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A guy has to an entrance exam to join a group.
07-14-2011, 07:20 AM
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A guy has to an entrance exam to join a group.
When I was in high school, I tried to a join group called The Betas. They were not really affiliated with the school in anyway. They were just some 12th graders who got together on a weekly basis and did all kinds of weird things to upset teacher's and see how much they could get by with. They usually had their meetings off campus, and you could even be suspended if it was discovered that you were a member. To belong to the group, you had to pass a sort of entrance exam. That is you had to do something daring, or just plan dangerous. Here is what they wanted me to do to proof my worth.

Now there was a certain Miss Taylor who taught 12th grade English. She was a very beautiful woman with long auburn hair, a lovely face, big tits, and a firm round ass, that she swayed temptingly as she strutted down the hall. The guys always whistled at her when she walked by, and while she was at the black board with her back turned, someone would occasionally toss a
spit wad at her butt. Then she would just turn around, and smile at the culprit, leaving them somewhat mystified and even embarrassed. There was a rumor going around that Miss taylor was running around with the school's pricipal who was a married man. The group had gotten wind from an information carrier, that Miss Taylor and the Principal, i'll just call him Mr. Smith, were meeting for a date at his house, and the assumption was that he was going to screw her that evening. Thus my entrance requirement was that I go in the principal's house, where supposedly he and Miss. Taylor would be making love, get pictures of them, and return them to the Beta as proof, and of course without getting caught. I thought this whole idea was really beyond the pal. "Do you have any proof at all that all this is true," I said, expressing my doubts.
"That will be for you to find out lug head," was the sarcastic answer. "You will be taking your camera." "If you get the proof
then bring the pictures here."
"What if I get caught." "I could go to jail,"
Look lug head, If you want to do something safe, stay home and watch television. We will just get someone else, was the insulting reply.

I could see that any argument I might bring up was useless. Of course, I could have just walked away, but when you are that age, you don't like being called a coward in front of all your friends, so I accepted the assignment. I was then given the address and a map showing how to get there. I was supposed to be there at 8:00 Pm Tuesday evening. It was Monday, so I had two days to plan. The whole thing seemed like madness, so why was I doing this? I was actually going risk the rest of my entire life just to proof a point. Several times I thought of backing out, but everything I thought of those guys laughing at me and calling me chicken, I could not, so I decided to go ahead with this foolishness. The first thing I did was to drive out to the house early that morning to do some reconnoitoring and surveying of the place. Even doing this, I ran a risk, as I was snooping around the school principal's yard at 4:00 AM in the morning. Luckily for me there were not that many lights and no dogs started barking. The house was a very large brick structure that must have taken up at least a half a block and there were many windows. The main problem would be gaining entrance, as the doors would most likely be locked. As I walked around the house, I discovered some large sliding glass doors, which probably led into the living room. To my surprise, when I pulled on the handle, the door slid right opened. I was overjoyed that I would have this kind of luck. I could simply walk right in, assuming no one locked it. I then fastened the door back, went to my car, and drove back home. That day after school, I loaded my Polaroid camera with film, and waited anxiously for the time to come. A lot of doubts and fears kept running though my mind. Suppose the whole thing about the date was nothing but a rumor, and if it were true, would they be out, and if so, when would they be returning? Or would they be at home when I arrived. Once inside, where would I hide to watch them? And in such a large house, they might be in any room. It was with all these questions unanswered and a growing fear within me that I set out at 7:15 for my adventures at principal Smith's house.

It was 7:40 PM when I arrived. I parked my car about a half a mile down the road and walked the rest of the way. It was 7:50 PM. when I stood just outside the gates. I could see two vehicles parked in the drive way. One appeared to be a Cadillac. It was a beautiful residence, with a well manicured lawn, trimmed hedges, interspersed with large birch and oak trees, with walk ways and a stone driveway with perfectly trimmed edges, leading up to the stately early American style home of elegant brick and colorful stucco designs and trimmings. I waited there in front of the gate behind some bushes to see what would happen at 8:00 PM. At 7:55 PM i saw a tall man dressed in a dark colored suit, walk out of the house and get into the Cadillac. I then heard the motor start and saw the car back out of the drive. I jumped behind the bushes to hide myself as the car backed passed pass me and then drove off. The man I saw was principal Smith and if I was lucky, he was on his way to pickup Miss Taylor. It really looked now like this rumor about the date could be true. I then started walking up the long driveway toward the house. Another thought ocurred to me. If Mr. Smith was married, where was his wife? I was hoping someone knew the answer to
that question, and I was hoping that no one would be in there. I slowly went around to the side of the house where I knew the sliding doors were and hoped they would not be locked. To my relief they slid right opened. I stood there for a while before entering, to see if I could hear anyone. When I heard no sound, I crept into what appeared to be a very large living room. There was one light on in the room, and all the rest of the lights in house the appeared to be off and it looked like no one was home. I stood there for while, admiring all the elegant early American funiture. There was a large grand father clock, love seats and sofas, a colorfully designed carpet was spread across the floor, and a giant glass chandler hung from the cealing. I then proceeded down the hall to investigate the the rest of the house.

There was a kitchen and dining room, four bath rooms, and five bedrooms. The kitchen was clean and neat, but the table was not set. This seemed to rule out the possibility that they would have dinner first. On further investigation, two of the bedrooms appeared to be designed for children. This left three adult bedrooms as a possibly, but only in the larger bedroom was the bed unmade, and there were scented candles on the night table. I concluded that this would be where Pricipal Smith and Miss. Taylor would be making love. My next problem was to find our where to hide. I thought of the closet but on inspection, It was filled with a lot of junk and would not provide me with enough room to move around,let alone take pictures. I then adjusted my camera for taking pictures in dim light, just incase they turned the lights off. I was really becoming fearful and doubting my ability to pull this off, when suddenly, I heard the front door open, then the voices of the principal and Miss Taylor. Then I heard their approaching footsteps down the hallway. I could not run. I didn't even have time to climb out the window. There was only one place to hide, so I got down and crawled under the king sized bed. I made it just in time as I heard their foot steps
and their voices as they entered the bedroom. As I looked out, I could see their feet, Miss Taylor in high heels and Mr.Smith in pants. Then I saw their feet turn toward each other and I could hear the sound of kissing. After a while I got up enough nerve to move to the edge where I could see them. I then found myself looking right up Miss Taylor's dress, with a worms eye view of her shapely legs, leading right straight up between her thighs and her panties. They barely covered her pussy, and I could see her public hairs sticking our from under the little nylon strip. I could see them them kissing and their tongues exploring each other's mouths. As they continue to kissed I watched One of Mr. Smith's Hands grip Miss Taylor's breast,while the other went between her thighs and begin to finger her pussy underneath her panties. Now I could see his fingers going right into her pussy as he frigged her. Then he started silding her panties down her legs until they reached her feet and she kicked them off on the floor. I could then see right up into Miss. Taylor's hot wet love canal as Mr. Smith frigged her. While he frigged her with one hand, his other hand loosed the strap of her blouse until it fell revealing her melon breast.

From where I was those gorgeous breast of hers seemed quite far away and I was seeing their undersides as Mr. Smith's hands sqeezed each of them. As they continued to kiss,I could see right into Miss.Taylor's mouth that was full of Mr.Smith's exploring tongue, while Miss. Taylor's tongue twined and snaked around it. I was actually getting braver by the minute until I finally got up the nerve to take some pictures. I snapped one and then another and another until I had ten. Things were really starting to heat up. Miss Taylor's skirt was the next casualty of Mr Smith's working hand. It fell to the floor, leaving Miss Taylor wearing nothing. I now had a perfect view of Miss. Taylor completely naked. And what a view!. I could see every aspect of Miss Taylors lush naked body now pressed against Mr. Smith, her ass now undulating in a slow, circular motion as they kissed. As I watched, she reached down, unzipped his pants, and pulled out his cock. His cock must have been ten inches long and stood hard and erect, blood filled and purple as I viewed it from the underside of his balls. Then I heard Miss Taylar exclaim. "Oh John please get that big cock in me now."
"I am so damn hot baby." "Please fuck me now baby."

She was then helping him out of his clothes. His suit coat fell to the floor first, follow by his pants, and then his under pants in short order, until they were both totally naked. I then moved further under the bed as Miss Taylor started stepping back to side of the bed. I could hear her sank down into the matrix and I heard the bed sank futher down as Mr. Smith climbed on top of her. I could see their legs hanging off the bed, and then the bed springs begin to creek as Mr. Smith begin to ram Miss Taylor with his cock. The creaking got louder and louder as the matix begin to sank further down everytime Mr. Smith would plunge into her, and the head board begin to bang, against the wall, as their movements propelled it foward, the sound mingling with Mrs. Taylor's moans and grunts as Mr. Smith fucked her magnificently. I really wanted to see and take pictures of the action, so I slowly worked myself out from under the bed until I was far enough to get a clear veiw of them. Both their asses were turned in my direction and I could see Mr. Smith's enormous cock thundering in Miss Taylor's hot wet pussy. He was ramming her with tremendous force, pulling his cock nearly all the way out of her, and then ramming it back in to his balls, as Miss Taylor writhed and undulated her ass around to meet each of his thrust, her moans and grunts becoming louder and louder, and she was begging him to fuck her harder and deeper. He brought her legs up high over his shoulders and begin fucking her with hard quick strokes. I then took more pictures. They then rolled to the other side of the bed.By the time I got over there,I could see Mrs. Taylor's mass of red hair cascading on to the floor as her head hung down off the edge of the bed. My face was now less than a foot from hers and I could see all the intense expressions of ecstasy coming over her face as Mr.Smith put it to her. He then leaned over and kissed her and I could see his tongue exploring all around in her opened mouth and getting tangled up with
her tongue and i could just taste Miss Taylor's tongue in my own mouth. Mr. Smith than raised himself up. Seeing that he was looking up. I then put my mouth on Miss Taylor's lips and kissed her, pushing my tongue deep inside and exploring all around inside her mouth, as her tongue tangled up with my tongue. I then removed my mouth from hers, after which Mr. Smith again leaned down and kissed her, thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth. Everytime time he would take his mouth away I would again lean over and tongue kiss her, and of course, all the while she thought it was Mr. Smith's tongue in her mouth, and as Mr Smith would raise up above the edge of bed, he was unable to see me kiss Miss. Taylor. This continued for a while until they changed positions.

When I looked at them again Miss.Taylor was on top of Mr.Jones and was riding him for all she was worth. When I raised myself up from the foot of the bed, I could see Miss. Taylor's ass going up and down as she rode Mr. Smith's cock. Mr. Smith then reached around and grapped Miss Taylor's ass, his fingers Carassing the ends and outs of wirthing cheeks, and digging into the crack
of her ass, making Miss Taylor scream and yell to the top of her voice. Whenever he would remove his hands I would reach up and stick my own fingers into the crack of Miss Taylor's ass and listen to her yell out in her pleasure. I was feeling really good that I was in some way contributing to Miss.Taylor's orgasm as she begin to come like a volcano.At this point I took my cock out of my pants, and as soon as saw Mr. Smith withdraw is cock from Miss Taylor's pussy and he proceed to kiss her, I then rose quickly and thrust my cock to my balls in Miss. Taylors pussy, and came, spilling my own cum into her, as she screamed her head off in her passion. I then withdrew my cock and went down to the floor. I then got out my camera and took more pictures. I was very proud of myself. I was sure to be initiated into the Beta group. I not only had taken pictures of Mr. Smith and Miss Taylor fucking, but I had fucked Miss Taylor myself and I had the pictures to proove it. I stayed for several more hours while Mr. Smith and Miss Taylor fucked in every conceivable position, while I moved from one end of the bed to the other, doing all I could assist the unknowing Mr. Smith in fucking Miss Taylor, so that by the next morning there was no woman in history who had been more completely fucked. I then waited patiently until they had both fallen asleep, then I went out of the room and was soon in my car and headed home.

The next evening I had the pictures developed and the next day I brought them to the Beta group. After taking a good look at them they concluded that the pictures only showed certain body parts and no faces and that they could have been taken any where. They also said that my claim of having sex with Miss Taylor without them knowing it was not believable and in view of the lack of evidence my membership was rejected. Regardless of what they say my story is true. I swear it is true.

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