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A life long obsesion to please my wife!
07-15-2011, 05:42 AM
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A life long obsesion to please my wife!
I was married for over 18 years and we dated for 8 years, we
were great lovers, but because of her difficulty to cum, I had to adapt to make
sure that she was satisfied.
No matter how hard I tried, the difficulties of her orgasm was getting worst and worst, she admitted to me that in her previous relationships it was the same, that no man was able to continue satisfy her as the relationship matured.
With those comments that’ s when my mission began, I set on the quest to become an expert in satisfying the woman I was planning to be with, for the rest of my life. It all began with romance and sharing fantasies, reviewing previous experiences and applying different methods to achieve the desired results. Question after question, fine-tuning my skills and setting a quest of pure pleasure to satisfy my partner.
As I progressed I finally honed the skills along with determination and effort until her orgasm was finally within my control, cum was coming to be.

The romantic evening began with a kitchen party for two, a huge bottle of Red PIAT D'OR, fresh vegetables, a salad and red meat, Leonard Cohen in the back ground, discussion, laughter, flirting as I cooked and entertained her.
Light kisses, touches and sexy glances, the slow and romantic touches, the long and tender kisses, the cupping and tender breast loving, was breaking down the barriers. Once we ate by the candle light set table, our feet touching, hands caressed, desert was in the air, we danced with the music of "Dance me to the end of love", the gentle and continued finger walking on her back, the gentle hand on her wanting ass, the long and passionate kisses and licks on her extended neck, the room twirling with the effects of the wine.
Hands progressively exploring moving gently toward the her breast and finding their way to her hard large nipples, my mouth following suit as she releases her anxieties. As I suckled her breast, my hands exploring her pubic area, the rubbing and longing attention to the long legs and eventually to the inner thighs.
I quickly cleared the table as she had to take a moment for herself, and on her return I immediately took her by surprise and lowered her on the kitchen table, to my surprise she was pantiless, "Closing time" was playing in the he back ground, and I raised her legs up to my shoulders exposing her glistening pussy which was recently shaved and smooth to my lips, my tongue lapping her wetness, my fingers entering her pussy as I fingered her hard and fast, her groans and movement allowed me to spread her ass cheeks and I inserted my middle finger in her ass deep and my index finger was fingering in pulse with my middle finger , my thumb focused on her clit, I felt her tighten and moan with delight as I brought her to climax, her inner thighs shaking in pleasure and her clit rocking to my touch.
When her climax subdued I began kissing her inner thighs and followed the trace of her long legs kissing, sucking and gentle bites down to her feet and toes, the combination of this well thought out foreplay set the pace to another orgasm, this time I was going to fuck her hard and I turned her on her stomach, her large beautiful breast on the table as I had her legs spread wide, I entered her hard and fucked her as I never thought I could, she was asking me to fuck her hard as she was tightening her buttock with every stroke, I grabbed her hair pulling her head back and deep kissing her while I fucked her deep and hard.
I could feel her excitement build and she was ready to climax, when stopped and told her to suck my cock. She lowered herself to my cock I faced fucked hard , she was almost gagging as I bent over and finger fucked her ass.... she was close to Cumming as I heard her moan, I stopped her turned her around and lowered myself and ate out her ass, sticking my tongue in and out and getting her wet, I took my cock and entered her gently but quickly.
I was completely in and started to fuck her tight ass hard as she moved her ass back to meet my every thrust.
She screamed and came which was my cue to shot my long awaited load deep into her ass.
We both collapsed on the kitchen floor, the song in the back ground was " A woman's heart" She had the biggest smile that I haven't seen for the longest time, we got up and we agreed to a quick shower and this was the beginnings of twenty years of pleasing and serious effort to satisfy the woman of my dreams…….

In the beginning of our marriage the lovemaking was shared and equal, some quick to the point fucking, oral was received and given by both parties, although my sex drive is and has always been in overdrive, I was mostly satisfied, coming some nights up to four times.
But as the time progressed, my love making techniques were so precise and focused, I was able to bring my partner to orgasm quickly and so satisfying, soon the role reversed, like the traditional male who cum' s and rolls over, my partner has taken this attitude.
A typical lovemaking session would take on a life of itself, as the evening progressed my romantic advances would fill the evening with arousal thoughts, a few glasses of wine and a detailed sexual description of what was to be the perfect evening, at least for one of us.
So many times after dinner I met her in the shower where we stripped done and gave each other a full body wash, we lathered each other up and continued to explore her womanhood with my fingers as I kissed and caressed her breast, usually on my knees I would lowered myself to her pussy and licked her excited lips as I parted and fingered her deep, with one finger in her ass and the other in her pussy, my tongue was busy sucking her clit as she moaned and groaned.
We would leave the bathroom in an aroused state, she couldn't get enough of my serpent tongue between her long legs, she stood 5 ft 10 inches, voluptuous body and looked like an Amazon queen, large perfect breast 38 c with perfect nipples, her climax were always more intense with breast and nipple stimulation, she would throw herself on the bed, where I would proceed to make love to her, gently caressing her breast and licking my way to her wet enlarged pussy, her body would shiver with pleasure as I would suck her inner and outer lips, I would have three fingers in her pussy and one finger in her ass, while I was sucking her clit.
Her breath would increase along with her panting getting quicker when she would eventually tell me she was coming, I would turn her around and get her in the doggie position in which I mounted and fucked hard as she would moan with pleasure, she came hard and long, I shot my load deep inside her, and she collapsed with intense pleasure.

Although I had just come, I knew that I would be ready for more as I was so aroused with the sexual quest I was on, I didn’t get my fill and needed some more fucking and a blow job or two to be satisfied.
The problem was that I did such a good job satisfying her, she was all fucked up with no desire to continue.
So like usual I was left to tend to myself, as I had mastered the technique to make my wife climax, she didn't care that I needed to be satisfied also.
The story continues by myself as I finally left her to tend for herself!

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