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Amanda's New Daddy
07-01-2012, 09:37 PM
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Amanda's New Daddy
Amanda didn't want a big 18th birthday party; she just wanted to hang out with a few close friends. She planned to go out with her best friend, Jamie, and her boyfriend, Jason. They planned to go to the mall, and then back to Jason's house to go in the pool, watch movies, order pizza, and just hang out.

At the mall, a lot of shopping was done and a lot of gifts were bought for Amanda. She was having a great time. They got a little hungry, and decided to head over to the food court.

When they were just about done eating, a guy who looked about the same age as them came up to them and introduced himself. "Whats up, ladies?" he said and told them his name was Nick. He sat down and began talking. He seemed not to notice Jason, being more interested in the two girls. He was mostly talking to Amanda, probably on account of her looks. Amanda had modest-looking breasts, when in fact she wore a 32D bra, and her ass was tight and plump. She was skinny but shapely, with a good tan, reddish-brown hair, and a very pretty "girl-next-door" face. Nick was talking to her like he thought he was God's gift to women, and he swore a lot and showed little respect to any of them. Nick learned that Amanda and Jason had been going out since their freshman year, and his focus immediately shifted to Jamie, a step lower than Amanda in looks, but still fairly attractive.

Amanda didnt like Nick at all. She personally thought he was an asshole, and Jason seemed to feel the same way. But Jamie, for reasons unknown, seemed to really like him and she invited him back to Jason's house. Not wanting to be mean, Amanda simply said that it was up to Jason. Jason said it was cool with him, although he wanted anything but to have this cocky "top-dog" asshole in his house.

Amanda thought her birthday was ruined as she sat in the back seat of her boyfriend's car - Nick called "shotgun" - on the way to his house. When they arrived, Jamie brought up that Nick didnt have a suit.

"I'll just use one of Jay's," he said, without the slightest bit of inquiry in his voice. Nick was really getting on Jason's nerves and he gave Amanda a look that she shot right back, showing she felt the same way.

Jamie began walking to her house to get her suit after refusing Jason's offers to drive her, but she insisted on walking, as her house was but two blocks away from Jason's.

Amanda put on her small black bikini and Nick commented on how much bigger her tits looked and how much he liked them. Jason slipped into some shorts, and after supplying Nick with a suit and directing him to the bathroom, Jason brought Amanda into his room and sat her down on the bed for a private discussion.

"Who the hell does this guy think he is?!" he said.

"I know, he's such an asshole," Amanda said. "I don't like him at all. We just met him and he's acting like he's known us for years and we're supposed to just put up with him. Did you see how many times he stared at my chest?"

"I saw, and he stopped talking to you completely when you mentioned you were with me, like you were useless to him."

"Why the hell did Jamie invite him back here? What could she possibly like about that dirtbag?"

"His idea of charm is basically objectifying Jamie, and she went for it!"

Just then, Nick burst through the door.

"Yo, Jay, your suit is too tight, my balls can't breathe in it."

Jason was appalled that Nick would bust into his room like that. Amanda was equally shocked.

"Have you ever heard of knocking?" Jason asked, angrily.

"Yea, but I knew I wouldn't be interrupting anything. Your too much of a pussy to get any pussy, Jay. I bet you two haven't even done more than kiss."

"That's none of your business," Amanda said, "and we're not together just for that stuff."

But Nick was right. Jason had never gotten Amanda to go for anything besides making out. He got his hand in her pants once or twice and just rubbed over her mound, but if he tried to get in, Amanda would stop him immediately. They had seen each other naked a few times, but those were mostly accidents or one would ask the other to see him/her naked, but there was never any touching.

"I'll see if I have a bigger suit," Jason said quietly.

"Fuck it, I'll just go in naked. I hope I don't make this girl do something she shouldn't," he said, referring to Amanda.

"That's disgusting. At least wear your underwear or something," Amanda said sharply.

"Sorry, babe, but I never wear underwear. And besides, I wouldn't wanna deprive you of the view," Nick replied, "or anything else..."

"Please..." she said. "Like I would even look."

"Oh, well I guess you wouldn't mind if I got ready for the pool right here," he said, unbuckling his belt.

"Dude, don't, let me find you some shorts, man," Jason said.

But it was too late. Nick dropped his pants and his cock bobbed out, swinging free. He threw his pants on the bed, still standing in the doorway, waiting for a response to his actions.

Amanda's eyes went wide and her jaw dropped open at the sight of Nick's dick. She remembered seeing Jason's hard dick, and him saying it was about 5". Nick's was still soft and it was just about as big as Jason when he was hard.

"What's-a-matter, baby?" Nick asked mockingly. "Ain't ya ever seen a real man's meat before?" He grabbed it and flopped it around.

Jason was in a daze at what just happened, like Amanda. The asshole he just met was now jerking off in his doorway. Not to mention the butterflies that began flurrying in Jason's stomach at the sight of Nick's genitals.

"Look at this girl," Nick said. "Look at her mouth hangin' open like that. She looks hungry. Think I should give this bitch a taste, Jay?"

Jason could barely hear him. He was still in shock, and his surprise increased when he realized that Amanda wasn't protesting. She simply stared at Nick's cock with her jaw hanging open and her eyes wide as it grew.

Taking Jason's silence and Amanda's open mouth as an invitation, Nick walked slowly toward Amanda, his dick fully erect at 8" long and almost 2" wide.

Amanda followed Nick's bobbing cock with her eyes as it neared her, coming within inches of her face as Nick stopped. She put her hands on his thighs and very lightly pushed him away. It was all the strength she could put forth to stop what she knew was about to happen. She was fully aware of her open mouth, and the target it presented for Nick's arrogantly perfect manhood.

"You wanna smell what you're about to eat, slut?" Nick asked without asking.

Nick reached to the back of her head and softly gripped the juncture of her neck and head. He pulled her head slowly toward his crotch. The strength of Amanda's push increased, but she knew she couldn't stop this boy whom she hated so much from taking her mouth as he wanted it, and she still didn't close her mouth to prevent it.

While pulling Amanda's face toward his crotch, Nick pulled his cock to the side, avoiding her mouth for the moment. Instead he rubbed his dick on Amanda's cheek, while bringing her face to his balls.

"Smell those balls, baby. They aint been washed today."

The thick odor of male musk filled Amanda's nostrils and she sucked in the disgusting scent like she wanted to inhale him. Her mouth opened wider and her tongue stretched out of her mouth, toward the bottom of his dirty balls as they hung under his tyrant of a cock.

Nick's fingers gripped her hair and pulled her away just before she could taste his heavy balls. She leaned in harder but couldn't get close enough to what she wanted.

Amanda couldn't believe herself. She hated this kid and yet she wanted to taste him, swallow him, worship him. To Amanda, it didn't matter anymore that this was Nick's cock. All she knew was that it was the most powerful thing she'd ever seen and she wanted to surrender to it fully.

She licked at the head, just missing it as Nick pulled it away. Amanda whimpered softly as his cock moved out of reach. She looked up into Nick's eyes, and a tear rolled down her face.

Seeing how upset she was getting, Nick decided to be a nice guy and let her taste him. He wiped the tear from her face with his cock, rubbing her cheek with his dick. Amanda turned her head and tried to get a mouthful of him, but he pulled away once again. Two more tears fell from her beautiful eyes and Nick slowly pushed the head of his dick between her lips.

Amanda sucked on the head for about a minute. Then Nick finally leaned into her face and filled her mouth completely. She cried even more, tears streaming down her face as she slowly slid her lips up and down his shaft. She cried out of sorrow for willingly becoming Nick's cocksucker, against her will. She cried out of happiness for finally being allowed to taste his dick. But she cried most because she could only get about half of it in her mouth.

"Mmmmuhhmm," she moaned as Nick pulled himself out of her mouth.

"You want more?" Nick asked.

Amanda moaned.

"Lick my balls, bitch."

Nick pulled her head down and tilted it up as he moved her face under his sack. Amanda licked and sucked his balls like they were candy, tasting the dried sweat that caked them. She loved the dirty, salty taste and she took both nuts into her mouth and sucked on them. By now, her hands had moved up to where his thighs met the bottom of his ass, and she squeezed and pulled as she devoured his nasty balls.

"You want more cock?"

Amanda groaned a muffled "mm hmm" into his ball-sack.

"Tell me what you want," he said as he pulled her from his balls. "You won't get anything unless you tell me what you want."

"I wanna suck it," Amanda quietly replied.

"I don't give a shit about what you wanna do," he said. "Tell me what you need."

"I....need you to let me have it."

"Have what?"

"Your cock... please..."

"Holy shit, you sure picked a good slut, Jay. You just gotta learn how to open 'em up, man," Nick said to the still catatonic Jason. Then, to Amanda: "Turn over, lay on ur back."

Amanda quickly obeyed, acting like his cock-slave. She layed on her back and hung her head from the edge of the bed.

Nick dropped his balls into Amanda's mouth again and she worshipped them. She submitted completely as she licked and sucked at his nutsack, savoring the taste and living for the scent. After a few minutes, she grabbed his shaft and tried to manuever it into her mouth, whispering almost inaudibly, "Come on."

Nick pushed her hand away and smacked her in the mouth with his dick, causing Amanda to moan as her inner bottom lip was cut on one of her teeth.

"Shut the fuck up, bitch. I'll feed you my cock when I'm good and ready." He held her head up by the back of her neck and rubbed the underside of his dick all over her cheeks and eyes. "Beg me for my cock."

"Please," Amanda whimpered softly as she fell in love with the beautiful organ she was blessed enough to be able to surrender herself to. The sensation she received from Nick's cock rubbing into her face was almost euphoric. "Let me suck your cock..." she begged quietly.

"Good girl," he said with a smile, which made Amanda smile back, feeling that she made him happy. Nick then lowered himself until his dick was in line with his bitch's mouth. He held her neck and slowly pushed his cock into her mouth.

Amanda's moans of pleasure as her new owner's cock entered her mouth turned into groans of protest as his head hit the back of her throat and didn't stop.

"Swallow it."

Amanda tried to swallow, but she began to gag and choke on his cock, which was even more pleasurable to him.

"Hold your breath," Nick said as he forced his way into Amanda's throat, and the sounds of her gagging and choking stopped and the room went silent as Amanda's air supply was cut off by Nick's thick cock.

The only sound that filled the room was made by Amanda's legs moving about, as she struggled for air.

She was allowed to breathe again, for a few seconds, before Nick began to slowly pump in and out of her throat, making her gag uncontrollably. Tears once again poured out of her eyes and she thought she might vomit.

Jason's expression was still lifeless but his shorts were tented up and Nick noticed.

"Hahaha, looks like your pretty boy is getting off on watching you betray him," Nick said. "Tell ya what, Jay. I'll let you stick your dick in this slut's mouth, just 'cuz I feel bad."

Jason halfway snapped out of it and began quickly undressing as Nick still pounded his slutty girlfriend's throat slowly but strongly.

Amanda gurgled and gasped for air as Nick's cock was dislodged from her throat, and he backed off. She noticed Jason's small prick next to her face. She looked at it and made a sour face, then got up off the bed and fell to her knees in front of Nick again.

"Haha, would ya look at that," Nick said mockingly.

Jason became enraged and pulled Amanda off Nick's cock and to her feet by her hair.

"What the fuck?!" he screamed. "First you suck another guy's dick right in front of my face after being together for years, and now you won't give me shit?! Get outta my house you... whore!" with that, Jason let go of her hair, only to have it seized by Nick's hand, which then pushed her to her knees again.

"Oh, shut the fuck up, retard. Just sit there and watch and maybe I'll let you taste my dick, too," Nick said over the sound of Amanda slurping on his cock. "Or do ya want me to knock the shit outta you for talkin' to my bitch like that?"

Jason didn't reply. His eyes just went wide, realizing that Nick could easily kick his ass or even kill him if he wanted to.

"Sit your ass down and enjoy the show, and maybe I'll share her," Nick said.

Hearing this, Amanda looked up to Nick with questioning eyes and a mouthful of his dick. Nick smiled and shook his head no, signalling that he wouldn't make her even touch Jason.

Amanda squealed gleefully and went back to work on her favorite dick. She was now sucking slowly up and down his cock, while rubbing his balls with one hand and slowly beating the rest of his dick off with the other hand.

Nick felt himself nearing an orgasm and groaned. Amanda loved hearing him make sounds that showed she was doing a good job, and she sped up a little.

Nick's cock exploded in Amanda's mouth and she moaned loudly as his cum hit the back of her throat. As Nick came, Jason got up, beating off furiously, and hopped over to them. He began shooting his load in Amanda's hair just as Nick shot the last of his load into Amanda's face. Nick opened his eyes and saw what Jason was doing, and he shoved him, sending him flying back onto the bed, where the rest of his cum shot onto his stomach.

Nick picked Amanda up like a prince would a princess and walked over to the bed. Amanda picked up Nick's pants from the bed and threw them over his shoulder. She then looked at Jason and cracked a small smile at him. Then she spat Nick's entire load of cum all over Jason's face.

Jason gagged and coughed and Nick laughed and turned toward the door just as Jamie showed up in the doorway.

"What the fuck just happened?!" she screamed.

Amanda grinned and wiped some of Nick's cum from her chin with her finger, then put it in her mouth and sucked it clean.

Nick and Amanda both laughed and headed down the stairs.

Jamie's attention was diverted from Jason's pathetic form on the bed to the sight of Nick's heavy cock and balls swinging around between his thighs as he left the room. She then looked back at Jason, his little pecker hanging limp and a huge load of cum on his face. He couldn't even look her in the eye.

Jaime could here Amanda downstairs as they headed toward the door.

"Are you gonna fuck me now?" she asked like a little girl. "Pleeeeaaaaase? ??"

"I was thinking of using Jamie's bed." Nick replied.

Jamie gave Jason a pitiful look, then turned around and headed down the stairs.

"Wait up guys!"

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