Akka Tho Dengulata
na peru krishna maadi vijayavada.memu hyderabad lo settle ayyamu ma naanna real estate vyaparam chestharu.baaga money sampadincharu.memu banjarahills lo vuntamu.na pet name pintoo.naa akka na room lo enter ayyindi.na computer daggaraku vachindi.naku telugu sariga raadu.plz hindi lo chadavandi. Once I entered the D drive of the computer and was just scanning through different folders, when I came across a folder containing porno clips. I suddenly realized that my sweet little bro have grown up. The thought of this ignited the evil in me and the fire in me ignited to no extent. That day I watched one of the prono clip, thinking and masturbating about my brother. I knew my target now and just have to wait for the right time to climb on him. I now planned and started keeping a close eye on my bro’s activities without him getting to know about the same. With passing days I saw his watching pronos and masturbating. His red hot meat didn’t seemed that big but atleast it would give me a new taste; thinking about this was enough to satisfy my long thirst for a new meat. I was realized how he spoke dirty things with his girlfriend on phone. This assured me that he isn’t an amateur and this would mean I won’t need to waste unnecessary time to teach him the basics of the art of love.

On a Sunday afternoon, my naughty bro was fast asleep wearing a sleeveless and shorts after a delicious dinner. I was dressed up in a pink salwar kameez. Feeling bored, I thought of having a look at some good porn on the computer. While I was about to put on the computer, I also found some erotic sexy books and magazines hidden behind the desktop. I started reading one and got really excited and um…..wet too.

I thought that what if I just put my fingers in my cunt….Pintoo wouldn’t notice…he is asleep. I lied down on the empty side of the bed and was slowly putting my fingers under my skirt….the book was making me wetter and wetter…….
Suddenly the craziest thing happened…my brother had woke up….staring right at me with my hand under my skirt.

“didi aap kya kar rahi ho?” said Pintoo.

I was dumbstruck…i couldn’t answer…but I stammered, “Pintoo…uncle aur aunty ko kuch mat batana.”

Suddenly a kind of evil smile appeared on my sweet little bro’s face. I was clearly able to see the mischief in his brown eyes.
Pintoo: “theek hai…nahi bataonga…lekin ek sharth hai”
ME: “kya?”
Pintoo: “Veena didi…aap vahi karogi…jyon main chahunga”

I never imagined my brother to be so fast at blackmailing his own didi. I guessed what was on his mind – to fuck me – because from his story books I found incest story the most abundant. Though I too waited for this moment for a long time but god knows why I was a bit confused at that moment… I could have said “no” to him, but something hold me back…I was so wet that my pussy was longing for some hard thing to be inserted into it….whatever hard thing it is….why not my brother’s sweet hard cock??!! I was too much horny at that time to resist myself.

“mujhe tumhari koi bhi sharth manzoor hai…bataon mere saath kya karna chahate ho”…I said smiling naughtily.

Pintoo: “didi aap kaise jan gayi ki main aapke saath hi kuch karna chahunga”

ME: “tum mere chote bhai ho Pintoo…I know u very well …. don’t try to pretend … jyon chahate ho vo aaj apni didi ke saath karlo…

Saying this, my eyes fell towards my sweet bro’s pants and I could already see the bulge…

Pintoo: “HMMMM!!! HOT BITCH!!!”

A naughty look was exchanged between us.

ME: “lekin agar uncle aunty aa gaye to” (” what if mom and dad come to know about this ??”)

Pintoo: “bus darwaza bandh karlo didi…hamare floor par vaise bhi vo nahi aate!!!”

I did what Pintoo told me to…but the hornier way…I loosened my kameez and walked out of it slowly towards the door and closed it…the kameez slided off my smooth legs and landed on the floor. As I walked back to Pintoo…my sweet bro put his hand on my cute butt….it has got red with excitement as my cheeks were too!!!!

Pintoo: “Wait didi…I got a better idea”

He told me to lie down on the bed…then he took out some ropes from his shelf…then he grabbed my arms and pulled out my Salwar away…now I was only in my panties and my top was totally bared…

Pintoo: “didi…main hamesha se forcefull sex karna chahata tha jyon meri girlfriend kabhi nahi karne deti…please didi…mujhe aapke saath forcefull rapoe karna hai…”

I too was excited to discover a new kind of sex and just nodded….but gave him a sexy eye gesture…He then fastened each of my arms and legs to each corner of the bed…now I was getting hornier….He was now approaching me like a robber…

he took out his cock and started rubbing it against my face…..it was warm and hard but yet soft to my face…He rubbed it on my nose…I smelled it…so sweet it was to get a cock to my face after a long long time….he brushed it over my lips….

He opened my mouth and spit inside it….he was so nasty!!! he went out and brought some chocolate cream and ice-creams from the fridge…

Pintoo: “what the fuck you wanna taste my sweet randi? choco or vanilla?”

This bad words was getting me more excited and I moaned softly in reply…”Choco”

Pintoo spreaded all the creams over my body….and started rubbing it…
I was now getting a bit impatient … my pussy longing for a deep fuck…He sure knows how to bring orgasm to a girl…

ME: “mere choot par bhi cream lagaon Pintoo…MMMMMMM”" (“Spread some into my pussy and lick it…MMMMM”)

With one big snap my naughty little brother tore out my panty….and stuffed cream into my pussy…it was so CCCOOLLLD …… I screamed in ecstasy ….

Pintoo took off his clothes…now we two were bare naked lying on the bed. I bit my tongue. He took out his dick and stuffed it into my mouth. I couldn’t move or touch or grab it as my hands were tied…this made me more irresistible…

His dick was hot and I was about to reach my orgasm….


I have squirted all over my brothers body…it felt so nice…so relaxing….so hot….
He now untied me….my ankles had gone red with the tight binding of rope…Pintoo was now biting and sucking my pussy like a dog eating a meat

Now Pintoo took out his cock….i can’t wait anymore…i felt like a whore… i didn’t know what was taking me to get fucked by my sweet little brother.

I bit my lips and whispered him to insert the dick in my pussy. It was so nice and warm. Slowly and slowly he inserted his dick and i went wild inside. He thrusted his cock in and out now.

Me: “Pintoo aaram se”

Pintoo: “randi saali…mujhe jyon karna hai vo karne de…tu DVD dekh kutiya”

Pintoo has started a pornographic film also with the remote. It was about a college babe getting fucked and abused by teacher. The soft ass and the cum swallowing parts was driving me crazy.

Me: “Pintoo kya main bhi tumhare saath vahi sab kar sakti hu mere bhai?”

Pintoo smiled and released me after thumping me on the soft bed….i took the blanket and covered my boobs showing just my lower parts…below the navel. Pintoo took me in his lap and started thumping his dick in my pussy again. The hard thing was pushing and hammering in the walls around inside my pussy.


He now made me sit on my knees on the floor and thrusted the hot meat in my small mouth. He was pumping my mouth hard holding my hair tightly. It was paining but at the same time it was growing me mad. After some time Pintoo hold me by my hair and pulled him towards him.

Pintoo: “saali randi…mere hoth ko zorr se chum”

Forgetting totally that he was my brother i sucked his lips with my dirty mouth by which i have sucked his cock. Now he put me down over the bed and told me to open up my mouth. A warm liquid squirted out of his dick and sprayed all over me. I licked his dick completely and looked at my brother naughtily. I now stroked his dick continuously.

My bro then lied on me and we too stayed in that position for around an hour having oral sex, smooching, licking and kissing each other until my sweet little bro was yet again ready to make his horny sister happy. But this time around it was my turn to rape my brother. He has to pay back and I surely made it sure. But that part latter. Hope you loved my sex encounter with my bro.

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