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Adulterour wife
07-19-2011, 02:59 AM
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Adulterour wife
Hi, this is Kunal and wife’s name is Sona. Though not very beautiful, she has an attractive face with a 34C-26-36 figure and I usually notice men looking hungrily at her. For quite some time I suspected that a male friend of mine and Sona were having regular intercourse but were being very discrete about it. The closest I came to witnessing one was during one of my lunch breaks when I came home to find his car parked in front of house. But this time I did not have the key to the house and so could not get in. The only way I could see was through the partially open drawing room window that admits an incomplete view of the connecting bedroom. And even then I could only barely make out two bodies grappling. So I finally decided to set them up. I made reservations for two of us at a resort about 150 kms away from our place for the weekend. Two days earlier the D-day I told Sona that I had to be away on tour from Friday to Monday, so she either give our reservations to our friend and his wife or cancel them.
I however, went there on Friday and got myself another cabin. For a generous tip I could procure an extra key to their cabin suite from the attendant there. I called Sona on Friday night at around 10 p.m. to make sure they will be taking the bait. Sona answered the phone after a long time in her typical post coital rasping voice. It came as a surprise, it seemed the bastard hadn’t missed even this opportunity to invade her pussy. She immediately replied in normal voice when she realized it was I. She told me she had cancelled the reservations, which I knew better.
Next day they did show up around 1 p.m. in the afternoon at the cabin and shut the door after half an hour. I went up 15 minutes later, checking they were not in the first room of the two-room suite through the glass windows, I entered using my key. He was sitting on the bed massaging his proud member. She was standing on the bed beside him, shamelessly coming off her panties. She walked straight to him so that his face was leveled with her loins. He immediately grabbed her hips and started sucking her down there. I was appalled at how sluttish Sona had become in the last 3 months. After sometime he pulled her down, kissing her deeply, began squeezing her shapely 34C breasts. He then tried to get her to suck him. Sona did suck at his large balls one at a time but would not touch his penis.
No wonder, though he has a burly member to be fit in any X-rated film, it is extremely ugly. With its extra wide purplish knob and foreskin stretched halfway down his long shaft, it looks extremely repulsive (at least to me). He did try pleading with her, but Sona would not. He seemed offended; he forcefully pinned her down on bed and mounted her. Pulling apart her slightly plump thighs on either side of his knees, he advanced his hefty set of penis and testicles to nudge her vaginal crack. Sensing his rather violent mood, Sona instinctively tried shielding her naked body by closing her thighs.

He forestalled her attempt by grabbing her large thighs and forcing them apart even further. Holding her spread, he tried forcing his way in her. He kept on denting her being but could not get in, probably she was a little dry due to her nervousness. He understood her tension and stopped fooling around. Applying Vaseline on his middle finger he buttered-up her intimate spot with it. Sona immediately responded under his probing attention and wetted his finger. He continued tickling Sona’s cunt with his middle finger for a couple of minutes, and by now Sona was fluently churning out her juices. Not satisfied with this, he applied his mouth to her loins and began jabbing her delicate genitals with his pointed out tongue. His head was bobbing up and down in between
her spread thighs; Sona tastes a bit salty down there.
Her eyes were shut and she was pulling at his curly hair. From my vantage position I could see his fleshy limp penis harden into a huge tool pointing straight down, ready for assault. Without warning, he suddenly came up her body and thrust his tool up her love tube. Though baffled at first, Sona immediately adapted by wrapping her thighs around his hairy buttocks. I could see his raw masculinity easily disappear in her dripping tender depths. He pinned down her arms on the bed over her head and rapidly conducted his urgent business.
They continued in exactly the same position for next 10-15 minutes, with Sona’s ample breasts bouncing in all directions with his powerful thrusts, she alternately shutting her eyes and opening them to witness his cock plundering her cunt between their heaving bodies amid the sickening sloshing sounds. A lot of moisture trailed down on her upturned buttocks during their mating. Till in the end he left her arms, put his arms below her arm-pits, lifting her to squash her breasts against his hairy chest, and he pounded her for his finishing strokes. I could see his balls curl up slightly as he planted his penis firmly in her body and seemed to discharge seed along with loud grunts. Sona, as usual, gargled out her long, deep
He remained sunk in her after their union, (by now sticky fluid was oozing out of their locked genitals) for about 10 minutes and his buttocks had again slowly started rising and falling when I left. Email: xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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