A Sexy Days Of Life Part 1
Hello this is rohit I am new to this web site but I am regular reader of this web site stories .if I make any grammatically mistakes please forgive me .
By reading many real stories from this site I also got little bold to share my real life sex stories with you guys give good comment if you like what happens in my life

When I am studying XI that time was my first sex that too with my senior what happen is there was a pretty good looking girl with fine assets on her and almost all guys are mad on her and think of fucking her. Her name is shena( false name) one fine day I came to school little early that time van driver called me to come with for picking up students so I went with him. Many small children got into the van and last row was empty and it has to be filled by some ten and XII students only 4people can sit in last row. Driver stopped in a street and gave sound horn there she come shena she had head bath and combing hair and asked us to wait for 5 min we waited and than she came she was gorgeous in white and white dress her boobs was so good and she failed to put in top two buttons has she was late
She get inside by rubbing her boobs on my hands were I was holding the van door than sat on the last row since no all seat were filled by students has I was standing she called me rohit you have little space side of me you can sit here I said no thanks I will stand and come. It will take nearly one hour to reach our school I was standing for 15 min and than I cant able to stand because of seeing her boobs I got full erect and she found that I got tensed than again she called me come on rohit it will take still 45min to reach sit near nothing wrong if u sit close to me.
I got little courage and sit said of her one of my shoulder was pressing her boobs but she didn’t said anything or she didn’t even protect her than I got some more courage and asked her can you give your bag so that I can keep it on my lap. She asked me why I told her I am not comfortable that why she smiled and said you got mood ah da. I said how come you know that. She replied I saw your penis was fully erected. I got little shy and told her can you please give the bag. Than she gave the bag and while she keeping the bag on my lap her soft hand touched my penis which was erected again she smiled and said its so hot and hard da can I keep my hand on yours. I told are you mad you’re my senior and how can you say like this that too in van when many students are there. She told nothing is wrong until and unless we get caught if your interested I will keep and give you nice massage if not keep bag and sit simply. I told no need and sat we reached the school and all went to their respective class when I entered my class. When we had lunch break she came to our class and told your really small boy you don’t know how to react when you have opportunity soon you will learn it . by saying this she went to her class.
Again in evening we have to drop all students so van started driver was know to me so he called me rohit come with me I’ll drop you near your home but don’t say to principal . I told on anna than van started and we dropped almost every body except shena driver stopped van I place were no sign of people and asked me rohit can you stay outside for ten min and see weather anybody is coming I asked why na he told go da shena was smiling
I told ok and came outside and saw weather anybody coming it was more ten min when I saw inside driver was giving lip to lip and one hand under her skirt and other pressing ob her boobs I got fully erect and saw them anna its time we have to go and he stopped and sat in driver seat and started the van she was adjusting her dress and again smile and said your really small boy dear when her home came she got down. When myself and that driver anna (means brother ) he told me not to say anything to any body and if want you can also be like that with her she wont say anything when we reached our area he dropped me and went that whole day I was not able to sleep I was dreaming her and fucking her hard. Next morning I got soon and went to school soon and got into the van and we started the van and pick up all students and even shena also when she saw me and smiled I also smiled at her she called me to sit wit her in corner sit has she is senior students sitting in corner came other side and we both sitting last row and corner sit she told now can I start I smiled and s but I am afraid you better keep the bag on your lap only than other people cant find what your doing to me. She kept her bag on her lap and unzipped and took out my penis and started shaking it and stopped in middle and said please don’t cum now I need it put in my mouth so shall I swallow your I asked how its possible she told il just bend as if there is problem in my shoe and suck it for 5min ok. I told ok go head she kept her lips on my penis oh my god what a feelings I cant express that she started sucking it hard and finally I cummed it on her mouth she drank and clean my penis and put it inside and closed the zip than I started pressing her boobs and when I was doing that she asked me are your afraid of touching my g-spot I told no but I don’t know how to start and any students saw means that all we will be in trouble than she said ok go head with boobs no problem I will give my pussy when no body is there and soon we reached the school and that evening all happens if your really interested in il con

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