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A famous fashion model has an admirer.
07-14-2011, 10:14 PM
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A famous fashion model has an admirer.
She strutted down the catwalk, with an almost feline grace, her curvaceous body undulating to the beat of the music, clad only in a two piece string bikini, that clearly revealed the lush flesh of her legs, thighs, and breast. Walking with quick steps, and a rhythmic swing in her ass, she had an almost hypnotic appeal, and especially to John, whose attention was riveted on her. To him she wasn't just sexy. She exuded sex in every step. She came closer and closer to him until he was looking right up at her. For the moment she stood there, his eyes traveled up her shapely legs, to the little patch that covered her public region, then over her lush thighs and firm abdomen, and up to her prominent breast, that swelled over the bikini top, designed more to expose then cover those treasures of delight, then at her sweet angelic face, framed in a mass of long auburn locks.
He looked right into her dark brown eyes, and just like he knew she would, she turned her gaze right at him, as her voluptuous lips turned up into the sweetest smile. He knew that smile was for him, as this had been going on for some time. For the last few months he had attended everyone of her shows. His eyes would follow her as she walked down the runway, and then her eyes would meet his in a moment of recognition, in which she would smile at him seductively. This time to John, it seemed like she stopped longer then usual. He felt his blood pound through his veins as she raised her hand to her mouth and blew him a quick kiss before turning to complete her walk down the runway. He kept his eyes on her sensuous swing until she disappeared behind the curtains, and when she came out with the other models for one final walk, to get still another sexy smile from her. For the pass few months she had become more than an interest of his. She was his obsession.

Kathy Jackson stepped into a large black colored Cadillac just outside the fashion show. It then sped down the street toward the deluxe hotel in which she and her husband were staying. Living in hotels had become a way of life for Kathy and her husband, since she become a famous model. She was wondering now if it was really all worth it, as she had little time for anything else plus the fact that she and her husband had very little time to spend with each other. Even though she would never have admitted it, she would now be glad give up a few shows for some more time at home. Jason looked at his wife. "What is bothering you honey?" "You seem to have something on your mind lately." "Oh no honey." "Its....its just this hectic life style." "That is the price of fame honey." "Take it or leave it," he replied, smiling her. She tried to smile back at him but it was a smile that did not come off right. They had just pulled up into the hotel parking lot. They got out of the car and walked arm in arm through the rows of cars. They took the elevator up to the fifth floor. They got off and walked down the hallway until they reached their room. Kathy stood right behind her husband as he placed the key in the door and opened it. They entered a very large
room with a king sized bed, a hand carved dresser and mirror, a desk with a computer, and a very fancy and stylish kitchen and bath room, all with plush carpet and glass windows that provided a delightful view of the city and skyline. Kathy placed her purse on a chair. "I am going to take a shower now honey," she said, smiling at her husband, who was now sitting on the side of the bed. "Yes go right ahead honey." "I will be waiting on you right here honey." She then stepped into the bathroom. He heard the shower come on and the sound of jet of water. He could imagine his naked wife standing there with water dripping off her, with her slick, shiny dark hair sticking to her skin, the water droplets running off her large melon breast, and private area, all lush and tanned, except for the spot where the bikini strip had been, a fabulous body, perfectly designed, that turned heads everywhere right there for the taking. He felt his cock getting hard just thinking of her. In a few minutes, she stepped out of the shower. She was clad in her shower robe, with probably some sexy night gown and lingerie underneath. She smiled a him as she sit down in front of the mirror, picked up a brush, and begin running it through her long auburn curls, brushing the locks back over her shoulders and tilting her head slightly to the side as she did. Her husband's eyes were riveted on her. "Would you like something to eat honey." "Right now I am hungry for you honey," he said, smiling at her. "Mmmmmmmmm....honey if you would have me first, then I am ready and hot honey." "Yes honey, you know how bad I want you," he replied smiling. "Mmmmmmmmm....and I want you to honey." She then got up and with a seductive smile, walked over to the bed. She unbuttoned her night robe and let it fall to the floor, so that she was clad only in her two piece bikini lingerie. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm....I love you in black he said." "Mmm
mmmmmmmmmmm....and I bought this just for you honey." She climbed into the bed with him. " would you have me have honey?" "Would you like me on top or do you want to be on top honey." "Hmmmmmmm....I will let you decide this time honey." "Well honey since I feel aggressive tonight I think I would like to start out on top honey. "Mmmmmmmm....what ever you say honey." She moved over and straddled him and begin unbuttoning his shirt.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm....I love it when you undress me," he said, looking into her eyes and smiling. "And I love undressing you honey," she said, smiling back at him, as her fingers dexterously worked each button loose, and then with his help, she pulled the shirt off and tossed it on the floor. Smiling at him, she then unzipped his pants, and worked them down his legs, until they reached his feet, at which point he kicked them on the floor. She then removed his under pants in short order, which were soon tossed on the floor with his shirt and pants. Then smiling at him, she removed her lingerie top, swung it teasingly in front of him before tossing it to the floor. She then stood up in bed right over him so as to give him a birds eye view right between her legs. "I thought you would like this honey," she said, smiling down at him, as she slid her panties down her legs. "Now I have a little surprise for you," she said, taking the lingerie bottom in her hands and lowering herself until she was on her knees. Mmmmmmmmmmmm....I always love your surprises honey." "And I always love surprising you honey." She took the thin lingerie strip
brought it around her husbands eyes, then around his head and tied it as blind fold. "Mmmmmmmmmm....I love thinking of what you have in store for me." "Mmmmmmmmm....and I have a lot in store for you honey." "Mmmmmmmmm...." She then got on her hands and knees and begin licking around his ear, then making a wet trail down along his face and neck. She licked her tongue all around on his face, then around his eyes and his nose, sticking her tongue in each of his nostrils. Slowly she licked her tongue down along his chin then back up to his mouth. She made teasing circles around his lips with her tongue, then along his gums and teeth, before plunging it into the recesses of his mouth. Her tongue explored all around in his mouth, moving under and over his tongue and tangling with it,then withdrawing from his mouth,and then thrusting back in repeatedly. She was positioned in such a way that the only part of her touching him was her mouth and tongue, the blind fold enhancing the feeling of the voluptuous kiss she was giving him. She removed her mouth from his and begin kissing and licking down along chest, then slowly along his abdomen, and then down further until she reached his thighs. She licked her way between his thighs, dragging her tongue slowly around and along his ass. She then begin to kiss and lick around his balls, running her tongue in different directions, and then slowly up and down along the length of his shaft. She licked her tongue around the head, occasionally kissing the tip. She then took the head into her mouth, then opened her mouth wide and took in as much of his entire member as she could. Then she begin to slid her lips slowly up and down the shaft, then increasing the pace, until she was going full throttle. Sometimes she would slow down, then speed up. Occasionally she would take his cock out of her mouth and masturbate him for a while, before taking his whole cock into her mouth again. She tried to pace it so he would not come to soon, so as to extend the pleasure she was giving him. She continued this for ten minutes until he could hold back no longer and he came with moans and loud grunts, as he shot his whole load into her mouth. She then came back up and gave him a long deep kiss, driving her tongue into his mouth and letting him taste his own come. She then removed the blind fold from him.

"Mmmmmm....that was terrific honey." "Mmmmmm....I have lot more in store for you honey." She reached down and grabbed his cock in her fist. She then positioned herself so that the tip of his cock was just touching the opening of her pussy. As she slowly guided him into her, she leaned down and kissed him, thrusting her tongue into his mouth to explore and tangle with his tongue.
She continued to lower herself until he was inside her to his balls. Then while still kissing him, she begin to lift herself slowly up and down on his cock, then slowly increasing the pace, until she was going at it for all she was worth. She really knew how to please him and she was always careful not to drive him to an orgasm too soon. Sometimes she would slow down and move her ass in a slow undulating motion and then back and forth on his cock. Sometimes she would lean down and kiss him deeply, driving her tongue into his mouth. Occasionally she would stare up at the ceiling as she uttered meaningless babble to herself. When she lowered her head, her long hair would fall around her face, giving her a most erotic look. As her orgasm approached her moans and sighs grew louder. He loved looking into her face when her climax was coming, as there was nothing sexier than watching all the different expressions of ecstasy come over her, until she finally tossed all her inhibitions to the side and begin screaming loudly as the intense waves of pleasure tore through her. Then every thing seemed to dissolve into complete chaos as the full force of the orgasm hit her. She bounced wildly on his cock as she screamed out her passion minute after
minute. He came with her, his moans and grunts mingling with hers in an erotic serenade. He grabbed her ass cheeks in both hands and raised her up and down on his cock as she bounced with him, and moving forward on him with hard fucking motions as they slammed each other, so that their movements sent the head board against the wall with a loud banging sound.She threw her head back and loudly screamed out her passion, then her whole body stiffened and convulsed and she collapsed into his arms.

For a long while they lay there in each other's arms. "That was fantastic honey he said," smiling at her. "Yes honey that was really good." "Mmmmmmmmmmmm....I want to be on top of you", he said smiling at her. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm....that can be arranged," she said smiling back at him. She then rolled off of him as he moved over on top of her. She spread her legs wide apart as he positioned himself so that his cock was right at the opening of her pussy. Then with one hard thrust he was all the way inside her. Then he begin fucking her with slow even thrust, then increasing the pace, until he was ramming her relentlessly with hard deep strokes. Their lovemaking was never gentle, never tender, just pure animal fucking. That was the way they loved it, and that was the way she loved being fucked. Occasionally they would change their positions. He would bring her legs further back to her shoulders and fuck her with short quick strokes, as she fucked him back with the same intensity, arching her body and lifting her ass upward to meet everyone of his thrust. Her orgasm was incredible. Her entire body convulsed as she threw her head back and from side to side as her fingers dug into the bed sheets until her knuckles were completely white, as she yelled and screamed loudly until her orgasm subsided. "I love making love to you," she said, smiling at him. "And I love being inside you,"he said," smiling back at her. He leaned over and kissed her long and deep. "Mmmmmmmmmmmm....I want to fuck you again," he said. "Mmmmmmmmmmmm....yes please do honey."

All the while they were making passionate love they were being watched. As soon as they drove away from the fashion show a car had followed them, all the way to the hotel and stopped right behind them in the parking lot. As they walked toward the elevator John got out of his car and after waiting about five minutes, proceeding to take the same elevator up to the 5th floor. He then walked down the hall and went into a room next to the one in which Kathy and her husband were staying. Long before that, and even before he went to the fashion show, he had drilled a hole in the wall right next to the couples bed, and had filled it with putty which he removed when they returned. But one would wonder how he knew which hotel Kathy and her husband were staying.
As already mentioned, John was completely obsessed with Kathy. He attended everyone of her shows. He knew also that her husband was a well known holly wood director and he was able to find out a lot of things by making enquiries and by hanging around the movie set. He had also been hanging around after the shows, listening to conversations, and finding out as much information as he could about Kathy, and he was also following the couple without their knowing it. But in John's mind he was sure that Kathy was in love with him. That he could tell by the seductive way she smiled at him at her shows, and he knew in his mind that he had to have her, just as much as he knew that she wanted him, and as he watched Kathy and her husband make love through the peep hole, he was determined he would have her that night. He had a plan. He would watch them until her husband left early in the morning. He was sure that he would be leaving as he knew that he had to be on the movie set at 5:00 AM. and as Kathy had no upcoming show, she was would most likely still be sleeping. He would then come in her room and make love to her. John was not really a true voyeur and it was difficult for him to sit there in his room hour after hour watching the two bodies writhe and tangle and listen to all the sounds of their lovemaking, knowing full well that Kathy belonged to him, and that she really loved him, and that he was the only one who had a right to her. He thought that 5:00 Am would never come. Finally at 4:40 AM in the morning he watched Kathy's husband slowly get out of bed, and put his clothes on. After he had left he waited about twenty minutes to be sure that Kathy was asleep. He then went out of his room and into the hall. He stood in front of her door, and after looking down the hall to see that no one was watching, he took hold of the door knob and tuned it. Luckily for him, the
door was not locked. Very slowly he opened the door and went inside the room. He then walked over to the bed and stood there looking down on his love goddess, now sound alseep. He then crawled into the bed beside her and seeing that she did not wake up he reached over and begin stroking her breast.

He then leaned over and begin licking her breast, his tongue making a wet trail along her neck. She begin to move around as his tongue licked around her ear. "Oh honey, she said, is it that early?" "Are you back already?" She opened her eyes wide becoming conscious of the person next to her, and the tongue licking around her face. A look of fear and even terror came into her eyes
when she discovered that this was not her husband next to her. It looked like she was going to scream. Then she recognized him, as the person who had attended all her shows and had been watching her. The one she had a crush on and had her heart set on, and had been imagining she was making love to, even when she was making love to her husband. Her life, her love. He was amazed at the instant change that came over her. The fear on her face quickly changed into a smile and her body became totally willing. "Oh you do know me, and you do love me," he said. "Yes honey, I have always loved you, ever since I first saw you at the show, and now I am so glad that it is you now and that he is gone." "He is nothing to me and you are every thing honey." He leaned over and kissed her deeply. He thrust his tongue into her mouth and she opened her mouth wide to give it more access as her own tongue entered his mouth to explore and tangle with his tongue. The kiss went on so long that it seemed like it would never end. She then looked at him smiling. "Now my love, she said, I have a surprise for you, but first I want to undress you." With expert dexterity she removed his shirt and tossed it on the floor, then his pants, then finally his underpants. "Mmmmmmmmmm....honey, now here is my surprise for you." "This is something that I have been wanting to do to you." She got out of the bed, took the black lingerie that was lying on the floor. She then crawled back in the bed and straddled him. She then tied the piece of
lingerie around his eyes to blind fold him. "Now I have you just the way I want you my love." "Mmmmmmmmmmm....and I can't wait to see what you have in store for me." "Mmmmmmmmm...." She then begin licking her tongue all around his face,then across his lips before plunging it into his mouth to explore and tangle with his tongue. Then everything exploded and they fucked with an intensity that only new lovers cound equal.

In the next room her husband watched through the peep hole as his wife and the man proceeded to fuck each others brains out. He had never seen his wife that way. Giving and recieving such pleasure from a man and having more intense orgasms then she ever had with him. But he didn't care, he was really the true voyeur and he loved watching his wife make love to other men,
especially one she really loved. That is why in his conversation with John he had agreed to this and so it was set up between them. He didn't care about his work. To watch his wife get magnificently fucked, he would gladly give up a few hours on the set.

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