A woman is seduced by her boss again
Kelly had been a wreck ever since the encounter with her boss Stan. She simply couldn’t get the encounter out of her mind. She was filled with a rollercoaster of emotions ranging from confusion, shame, fear and the most surprising and persistent to her… lust! The encounter with Stan had been the best sex she had ever had and she hated herself for it.

Kelly didn’t know what to do about it either. She knew she couldn’t tell her fiancé, Mark, but should she quit her job? How would she explain it she had only been there a few months and she had told everyone how much she loved the work?

Every day at work Kelly just tried to play it cool and pretend nothing had happened. Inside though she would jump every time she saw Stan or got an email from him; yet, he always seemed to play it cool and unmoved. Kelly wondered if he had told anyone of their encounter or if he was sleeping with anyone else in the office too.

When she would least expect it her body would remind her of how great it felt to be taken with such raw uninhibited passion. She was having sex with Mark again but it really didn’t seem the same and for the first time ever with him she found herself faking it.

After a couple weeks, things started to get back to normal as she put Stan out of her mind. That’s when the package arrived at her home. Before she even opened it she knew who it was from and her heart jumped. How bold of Stan to send it to her house where Mark could open it.

Kelly quickly lied about it being just another yoga outfit then went upstairs to open it. The package was in slim dildo and strict instructions to insert it and meet him at a nearby hotel later that week. She stood there frozen. While the sex had been great she had hoped it was just a one time thing. She loved Mark and had no desire to jeopardize their marriage, but Stan was also her boss. What if he fired her for not going along with his plan? It had taken her three months to find that job and she knew they couldn’t afford to go another three months without her income.

After a few days of obsessing about it Kelly decides to go to the hotel, but only to tell Stan in person that this must stop. She brought the dildo along only to return it as well she told herself.

Kelly can’t believe how nervous she is on the elevator ride up to his hotel room. What if he wont take no for an answer, what if he fires her? At the same time while she knows she needs to end things she also can’t help but think about how intense their last encounter was and wondered if it could ever be that hot again.

She pauses for a moment in front of the door trying to summon the courage to confront him. Without warning he pops open the door grabs her hand and pulls her in the hotel room. Kelly is startled by this and before she can protest his lips meet hers and his strong hands are exploring her body. She can feel the weeks worth of pent up lust quickly taking over, as her thoughts of protesting begin to disappear. She can feel her nipples getting hard and face flushing.

After a minute Stan notices the bag in her hand and says “what why aren’t you wearing your toy as instructed!?!” There was fierceness to his tone and sharpness in his eyes that made Kelly weak and unable to speak. Stan raises his voice “what’s the problem?”

Kelly begins to say something in a feeble attempt to protest but Stan starts talking over her and pulling her cloths off. “Let’s not make this more complicated then it needs to be” he says “you came hear for a reason.” She tries to say something else but he puts his finger to her lips and pulls her top open exposing her perfect breast and hard nipples. “Look your nipples wouldn’t be standing up if you didn’t want it now get your cloths off” Stan commanded.

Kelly knows she made a mistake coming to the hotel but knows she can’t bring herself to stop, so against her better judgment she begins to undress. “That’s it” Stan says. As he helps her out of her cloths until she is completely naked.

“Now I’ve got to punish you for not wearing your toy as instructed” Stan says with a devilish grin. “Get on all fours” Stan says as he points her to the giant hotel bed.

Expecting another round of spankings Kelly is surprised instead to feel warm lube slowly rolling over her ass. She’s suddenly very nervous because she’s never done anal before and she doesn’t think she can take that dildo in her ass.

“You had your choice” Stan muses “you could have just done what you were told, but no you couldn’t even do that so now I’m going to teach you a lesson!” With that she can feel the head of the dildo being pushed against her ass. After a minute “Stan tells her to relax or its going to really hurt.” With that the head finally penetrates Kelly. She lets out a loud gasp as he slowly works the dildo in and out of her ass.

Kelly can barley breath as she has never been stretched like this before. The pain is overshadowed by the fire building up in her. While standing next to her and continuing to work the toy Stan pulls out his cock and puts it in Kelly’s face.

Kelly devours his cock with a passion. Kelly takes him all the way in as his head pushes down her throat. Gagging a little Kelly is determined not to choke as she plays with his balls and sucks him in perfect rhythm with the dildo in her ass.

Kelly can’t help herself. The feel of the smooth tube in her ass and Stan’s hot prick in her mouth is driving her wild. She rubs her wet clit and begins moaning into Stan’s cock. Stan can tell she’s about to cum and switches the dildo to vibrate. The sensations are just too much for Kelly to take and she starts cumming hard all over herself. Stan’s cock is still lodged in her mouth and the vibration she’s brining him by almost screaming on his cock is brining him close to the edge as well.

When she’s done Stan slides out of her mouth and while keeping the dildo going and in her ass Stan rolls her on her back. Kelly is writhing; her hips up and down and as her body is still near its peak.

Stan takes her feet and lifts them over his strong shoulders as he gets ready to enter her. “I’m going to fuck you till you can’t take any more” Stan declares. Kelly is ready for it as she continues to ungulate her hips up and down.

Stan glides right into her and quickly finds a steady rhythm. He pounds away fucking her harder and harder. “Next I’m going to fuck you in the ass” Stan says. Kelly can feel her body tightening up as her second orgasm is approaching “You dirty girl you love it in her ass don’t you” Stan asks.

All Kelly can do it moan the relentless vibrating in her ass and the steady pounding are pushing her to her limits. “Yeah you love it, now cum for me, cum on my cock” Stan grunts as he picks up the pace fucking her harder.

As if demonstrating his total control over her body, Kelly begins to cum uncontrollably this time harder then before. Her eyes tightly shut, hips clenching, and mouth wide open as the quivering begins in her pussy and the waves roll out over her body.

Stan pulls out and fires his massive load of cum all over her drenched pussy, stomach and tits.

Kelly rubs the cum into her breast as she begins to catch her breath and finally slides the dildo out. He then guides her to the shower and after they have cleaned each other he lubes himself up and works his cock into her ass.

The difference of his warm skin compared to the smooth dildo is striking. Stan also reaches around and fondles her breast with one hand and works her clit with the other. It isn’t long before they are both Cumming again this time Stan unleashes his spunk deep inside of her.

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