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A husband and wife plan their anniversary
07-14-2011, 10:06 AM
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A husband and wife plan their anniversary
September 20th was going to be a very special day for Mary and her husband Mark. It was their first wedding anniversary. It was fortunate that the day would come on a Sunday, as that would give Mary time to visit all the local malls so that she could decide on a gift that would both please and surprise him. This would be a hard job for her. Even though they had been married for nearly a year, she did not really know that much about what kind of gift he might like. It didn't really matter though. She knew she would enjoy picking it out for him.

Mary loved her husband very much. She and Mark had known each other since high school, but they had only been dating four months before the marraige took place. There had been no question that Mary was madly in love him, even from the very first time she saw him, but in reality, they had only dated a few times when they were in school. Mary knew all along that Mark did not share the same interest in her that she had for him. He had dated a number of girls and there was one in particular that he had almost married. In fact the wedding plans had been set when she suddenly changed her mind. It was rumored that she caught him making out with some other girl. It was only a week after this occured that he came to Mary acting very hurt and wanting to know if she would go steady with him. Mary was overjoyed. She could not believe this wonderful thing
could happen to her, as she now had the guy she truely loved and adored. Many of her friends had warned her though that he was a cad and that it was only the hurt relationship that made him come back to her. Naturally, Mary would not listen to any of their advice, which is typical of a girl so much in love, so they proceeded with the wedding plans. It all went off without a hitch and the couple went on their honeymoon.

In the year that they had been married, Mark had given Mary no reason to doubt his fidelity or his love for her. In fact, things had gone so well, that Mary had completely forgotten about the warnings of her friends about Mark. It was at 8:30 AM. that Saturday morning, the day before their anniversity, that Mary awoke in the arms of her husband. They had had a night of extraordinarily good sex. She could not remember a time since their marriage that Mark had made such passionate love to her, driving her to orgasm after orgasm. The wet spot on the bed and the mess that the bed sheets were in were reminders that morning of the full passion and intensity of their love making. Mary was soon out of bed and cooking breakfast for her husband. She wanted to be at the mall when it opened at 10:00 am. and she would most likely be gone all day long and maybe until late evening to pick out a suitable gift for her husband. Mark had a lot of work to do also as he was going to buy the cake and clean house for the big day Sunday. They had invited no guest and they planned to spend a romantic evening at home. Just before she left, Mary told her husband that she might be gone until evening as she would be hitting every mall in town to find the best gift for him. She then kissed her husband and was on her way.

Mary would not have been as excited had she known what had taken place at the apartment complex earlier that week. It was on a tuesday evening that Mark had brought some clothes to the washateria. While he was putting them in the dryer he noticed a very attractive dark haired woman putting clothes in a washer. She was wearing a very short dress, and as she bent over, it
hiked all the way over ass, giving him a perfect view right between her lush thighs and her panties. The little micro thin strip barely covered her love box, and he could see her public hairs sticking out on both sides. Marks eyes were riveted on her, watching her perfectly round ass shift from side to side, as she tossed the clothes into the machine. He took in her entire from, her long black hair flowing down in locks over her shoulders, her tiny waist, that both accented and accentuated her tight firm ass, and the most luscious pair of shapely legs that went on forever up into never never land. Mark's cock was as hard as a rock from watching her. He had just finished putting the clothes in and was about to head toward the door, when the woman shut the washer and walked in his direction. Marked purposefully slowed down to let her go by. As she approached him, her eyes met his, and as he looked at her, she squeezed her lovely face into a sweet smile. It seemed to Mark, that as she moved passed him, she deliberately turned, so that her breast actually touched his shirt. Her blouse was so low cut, as to allow him to look right down into the cleft between her two lush melons, and as her sweet perfume pervaded him, he could almost feel the electrical charge between them. She seemed to acknowedge this with her coy smile as she slipped passed him, and for just a moment the length of her body rubbed his as she went out the door. Mark kept his eyes on her swaying ass as she walked toward her apartment, and just before she reached the corner, she turned and sent another sweet smile in his direction. From that moment Mark wanted to see her again.

This opportunity was not long in coming as the very next day while he was lounging at the pool, he saw her walk up in her string bikini and lay back in a lounge chair not more then forty feet from him. He watched her as she rubbed sun tan lotion on herself, and it seemed that her hands were spending more time applying it her private regions as she cast glances and smiles in his direction. At one point she even spread her legs apart, and worked the lotion between her thighs, and around the edges of her bikini line, her fingers even slipping underneath the thin nylon, as she looked at him with that same coy smile she had cast in his direction at the washateria, and then when she knew she had his undivided attention, she brought her finger up to her lips and begin to lick it with her tongue. Mark's cock was now so hard that he kept having to readjust his position and he felt that she was aware of it. She was driving him crazy and she knew what she was doing to him. Mark then stood up with the intention of going over to her, but he suddenly lost his nerve, as he could think of no words to say to her. Then to save face he turned around and went to his apartment.

That Saturday evening after his wife left Mark was hoping that he would get another chance to meet this woman. His apartment windows actually faced the pool. His planned was to watch for her through his window until she came out. This would allow him time to think of some good lines to come at her with before she could intimidate him. He waited for quite a while and he was
even beginning to wonder where she was, when he saw her emerge from behind the apartments and walk toward the the pool. She was dressed in a black string bikini and she seemed to exude and air of sex with every step took, his eyes were glued on the natural rhythmic swing of her ass cheeks as she strutted along. He then watched her walk to a table and sat down. He then went out to make his play. He went around the back way so that she would not see him coming, and it was only when he was within ten feet of her that she saw him. He really didn't know what her reaction would be to his intrusion on her and he felt very relieved and happy when she smiled at him sweetly and said hello. He told her that he had seen her around and that he wanted to meet her and introduced himself to her. She then put her hand out to him. Debra Smith she said, giving him a very sweet smile. This led to a conversation between them that Mark thought went very good, and when he thought he had scored enough points with her he ask her to come over to his apartment for dinner. She told him she would love to and the date was set at 12:00 noon.

Mark did some rearranging that morning. He took down and hid all the pictures of himself and his wife so that she would not no he was married. He also hid the family almanac that was sitting on the coffee table. He then went to a local grogery store deli and brought back some food, after which he proceeded to set the table. He then had everything ready for his date with Debra but he was still worried about his wife. Not that he had any regrets about cheating on her. He was afraid that she would return and find him with Debra, which would be the cruelest blow to her, since she was busily buying his anniversary gift. Not that this really bothered him either, but he did not want to have to face the wrath of his wife that evening, knowing how furious she would be. He tried to dismiss all these thoughts from his mind as the time approached 12:00 noon. It was one minute before 12:00 when he heard a knock at the door. As he opened it, he saw his voluptuous love goddess standing right in from of him, and looking at him with her sweet smile.

She looked even more sexy than when he saw her in the washateria. "Well aren't you going to invite me in honey,"she said smiling. Mark was just staring at her. She was wearing a black, low cut blouse, that revealed half of her lush globes, and a short skirt that came all the way to her thighs, and Mark was simply speechless as he stood there taking in her form.
"Oh sure, come in," he said with a smile. As she moved passed him, he inhaled the same sweet perfume she wore at the washateria, and his eyes feasted on her large breast, as she walked passed him and into his living room. "My you have a nice place here Mark." He watched the sway of ass as she struted around the room looking at everything, before turning to him with a
Voluptuous smile. "I bet your wife helps you keep this place up." "Am I right Mark?" she said, smiling at him teasingly. For a moment Mark just stared at her opened mouthed. "Oh well I....she....well know actually, to tell you the truth, I am not married....but how did you...." Mark caught himself just in time. He had almost trapped himself in his own lie
"Hmmmmm....if you were, I bet she would be lucky," she said walking up to him and putting her arms around him. Mark was too surprised even to respond, as she pressed herself against him and her big breast crushed against his chest. "Thats because your so handsome and strong," she said smiling as her hands caressed along his neck and back. "Mmmmmmmm....and I bet you
are a good kisser too." Her lips were within an inch of his and he could feel her hot breath on his face. Soon she was kissing him. He could think of nothing more erotic than her kiss. Her lips were full and voluptuous. They covered his mouth completely, sucking on his lips until he felt the air being pulled out of him, and he opened his mouth wide against hers. Her tongue moved across his lips, teeth, and gums, before plunging in to his mouth to explore its deepest recesses and tangle with his tongue. She didn't just kiss him, she make love to him with her whole body, grinding herself against him, and moving her ass in a circular motion and up and down against his rock hard cock. When she finally broke the kiss, she slowly pulled her mouth away from his, her lips sucking out his tongue as though it were a lolipop. " are good," she said smiling.

Mark was still realing from the kiss and could not say and word. Debra stepped back from him. Mark you have been wanting to see these haven't you, she said, as she ran her fingers over her breast, pretending to loosen her blouse straps. "If you will just sit down and close your eyes, I have a surprise for you." Mark was not going refuse any request from her, so he willingly backed up to the sofa, sat down and closed his eyes. His cock begin to harden as he heard the sound of clothes falling to the floor and the sound of foot steps. "Alright you can open your eyes now honey." When he opened his eyes, she was standing totally naked in front of him. Then as he glanced around the room, what he saw caused his mouth to fly open with shock and surprise. There in a chair right in front of him, sat his wife, also naked and smiling at him. "Hello baby," she
said. "Honey I know that you are surprised to see me here, but I did not really go any where." "You only thought I left, but I was really hiding in the closet and when you closed your eyes, she gave me the signal to come out." You see, "Debra and I planned this as a gift to you for your anniversary honey." "You see, I know that you would love to have sex with her, and I love to watch, so we are both winners honey." "Happy anniversary honey." His wife then reached around and turned on the DV player and a loud rock beat begin to play.

Marked looked on wide eyed as Debra begin to slowly undulate her ass to the beat of the music, then looking at him with a lustful smile, she begin to move her ass faster and faster to immitate the primal motions of sex. Slowly she moved closer and closer and closer to him, until her luscious ass was rotating only a foot from him. Mark suddenly realized that he was naked to but he did not even recall taking his clothes off. How could this happen he was wondering. She continued to back up to him until her pussy lips were touching his cock, and as she continued moving to the rhythm of the music,she brought her hand down to guide his cock into her. Then she slowly lowered herself on him until he was inside her to his balls. Then she begin to slide herself up and down on his cock until she was riding him for all she was worth, as she begin to moan and sigh. "Come
on Mark fuck me baby." "Baby it feel so good." "Oh God." Mark could see that his wife was now masturbating as she sat in the chair watching them. He could see that she was approaching her orgasm and so was Debra. The moans and screams of the two women grew loader and louder until they filled the room with a sexual serenade that mingled with the sound of the rock music. When her orgasm subsided she rose up from him. Come on Mark, fuck me again she said, as she laid back on the couch and spread her legs wide apart. Mark then got up, crawled between her legs, and begin fucking her missionary style. "Oh yes Mark, "oh yes Mark please fuck me." "Please give it to me Mark." Mark begin to fuck her like a wild man, plunging his cock into her faster and faster, until his balls were slapping against her ass. He could see that his wife was coming again as she finger fucked her self. She was moaning and yelling his name. "Oh Mark," "Oh I am coming." "Oh my God." Mark loved to hear the sounds of the two women as they came together in a simutaneous orgasm. He also loved the way Debra was fucking him back with thrust of her own to meet each one of his his, and the tight squeeze on his cock felt indecribably good, as he came, shooting load after load into her. He felt her entire body convulse against his. He then looked over at his wife who starred back at him with the most intense look of ecstasy on her face as she came also with moans and screems,as Debra heaved and arched her body beneath his in the final throws of her orgasm, as he shot the rest of his load into her, before nearly collaspsing as the
waves of intense pleasure tore through him.

Mark then looked up and saw the smiling face of his wife as she stood over them "Mmmmmmm....I am glad your enjoying your self honey." I have another little treat for you that you might like honey. As Mark stood up his wife then went down on her knees and took his whole cock into her mouth. As she vigorously sucked his cock, Debra begin to French kiss him, her tongue exploring all around inside his mouth and thrusting in and out repeatedly. This continued until he came again, releasing his full load into his wife's mouth. His wife then came up and kissed him, driving her tongue deep into his mouth and letting him taste his own come. Both the women then took turns kissing him and sucking his cock, and letting him taste his own come in their mouths. Then the two women both went down on their knees and simultaneiously begin to lick and suck Mark's cock. When he came again they both stood up and started a three way kiss between his mouth and theirs and ounce again he was tasting his own come as they kissed. This continued for a long while, until just about every inch of Marks body had been licked, sucked, and kissed by the two women, and they had fucked him in a number of threesomes. Finally Mark's wife walked over to a desk. He noticed that she was taking something out of a drawer. Mark could see that it was some kind of twine or rope. She then came over and handed them to Debra who then proceeded to tie Marks hands and feet. Mark had never been into any kind of bondage and he was wondering
what the two women had planned for him. "Now don't worry honey his wife told him." "I am sure your going to love what she has in store for you and if you don't mind, I am just going to watch for a while and then I might join in honey."

Debra then told Mark to lay down. As he did, she crawled on top of him and begin to position herself on his cock,as she licked a wet trail with her tongue down along his ears, face, and neck. Suddenly Mark heard a knock at the door. As he looked into her eyes, she begin to fade away. Then both women were gone and he found himself in his room alone, still hearing the knock at the
door. When he opened it, his wife was standing there holding the gift that she had bought him. She walked into the living room. "Honey I hope you like it." "But no matter, you know that I am giving it to you with my love honey, and you know how much I love you." Mark could only nod as he was still thinking of the strange dream he had.

That night as he lay beside his wife, he thought of the woman he had seen in the washateria but had never met. Meanwhile in another apartment room, Debra Smith lay awake thinking about the handsome man she had seen at the pool but could not get up the nerve even to say hello to. Tomorrow if she saw him at the pool, she knew she would make her play. Mark just lay there thinking. When his wife had fallen asleep he decided to go peek into the package to see what she had bought. He would then tie it back. He removed the wrapping paper and then slowly opened the box. What he saw was another box. In that box he saw a book on erotic sexual positions, what looked like some rubbing oil, and four pairs of ropes. For a long while he looked at
these items in astonishment.

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