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A birthday girl turns twenty-one and everyone's in on the fun!
07-15-2011, 04:01 AM
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A birthday girl turns twenty-one and everyone's in on the fun!
My 21st birthday is one for the record books within the clique.

My good friend Sean threw the party in his Manhattan penthouse. The theme for the party was Jungle Fever , and I had the perfect outfit. I decided to wear a white summer dress that showed off my 42D chest and hugged my hips perfectly. I added a white lily in my hair and wore minimal makeup because the mid-August heat in New York City was unbearable. I packed a few condoms, my keys, and cab fare into my purse and I was set.

I arrived at Sean's an hour after the party started. Sean's penthouse was transformed into the Amazon Jungle. Faux trees and grass were strewn around, stuffed parrots were atop one of the many bookshelves, and everything was so GREEN!

"Irene! So glad you can make it," Annabelle greeted me with a smile and a hug. Annabelle wore a green floral dress that complimented her olive skin. She definitely blended in with the apartment.

"Marla and Lewis have been here pawing each other since they got here," she announced. I chuckled. Same old Annabelle, I thought. She was always the first to dish the dirt, even in grammar school.

"Where's Sean?" I asked.

"He's in the kitchen pouring Cristal in the champagne glasses."

Annabelle and I went into the kitchen to see Sean wearing a loincloth! My mouth fell to the floor when I saw the Chocolate Adonis with his beautifully sculpted body adorned in muscle.

"I wonder how big it is," I whispered to Annabelle.

"Shhh, be quiet," Annabelle whispered back and giggled.

Sean looked up at us. "What are you two laughing at?" he asked. "Irene, my African queen. It's not like you to keep secrets, especially if it's naughty ones," he teased in that special way I like.

"Irene wants to know how large is your member," Annabelle squealed.

Sean gave me a look of naughtiness. "Don't worry Anna. She'll find out soon enough."

Sean, Annabelle, and I carried the drinks into the main room. There, we found Marla and Lewis having a grope fest.

"The drinks are ready," I announce.

Marla and Lewis looked up fast. As college freshmen, all of us vowed not to date within the clique, but they broke the rules. Marla wore that damn green dress Jennifer Lopez wore a few years back. Lewis wore a knock-off military suit, minus the medals. His hair was in a buzz cut style, while Marla wore ringlets in her flaming red hair. I caught Annabelle salivating at Lewis's bulge, while Sean tried to get a glimpse of Marla's barely-there boobs. Sean set the drinks on the glass coffee table and sat next to Marla on the leather sofa. He gave her a sensual massage.

"Ooh, that feels good," Marla, purred.

Lewis dropped to his knees and peeled off Marla's dress. His eyes widened when he saw that she was pantiless. He inserted a finger into her moist box and massaged her left breast with his free hand. Annabelle led me to a clump of faux trees and gave me the best French kiss I have ever received.

Slowly, I removed Annabelle's dress from her body. She's HOT, I thought to myself. I stepped back to unzip my dress. Annabelle's hand wandered to her beautifully shaved twat. She spread the nether lips and played with her clit. At that moment, I dropped to my knees and licked her. We turned into the 69 position for tongue and finger fuck action. I looked up in time to see Sean thrust his manhood into Annabelle's slit. He had to be about 13 inches! I lifted Annabelle's ass high for Sean to penetrate deep into her. Lewis lifted her head up and she gave him a ball draining blowjob. Marla reached under Lewis and gave me a tongue-lashing orgasm. As if dominoes fell, all of us came in sheer delight via screaming orgasms and cream filings.

It had to have been two in the afternoon when I finally woke up in the guestroom. I looked around to see that everyone's gone. I walked into Sean's bedroom to see him doing Tae-Bo.

"Where is everyone?" I asked.

"They all went home to sleep," Sean answered. "Annabelle tried to wake you up but you were a rock. I moved you to the guestroom so I can take the props back to the soundstage. I hoped you enjoyed your party."

I smiled at him. "I really did. Last night's party was the most unique birthday celebration I ever witnesses and participated in."

"I knew you wanted it to be special, and you got it, Princess.”

“You know what, Sean? I was thinking that we should open up a swingers bar."

"I'll talk to Marla about that. Come on, I'll take you home. I’ll be over in a few days to give you the second part of your gift."

After Sean dropped me off at my Brooklyn brownstone, I took a shower and grabbed my trusty purple glow-in-the-dark vibrator Annabelle gave me two weeks ago.

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