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After making love to his sister for the first time, he becomes obsessed with watching
07-18-2011, 02:12 AM
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After making love to his sister for the first time, he becomes obsessed with watching
Ever since my totally erotic encounter with my younger sister Amy, in the bathroom the other morning (story “Sister’s Stay), I've been completely obsessed with her beautiful 19-year-old body. My sister looks very similar to the playboy playmate, Suzi Simpson, if you've ever seen her great body. She has sandy blonde hair with the same color light blonde haired pussy and grapefruit size tits with very large nipples. I'm a leg and ass man but my sister's breasts are a perfect sight to behold. Now, I will add that her legs and sweet looking butt are pretty fine too.

Since that morning when we first had sex together, I've been taking every chance I can to see her body. From my bedroom, I have a full length mirror on my bedroom door and when angled properly, I can lie on my bed and see right into her bedroom. I've caught her several times undressing before bed as I lay in my bed stroking my cock to the view I get each time. She wears some real hot and sexy lacy type bras and panties. Sometimes she undresses and then comes into my room and slides into bed with me, sometimes she pull her nightshirt over her head and goes to bed. I've had a constant hard-on since that morning but she's happy I'm always ready for sex. One night, after she turned out the light, I could tell she was getting herself off just by the sounds. I creamed the sheets of my bed just listening to her.
My bathroom has a louvered door with one of the louvers missing so I can watch as she takes her bath. She likes to take hot baths over a shower usually. One time I was watching through the door and she started to massage her breasts with her soapy hands. The sight of her tits and nipples sliding between her fingers was too much. I pulled my cock out and began stroking my cock to the sight of my sexy sister before my eyes. Her nipples were standing erect as she pulled them between her fingertips. Her right hand slid down her body, across her tight abs following that sexy vee right to her sweet pussy mound. She began to work her pussy with first one, then two and three fingers, rubbing her clit faster and faster. As she reached orgasm, she arched her back and her body shuddered in lustful bliss. I came at the sight of her orgasm and couldn't help but let out a groan as I shot out another hot load of cum for my sexy sister. She looked at the door and just smiled as she knew I was there and put on a show for me.

Amy motioned for me to enter and she asked, "So Ron, did you enjoy the view?"

“Amy, you are the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen.” I replied back.

“You’re not so bad either big brother. I just love that hard thick cock of yours.” She said seductively.

She then slowly stood up and I enjoyed the view as the soapy water and suds glided down every smooth ripple and curve of her sexy body. Looking deep into my eyes, she slowly brought her hands up and cupped her large soft breasts. She smiled devilishly as she rolled her swollen nipples between her fingers and pulled those soft white mounds of breast flesh together for me to see. God, she was so fucking gorgeous!

She turned her back to me, put her hand against the shower wall, arched her back and pushed her sweet ass out to me. Her skin was glistening wet with small patches of suds on her perfect butt cheeks. Her sexy thong tan-lines were very hot and sexy looking but nothing compared to the completely erotic expression on her face as she looked over her shoulder, her sexy eyes penetrating my very soul and sending jolts of sexual energy to my rock hard cock once again.

I quickly shed the rest of my clothes and entered the tub grabbing her sexy hips, sliding my hard thick shaft up between her slick wet thighs until it grazed her wet pussy mound from behind.

“Ummmm yes baby, that feels very good.” She moaned as my hips moved back and forth, my cock gliding just under those soapy wet pussy lips.

She took her right hand and reached under, softly grabbing my hard shaft and pressed it hard against her opening, spreading her labia as her juices mixed with the suds. My swollen cock head was sliding across her wet opening, just touching her erect clit on each forward pass.

“God Ronnie, that is really getting me hot.” She panted as we picked up the speed slightly and she pressed my cock harder into her.

Suddenly she arched her back a bit farther which changed the angle just enough as my cock hit her opening, spread her pussy lips and slid right into her hot waiting pussy. In one slow move, my shaft slowly slid all the way in, her pussy muscles squeezed and pulled me into the hilt. Her pussy was so hot inside and this encounter with my sexy sister was so completely arousing, it was making my knees weak with desire.

Slowly we started a slow hot, hard deep fucking motion. I gripped her hips as she was leaning her upper body against the wall. I thrust my hard thick shaft deep inside her, over and over again until we both could barely stand up any longer. It was a good five minutes of ramming my hard cock deep inside her from behind. The feel of her smooth soapy butt cheeks sliding against my thighs on each forward thrust was intoxicating.

“Ohhhhh my god Ronnie, I love how your cock feel’s when you fuck me from behind.” She moaned out with such lustful desire.

“You know it’s my favorite position sis.” I said as I changed the angle of penetration, leaned forward and whispered in her ear.

As my cock hit several new sets of nerves inside her aroused pussy, she just moaned out and rolled her head back, breathing very hard. I pushed her hips from one side, then to the other as my cock head ridge ripples across every possible sexually excited nerve ending inside her slick pussy. She began pushing her butt back harder, arching her back even more as her upper body moved down the wall a bit farther. New sensations, new feelings, new nerve endings sent wave after wave of pleasure throughout her aroused young teenage body.

“Ahhh fuck Amy, your pussy is so fucking hot!” I moaned out.

“Come on Ron, fuck me with that thick cock baby, ummmmmm yessssss, that’s it, oh fuck yeah, ummmmmmmmmmmmm!” she moaned loudly.

I grabbed her hips hard and began to increase the tempo, ramming my cock deep inside her, pounding her pussy from behind, feeling her soft butt cheeks slapping into my thighs. Suddenly I felt her body begin to tense, stiffen up as she started to shudder as her orgasm began. Her pussy clenched and quivered as she shook with several wave of orgasmic pleasures. Her body shook as she moaned out loudly.

“Ohhhhhhh fuck yesssssssssss, I’m cumminggggggggggggggg!”

Seeing my cock gliding in and out of my sexy sister’s pussy from behind and the blissful look on her face was too much. I pulled my cock out of her hot pussy, grabbed my hard shaft, stroking it as I shot three huge spurts of hot white cum across her sexy as and up the middle of her back. It looked so hot and sexy, the hot white ropes of cum landing on her deep dark tanned skin of her butt and back. I grabbed her body and pulled her back into me, my still hard cock pressing into the crack of her soft ass as I reached around and cupped her huge tits. I could feel my hot cum on her back mixing in my chest hairs. She rolled her head back onto my shoulder and just moaned softly.

“God, that was so fucking good.”

“Amy, making love to you is the hottest sex I’ve ever had. Incest is best, right?”

We both laughed and pulled the shower curtain closed, turning on the water, we sensually began to soap each other up and caress each other's bodies. My cock was soon rock hard again and as we rinsed off she kissed her way down my chest and again gave me one of her great blowjobs. I can't believe just how good this girl sucks cock. She really loves to give head and it shows. This time she brought me to the edge of orgasm 4-5 times but not getting me off.

I pulled her up and as we kissed I pushed her back against the shower wall. As I lifted her she wrapped her legs around me as my cock slid into her tight pussy. We slowly began fucking as our tongues danced within our mouths. This was a slow teasing fuck that was extremely arousing for the both of us as we fucked for what seemed to be over 20 minutes. I couldn't take no more and came so hard I nearly dropped her but I continued to grind into her. She was getting real close so I slowed the pace and was driving her mad with lust when she finally shuddered to another mind blowing and intense orgasm. She really gets off with a slow teasing grinding hard fuck.

We finished our shower and as we dried each other off she said she enjoys all this spying on her. I was surprised as I thought she really didn't know I was doing it. She feels like she putting on a show for me and it gets her real hot, wet and ready for sex. Any guy who has a sister who looks like her must fantasize about having sex with her. I feel very lucky to actually fulfill my hottest fantasy, making love to my gorgeous sweet sexy little sister.

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