A surprising game of truth or dare.
So my friend, Nora, and I have been really good friends since like 5th grade. In October of senior year of high school we decided to have a sleepover with another one of our friends, Anne.

I have thought since I was about 13 that I am bisexual, but I had never really been sure. we would always flirt and stuff, but it was just silly things for laughs. I am pretty sedentary, but look okay with 36C cups, small waist, nice back, and an ass that I personally think is way too big, but have been told makes me an hour glass. I'm 5'8'', and Nora is slender and only an inch or two shorter. :] Anne is short, with big tits, and an otherwise petite frame. It is easy to think she is chubby at first just because of the way her shirts hang, but I’ve been friends with her long enough to know this is definitely not the case.

Anyways, they came over to my house that night anticipating stuffing my face with chips and maybe talking about boys and things like that. Which is what happens. Later, though, and around one am, Anne says that she wants to play truth or dare. I am tired and want to sleep, but she and Nora convince me to play. "So, truth or dare?" Nora asks me. Not wanting to move, I reply truth. "Do you masturbate?" I am a little shocked, considering I have never talked about this with anyone, ever. I guess I hesitated, because she asks again. I reply with a whisper the confirmation. I am equally surprised when she tells me that she has never done it herself. I didn't think it was possible, considering the amount I do it in a week, or even in one day.

It's my turn to ask, and Anne chooses dare. I do something generic, not really sure what to do. Something like run around the house with your pants down or something like that. So, we return to my room, giggling, and this time Nora chooses dare, too. Anne starts laughing to herself, and I get the impression that she has come up with a silly one. she looks at me, then at Nora, and then the floor. finally looks back up and says, with a solemn face, that the dare is for Nora to kiss me, right on the lips. I start blushing like crazy and put on a shocked/disgusted face, not wanting them to know of my secret attraction to Nora. I hear Nora gasp, and I am actually surprised when I find her in front of my face, looking in my eyes. I expected her to protest, but she leans forward and I kiss her back.

after a minute of silence, Nora finally asks me, "Truth or dare?" I immediately reply truth, again, being a little shy now. she asks me what I use when I masturbate. I gulp and look at the girls. I explain that my favorite ways are to use a vibrating back massager I have, and showerheads work well, too. a lot of times I use my fingers, especially while in school. "You do it at school?" "well, yeah. it gives me a rush." I turn to Anne and ask her the question, and she says dare. I tell her we are going to play " are you nervous?: a game where I am going to run my hand up your leg, and you try not to flinch." "okay..." Asi, I start running my hand, and she bites her lip, fighting her automatic reaction. I get closer to the hem of her shorts...closer...and finally only when I get under them does she shiver, and I stop. we look at each other for a few seconds, and finally I take the hand away and she turns to Nora. "dare," is the reply. she tells her to try my massager. "Are you serious?" "It's a dare. Do it."

"...Um, where is it?" I just get up and get it, my panties are fucking soaked by now I am so excited. I turn it on, and show her how. I place it on top of her shorts, but I tell her it won't be as much fun if she doesn't take them off. So, amazingly, off they go, and there is her cute thong, immediately covered by the vibrating object. her eyes go wide when I place pressure on it. Her breathing starts to become shallow and quick. Anne just says, "oh my god oh my god." Nora starts to moan out, "truth or..ungh...darrre?" I say dare, and she tells me to kiss her, so I lean into her, her soft red lips yielding. I feel fingers slipping under my shorts, and a warm breath asks me what her new dare is. I tell Anne to show us her chest, and she is out of the tank top in ten seconds. the bra is gone, too, and soon they are hanging over Nora's flushed face. "Please, Nora, please..." Nora reaches up, suckling on the breasts. Nora tells me to take off my clothes, and I comply, Anne taking my place, and removing Nora’s shirt, as well. The hottest thing I have ever seen, Anne presses her chest into Nora's, the nipples hardened and sensitive, soft and round, my mind is going to explode. Still wet and shiny from the sucking, the motion of rubbing them together is too much for me. Suddenly wanting release, I push Nora out of the way, grabbing the massager and pulling Anne into me. I came three times, convulsing, gasping, and whimpering. Nora's hands are on my tits, squeezing and pulling. I lay exhausted, and watch my two friends kissing and humping to orgasm. I drift off to sleep, satisfied and content.

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