Amanda in Taiwan - Chap 3
Amanda in Taiwan – Chap 3

As soon as I left, you turned to your new friend and started asking questions that he never would have expected from another Asian. But he appreciated the honesty of your forward behavior, and as a normal thirty-something male, he found you irresistibly sexy and appealing. First, you asked him if he thought you were hot. When he became immediately embarrassed, you realized your mistake and started again. “I’m so sorry,” you told him, “I was not really looking for a compliment.” You said it so seriously that you both laughed and you found yourself starting to like the handsome young man. “What I mean, Jimmy… when I’m at home…and Asian men pass me, you know, like on the street…they never seem to look at me.” I’m sure you were giving him your best ‘lost little girl’ pout. “Why don’t they like me, Jimmy?” He laughed softly and handed you something to eat. “Please, Miss…you said you would eat.” After you took it from him and started nibbling, Jimmy continued. “Excuse me, but Miss…you are wrong.” You started to interrupt but he held up his hand. “Oh, I’m sure it seems like they don’t look at you…maybe even look cold to you…but still wrong. When they see you,” he started to laugh again, “if they, you know, straight…then, please believe me, all Asian men want to fuck you…beautiful, hot blond with great tits and long legs – you kidding?” He took a drink of water. “But problem when they get too close, you know? They see woman they can never have, never fuck. They see you no whore, Miss…not really. So, they think, if they can’t have you, why even look?” Your eyes started to moisten; that was one of the sweetest things you’d ever heard. You knew that I wouldn’t mind if your experiences grew in unexpected ways during this trip. Your voice turned cheerleader-flirty. “What about you, Jimmy? Are you one of all those Asian men who…you know…wanna…hmmmm?” He couldn’t begin to answer so you continued. “I mean it, Jimmy…” you moved closer to him to pick up a cracker, “you’re really nice…I’m sure he wouldn’t mind…not now…after this is over. I would really like it, honey…think about it, okay?” You continued talking and flirting with Jimmy while he made sure you had enough to eat. Meanwhile I was busy in the bar. Joey Chang was a big, broad-shouldered man – he dominated the area behind the bar. When I walked in, he caught my eye immediately and motioned me to a seat at the end of the bar. After serving a drink to someone else, he walked down to where I sat. We shook hands and introduced ourselves. I thanked him for his help, telling him I would gladly make up any losses he may incur. That was what he wanted to hear. He smiled again and asked to see your picture. I don’t know if the shaking and trembling I felt was really noticeable at all as I flipped open my phone, brought up the photo and handed it to him. He sucked air between his teeth as he stared at the small screen. Finally he smiled and handed it back. “Maybe,” he said, “we talk about her…later.” I just nodded my head calmly as I fought for breath. My mouth was so dry and my heart was pounding outside my chest. I’d done it – I had sold you…sold temporary rights to your body…to my cunt. It was everything I could do to stop myself from cumming in my pants. When the roar of my heart and lungs died out in my head, I heard Joey speaking. “Those three,” he flipped his head to his right, “sitting at the other end…take a look.” I lifted my eyes and glanced towards my left. I saw three men sitting there, talking quietly, all three drinking beer. I looked back at the bartender. “They’re regulars…athletic shoe production guys…married…always use same girls, mine. Never sick, guys or girls, and girls say they’re all okay – nice guys.” We had a quick discussion about the local rates for services rendered by girls like you, and then adjusted for the circumstances. Finally, after a long drink of ice water, I made my way to their end of the bar. Standing at the end, Joey introduced me to the three guys. I showed them the photo on my phone and once again, my heart rate hit the roof. I was trying to catch my breath as the first guy took the phone and held it up for his friends, flashing it around the bar in the process. I got it back soon enough and they all said they were interested and we confirmed all the conditions that Jimmy had told Joey and he had passed on to these three. After speaking to a few other folks around the bar, I settled their bill, adding an extra $200 for Joey. I told him if that was not enough, he should let me know, and we walked out of the bar towards the elevator. I opened my phone to call the room and your picture appeared. I would have to change that…sometime. The men around me started making comments about you – very naughty and very nice at the same time. They all groaned good naturedly as I changed it back to a phone again and dialed the room. When Jimmy picked up, I thought I heard you in the background…asking if it was me. When he said everything was good, I told him we would be right there and I wanted you back in position and then hung up. Only a few minutes later, Jimmy heard us coming down the hall. He made sure you were back in position and handed you the large, black dildo. Then he opened the door. I heard your low moan as the three men followed me into the room. Just as I had asked them earlier, they remained silent as I brought them close – one on either side of you and the third, a very large black man, stood next to the foot of the bed, his face and body no more than a few feet from your spread, gaping cunt and your pink, puckered anus. Your wild eyes found mine. “ Master,” your voice was breaking and hard to understand, “I thought…” I shook my head slowly, back and forth while a moved to the side of the bed and took the little black leather swatter off the table top. The two men on either side of you jumped when they heard the sound of the leather as it landed lightly but very flat against the top of your naked slit. You whimpered as the heat started to well up inside you; you moaned as your nipples grew harder and longer. When the man between your legs laughed softly, your eyes found his…burning a hole in the deep, pink walls of your open pussy and looking hungrily at your star-shaped asshole. “ Master,” you tried again, “please, Sir, may I cum?” The gravelly, blues-bar sound to your voice sent shivers through all of us. And they all looked at me to see how I would respond. I walked over the bar Jimmy had set up earlier and grabbed a cold bottle of water. I opened it and took a long drink while you stared at me, not believing I hadn’t answered. Finally I looked back at you. With a casual shrug, I said no. Then I told you to give me the dildo and put your hands under your ass until I told you it was okay to move again. I stepped closer and rubbed the black leather strip over the hood of your clit and then over both of your hard, swollen nipples. “Don’t move them, slut.” The meaning was clear to everyone in the room. I took another drink from the bottle and then waived towards the bar. “Gentlemen,” I said, “If I can drag you away, Jimmy is happy to get you a drink if you’d like…water, beer or wine.” I sat down in one of the chairs by the table and when the three men had glasses in hand, I said, “Okay, guys, let me tell you what’s on the menu tonight…” I looked back at the bed – you were still glaring at me with uncontrollable heat and longing. I rose back up and excused myself to the men waiting for you, anxious to play with your young, tight, sexy body. I moved back to the bed and leaned close. I took one long, hard nipple and held it between my thumb and forefinger, teasing it gently. “What is it, slut?” I whispered in your ear. I hoped the little pinch I gave your tit encouraged you to hurry. “Master,” you whispered back, “please, we had a deal…you know I’ve never…never wanted to…I’m afraid, Master…” My fingertips started to press together, the pressure on the blood-filled flesh tube increased slightly and you couldn’t help moaning. “Hey, buddy,” the deep, rich baritone of the tall, smooth-headed black man came from across the room, “you’re not starting without us, are you?” I straightened up and looked back. I saw four sets of eyes staring at you…locked on to my fingers at your breast. I think if you had moaned a little louder, they would have started drooling. “Not a chance, fellas,” I smiled back. “Just clarifying a few things for…well you can call her whatever you like. Be with you in a minute…Jimmy, aren’t there some snacks there as well?” With their attention off of us momentarily, I leaned back down to whisper again. “Listen to me, slut. As it happened, they are friends and were…” I paused and brought my fingertips fractionally closer together, “I don’t have to explain anything to you, slut. I don’t care if he’s black, brown or a greasy, stinking Arab…you will fuck whoever I tell you to, understand, you stupid bitch? It’s what whores do!” When I took my fingers off of you, the sudden blood rush made you groan again. I tapped your tummy with the leather fly-swatter. “Hands stay underneath, darling,” I said, most pleasantly, as I moved back to the table. Before I sat down, I saw your eyes glaring again and the muscles along the insides of your up-raised thighs started to contract repeatedly. I sat down with a smile. “I apologize for the interruption, gentlemen,” I glanced back towards you, so naked and exposed, and the three of them chuckled lightly. “Let’s get on with it, shall we?” Nods and grunts of agreement filled the air. “Great…let me tell you the way we work…” they started to say something about Joey and what he’d told them at the bar, “I know what he was supposed to tell you, but please, bear with me…a couple minutes now and there will be no misunderstandings later, okay?” The ebony-skinned man looked down at me, looking deep into my eyes for a long few seconds. Then he turned to look at Jimmy and then again back at me. He grinned slightly. “You been here before, yes?” I nodded back. “Worked a lot with Asians, huh?” I smiled back. “Maybe…” he hesitated, “lived here…a manager?” My smile got wider and I nodded again. “Yes, to all your questions…here and other Asian capitals for about ten years.” ( to be continued…) He smiled and turned to the others with a raised hand. “Who still got it?” He slapped hands in a ‘high five’ with the guy to his right. “Who’s your daddy?” He turned and high-fived the man to his left. Then he looked at me while still speaking to the other two. “Told you I liked him, didn’t I?” I took a long sip of ice-water and began again. “Okay, the way I like to do things…is first, I’ll give you a general idea of overall rules and conditions. If that’s okay, then we’ll get to the specifics. Everybody okay with that?” They conferred for a moment, and then the black man spoke again. “Be easier if you just talk to me…they go with anything I say anyway.” “Fine. First thing is health.” I pointed to him and then stopped, shaking my head back and forth. “I’m so sorry, gentlemen. I just realized we’ve still not introduced ourselves. And certainly, while last names are of no concern, I would like to speak normally to each of you. I’m Steve.” Again I motioned to you across the room, still sliding your hips over the pillow, your hands trapped between. “You can call her anything you want.” The man to my left turned and smiled. Extending his hand, he said, simply enough, “Pleased. Donald… ermm…Don.” A nice enough looking younger thirty-something with the soft drawl of a native Texan. He looked like an ex-collegiate athlete – hell, all three did – I wasn’t surprised. It was the corporate culture of the athletic shoe and clothing company they all worked for. Don was a few inches over six feet and just a few pounds under two hundred with thinning light brown hair. The man to my left was grinning, sticking his large hand out towards me. “Phil,” he said, pumping my hand up and down. His grin told me he didn’t care about anything. From the moment he’d seen the photo of you at the bar, he was yours for the taking, you hot, sexy little fuck. Phil was about five foot eight inches tall and about one-hundred seventy pounds, with large, powerful hands. He didn’t say, but my guess was he was either a gymnast or a swimmer back in school. His full black hair was cut stylishly; hard to say how old he was - he was still good-looking enough to be a model in a Docker’s ad. Their leader, at least in this escapade, pushed his chair back and stood up. He seemed to dwarf Don as he rose to about six foot five inches, somewhere in the neighborhood of two hundred and twenty-five pounds. The tight golf shirt he wore showed no trace of anything besides muscle as it pulled across his chest and stomach. His deep dark-colored flesh gleamed under the soft lighting in the room, making his eyes and his smile all the brighter in his rugged, handsome, slightly older face. “Abraham is what my beautiful mother called me,” he said in that rich baritone voice, “you may call me Abe.” We also shook as I rose to take his large, powerful hand in mine. Looking at him, I replied to all. “Thank you, Don…Phil…please sit for a moment. Abe, if you will, please come with me.” I dropped his hand as I walked to the bed, Abe close on my heels. Your eyes were burning coals, following me across the room. When I reached your bedside, you started to speak, but I couldn’t understand anything you said. “Jimmy, some water with a straw, please.” He handed me a glass and I held the straw to your lips as you took a long, slow drink. “Thank you, Master,” you barely managed to get it out of your mouth. “Please, Sir, may this poor slut cum? Pleeeaaaaasssssse???” I had let Abe pass around me and he moved right back to his previous position, standing at the foot of the bed, directly between the “V” of your raised, spread, wide-open thighs…directly in front of your young-looking, tiny, hairless pussy, twitching open in great anticipation and showing a small, shiny accumulation of the lubricating oils beginning to coat your tiny, pink slit. I could hear the difference in your breathing when you saw his eyes move downward, captivated by the dusky pink flower. I took a deep breath, like I was really considering your request. After a couple seconds, I said, “No, I don’t think so.” We could all hear you groan in monumental disappointment. I took the black leather tool and flicked the tip lightly, just barely touching the tip of the hood over your throbbing clit. Your groans were amazing as you fought with yourself not to climax. “I’ve decided to auction that privilege off to these three men, if they are interested.” Then the groans came in stereo…from you, Don, and Phil. Abe just smiled. “We’ll do that in a little while,” I continued, “but let’s get back to the reason we are here. “I mentioned health – it is my greatest concern. She,” I nodded in your direction, “is healthy as a horse. And I plan for her to stay that way. So…rule number one…it’s either a condom or a very recent doctor’s letter…and if I don’t like the way the letter looks…it’s a condom.” I saw the smiles start to fade. “But hey,” I said, “before you decide…Abe, can you do me and the boys a favor?” He looked at me and smiled. “Please bend over her…look close…smell that fresh, young pussy.” When you felt his warm breath bathing your flaming lips, your body kicked your internal reactions up a notch…making every one of your senses hyper-aware of everything around you. “Mmmmhhh,” he moaned as he inhaled your lush, heady aroma, “sweet, boys…this some heavenly smelling pussy…like a rose opening under the prairie sun.” The vibrations from his rich, deep voice seemed to resonate through your burning, electrified flesh. I could see the vibration working its way through your abdomen and your thighs; your nipples were as hard and full as I’d ever seen them. You were so insanely close to such a powerful climax – I had no idea that your will power was that strong. “Now you must understand, Abe…I can’t take any chances with that little gash.” He chuckled and shrugged his shoulders. I shook my head back at him. “Clearly, you not convinced yet, my friend. Your reaction should have been more…enthusiastic. Perhaps,” I swung my eyes to yours, trapping you with my gaze, “you have a small cold…flying is terrible, you know. Abe,” my voice dropped a little, “maybe a taste would help you decide.” I saw the muscle tremors moving through you as the image filled your mind. I’ve known for a long time how you feel about giving yourself through oral sex. I know how afraid it makes you…how vulnerable you feel…how it requires more trust in a lover than anything else. It is, you feel, the most intimate thing anyone can do to you. And now, the thought of having to share that intimacy, that closeness with this huge and intimidating black man is driving you completely over the edge. Again, the stereo moans filled the room as the tall, handsome, ex-athlete leaned down, his bright white smile dazzling you completely. As his long, pink tongue moved closer and closer to your hairless slit, his breath felt warm and wet against your fully swollen lips. Each breath brought you closer and closer to the climax you’d been struggling so hard to avoid. When the tip of his tongue was just millimeters away from the bottom of your bare slit, I dragged my eyes away from that hypnotizing vision of living erotica. I gripped the black leather handle with a super-light touch. FLICK!! FLICK!! SMACK!! Before he could close that tiny gap with his tongue, the flat black tip landed on each nipple and then your hooded clit. “OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHMYYYYYYYYYGGGGGGGGGGGGGOOOOOOODDDDDDD!!!” Your scream was muffled by the back of your hand which I now saw was covering your open mouth. “UUUUUNNNGGGGGGGGHHHHH…OOOHHHHHHHFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKK!!!” The muffled moan began the moment the tip of his tongue touched your fresh, tight, luscious pussy. You felt it slither up and down your soft lips, following the swirling, delicious flesh until it found the entrance to your small, over-excited sex. When you were lucid enough to think, you wondered why you had wasted so much time avoiding dark-skinned lovers. You were dying to find out if his cock would be as long or as talented as his tongue. My cock was bathed in pre-cum as I watched his shining black bald head stay lodged between your flushed pink thighs, his tongue licking and slurping your girl-cum without pause. As much as we all wanted to see the action progress, I had to bring everyone back before we lost all sense. “Abe…” I tapped him on the shoulder, “Abe, tell your friends how she tastes…gotta stop now, Abe.” And when I tapped him again, he sighed deeply and moved away. He leaned in to kiss your pussy before he stood and looked back at Don and Phil. “Whatever he says,” he was trying to regain his breath and pointed to me. “Best tasting pussy…ever…” I smiled at them all before leaning over your spent body. With my happiest voice, I said “Well, slut, you came without permission…and you moved your hand, didn’t you?” Your eyes were cast downwards and your mouth was shaped in the hottest, sexiest pout I could imagine. “Yes, Master, I disobeyed you twice.” Your voice sounded like you were back in middle school. Trying so hard not to laugh, I told you we would address that later and I returned to the table along with your newest admirer. He too had a hard time taking his eyes off of you. Curled on your side, you looked at us with nothing but lust and need, your climax only building your appetite. Your hands curled seductively over your firm, round breasts and the curve of your hip, your fingers playing lightly with your puffy, swollen sex. “Okay, guys…” I had to draw their attention away from you, “let’s talk.” The realization that they were minutes away from their dream fuck helped, I’m sure. Finally, they were all looking at me. “First, who has papers?” Abe laughed as he reached into his back pocket and withdrew his wallet. Don reached for his as well, a big grin splitting his face. Phil, on the other hand, sat still, a sardonic smile on his lips. Abe handed over a sheaf of folded paper. His eyes were dancing and his lips curled up in anticipation. “Take your pick, my man…my wife insists I get tested every single time I cross the pond.” “Smart lady,” said Don “reminds me of my wife.” He too had several recent medical documents which he put on the table next to Abe’s. I turned to Phil. “Actually, I was screened a week ago…well, ten days ago, before we left…but I have nothing to show you.” He spread out his open hands and sighed. “Worse, I’m allergic to latex.” He shook his head back and forth, looking like the odd one out. “I am sorry, Phil,” I responded. I have no lambskin condoms…” I saw the disappointment cross your face but when you mouthed “Please?” I had to turn you down. “But I think we can still salvage the evening for you…and if we are still here when you find some protection you can use, you will have another opportunity. Okay?” He nodded, almost pleased with the developments. “Great…okay…listen up, fellas. Abe, Don…I take it that you want to go bareback…Phil, I know you’d love to, but I will give you prices based on no penetration. But first, I have to ask just one more thing.” When their mocking groans fell silent, my quiet voice caught their attention…along with yours, my love. “Joey told me you guys have ‘played’ with his girls…sometimes together. Is that right?” They all nodded with little grins. “So, I guess you all plan on staying in here, watching each other?” Again, they all nodded – this time their smiles got a little wider. “Fine…remember, watching is one rate - if you want to play together…that’s another rate. “Okay, first is the normal straight stuff. She’ll give you the best blowjob you’ve ever had for two hundred dollars. Two-fifty and you can cum in her mouth.” We heard the soft moan coming from the bed. A straight fuck – bareback – is three-fifty. Don,” I looked directly at him with a big, confident smile, “stick your finger in that pussy, bud…tell me if you’ve ever felt anything so tight on a lady of legal age.” He declined with an embarrassed shake of his head. “That’s okay, Steve…Abe said ‘whatever you say’ so there’s no need…” “Okay, your choice,” I said and then continued. “Classic half-and-half is five hundred. If Joey didn’t mention it downstairs, let me tell you now. There is no anal tonight, boys…don’t even think about it. Every one understand that?” All three nodded. “Okay, that’s the basics – fifteen or twenty minutes for a blowjob, thirty or forty minutes for a straight fuck with a little foreplay or a half-and-half. Now let me get to Phil and some other options. “Phil, you ever do any fantasy role-playing? I can see from the gleam in your eyes that you have. Take a look at that beautiful little blond girl – I bet you can think of something you might do with her. A little fantasy scene…let’s say we figure some mutual oral sex...can’t cum in her mouth – sorry – but she gives a masterful handjob to finish you off…” Again we heard more moans from the bed as we discussed you like a piece of meat…like you weren’t even there. “Great tits if you like a titty-fuck…and oh yeah, she loves it when somebody fucks her with her dildo. All that sound pretty good, man? Sounds kinda hot…especially with your friends watching you warm her up for them. What do you say? Role-play with her? Make her do whatever you want…you can’t hurt her…not permanently anyway…” He laughed – nervously. I smiled and said I was just joking and you moaned loud enough to draw our stares. Your fingers were pinching your nipples and twisting them roughly. “I think an hour should do it…seven fifty, Phil.” I stuck my hand out towards him. He looked up at me, and then at you just as you licked your lips. There was no way he could resist. He shook my hand and said “Deal.” I looked and Abe and Don and smiled. “You guys can have a magnificent time tonight – if you want it. You can split two hours with her…any way you want. You can have everything I’ve described already plus almost anything else you can think of.” I paused long enough for that to sink in. “Almost, I said, because if you want to take her out of here,” “Master,” your voice was so hot, so compelling, “can I cum, please?” “No, you stupid bitch!” I barked across the room. “I told you I was gonna auction off that privilege. Stop interrupting me!” I took another sip and apologized for the delay. “Like I was saying, if you want to take her out of the room, she must remain in the hotel in a public area…like the bar. Other than that, she will do whatever you want…as long as it won’t get her arrested.” I looked them both straight in the eyes. “A grand each for the two hours, fellas – five hundred for every thirty minutes after that.” They looked at each other, trying to stay serious, but I saw the gleam in their eyes. Abe turned back to me and stuck his hand out. When I took it in mine, he smiled and said “Deal for us, too.” “Jimmy,” I said, “drinks all around. And yes, you can give the slut some more ice-water. Thanks.” Abe took a drink of fresh, cold water and then looked up at me. “About that auction…let me make a suggestion. If you don’t mind, I would be delighted to throw five hundred more in the pot if we all forget about withholding or controlling her orgasms.” His rich baritone voice had such dominance behind it – I couldn’t help but feel it as I’m sure you did, too. “If she thought my tongue was good, wait ‘til she see my dick. I don’t want to be interrupted every ten seconds, bitch asking if she can cum.” I was happy to let him make that decision. “That is fine with me, boys; let her cum all night long. Phil,” I glanced his way, “been thinking about what you want to do?” I looked at the other two. “Alright,” I said, “time to pony up.” They all stood and grabbed their wallets again. A minute later there was thirty-two hundred and fifty dollars in cash sitting on the table. My cock finally exploded as I put the bills in my wallet. I moved sideways towards the washroom to clean up, trying to slide by without the embarrassing wet spot on my pants being noticed. It didn’t happen. As soon as I heard it, the now familiar, rich baritone voice started my skin vibrating. “So what started the party in your pants, chief?” Abe’s long arm was pointed directly at my crotch, drawing Don and Phil’s attention to my little accident. “You used to dealing with money, so it can’t be the cash.” He smiled and leaned back in the chair. “Maybe it be the thought of my big, black dick.” He looked over at Don with a wide, satisfied grin. “Tell him, Donny boy. He wouldn’t be the first white boy to cum thinking about my meat, would he?” Abe laughed as a bright red flush spread over Don and Phil…matching my own. I looked up smiling. “Well, I guess we’ve got no more secrets here.” All three were grinning back. “Okay…let’s get this party started.” I grabbed a clean pair of slacks and found the bathroom. A few minutes later, cleaned, changed and much more relaxed, I returned to the bedroom.

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