A guy meets a sexy girl in a restaurant.
Dave didn't really know exactly what it was about her that caught his attention. Maybe it was her distinct oriental features. Perhaps it was the way she looked at him and curved her lips into a sweet seductive smile when ever she passed by him, or maybe it was her cute little ass that she wiggled constantly as she walked from table to table with a cloth in her hand, cleaning off the tops of each as she went, with her long straight black her cascading down over her shoulders and back, just teasingly above her ass. Ever since he first saw her, he had been frequenting the restaurant. He would order something, then sit there watching her. He was sure that she knew he was watching her and he knew she loved it. It even looked like she was dressing for him. One day she wore a very low cut blouse that revealed her lush melons and tight fitting jeans, that clung to and accentuated every curve. He couldn't keep his eyes off her. This time she came up to his table to take his order. "Hello my name is Tiki," she said, with her usual sweet smile. "I am going to be your waitress today." As she said this she moved next to him and leaned over so that her big breasts were only inches from his face and her perfume was intoxicating him. "What can Titi get you?" she enquired, smiling at him. He could hardly look at the menu when those luscious orbs of her's were within squeezing distance. He just pointed at something on the menu, and looking back at her, he said with a smile "I will take two of those," as his eyes feasted on her breasts. She smiled at him. What ever you want from Tiki, Tiki will give to you. He kept having to move around as his cock was so hard it was bulging against him pants. He wondered if she was aware. He was looking for something to say to her. He felt he was messing things up with his silence. The only thing he thought of was to tell her his name, and he seemed to chock on it as he told her. Tiki however didn't seem to mind at all, as she kept smiling at him. "Mmmmm....Dave....Dave....I Dave I will now go get your order and if there is anything you want from your Tiki just ask." As she said
this her tongue licked along her lower and top of her lips as she turned her most voluptuous smile on him. As she walked away his eyes feasted on her until she went into a back room

In a few minutes she returned with a large plate of food that she placed on the table on front of him. She smiled at him as she put the ticket on his table. Dave noticed that she appeared to be wearing nothing beneath her low cut blouse. He was surprised when she picked up the ticket and laid it on his plate. "Now if ever you want your Tiki I am here for you," she said with a teasing smile and then walked away. When he looked down at his plate, he saw the ticket. There was a note attached to it. "I am so hot for you." "If you want my ass, please be outside at 10:00 PM." After reading this, Mark's cock was standing erect. He couldn't believe that he could have this kind of luck and she would actually fall right into his hands. As he ate his food his eyes continued to follow her. She kept looking at him with winks and smiles. He could feel the electricity building as the hour approached. She went into the back and returned clad in a very short skirt. He imagined she wore nothing underneath. At four minutes until 10:00 PM he made his move toward the door. As he went out his eyes met hers and they sent a silent signal to each other with their smiles. He waited in the parking lot for her. He had waited about five minutes when the door opened and his love goddess appeared. He watched her as she walked in his direction and soon she was in his arms. They were in a secluded part of the parking lot where it was quite dark. Most people had left the restaurant and at the time there was no one around. Tiki melted into him and they stood there kissing in the darkness. Tiki's mouth opened wide against his as her aggressive tongue sought the deepest recesses of his mouth, exploring, probing, and dueling with his tongue. She was moaning into his mouth. He could tell how badly she wanted him as she ground herself against him. She tangled her fingers in the lots of his hair as they kissed. He reached down and shoved his hand between her thighs and begin finger frigging her. This brought Tiki to an instant orgasm and she tried to keep her yells down so that she would not be heard. "Oh your fucking Tiki she sighed." "Oh I want to feel your cock in me." "Fuck Tiki with your cock," she implored. He then lifted her up and placed her on the hood of his car. Then he unzipped his pants and took out his cock. She was regarding his long member with delight as she spread her legs wide apart. He moved forward so that his cock was right at the opening of her pussy. She yelled as he thrust all the way into
her. "Oh your in me all the way." "Oh Dave." "Oh fuck me." "Fuck your Tiki." And he did fuck her, very hard and relentlessly, his hips moving in that age old primitive rhythm, thrusting his cock so deep into her, that his balls slapped against her ass. He could not think of fucking a woman that was more orgasmic. She had five consecutive orgasm, all very intense, and she fucked him back with a wild fury, arching her body and thrusting her hips upward and in a circular motion, trying desperately to get him deeper inside her, as her cries and yells echoed into the dark night. "Oh yes fuck me baby!" "Fuck me baby." "Fuck your Tiki.....OHHHHHHHHHH!!!!....AHHHHHHHHHH....Fuck me....Fuck me....fuck me!!!!" His cock must have already been hitting her cervix and they were fucking so hard, he could hear their skin slapping together. He readjusted her position, pulling her
skirt up to her waist, and bringing her legs up over his shoulders. He fucked her in a wild frenzy, slamming her with his cock, as he reached down and grabbed her ass cheeks in his hands, pulling her up to him. She was now at the height of her pleasure. She threw her head back and yelled so loudly that he hoped someone would not hear her. He was fucking her with long deep strokes,
pulling nearly all the way out of her, and then slamming back in her to the hilt, making her scream, yell, and implore him to fuck her even harder. Just before he ejaculated, he pulled all the way out of her, and then slammed back in her to the hilt, as he spilled his seed into her. She came like a volcano. He had never seen a woman have such an intense orgasm. Her entire body arched upward and convulsed against him, as her screams tore through the night. She threw her head back and looked up at the sky, her long hair flailing over the hood over his car, her ass writhing and bouncing against his, as she racked her nails down down along his back. It took about five minutes for her to calm down. She then suggested to him that they go to his house so they could fuck in private. She had taken the idea right out of Dave's head as he was thinking the same thing.

In the car she moved up really closed to him. As he drove the car she begin to lick her tongue along his face, his ears, and his neck. She whispered into his ear: "Mmmmmmmmmmmm....Tiki loves you." "Tiki loves your cock." She continued to kiss and lick his face and neck with her tongue. When ever he would stop at a light she would turn his face toward her and kiss him hard,
thrusting her tongue deep into his mouth. He was really having a hard time concentrating on the road, with Tiki doing all of this him, but fortunately he got home without any accident. They walked arm in arm to his porch. They embraced and kissed deeply, their tongues reaching into each other, exploring and intertwining with each other, as their mouths crushed inseparably together. Her hands caressed along his back. His fingers ran though her hair, tangling themselves in the long strains. They ground their groins together as they kissed and kissed and kissed some more,their tongues probing deeply and tangling with each other,bathing their faces in their saliva. After they went inside and the door was shut behind them, they kissed again, molding their bodies together, their tongues trying to touch each others tonsils. This continued for several minutes. When they finally broke apart, Tiki stepped back from him. "Now Tiki would love to undress you she said, turning a teasing smile on him." Tiki then walked up to him and begin unfastening the buttons on his shirt, her fingers working with expert dexterity, until each one was undone. Then she slid the shirt off him and tossed it on the floor. "Mmmmmmmmmmm....you are so muscular Dave," Then her nimble fingers loosened his belt strap and then unzipped his pants. She then pulled them down as he stepped out of them, leaving the last article, his under pants, which were then removed in short or order. She then melted into his embrace so that their bodies were pressed the length of each other as their tongues did a tango together and swirled in each others mouths. Tiki then stood back from him. Then she removed her blouse and her skirt, so that she stood totally naked in front of him and smiling at him seductively. He just stood there for a while taking in her lovely nakedness. The distinct oriental face with darks eyes and voluptuous mouth, framed in a mass of long dark hair, that flowed all the way down passed her waist, her large, firm breasts, accentuated by her small waist, and down to the little patch of hair in the middle of the triangular region between her lush thighs, and on down her shapely legs his eyes traveled. She reached up and brought some of the strains of her hair in front of her shoulders so that it fell over her breast and she turned half way around and wiggled her ass at him. "Does my Dave like what he sees?" she said, Smiling teasingly at him. He told her how beautiful he thought she was and how much he loved to fuck her. "Oh yes, please fuck me Dave." "Please fuck me hard."" "I want you inside me Dave." "Please fuck your Tiki." "Lets go to the bed room," he said smiling at her. He then took Tiki by the hand and led her down the hall and into the spacious bedroom.

The room was modestly funished, with an early American dresser and mirror, a mahogany chester drawer, a night stand, and a large bed with a hand carved head and foot board. They walked over to the bed. Dave lightly pushed Tiki down onto the mattress until she was lying flat. He then crawled on top of her as she spread out her legs. He positioned himself so that his cock was touching her pussy opening, then with one hard thrust, he was all the way inside her. She begin to moan as he fucked her with long, deep strokes, increasing the tempo until he was fucking her like a wild man. She fucked him back just as hard, moving her ass in a rotating motion and upward to meet each of his thrust. They fucked like animals in heat, pounding each other in a wild frenzy,
their bodies driven by their consuming lust for each other. Dave loved hearing the sounds they were making, flesh slapping against flesh, the creaking of the bed, and the banging noise as their movements sent the head board against the wall. These sounds mingled with Tiki's moans and yells and his own grunts, echoed throughout the house in an erotic serenade. Tiki's moans
begin to turn into screams as her orgasm approached. "Oh God she cried." "Fuck me hard Dave." "Oh God Dave!" "Oh God....AHHHH HHHHHHH..." "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...." He fucked her even harder, pushing her legs back with his arms. She then grabbed her legs with her hands and pulled them all the way back to her shoulders. He then leaned down and kissed her thrusting his tongue as far into her mouth as he could. She crushed her mouth to his and sent her own tongue to explore and tangle with his tongue. He could tell that her orgasm was fast approaching and he loved the vibrations that her yells and moans sent through his mouth. She threw her head back and screamed loudly. He loved looking at her face as it changed to different expressions of intense ecstasy as waves of pleasure ripped through her. When the full force of the orgasm hit her, she became like one possessed. Her whole body seemed to move out of her control. She thrashed about and heaved underneath him, bringing her ass upward to meet each of his thrust, her fingers ripping and clawling at his skin, as she yelled out her pleasure minute after minute. He was now spilling his load into her. Before he finished ejaculating, he pulled out of her and squirted come all over her abdomen and breast. She then convulsed and stiffened against him as he plunged back into her and released the rest of his load inside her. "Dave please turn over now." Tiki wants to have some fun on top. He then rolled on his back, taking her with him, so that Tiki was now
sitting on top of him with his cock still in her.

He was amazed that even after such an intense orgasm that she was as hungry as ever for his cock. Slowly she begin to lift herself up and down on him, then increasing the pace until she was riding him for all she was worth. Sometimes she would slow down her pace, then speed up again. At times she would move her ass on his cock in a slow circular motion. Sometimes she would lean down and kiss him, driving her tongue to the back of his throat, then she would lean back and just look at him. He enjoyed looking into her eyes as she stared back at him lustfully with her hair falling around her face. He could tell when her orgasm was approaching, as she moved faster and faster on his cock. Her orgasm was ever bit as intense as her last one. She screamed her head off as she came. He came with her, his moans and yells mingling with hers into a harmonic crescendo of sexual sounds. Then her body stiffened and she collaspsed into his arms. She then rolled off of him. He thought she was finally spent. She lay there for a while and then smiled at him. "Dave you make me feel so good." "I love you to fuck me Dave." Dave tried to make conversation with her. "Tell what you would like to do now Tiki." "I will tell you a lot later," she replied smiling at him."You Americans are all the same." "You talk to much." "Now please shut up and make love to Tiki." She then leaned over and kissed him, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. He then maneuvered around and got on top of her, as she moaned deeply into his mouth. "Please fuck me Dave." "Please fuck Tiki." It was obvious that she could never get enough of him.

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