A Night Alone
She was looking through the channels on her t. v., yes this will do she thought to herself...no one was home, her husband had to work late tonight. she walked over to the windows and pulled them shut. tonight was her "special" night, to pleasure herself all she wanted. she hit the record button on the tv- it was a porn channel, and went upstairs to take a hot bath.

She emerged herself in the steamy hot liquid and started massaging herself all over. from her toes to her neck. her hand gently rubbed her pussy, a sensation of plesure washed over her, reminding her of the night to come. she soaked in the tub for 10 more minutes. got out and patted herself dry. she wanted to look and feel good for the night. in her bedroom she got dressed in a silk red bra and thong, to make her fell extra naught she put on her black stripper shoes she bought online. pulling her hair high on her head and spritzing herself with perfume- she was ready.

She went over to her night stand and pulled out a pink dido,vibrator,and some lube. ha-ha she thought to herself if only her husband could see her know. she got turned on by the thought of it...going down the stairs she could feel her pussy getting wet. she turned off the lights and light some candles. the tv was playing in the background. she sat on the easy chair closest to the tv. hit "play" and started to play with her 34c breast. her nipples we getting hard under the pressure. she pinched them and played with them. slowly her hands moved down her body. caressing every place on her body. she let out a moan. her hands were rubbing her pussy making her even more wet. she slipped out of the thong and rubbed her pussy in fast motions making her moan feeling the pleasure rush through her body. she let out gasps and moans, rubbing faster and faster knowing she was going to cum any moment. her body went into a spasm of movements, her toes curling and her body shaking. she removed her hands and felt a wave of tiredness wash over her. but this was just the beginning...

She got up and went to the kitchen and pure herself a glass of wine. going back to the chair she watched the porn video. wishing it was her husband and her in the movie. oh well she thought. secretly she hoped he would barge in on her, whisk her away and fuck her like a mad man. she got wet just thinking about it. its not that her husband didn't pleasure her with sex, she only wished it could be more like in the movie she was watching...

She grabbed the vibrator and poured some lube on it. turned it on and slowly pushed it in her ass. she let out a gasp, it was cold in her tight ass, painful at first but then it started to make her feel awesome, a wave of pleasure washed over her, turning it up higher the feeling was almost unbearable. she let out a scream as hot cum filled her. rubbing her pussy as fast a she could she took on another hot orgasm after that one. cum creeping out of all her holes. she licked her fingers grabbed the pink dido and started fucking her pussy-hard. thrusting it in and out. she could feel her pussy tightening and her body yelling for more. and then finally the best orgasm she had felt all night engulfed her. shrieking and moaning she came. gasping for breath and sinking into the chair. she was so tired. but what a night she thought!

Just then the door opened and her husband walked in. he took one look at her nakedness and the toys all around her and got a hard on. she stared at him not knowing what to do. they locked eyes and then he came to her picked her up and raced her upstairs. maybe sex tonight with her husband would be like the movies...

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