A Special Night Out
I was waiting anxiously sitting on Emily's bed as I finished watching her get dressed for our date. I was taking her out to her favorite restaurant the Melting Pot. She is so lucky I love her. Of all of the girlfriends I've ever had I've never had a more funny, caring or sweet girl as my Emmy. I want to spend the rest of my life with this girl...and I plan to.

"I'm almost done can you just zip me up?" Emily asked me as she came walking out of her bathroom. I took a second to take in her outfit. She was wearing a pink spaghetti strap dress that fell above her knees and clung to her every curve. It showed just enough of her 36C breasts to tease any man with eyes. As she turned around so I could zip up the dress I could feel my cock starting to harden atthe sight of the lacey pink thong she was wearing. I didn't want to hide this beautiful sight but I didn't want to be late to dinner either, so I zipped up her dress letting my hands linger near the top of her thong. I knew she felt it because I could feel the shiver that ran up her body at my touch. Damn I loved the effect I had on her and she on me. After she was done getting ready we headed to the restaurant for the most special dinner of her life.

We got there and I asked the maître-de for the most private table while I slipped her a $20. She smiled at me and led us back to the furthest corner where no one was even in sight. She looked for my approval of the table and I nodded as we slipped into opposite sides of the booth. "Sooo... What's the special occassion?" she asked as I felt her foot make it's way to my crotch and begin to rub it erotically. Damn that girl is sharp. She already figured out that this was no ordinary dinner. "oh nothing" I lied "what am I not allowed to take my f-girlfriend out to a nice dinner?" oops, I almost slipped up and said the "f" word that would blow all of tonight's plans to hell. I grabbed her foot off my crotch so I wouldn't be tempted to tell her prematurely. "Wha-" she was cut off by the arrival of our waitress, a girl I recognized from my calculus class named Amy.

"hey nick hey emily. I'll be your waitress tonight. What can I get you two lovebirds to drink?" thank god she knew us and would most likely give us lots and lots of time between courses. "emily will have the sweet ice tea with lemon and I will just have a water for now, thanks amy." I said ordering for both of us. "I love when you do that nicky." emily said to me her foot rubbing against my inner thigh.

"so why did you hesitate when you said girlfriend before nick?" Fuck, she didn't miss a beat. And the was she leaning across the table towards me giving me a view straight down her dress in addition to her rubbing foot was making my cock so damn hard. She knew how to be a seductive little siren when it came to getting me to do somethng for her. "Well...I was GOING TO wait til dessert baby but if you really want to know..." I trailed off watching the conflict in her beautiful brown eyes. "I want to know right now Nicky.." she breathed. My heart and my cock jumped at the thought. Suddenly my left pocket felt as if it weghed 500 pounds as I stood to walk to her side of the booth. I pulled out the little black velvet box that held the thing that would determine our future together.

She looked absolutely stunned as I got down on one knee, opened the little black box, looked her straight in the eye and said those five magic little words. "Emily, will you marry me?" So simple yet so powerful. As tears welled up in her eyes my heart swelled and I knew her answer. I took the ring out and slipped it on her fnger. A perfect fit.

She pulled me from my kneeling position on the floor and pulled me tight against her body and began to passionately kiss me. Knowing that she was mine, that she would always be mine, made my cock almost painfully hard. I'm sure emily felt it because I felt her smile and then her hand making it's way down my chest and stomach, toting with my zipper. I moaned into our kiss. I could feel every little movement of her fingers on my stiff member. I waned release. I wanted to feel my fiance'e hand wrapped around my cock. But no, the little tease was only stroking me through my pants. "baby you keep this up much longer I'm gonna cum my pants" I panted into her ear, breaking our kiss. My hand made it's way up her dress to the front of her lacey pink thong. It was drenched. She wanted me as much as I wanted her. "Emmy..." I pulled her panties aside and her sweet scent invaded my senses. "I want to taste you so badly." I moaned as I pushe two fingers into her pussy. I heard her gasp and moan as her fingers stated to rub me faster through my pants. "mmm Nick, my love, in public? In HERE?!" she asked. "I don't care where I just need you now!". She moaned as I moved down her body and pushed the skirt of her dress up. I relished the sight of my fiancé's shaved pussy, my cock twitched and I felt a drop of precum leak from the tip of my cock. I burried my face into her beautiful pussy.

I head a gasp from behind me and an "oh shit sorry...I-I-I'll just go..." I chuckled, and Emily squirmed at my hot breath on her even hotter pussy. Amy had obviously just brought our drinks. "Oh well. That was more of me than she wanted to see" I heard Emily half-say half-moan from above me. "haha yeahhh.." I agreed. "But not enough for me see" I said. I began again at her pussy. Licking up and down her slit, teasing her little hidded clit. "Fuck Nick...baby yes" Emily moaned. I could feel her pussy start to tremble. I pushed my tongue as far into her tight hole as I could and brought my hand up to tease her clit. She came almost instantly, as I knew she would. I continued tongue-fucking her and rubbing her clit to prolong her orgasm.

"Nick, Nicky, fuck stop!" she could barely pant out. No way I. He'll was I letting her come down from this one. I rubbed her clit harder and found her g-spot with my tongue and begain furiously lapping away. By now tears were coming from her eyes "...Nick..." I heard her voice cack as she moaned out again, a sob in the middle. "p-p-please..." I gave in. I stopped rubbing her and tongue-fucking her. She was shaking by the time she finally came down off probably the most intense and prolonged orgasm she's ever had. I pulled her up against my body laying her head on my chest and rocking her slightly. "Shhh..." I cooed. "Nick if you ever do that to me again..." she said in a shaky voice. I chuckled at her empty threat. I knew she loved it. She looked up at me her eyes still watery, but full of love. "I love you Nick." she whispered. "I loved you too Emmy." I leaned down to gently press my lips to her soft full ones. I could kiss those sweet lips forever... If it weren't for the return of Amy our waitress.

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