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A Genny Story.... Our First Time Together
07-14-2011, 09:34 AM
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A Genny Story.... Our First Time Together
Quite a few people that have read my stories have asked how Melly and
finally got together. I guess I have hinted around about it but never
really told the story. Part of it is because it is very personal between
Melly and I. I had actually wrote a version of this story but had not
sent it to anyone. I just kept it for myself. Recently a new friend
(Marcey) asked me about our first time and I looked up the story and showed it to Melly and asked if she minded if I post it. She laughed and said, "After all the things you have told the
world? Your shy about this?" So here it is, the story of our first

A Genny Story... Our First Time Together

I am Genny.

If you read my other stories, especially the one about Karen and the one about Jessy, then you know that Melly and I had been seeing each other but we hadn't really made any commitments or
even had sex yet. Part of that was because of Karen. She and Melly had
been lovers before I met either of them and then Karen and I had had a
brief but hot affair for a few months. I wasn't sure that dating Karen's
best friend was a good idea. On top of that Melly was being told by a few
friends "Don't date the Bi girl. They always go back to cock." So we were
both taking it slow and easy.

After my night with Jess I decided that affairs and one night stands were
not what I was looking for. I knew I felt something special for Melly and
I wanted to move forward with that.

I called her that night after I took Jess home and we talked for a long
while. It felt wonderful and right. We made a date for lunch the next
day, where we had a long honest talk about how we felt about
each other, and really have not been apart since then.

I am a firefighter and my schedule is a 24 hour shift at the station and
then 24 hours off, so it can be hard sometimes to make plans with people
with regular jobs and schedules. We made a date to go to the movies on
Friday night and held hands in the theatre through the whole thing. It was
a late show and I had to get up in the morning to go to work so we didn't
really have time to do anything after. I drove her home and we sat in her
parking lot for a long time kissing goodnight. We kept laughing about
"Ok, this is really it I have to go now" and then we would start kissing
all over again. Finally I did have to leave, but she invited me over on
Sunday after I got off work for breakfast. I drove right home and
masturbated thinking about all our kissing and how much I really liked

I got off work on Sunday morning at 7 am. I ran home to change and clean
up, then drove over to Melly's apartment. She had gone all out for the
meal. She had coffee and some pastries and then all the fixins for
omelets. She met me at the door with a big kiss and a smile. She was
wearing a tee shirt with no bra and shorts. Her free breasts swayed as
she moved about and her tan legs looked wonderful. We sipped our coffee
and talked. She asked me about work and I told her about the runs we had
and all my work stuff. Before we started the omelets she picked up the
used dishes and took them to the sink. I came up behind her and put my
hands on her shoulders. I leaned down and kissed one bare shoulder and
said, "Can I ask you something?"

She kept her eyes on the dishes and, "Sure, ask away."

"After we were kissing the other night, ....did you.... have to come in
and jump right in bed and masturbate.... too?"

She turned around to face me. I think we were both a little embarrassed by
the question, but she had a big smile on her face, "Twice."

First we both laughed, then we started kissing again and her body pressed
up against mine felt so nice I couldn't describe it. The omelets were
going to have to wait for later because in about three minutes flat we
were up in her room pulling our clothes off. The first orgasm was just a
frenzy. Neither one of us could stop kissing long enough to do anything
but use our fingers on the other. I was on my back and she was half over
me. We were kissing and moaning into each others mouths. I spread my legs
and her hand came down to cup my pussy. I could feel how wet I was from
the juice she was spreading all over me. I snaked my hand down under her
and started to play my fingers across her lips and every time I touched
her she would moan louder and push against me. it only took a few short
minutes and we were both flailing against each other like two fish on the
bottom of a boat. it was so fast and so intense and so exhausting that we
both started laughing from the shear release of it.

It took us longer to catch our breath after, than it did to cum.
Eventually we did float back to earth and after a minute of silence one
of us just said, "WOW!" And we both started laughing all over again.

We snuggled up against each other and then started soft kisses again. I
was more on top this time and I kissed her pretty face all over. In a few
minutes we started to press against each other again and I wanted more
than anything to please her. I kissed my way down to her breasts and
spent a nice visit kissing and licking them both until the nipples were a
pair of hard little pebbles. I licked my way down her tan belly and began to
smell her excitement. My intent was to spend some time at her belly
button but I was so excited to taste her I slid right past it.

Melly's pubic hair is black and thick. She always trims it, and back then it was
a small V above her slit, pointing straight to heaven. I kissed past it
and pulled my head back to get my first real look at the pussy I was
about to fall in love with. I put my whole mouth over it and gave it a
gentle suck. I got a wonderful moan from the owner so I knew I was doing
it right. I sucked the lips into my mouth and then let them slide back
out. When I sucked them back in I got my first taste of her juices and
loved them. Her hips started gently humping against my face and I let my
tongue slip between the lips to feel the warmth inside. I licked and
sucked and licked and sucked. Feeling her getting closer to her cum. I
wanted it to be very nice for her. I centered over her clit and sucked it
in with as much of her lips as I could. I gently hummed, letting the
vibrations build up around her clit. Slowly I centered right on her clit
and the volume of her moans doubled. Her hands slid threw my hair and
started to push my face in harder against her sex. The tip of my tongue
found the end of her clit and I started to flick it across the little
nub. That was all it took. Her fingers were tight in my hair and her butt
was coming 8 inches off the bed. I could hear, "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh

I wanted to suck every bit of cum from her and just as it seemed she was
easing down from her first orgasm it started again. Just hearing her go
over was music to my ears and I am sure if I just pressed my pussy down
against the sheet I could of orgasmed too, from the shear joy of getting
her off.

Eventually she had to push my face away from her pussy. I moved up and
held her in my arms. I wasn't sure how she was going to react to my face
covered in her pussy juice. Some girls like it and some girls don't. I
was happy when she moved against me and kissed my mouth and then started
to lick around my lips to clean my face of her sweet taste.

Before we went down stairs she returned the favor very nicely. She spent a long time between my legs looking at my red haired pussy and telling me how pretty she thought it was. She kept teasing me with a single finger slipping in and out slowly. Every time I tried to move against it she would stop moving it and just hold still. Then she would start the tease all over again. finally, just when I thought I was going to go crazy, she brought her mouth to my pussy and started to gently suck my clit. My heart swelled up with love and I started to cum as strong as I ever had before that. As I came down from my orgasm I had tears of joy in my eyes.

After breakfast we came back up stairs for our first 69. Then we lay in
each others arms and had a long heart to heart talk about what all this
meant to each of us and where we were going. I am glad to say that we were
and still are going in the same direction. We have been together ever
since and we are both waaaaay more in love now than ever.

Well That's the story of our first time. I originally wrote this before we went over to Canada and got married. Every day I thank God that she didn't listen to her friends.

As always I would love to hear from anyone that would like to write. Be
warned, I always write back. Kisses Genny

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