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A lighthearted story with rude bits :o)
07-16-2011, 01:13 AM
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A lighthearted story with rude bits :o)
That cheeky smile of yours is contagious, though I’m not sure I can master it with the same sparkle that you have.

How can I stay cross with you when I was never really cross to begin with I think to myself as you offer me your hand and pull me back onto the bed, a few moments ago I fell on the floor, well I didn’t exactly fall, we were play fighting and you pushed me with your feet.

“Okay a truce”

You say as once again I begin tickling and wrestling with you.
You haven’t realised yet that this rough play is having an effect on me, my pussy, which is currently hidden by a black satin boxer shorts is starting to moisten, oh god I hate that word “moisten” but it’s said now, twice in fact.
Anyway I’m becoming aroused and soon I will let you know in the nicest possible way. You’re winning this battle again, and you have my arms pinned above my head on the pillows, by your knees and you’re straddling my face. Your cock well it’s solid and it’s almost within licking distance but we haven’t got there yet. I have no control anymore and while currently I’m laughing in just a few minutes the giggles will turn to gasps of wantonness because really I need you now.
I struggle to free myself and the struggling itself is working me into a state, my hair is askew and I look wild, I feel wild too like an animal trying to get free. The only difference is that actually I don’t want to be free.
You slide down my body and replace your knees with your hands, you have my wrists firmly and the moment arrives. I look at you, instantly you’ve noticed the change in my expression and I gasp because I realise I’m about to get you.

Your mouth is on mine, its not deliberate or focused it’s just there and we’re hungry for each other. My hands try to free themselves because they want to touch your face, to claw at you, drag you closer, but you won’t release them and oh fuck it’s making me wilder.
Our kissing is frantic, you move to my neck and my head tilts to the side in offering, I am yours for the taking.

You bite my neck it hurts me and I cry ouch, but before the pain has even disappeared, the fact that you actually bit me, has made me gasp with the thrill of it.
My hands are free and they search the back of your head urgently, what they are looking for is beyond me everything is beyond me. My legs spread for you and just once I beg, “Fuck me”

You pull down my shorts and slide your solid cock straight into my sopping pussy, no guidance needed. You’re thrusting it into me hard. I’m moaning and gasping under you, then you squeeze my breasts hard and though there will be bruises tomorrow, I put my hands over yours and make you squeeze them tighter.

There is an urgency about this, and it’s not my orgasm that I’m crying out for, but yours, I want my pussy filled with your hot cum, I want to take it from you and give in return a feeling of satisfaction. I want to satisfy you like no other.
My mouth is on your neck it doesn’t do much though it’s where it needs to be, close to your ear so you can hear every little change in my breath, so you can feel the warmth of my gasps as they escape me.
"I want your cum"
I say to you and I’ll have it soon I know I will because your pace is quickening and you’re getting frenzied, you’re using me now for a purpose, pure pleasure and relief. I’m using you too but for different reasons, I am satisfying something deeper, something that I can’t allow a voice.
I encourage you with moans of “yes” as you give me what I want and fill me with your delicious cum, then I use my mind to bring about the orgasm I have been sitting on since your cock first entered me, and I cry out as your deep desperate plunges, milk and sate me.

We go back to sleep for a while, our feet are entwined as we sleep with smiles. I am first to wake and I look around me for distraction so as not to wake you. Though I am feeling needy again, I choose not to wake you just yet, we were up late last night and you’ll need your sleep for later!

I reach into my bedside cabinet and grab my massive dildo, excitedly I slip it under the duvet and feel the coldness on my thigh I tease myself at first by gently rubbing it over my pussy lips.
It’s much too big for my pussy, so much so that when we bought it, we were forced to buy lubricant because I am so small in frame and the shop owner was worried for me. My pussy is still full of our combined juices and as I begin pushing it into me, stretching myself I moan quietly as it passes the resistance and slips easily into my depths. I cannot take all of it but I am fucking myself with it now, slowly as you sleep beside me.

My dildo is ribbed and every movement so strong inside me, it touches everything, the slightest twist is so powerful that I have to try hard not to get carried away.
You turn towards me in your sleep and I keep as still as I can ‘hoping’ that you aren’t disturbed. Your hand finds my arm and follows it to my hand, which clutches the huge toy still inside me, it takes you a second to comprehend but when you realise you moan gently with your eyes still closed and ask me if I want some help. I answer you by removing my hand from the dildo and you take over. You start slowly and gently by pulling it out and sliding it back in, you really want to gage how much of it I can take so you wanted to start afresh, the sensations are different now that you are in control of it, I feel helpless and the helplessness makes me feel vulnerable, which makes me feel so sexy and sweet. I spread my legs wider and drape one of them over you as a
sign that I’m abandoning myself to you, I can’t help it, I gasp at the realisation and you begin ravaging my needy pussy, thrusting so hard and fast that instead of consistent little moans, a moan that changes in tone with the speed of your fucking but is continuous comes from my throat.

“Fuck me, I need it, I need it I need it”

I whisper to you desperately as my orgasm creeps from nowhere and settles on a place deep inside me. My pussy contracts violently and tries to reject the dildo but you’re stronger and you fuck me until my pleasure fades.

“Turn over” You say to me and I assume that you want your big thick cock in my pussy now, I roll over and position myself on all fours, you guide yourself to my ass and push, My ass is tight and stubborn though and I try so hard to relax myself for you. Your fingers delve and using them you
spread my tight hole and push your cock deep into me, it feels so good and I beg you to fuck it hard, I want the feeling I get when my ass is filled with your delicious cum, I want to squeeze it out later when we’re done.
Your balls are slapping my smooth pussy and it feels incredible, you’re fucking my cool tight ass as you please and I’m accepting it, loving it, as you knew I would.
My fingers find my clit and begin to play. They rub fast and in just seconds I am whimpering again as the frenzied orgasm rushes over my body and leaves with gushes of my tasty juice.
Your imminent groaning and bucking pleases me just as much, then the paralysis as you push deeper and squeeze the last drops into me.
I’m still horny, I’m insatiable and you look at me with amusement as I squirm a tell tell sign, I need more from you, I’m not fussy but I need some more and I’m a lucky girl because you’re an obliging lover.
My mouth is gentle on you as it finds your cock, I lick it slowly from base to tip, my fingers need distraction and they find your tight ass and push kindly, your cock is growing hard inside my mouth now and I feel happy that I can achieve it so quickly, I moan while my mouth is filled with you. I change my angle so that I am facing your feet and I spread my legs wide for you, I could call it extra stimulation for you, but that would be a lie, I need you to touch me again. You catch on quickly and instantly I show my gratitude by taking all of you to the back of my throat, you in turn
show your gratitude by forcing your whole hand slowly and deliberately into my sopping cum drenched pussy. It’s not an easy journey despite the efforts of my dildo but you manage because you know that I yearn for it so completely. I can’t see what it looks like now that you’re wrist deep in my pussy as I’m working furiously on your cock but you watch closely as you twist and turn your hand enjoying the reactions you get, and the vibrations on your balls that are born from a deep moan that needs to be free of me. We orgasm together encouraged by our simultaneous displays of pleasure, and afterwards we spend the whole day in bed, we play that game where you write
things on each others backs and guess what’s been written, we play fight some more until the rough play has me begging for no mercy.

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