she heard some laughter too and at times raised voices. A slight tremor ran through her – she didn't know if it was the cold or the fact that she was being appreciated. With a thin smile on her face, she tossed the towel aside and turned to face the mirror.

Her smile disappeared when she saw her reflection. Her light brown summer dress was soaked through and clung to her like wet glue. The dress was practically transparent now and outlined her long shapely legs, the slight bulge around her tummy and her ample breasts. Her blue lacy panties and beige bra could be seen clearly and the wet dress exposed the top of her breasts. Looking closer, she could see her nipples casting black spots under her dress.

"Oh my God!" she gasped as he hand flew to her mouth. "I'm practically naked."

"Yes Ammi.......that you are.....and they all saw you."

For the second time in hardly ten minutes, Nilofer spun around to see her son leaning in the doorway. His eyes were burning into her, staring at her near naked form. She subconsciously dropped her eyes to his crotch where his lund was tenting out his pants. In a reflex action, she raised her hands to cover her breasts and crotch area.

"Wh-Where are your friends?" she asked, trying to appear normal and make conversation.

"They left."

"But its still pouring out there." Nilofer replied.

"I told them to leave." Afzal had a strange look about him. He looked upset and at the same time defiant.

"I'm sorry bete, I didn't know anyone was home." Nilofer said softly. "Its not my fault I got wet."

"Its not that Ammi...." Afzal mumbled. "Its just....did you hear what they were saying about you?"

"Some of it." Nilofer smiled. "It was actually quite flattering."

"It got worse."

"What did they say?" Nilofer prodded.

" ...I ...oh Ammi...It was rude"

"What exactly did they say?" Nilofer insisted, more firmly this time.

"They..they asked how I stayed in the same house without....without.."

"I don't follow you. Without what?" Nilofer asked

"Without fucking you! They said you were such a hot babe and how could I live in the same house and not fuck you!" Afzal blurted out. "That's when I kicked them out. And then...and then...."

Nilofer was shocked but at the same time intrigued by her son's friends lurid comments.

"And then they laughed at me and said that I must at least have thought about it and that's why I was so uptight."

Nilofer found her gaze dropping to Afzal's lund once again. It had been two years since she had seen a lund, much less had one in her. She quickly shifted her eyes back up as she realised she was staring at the son's lund. Nilofer's heart was pounding hard.

"And have you?" Nilofer said very softly. "Have you thought about fucking me?"

"Awww Ammi..." Afzal whispered, almost breathlessly. "You cant ask me that."

"Have you?" Nilofer goaded. "Tell me!"

"Y-yes." Afzal replied, his eyes looking at the floor. "I cant help it Ammi....your so pretty and sexy and all."

Nilofer was taken aback at the longing she detected in her son's voice. She stared hard at her son, leaning almost shyly against the doorway. He reminded her so much of Javed. In fact, he looked just like Javed did at 22. Her stomach did a flip as she saw all of Javed in her son. Her mind rushed back to the times Javed had made love to her and made her cry out with ecstasy. She felt the familiar dull ache in the pit of her stomach, radiating out to her pussy.

"Do... Do you like what you see?" she hissed softly as she dropped her hands, exposing her near naked form in the wet dress.

"Awww Ammi..." Afzal whispered, almost breathlessly. "You have no idea."

"Have you spied on me before?"

"Ive peeked Ammi." Afzal mumbled. "Sometimes when you sit down I catch glimpses of your panties ...or tried to look down your blouse."

"What else have you done?"

"Umm..played with your panties. Smelled them." Afzal was still mumbling. "Err...jerked into them. I cant help it Ammi!"

Somehow this confession from her son only served to ignite her lust. She felt a fluttering in her tummy as she realised her son had been fantasising about her and using her panties to relieve himself. Her nipples grew firm and hard and poked out of her wet bra. Something had taken over in her mind and she no longer felt ashamed of what she was doing. It didn't seem wrong anymore but rather just felt like she was fulfilling a base need.

"You want to play with the real thing?" she asked, tantalisingly licking her lips as she did so.

"Oh Ammi...but..." His protest vanished as he watched his ammi unzip her dress and let it fall. He stared at her standing before him wearing nothing but bra and panties. Her skin glistened from the wet dress. She walked toward him and took his hand, leading him to the bed.

Nilofer sat on the bed and unbuttoned Afzal's shirt, admiring the tight washboard stomach of the 22 year old. She ran her fingers gently across his tummy, feeling him tense as she caressed him. Afzal sighed deeply as Nilofer unzipped his pants and pulled them down to his ankles. His lund was already hard in his underpants and leaking precum.

She could smell the musky odour of his manhood, causing her pussy to twitch. She hooked her fingers into the waistband of Afzal's underwear and pulled it down, freeing his lund. She gasped as she took in the sight of his magnificent lund. It was long and hard and throbbed hotly. It was definitely bigger than Javed's both in length as well as girth.

Nilofer cupped her sons balls and slowly brought her mouth to the turgid organ in fron of her. She kissed the head peeking out of the foreskin and then fastened her mouth on to the tip, slowly pushing her lips along the length and peeling the foreskin off with her lips.

Afzal groaned as his ammi sucked his lund. His ammi! Never in his wildest dreams would he have thought this possible but it was happening. His gorgeous ammi was sucking his lund. He throbbed hotly in her mouth as the illicitness of what was happening heightened his lust. He reached down and unclasped Nilofers bra, letting her beautiful orbs of flesh pop free.

Nilofer moaned around Afzal's lund as he cupped her breasts and lightly strummed her nipples. Hot jolts of passion shot from her nipples to her pussy and she clamped her legs tightly, squeezing her pussy lips together.

"Awww..that feels so good Ammi." Afzal moaned. "Suck my lund...suck it hard."

Nilofer reached behind Afzal to cup his ass, forcing him toward her as her mouth administed on his lund. He tasted so good and she could take about three quarters of his lund right to the back of her mouth before it started to nudge against her throat. She enjoyed the rubbery feel of his lund head and the pre-cum that leaked out was slightly saltish.

Afzal sighed in contentment as his ammis mouth sucked hard on his lund. He grabbed her hair and slowly thrust his lund in and out of her sucking mouth, face fucking her.

Nilofer moved one hand to her panty covered pussy and lightly stroked it, fuelling her passion and lust even more. She pulled apart the gusset of her panties as slid a finger along her slit, stopping at the clitoris and lightly rubbing it. Afzal watched with delight at his ammi fingering herself and he fucked her face harder, feeling the cum building up in his balls.

He grabbed Nilofer's head and pulled it to his crotch. His lund throbbed and spasmed as he felt his ammis hotly working mouth suck and slurp on his meat. His ass and thighs tensed and with a loud moan his lund started to spurt its load.

Nilofer felt the twitching of her sons lund and prepared herself. She hollowed out her cheeks and sucked strongly, feeling the lund in her mouth swell and then shoot its hot seed into her mouth. Spurt after hot spurt filled her mouth and she relished the hot saltiness of it. She let the viscous fluid collect in her mouth, sucking every drop out of his lund. When she was sure he had finished shooting his load, she slowly pulled her mouth of his lund.

Afzal watched bug eyed as his ammi pulled her mouth off his lund. She looked up at him and opened her mouth, showing him the cum that had collected inside. With her mouth still open, she tilted her head back and swallowed it all.

"Mmmmm...that was nice." She moaned, relishing the look of unbridled lust in her son's eyes. It was her first taste of cum since Javed had died and it was only other lund other than Javed's as well. She felt a slight sense of satisfaction knowing that the lund she had just sucked was half of Javed anyway so she technically hadn't cheated on him.

" Ammi...that was the best blowjob I've ever had!" Afzal said excitedly. Nilofer felt a pang of jealously knowing that someone else had sucked his lund. She smiled up at him.

"Ready to fuck my choot now?" she asked coyly, noticing that although slightly smaller, Afzal still had a stiff lund. She loved talking dirty and that was one of the things that Javed had loved to. She could really mouth it off in bed and that only amplified their lovemaking. She wondered if Afzal had inherited the same thing.

Nilofer lifted her legs high and made a show out of removing her panties. She slid them slowly off her ass and then raised her ass to slide the panties slowly down her legs until they were dangling from her toes. Afzal leaned forward and grabbed her panties from her feet. He raised them to his nose and inhaled deeply of her scent. Nilofer felt another flutter go through her watching her son smell her soiled panties.

"Put those away and come and taste this Afzal" Nilofer goaded.

Afzal looked between her luscious legs to see a thick bush of dark brown hair covering his ammi's pussy. Her lips were thick and swollen and he considered diving in to lick her. His lund was throbbing almost painfully now and he just wanted to slot it into her hot wet slit.

Grabbing his ammis splayed legs, he pulled her toward the edge of the bed and spread her legs wider. He could see the pink of her vagina and beads of glistening juice on it. He nudged his lund into her entrance and slowly pushed inside. She was tight.

Nilofer felt his lund spearing into her and she tried to relax further. It was two years since anything other than her fingers had entered her and she had grown tight. She pushed back at Afzal, eager to get more of his lund in and knowing that the faster he spread her open, the better they would both feel.

"Hot damn Ammi....!" Afzal moaned. "You're tight like a schoolgirl!"

"Its been a while bete." Nilofer explained. "Go slow."

Afzal stopped short, a look of puzzlement on his face.

"Y-you mean you haven't..I meant you never...."

"You're the first since your abbu Afzal." Nilofer interrupted. "Now don't stop. Please."

Afzal continued to feed his lund into his ammi, feeling the hot walls clasp tightly around his lund. He thrust slowly in and out of her, feeling his lund go deeper until it was buried to the hilt.

Nilofer felt her pussy acclimatising to Afzal's length and girth and she breathed in deeply as she felt his balls nuzzle against her pussy lips. She flexed her pussy muscles and grinned as Afzal groaned in response.

"That's it bete." Nilofer groaned softly. "Now fuck ammi's choot. Fuck me hard."

Afzal needed no further encouragement. He spread her legs further apart and pulled his lund out until his lundhead was just at the mouth of her vagina. He pulled her upward and rammed his lund hard into her. Nilofer groaned loudly as the air was knocked out of her. Afzal continued to piston his lund hard into his ammis seething choot.

"Oh Yesss..Yess. Fuck me!"

"Stuff my choot with your hard lund!"

"Harder, Harder....Oh Yess..Fuck me!"

Afzal was spurred on even more by his ammis gutter mouth. He rammed her hard feeling her hot, wet cream boiling in her pussy. His lund made a loud squelching sound as he fucked his ammi and he stared at her face as he fucked her.

It was a beautiful sight. Her mouth was open, like a fish gasping for water. Pure lust was written all over her face and coupled with the filth pouring out of her mouth, Afzal felt like he was starring in his very own porn flick.

"Don't stop...g yess...Ahh...yess...deeper...harder.."

"Fuck my choot...Oh gonna cummm....right there..."

"That's it....yess...yess...fuck...fuck...Ohhh choodo mujhe....Eeaaaayyyyhhhhhhgggg!!"

Nilofer stiffened and trembled wildly as an orgasm washed over her. Her pussy clasped and milked Afzal's hard lund and her body shook with pleasure.

Afzal stopped his thrusting as he felt his ammis pussy clench and spasm around his lund. He watched with fascination as his ammi orgasmed and he felt a huge thrill at this fact. As he watched his ammi slowly come down from her orgasm he brutally thrust his lund deep into her again and began to fuck her hard.

"Oooaaahhhh Yesss!" Nilofer screamed out, her eyes bugging out "mai jharne wali hoon...Oh yeeeeaahh..chodo mujhe bete!"

"Zoor se! aur zoor se! mere choot ko chodo!"

"Your lund feels so good in me! Its so hard! Fuck it deep! Yes bete ..Yessss!!"

His balls slapped against her pussy hard. He fucked into her with intensity and the sounds of their fucking filled the room. Afzal could feel the explosion beginning to start in his balls and he fucked harder.

"Fuck me! Fuck Me! Oh Goddd...I'm gonna cummmm!! Cum with me....Cum with me...Oh yesss....Oh cum with me...Fill me with your hot cum!!"

Afzal grunted and groaned as he continued to fuck his ammi's seething pussy. He felt the cum rush up his balls and then he gave a low grunt and buried his lund deep in his ammi's pussy.

Nilofer felt her pussy spasm and contract wildly and then blast after blast of hot cum hit the inside of her pussy walls. Her mouth opened in a silent scream as an intense orgasm washed over her. Her toes curled and her thighs seemed to cramp. She felt her stomach muscles clenching and unclenching in time with the spasm of her pussy. She moaned incoherently as she felt her whole body tingle with pleasure. Slowly the spasms subsided and she looked up at her son, still buried deep inside her.

"Oh mere pyare bete...." She mewled. "That was fantastic."

"That was better than I ever imagined...Ammi." Afzal smiled meekly at her.

"Maybe you shouldn't call me Ammi when you fuck me." Nilofer laughed.

"Oh? Then what should I call you?"

"I don't know." Nilofer continued laughing. "Slut, whore, randi...they all sound good. Or you can just call me Nilofer too!"

"Okay randi Nilofer." Afzal laughed.

"Hey, but only when you fuck me. Otherwise its Ammi, at all times. I'm still your Ammi Afzal and don't you forget that."
"So I guess that makes me a Madarchod!" Afzal smiled.

"And a damn good one too." Nilofer laughed as she felt Afzal withdraw his lund from her well fucked hole. "Your abbu could never get enough of this hot choot and I hope you're the same!"

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