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A dinner break not to forget
07-16-2011, 01:03 AM
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A dinner break not to forget
I'd had a pretty tiring week, running my own business was hard work. My secretary, who happened to be my wife as well, had gone home at dinner. She'd said that she wasn't feeling very well, and though I didn’t believe her, I didn’t see any reason to keep her around, seen as the phones were dead.

A few hours later I got a text from her.

"Are you alone?

I love you xo"

Well, I was, but this text baffled me. I didn’t understand what she was getting at.

So of course I replied back

"Yes, why?

I love you x"

What happened next I couldn’t have been less prepared for. Up comes a picture message the picture, my amazingly beautiful wife, in some new sexy lingerie that I’d not seen before. This explained why she'd gone home early, the week had been stressful for all of us, and by the time we got home neither of us was in the mood. Though right now, after such a surprise there was nowhere I’d rather be!

I replied to her text

"Oh my god, that is so hot! I can't believe you'd tease me so much!

You look amazing, baby. Oh I wish I was there, I’d love to lay you down

And lick your tight tasty little pussy!

I love you x"

I'd forgotten work entirely; I just sat, staring at my phone, waiting for the next instalment. My next text, wasn't a picture message, only two words long, though didn't disappoint me.

"Home, NOW!"

Well, I can tell you now there was no way I was passing up on that matter. I'd been with my wife for over 10 years now, and my passion for her had done nothing but grow more and more. She was the kind of woman, that even after you've seen her naked and made love to her so many times. In the morning when she walks out of the shower, dripping wet. I still have to turn, and stare, and it drives me crazy when she doesn’t let me touch...

I told the rest of the staff that we're shutting down early today, and that they could all go home, of course this was greeted by a series of cheers. Though none as happy as I was I was going to go home and I was going to eat some tasty pussy.

As I arrived home, I was already hard, thinking about it I'd been hard ever since that first picture. My penis had been throbbing, wanting to be out of my shorts, wanting to be inside her, Deep inside her tight little pussy.

I chucked my briefcase down on the side, shut the door, and ran for the stairs, loosening me tie, and undoing the buttons of my shirt as I went. When I got to the bedroom, there she was. Kori was the picture of perfection god, there was no woman in the world I’d ever loved more, and there she was, in a hot little lace number, black, almost see-through. Legs wide, sliding her fingers up and down her crotch... I could see she was moist. I could smell it in the air; I could feel in my penis, an echo of the last time we made love.

She smiled at me and commanded me to come closer and kneel before the bed... I did so, following orders as she commands me was something I always found such a big turn on... she stood up, so her crotch was right in front of my face, I went to lean forward, to kiss her, but she stopped me. She told me I couldn’t touch... yet....

I kneeled there, as she slowly rubbed her hands all over herself, right in front of me. God it was so hot, I mean really. I was struggling to stay, and not just pounce. But that’s what she wants she wants me to be begging for it...

She commands

"You may remove my underwear"

I moved slowly, under her watchful gaze, we'd played this game before and sometimes she would change her mind and make me wait longer, this wasn't one of those times... I slowly pulled down her pants, kissing her stomach, then her crotch, then down her legs, to her feet. I then slid my hands up the inside of her legs; they were so smooth, and so hot. As my hand reached the top of her legs I could feel the heat from her pussy, I wanted to finger her, I wanted to climb onto of her and make love to her like never before, but more than any of that, I wanted to taste her, and she knew it.

She sat, and opened her legs wide, and just watched me squirm, watched me move slightly, almost risking it, but stopping myself.

"You may only use your tongue"

but that was enough for me, I lurched forward, first of I kissed her clit, I knew how much she loved that it drove her crazy, then I began to lick up and down, gently and slowly, firstly just around the lips of her pussy, then with varying amounts of depth. She tasted so amazing; really I loved her taste so very very much. I began to flick at her clit with my tongue, side to side, still gently, but faster now. She had started to moan, she was enjoying it so much... she grabbed the back of my head and pushed it into her pussy, she wanted it harder...I began to flick up and down at her clit, harder than before.

"Yeah that’s good, eat my tasty little pussy.... oh... Oh my god, you’re so good with your tongue...

Y... You may .. Use your fingers"

That was that, I knew exactly what she wanted, when she was this moist, and she wants her clit pleased hard, I knew exactly what to do. I slowly thrust my finger into her pussy, so moist, and wet, and tasty... I lick of the cum, and begin to flick at her clit with my finger. Flicking so very fast, she raises her legs, it doesn’t take long to make her cum... And I plan to make her cum a few times before I push my big hard penis inside of her and enjoy all that wetness.

continuing to flick at her clit with my finger I watch her pussy with wild intent, I want her to cum, so I can eat it all up... I want her to squirt cum out so I can just eat it all up. I look up at her face, and she's clenching her muscles in her face... its pleasing her so much, she loves it... "Oh god" she cries "I'm Going to cum"... "I’m Going to cum all over you" and with that I push my mouth against her pussy and lick her clit a few times more, pushing her over the edge As she cums I push my face harder against her pussy, she's Cumming and it tastes so fucking amazing... I push my finger inside of her while she's still shaking from her first orgasm, I rotate it, she's so moist, I can easily find her G-spot, I push against and instantly she tilts her head back, and arches her back, I rub against it gently at first and then harder... she's already about to cum again she screams

"Harder, harder"

I thrust my fingers in and out, in and out, god she's so wet and moist, she's so hot when she's like this... she wants it deep, i could climb ontop of her and fuck her senseless now, but i wont.. Not yet. She's about to orgasm a second time; I can feel her contracting around my fingers, thrusting into her she's moaning so loud it’s so hot. "Oh my god, oh my god, I’m Cumming "she squirts cum all over me... Just what I wanted, I love it when it happens, her cum is so hot, ad it tastes so freaking amazing. I lick up what I can and rub the rest of my face with my hand, I then lick it off my hand, making sure she can see. She loves to know that I love her taste.

After this she is panting... She's starting to get tired, but she's well aware her jobs not done yet... she sits up... and reaches for my belt quickly, undoing it with surprising speed and pulls my trousers down...She can see my penis urging to be out of my shorts, she kisses it softly, and i can feeel it. It tingles, god this is going to feel so good.

She rips them down fast, taking me by surprise, then pulls me on top of her, with little time to react I’m inside of her and I cant stop I'm thrusting deep inside of her, and my god her wet pussy feels so good around my big hard penis. we kiss passionately, again and again and again, nibbling each others necks, and ears, and kissing each others cheeks, panting, its so hot, out bodies are sticky still I thrust into her, more and more, I can tell I wont take long to cum..

I grab her legs, and bring them up onto my shoulder so I’m thrusting down into her pussy; it creates much more depth and feels so fucking amazing for the both of us. Thrusting downwards, so fast, and hard, I know I’m about to cum, my thrust become erratic she's moaning loudly, we're both about to cum, together. Her moans so loud, turn me on even more, every moan pleases me. she's so hot, she looks up into my eyes as I’m above her thrusting, and I open my mouth, and groan loudly as I cum inside of her, shooting my cum deep into her tasty little pussy she screams in pleasure, my cum pushed her over the edge. We thrust a few more times but both of us are tired now.

I pull out of her, slowly, and kiss her lips, softly, and then we lie next to each other, and hold each other... We're hot and sweaty and the room smells of sex, but we couldn’t care less. We fall to sleep in each others arms and we're at peace.

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