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A summer with Aunt Tina
07-18-2011, 02:11 AM
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A summer with Aunt Tina
The summer before I started going to college I stayed for couple of months with my aunt Tina as I had a chance to earn some money working as a co-op in an advertising company. Tina owned her own small massage parlor that was located in a retirement community. Her husband Dave worked as a security officer at a local hospital and worked the night shift starting at 9pm . Tina and Dave never had kids and it was a change for them to have me around on a daily basis.

The very first day Tina warned me, “Brad, Dave and I are not too careful about what we wear and sometimes at night I like to sleep naked so don’t be embarrassed.”
I always sensed some distance between Tina and Dave and I did not pay too much attention to it. Dave did not speak much to me; on the other hand Tina liked to chat with me before I went to bed. Typically after her bath she would come to my room to ask me about my day or see how things were going. She always wore a low neck short T-shirt night shirt without a bra as her nipples would make it very obvious and I could tell if she was wearing thongs.

My room would get quite warm so I typically slept in my boxers. The first time Tina saw me in wearing nothing but my boxers I was not sure how to react but she didn't seem to pay much attention and went on asking how things were going at my work. It was the second week, one evening I was sitting on my bed reading a book with my bed sheet over me just enough to cover my dick since it was hot and I was completely naked. I was hoping Tina would come in to talk to me and notice that I was naked. As usual, Tina came in sat on the bed close to me and said,

“So Brad, have you gotten to know most of the people at work now?”

I said, “Yeah, I think I know most of the people that I interact with every day and then there are some who don’t talk too much.”

Tina said, “Well, don’t worry sooner or later you will know everyone” and then she placed her hand on my thigh and started gently moving it up and down.

I replied, “It is still a small group no more than fifteen people” and then I gently started pulling the bed sheet aside to expose my erection.

“Are there any hot girls in your office?” Tina said as she started moving her hand over my balls and stroked my dick softly few times. It felt great at the same time I could not believe how Tina could be so casual about it.

I smiled at her and said, “There are only five girls and they are all married” and just then the phone started to ring and Tina went to her bedroom to answer it. It was Dave calling to see if she could bring him his wallet and badge which he had forgotten at home.

I heard Tina say, “Let me send Brad over so why don’t you give him directions to get to the hospital.”

Tina yelled out, “Brad, could you come her and talk to Dave, he needs you to drop off his wallet and badge at his work.”

I went to Tina’s bedroom and I started to talk to Dave to get the directions. Tina looked down at my erect dick got down on her knees in front of me. She slid my dick into her mouth and started sucking and licking it. Dave was too detail oriented and even though the hospital was not too far his instructions went on and on. I tried my best to concentrate on what Dave was instructing me over the phone but at the same time I was getting close to reaching my orgasm. Just as I finished talking to Dave, I started to cum in Tina's mouth and was struggling for words as I reached my orgasm;

“Oh god…Tina…you shouldn’t have…that was awesome”

Tina kept swallowing it and she was still stroking my dick into her mouth for more. She took my dick out of her mouth and she looked at me and smiled and asked,

“Did you like to cum in my mouth?”

I smiled and said, "I would also love to fuck you and cum in your pussy".

Tina got up and said "let's drop off the stuff for Dave and then when we come back I will let you can fuck me all you want!"

I went to my room to get dressed up and I heard Tina yell out,

“Brad, let me drive, I don’t think you were paying attention to Dave when he was giving you the directions” and then I heard her laugh.

Tina Started driving and she looked over to me and grabbed my hand. She said, “Check this out!”

She took my hand and put it right between her legs so that I could feel her pussy. She was not wearing any panties under her jean skirt. My dick started to get hard and I started fingering her slowly.

Tina said, “Brad, don’t make me cum or else I will get both of us in an accident” and started to laugh.

The hospital was not too far and Tina dropped me off at the ER entrance and I quickly ran inside to drop off Dave's wallet and badge. Dave was busy talking to someone and I left right away as soon as I handed over Dave's stuff to him.

Tina started to drive us back and she looked at me and asked “can you wait till we get home?”

In response to that, I started to unbutton Tina's shirt and saw that she was not wearing a bra either. I said “this will make it fun till we get home” and started squeezing her tits. She leaned forward and unzipped her jean skirt and said “see if you can take my skirt off”

As I pulled her skirt off I could not believe what I was doing. I was now alternating between stroking Tina's pussy with my fingers and squeezing her large tits. As soon as she had parked the car in the garage, I reached over and helped her take her shirt off.

She said "Come on let's go inside this car is too small."

We both got out and Tina started going up the stairs and I was trying to take my clothes off as fast as I could. When I got to Tina's bedroom she was waiting there with her legs apart and she was already playing with herself.

I started to lick her gently at first and then I was licking all over her pussy and hard. Tina liked it and she held my head and was trying to rub her pussy hard against my mouth. Tina pulled my head closer as she reached her orgasm. She slowly took her hands off of my head and I climbed right on top of her. My dick slipped right into her pussy and I started to kiss her on her face and kept thrusting my dick in. I had never dreamed of fucking Tina. I kept thrusting myself really hard and finally I started to cum in her pussy. My whole body could feel the orgasm it was quite intense. I got off of Tina and lay on my back and Tina crawled on top of me. Tina she said "Now that you will be here for couple of months I won’t need to fuck the old guys at my massage parlor!"

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