A wifes secret 2
It had been a month since the last time we were together and I heard the since of urgency in his voice professing his need and desire to be with me needing to release the sexual tension which had been building. Without haste we made plans to meet, as I hung up the phone I could feel the yearning for him growing all the way through my body as being with him filled my thoughts and dreams for weeks. The following morning I awoke and sat on the edge of the bed rubbing the sleep from my eyes I grabbed my red silk robe to keep me warm I retreated to the bathroom with the thoughts of what was to come.

Knowing I only had a little time I started the shower and let my robe fall to the floor. I could feel the hot steamy water gush over my body, as I closed my eyes and thought of him my fingers glided across my breasts stopping only to tease my sensitive nipples that grew larger with every touch and roll between my fingers. Within seconds I felt a fire growing and my clit yelling to be played with. My hands soon left my distended nipples and glided across my stomach and slowly made their way to my sweltering pussy I felt how large my clit had become and leisurely inserted my index and middle finger into my pussy as memories of him filled my every thought. My breathing quickened and my heart raced as my body ached for the climax it wanted so desperately. As I reflected on how he kisses me my fingers moved faster and deeper in and out of my dripping pussy. Within minutes my toes curled and my body exploded but I still needed more, I needed him.

As I dressed I could feel butterflies grow in my stomach, as an urgency to be in each others took over. Quickly I grabbed my coat and keys and headed to meet him. As I reached the brick house to wait for him my phone rang “I’m on my way, I’ll be there in a few minutes”. I was sitting at the kitchen table when he walked in, our eyes meet and we both smiled. We moved into the living room and talked for a while and held hands. As I focused on every little detail about him he leaned in and kissed me, He kissed with all the gentleness and kindness one could ever hope for, A kiss that lingers for two or three days. With shivers running down my back we made our way to the bedroom, I felt my skin become cool and clammy while my clit and nipples became hard and sensitive as he undressed me.

We laid in bed for a while with nothing between our bodies and talked and enjoyed each others company. When he leaned in and kissed me again, I could feel his hand running down my body, and my legs fell open offering my pussy to him. little by little he spread apart my outer labia and began fondling my clit breathing harder and harder I could feel my pussy becoming wet, without missing a beat he pushed two fingers inside me, As he pushed deeper I gasped breaking our kiss and he moved his mouth to tease my large round cherry like nipples, my back arched in gratification and my heart raced with exhilaration. I could hear the sound of my wet pussy as he plunged his fingers deeper and deeper into me. I could feel his cock growing and becoming enlarged on my thigh, I craved the feel of him inside of me; abruptly he stopped and offered his fingers to me so I could taste the sweet juices that flowed from my body.

As I sucked his fingers he raised to his knees, raising my legs I offered him what I knew he wanted, as he glided his hard pulsating cock in to me our two bodies became one, moving in unison. He moved slowly and gently, as he leaned in and whispered “god you feel so good” with my clit burning I licked my first two fingers on my left hand and rolled my clit between them, hearing him groan quietly in excitement only turned me on more, he began pushing deeper into me with each thrust a little faster the previous one. I could feel my body wanting to burst and wanting it harder and deeper. Quickly we switched into doggie, he entered me with one quick thrust, faster and faster he pushed into me. I start to moan louder and louder with every plunge deep inside my body I could feel his hard cock start to throb and I knew it was only a matter of time. He grabed my hair and pulls with force As we both start to moan in pure ecstasy our bodies detonate together, as we fall into the bed we lay holding one another quivering. We lay with one another for a few minutes longer then dress so we can continue our day so no one will know. We kiss and say our goodbyes knowing the feeling of wanting to be with one another will return just as it always does.

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