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A Genny Story.... Key West
07-15-2011, 04:00 AM
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A Genny Story.... Key West
When we go on vacation, Melly and I like to have fun. We let our hair down and don't care what anyone else thinks. This is the story of our vacation and all the fun we had in wonderful Key West.

A Genny Story... Key West

I am Genny.

Getting from Lansing, Michigan to Key West, Florida is no easy task. We
had to fly from Lansing to Detroit. Then from there to Atlanta, and then
on to Miami and then down to Key West. Not an easy day, but if you have
ever spent a long Michigan winter you would know it is worth it.

We were already exhausted when we got to Miami. We had eaten all the bad
food and drank all the coffee we could stand. The wait for our next
flight was about an hour so we just collapsed near the gate and waited. I
reached over to pat Melly's hand and she held on to it. I smiled over to
her and gave her a little wink.

About five minutes later two girls sat down across from us. They were
talking about the palm trees they could see out the window of the
terminal, and with the total lack of a tan between them, I figured that
they were snow country escapees too. One of the girls looked over to us
and noticed us holding hands. I was too tired to let go so I just sat
there. They talked back and forth and you couldn't miss the Canadian
accent. Finally one of the girls asked us if we were waiting for the
flight to Key West too. I nodded and Melly said, Yea, we will be glad to
finally get there. They asked where we were from and when we told them
they said they were from Toronto.
Melly and I had been there the summer before for the Pride Weekend so we
started talking about the little we knew about their town. We all
introduced or selves. They were Kathy and Miranda ("Call me Mir for
short"). Two brown haired brown eyed 5'4" 20 somethings, cute but nothing
I thought we would be interested in. Kathy nodded to our hand holding and
asked, "You two together?"
I answered, "Yes. You?"
Mir chirped up, "Well we are together. We are like sharing a room and
everything, but we are not exclusive at all. We are here to have some fun
this week."
They both had big expectant smiles on their faces and I was thinking,
"Now that was one strange introduction."
Melly kind of laughed and said, "Well from what we hear this is the place
for it."
Kathy smiled and asked where we were staying. I told then it was a B&B
Called Eaton House and they said they were staying at Pearl's Rainbow
I had heard of Pearl's. I had looked it up when we were looking for spots
to stay. It is a very nice all women's hotel. If they would of had room
when we were booking I would of liked to have stayed there.
We chatted for a few more minutes and then they started to board our
plane. The two Canadians were sitting way in the back and we were about
half way. Other than saying hi when I went back to use the toilet we
didn't talk again until we were waiting for our luggage.
Kathy asked if they could call us to go out one night while we were all
there. I said sure, we were at the Eaton. Kathy wrote it down and we
headed out to get our cab. We had told the woman that owns the B&B that
we would be coming in late so she left us a key in an envelope on the
porch (Very laid back there). Out intention was to go to bed and get an
early start in the morning. The B&B was al quiet as we took our bags up to our room and opened the doors that went out on the second floor balcony and sat out there for a little while
enjoying the warm night. We were less than a block from Duvall street
which is the main drag of the Island, and we could hear music coming from
the Hard Rock just around the corner. We decided we should go out for a
little and unpack in the morning. We just walked up and down Duvall
watching all the people having a good time. We stopped in a bar that had
live music and listened for a while. Then we found a place that was still
serving food to get something to eat. We could tell we were going to like
the place.

We did get to bed about 1. I woke up the next morning around 8 and went
into the bathroom. The B&B is an old mansion that was built by the
Islands first doctor (Dr. Eaton). There are four rental rooms on the
second floor. Our bathroom had a door that led to our room and a second
door that led to someone else's room but it was locked so only we could
use it. I sat down half asleep and started to pee. Then I started to hear
someone in the next room making love. I could hear the thump thump thump
of the bed and I could hear her moaning while he was whispering something
to her. I sat real quiet trying to make out what they were saying. There
was an old fashion key hole that I could look thru but could only see the
wall on the other side of the room. It made me feel naughty to listen to
them. I hadn't done that since my roomie in college brought guys home to
fuck. They were trying to keep it quiet, but a few moans and a few
whispered "I love yous" came through. After a couple minutes the pace was
picking up, she was getting louder, and I had slipped my hand down and
was touching myself while trying to picture them. I heard her give a
little squeal and then he started moaning too. All I could hear were oos
and ahhs for a minute and then they calmed down. I smiled thinking how
nice a morning fuck would be, and then went back into our room and walked
over to the balcony. There were french doors that were between our room
and the private balcony outside. When I opened them, the Florida sunshine
washed over our little room. There was no one on the street so I felt
safe standing there looking down in just my undies.

I heard Melly stir (probably from the strong light coming in the open
door) As I came back in the room I pulled my panties and tee shit off
and climbed back into bed to cuddled up to my baby. We spooned for a
while and then I slipped my hand down between her legs and started to
gently rub her on the outside of her panties. She stretched out like a
cat wanting to get petted. I started whispering to her and telling her I
wanted her. She rolled over to face me and her black hair covered her
eyes. I brushed it out of her face and kissed her. She smiled and asked,

"Is this our start the vacation fuck?"

I am sure we both had morning mouth, but I just didn't care. I kissed her
mouth and then nudged my tongue in past her lips. I moved down kissing
her jaw and then down her neck. She was wearing just a tee and her
panties so as I kissed across her breast I could see a nipple standing
out against the thin material. I captured it in my mouth and pinched it
gently between my lips. Melly gave me a nice little moan and I felt her
hands in my hair pressing me harder against her chest. I took more of her
tee covered tit in my mouth and let my teeth tease it a little. While I
was doing that I let my hand slide down and start to tug her panties down
her legs. She raised her butt up to help and then I slowly slid
them down. I traced my finger nails up her leg slowly and felt her shiver
from it. I brushed my finger tips across her lips and could feel that she
was already a little wet.

I had helped her trim her pussy before we left, and had it in just a
short thin mohawk that started a bit above her lips and went up about an
inch, stopping just below the top of her bathing suit. In a month her
suit would be showing off her tan lines, but right then her bottom had
it's winter pale and her black hair was vibrant in it's contrast.

I sat up and straddled her left leg. I let my pussy press against her
knee, and as I pressed against it she pushed it up harder against me. I
looked down at her and our eyes met. We were both smiling and enjoying
our selves. As I masturbated against her leg I started to rub the tips of
my fingers against her mound and lower. It was starting to feel real good
for us both when I moved up on her leg. I took her right leg and raised
it up in the air. I kissed the back of her knee as I brought it up to
rest on my left shoulder. I scooted up some more until our pussies met.

Melly's eyes got bigger and her smile got brighter. I moved slightly
until we were in the perfect position with our pussy lips pressed against
each others in a soft wet kiss. I slowly started to hump, my sex against
hers, and could feel us both start to juice up and it felt very nice
slipping and sliding against her.

I had closed my eyes and leaned my head back concentrating on what I was
feeling, when Melly whispered, "Look at me I want to see your face." I
opened them again and we locked on to each other. I pressed the side of
my face against the side of her leg and pushed my self up harder against

Melly's right hand came out and took my left nipple between her fingers.
She pinched it gently and when she got the moan she was looking for she
pinched harder. My right hand slid across her belly and was doing the
same thing to her sweet nipple but just not as hard. My left hand slipped
down around her hip and I pulled us both tighter against each other.

I was working my hips in a lude fucking motion and we both started to
moan a little louder. The couple in the other room came to mind and I was
hoping that we were making just enough noise for them to hear us. Melly
started to whisper dirty things and call me nasty names. A sure sign she
is getting close. Her eyes started to flutter and I said, "Keep looking
at me. I want to see you when you cum." Her eyes were right on me and she
started to chant, "Oh fuck, oh fuck oh fuck."

We were both holding on tight and our little pussies were slipping and
sliding against the others like we were trying to make fire. Her eyes got
big and her mouth opened up like she was going to scream. I didn't know
if the whole block was about to wake up or what, but she just let out a
little "eeeeee" as her body started to shake and quiver. Her grip on my
nipple never let up and I was right behind her. I let out a deep growl
and felt my cum wash over me. My whole body was shaking and if I wasn't
already kneeling over her I am sure I would of fallen down. I hung on to
her leg like a life line as I spasmed once and then an entire second time
as Melly coaxed me on.

By the time we quit shaking we were both covered in a fine sheen of
sweat. I let go of her leg and eased my self down on top of her. We were
both panting and trying to catch our breath. Melly was the first one to
talk and all she could say was, "I won't ask you where you learned that
little trick, but I did like it. Before we leave here we will have to try
it again but with you down here and me on top". I just chuckled and said,
"Yes Dear."

We showered, slipped on shorts and tees and went downstairs for
breakfast. When we walked in the dining room we were met by a woman in
her early forties. She introduced herself as Carla, the owner and guessed
who we must be. We introduced ourselves as well and said that we had
found the key just as she had said and loved our little room.

There was one big long table for all the guests to eat at. The only
others there right then was a family from Ohio. A mom and dad and three
kids. Two girls that looked about 11 and 12 and a 15 year old boy that
couldn't seem to avert his eyes from my tits. Our hostess said that there
were two honeymoon couples also staying but they had already gotten up
and were gone. I was hoping to get a look at the lusty twosome that I had
heard earlier.

Conversation around the breakfast table was mostly about what there was
to do in the area. The family was planning a day at the beech and then a
dinner cruise out on a sail boat to watch the sun set. Melly had seen
some people last night running around on motor scooters and asked about
them. Carla told us the best place to rent them and by about 9:30 we
were out on the street.

We found the place that rented the motor scooters and we picked out a
little red one. They gave us each helmets, and Melly got the quick
driving class from a guy that had been bored giving it 5,000 times ago.
It was fun zipping around town on it. We drove up and down Duvall street
getting our bearings. We went down to the pier where all the tourist
ships dock and looked at the trinkets for sail there. I had seen a sign
advertising the home of Papa Hemingway, and the english major in me just
had to go see it. Melly was a little bored but I enjoyed seeing where he
and all his cats lived. The cats are still there, living the good life
letting the tourists take their pictures.

We ended up at a small beech right next to the sign marking the most
southern point of The USA. There was a hotel bar right next to the sand
so we were happy. I found some shade and Melly greased up for some
serious sun worship. I read my book and could almost hear Melly sizzle in
the sun. About once an hour we would get up and take a dip in the ocean.
We could get far out enough so that no one would notice a little fooling
around. We were face to face with Melly standing and my legs wrapped
around her hips. She was holding me and I was floating. I undid her top
and it was just floating around her neck giving me her tits to play with.
In about two minutes flat I had the nipples standing tall and wanting to
play. Melly's hands were on my ass and she snuck her fingers under my
suit and started to tease the lips of my pussy. We would stay out there
for about 15 minutes playing kissy feely and then we would cover up and
come back up on the sand. I didn't see any other female couples but there
were more than a few gay guy couples so we didn't stand out so much.

We packed up and were heading back to drop off the motor scooter when we
passed another place that rented real motorcycles. With out saying any
thing to me Melly turned into the place and parked out little scooter. I
know that Melly has always had a fantasy about biker chicks. When ever we
see a girl riding a big bike she has a hard time taking her eyes off of
her. My baby gets wet for the chicks wearing leather. Melly talked to the
guy and set it up so we would return our little scooter and the next day
come back to him and rent a real bike.

After a shower and dinner we walked the length of Duvall Street again
looking at the shops and the people on the street. There was a tattoo
shop that was advertising Henti Tats (the kind that are not permanent). I
was looking threw the window when Melly asked me what I was doing. I told
her I was thinking about getting some ink. She laughed and said she
didn't think I would do it. She was right but I wanted to go in and look
around any way. The place was as seedy as you would expect it to be.
There was a bald headed guy that had tats all over himself sitting behind
the counter. I told him I wanted to look at some Henti type tattoos and
he pulled out a big book and said he could do anything that I seen in
there. It only took me a few pages to find what I wanted. I pointed at it
and told Melly, "There it is, that's the one I want. If I am going to
ride like a biker bitch, then I want to look like a biker bitch".

Melly just laughed when she seen it. It was a big black snake. It was
partially coiled with the head and the tail curled out of the coil. It
was very big and I knew just where I wanted it. I asked the guy how long
they would last and he said anywhere from a week to two.

It took over an hour to get it on me. I had the coil right on my right
shoulder with the head snaking across my shoulder and half way up my
neck. The tail went down my right arm ending just short of my elbow. It
was ghastly. All black and white with just a bit of red for the eye and
the tongue.

Side note on this: When my mother seen it she burst into tears before I
could tell her it was only temporary. I am a bad daughter.

As we walked back to our room every one we passed stared at it. I became
the biggest freak on the street. The next morning when we came down for
breakfast, Carla spotted it first and said, "My God girl, I hope that is
a Henti and not a real one." I turned three shades of red when everyone
turned to look, but I quickly assured them it was only a temp and that I
had just gotten it as a joke.

We planned to pick up the motor cycle and then drive up the road that led
to Miami and connected all the little islands that make up the Keys. We
wore our bathing suits under our shorts. I put my top in a small bag
because I wanted to wear my wife beater tee with my new tattoo. The bike
was a big red one. Melly was all excited when she seen it. She had to
take another test ride with the instructor before they would let her take
it. While she went around in circles in the parking lot I went next door
to look at tee-shirts and touristy junk. I found the perfect tee for
Melly. It was black and in white letters on the front it said "Well
Bitch... It ain't going to lick it's self". With an arrow pointing down
to her crotch. I took it down and held it up to myself just to look in
the mirror and people were giving me strange looks.

After a few minutes Melly came in and I showed her the tee. She laughed
but she said she wouldn't buy it and she would never wear it. I called
her chicken hoping she might change her mind, but no.

We packed up our stuff and were off. The little scooter we had the day
before made a noise like "EEEEEEEEE". This one was more like VROOM, and I
could feel the vibrations through my whole body, but mostly in my
bottom. Now I understand why those girls will put up with the bugs in
their teeth to ride. This was going to be fun.

Before we took it out on the main road we puttered around town to get the
feel of it. Melly took off her tee and was just wearing her bathing suit
top and her shorts. I had on shorts and just my little tee. I can tell
you that we turned quite a few heads in a town where they are used to
just about everything. When ever we went down an empty street I would
move my hands from Melly's waist to hold her tits. She kept saying, "Stop
that" but she was saying it while she was laughing so I pretty much
ignored her. A few people caught me before I could move them back.

After we felt safe on the bike we headed to the highway and the drive
north. It takes about 6 miles until you are out of Key West and the
island north of it. Once that is done the road winds across low bridges
with the Atlantic on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other. It is
really pretty and seeing it from the back of the bike was great. The more
we drove the more we both got comfortable on it. At first I would put my
hands up on Melly's tits when ever there was no cars coming. Then after a
while I just left my right hand on her right tit because cars passing us
on the left were going by so fast that they probably couldn't se it any

We had seen lots of water but it was about 30 miles out before we seen
the first real place we could pull over and enjoy it. There is a state
park on Bahia Key. We almost passed it up but Melly finally seen the sign
and pulled in. This was a Tuesday so there was almost no one there. We
noticed two cars in the parking lot and one of them had an empty boat
trailer attached to it so we guessed that they were probably out on the
water. Melly found some hard ground to park the bike (didn't want it to
fall over in the sand, we would be walking back), and we grabbed our
little everything bag and walked the trail down to the beech. The entire
island is only about a quarter mile long and the atlantic side is all
park beech. We spotted the owner of the second car way down to the north
end so we turned and walked the sand to the south end. Near the end of
the beech the island turned slightly inward so we could be at the waters
edge and no one could see us unless they were walking our way on the
beech. We threw our towels down, Juiced up with sun block and were ready
for our swim in the ocean. Melly was wearing her bathing suit under her
shorts so she tossed them on to the blanket she was looking hot in a very
small black bikini (not a thong). She walked until she was about ankle
deep in the water and then turned to me. I had taken my top off so I
could wear my tee and show off my tattoo, so when I pulled my tee up and
over my head I was topless. Melly gave me a little whistle and when I
looked at her she just said, "Sexy".

I gave her a smile and pushed my chest out to give her the best look
possible. Then I looked up and down the beech and thought, "Fuck it,
we're on vacation" and ran past Melly to the water. She just laughed and
followed me into the small surf.

We swam and played around for a while and then stood in about waist deep
water and just made out. It felt great to just stand there in the
sunshine and kiss Melly and feel her body up against mine. Her hands were
on my ass, and my arms were around her neck. We would break the kiss and
she would lean down and give on of my happy nipples a lick or a suck and
they stayed hard as little erasers to show their appreciation.

Eventually we came in and lay down on the towels. I draped my tee over my
chest, I didn't want to burn anything sensitive, and enjoyed the whole
scene. We lay there for a while and then we talked and touched and kissed
and touched some more. We made two more trips out in the water before we
were ready to go. I picked up the towels and walked back to the edge of
the trees to shake the sand out of them. Melly picked up the rest of our
stuff and followed me back. When I had shook the towels clean, I turned
to her and she kissed me again. She pressed me back against a smooth palm
tree and I felt her tongue slip inside my mouth. We kept kissing and she
kept pressing her body against mine. Her hand came up to trace her finger
around my nipple and I felt goose pimples even though it was 90 degrees.
I moaned in her mouth and pushed back against her finger. I felt it toy
with just the tip and then slide down my belly to the top of my suit. Her
hand flattened against me and then she slid it over my suit to cup my
pussy. I gave her another moan and pushed against her again. I could feel
myself juicing up under the suit and after all the teasing we had been
doing I could tell that I was very ready to get off.

Every time I would press my pussy out to her hand she would pull back a
little just to tease. Finally I grabbed her hand and pressed it hard
against me. Melly chuckled and pushed harder against me. Her fingers
curled down under my puss and she stroked my lips outside my suit. I
widened my stance so she could have total access to my hungry sex. She
hooked a finger into the gusset of the suit and pulled it to one side. I
opened one eye and tried to look down the beech to make sure no one had
come up since we started this. It looked clear to me and I wasn't sure I
would of stopped even if I did see someone coming. I moved my knees even
further apart and her finger slipped into me deep. Oh that felt good, and
I gave a deep moan.

Her finger started to push in and pull out. Each time she pulled out she
curled it up to touch the top wall of my vagina to stimulate my G-spot. I
had to break the kiss just to keep breathing. I leaned my head back
against the palm tree and told her how fucking good that felt. She added
a second finger and pushed both of them in as far as she could. I felt
like my knees were going to buckle at any moment. Melly leaned down and
captured my left nipple in her mouth. As soon as she had it she brought
her teeth to it and bit down gently. I gasped at the feel of her sharp
teeth right there. I brought up my right hand and pulled her face harder
against me. My hips started to buck out against her wonderful fingers and
I could feel the warm juice running down my leg. Her teeth bit a little
harder on my nipple and I started to chant, "Oh fuck, oh Baby, fuck yes." Words
with more than one syllable totally escaped me. Knowing I was more than
ready to explode, Melly pushed her fingers in deep and pressed her palm
against my needy clit. She started to rub faster and faster as my verbal
skills broke down to babble.

Finally I grabbed her head with both of my hands and I started cumming. I
felt like I was giving off more heat than the Florida sun. It washed over
me from toe to head and back again. I finally had to grab her evil hand
to hold it still. I could only gasp, "Oh fuck, don't move it, please, I
might die." My heart was beating a thousand times a minute and my eyes
could barley focus. Melly eased her fingers slowly out of me and I
shivered all over.

It took all of Melly and the tree to hold me up. My knees felt like they
had been turned to jelly and I just hung on to her to stand. As my
breathing came slowly back to normal, I buried my face in her neck and
sighed. Melly turned her face and kissed my cheek. I turned to her and
met her mouth with mine. We held the kiss and I felt all the love and all
the thrill I feel every time we give to each other. When we finally broke
the kiss I started to give little butterfly kisses all over her face to
show how happy she made me. She was laughing, and I was laughing, and I
started to lower my kisses from her face to her neck and then down the
front of her chest. My hands captured her suit covered breasts and I
buried my face in her warm cleavage. I pushed her back slightly and
slowly went to my knees, leaving kisses across her belly and then onto
her still wet bathing suit. I put my mouth over her covered pussy and
sucked. What I got was the sea water that was still in it. I kind of
choked and turned my head and spit it out. Melly laughed and said, "I
never seen you do that before."

I looked up at her with a smile and said, Tastes salty." And with a big
breath added, "And smells like fish."

She gave me a laugh and a slap on the head. I bent down and kissed her on
the center of her gusset, then as I pulled it aside I looked up and said,
"You know what they say, once you get past the smell, you got it licked."

She was laughing but as soon as my tongue pushed into her sweetness she
gave me a big "Oooh, I like that."

She knows that any encouragement only doubles my effort to please, so I
started to concentrate on the wonderful thing before me. I held her suit
to the side and started licking her pussy from top to bottom with long
thick licks. Her hands went to my head and I could feel her fingers
curling in my hair. Her pelvis tilted upward and I could push deeper into
her. I brought the fingers of my other hand up and started to rub her
mound just above her clit where I know she loves it. My reward was to
hear her moan my name. I changed from licking to sucking and back again.
I sucked in her lips and captured her clit in my mouth then gave it a
good going over. I wasn't tasting sea water any longer. I was tasting her
pussy and it was getting wetter and better by the minute.

I felt her hips start to fuck back against my face and her hands were
holding me tighter against her. I was loosing control of my face as she
started to fuck it against her. I could hear her start to loose it. Her
breathing was getting harsh and she started to call me her dirty little
beech slut. (Where does she come up with this stuff?) I sucked her clit
even tighter and felt her clutching fingers try to pull my hair out by
the roots.

Then she was cumming. I could hear her moaning and feel her coiling like
a spring and then taste the change in her juices that I have become
addicted to. She had to let go of my head to grab on to the tree so we
would not fall over. I kept my mouth glued to her sex and tried to suck
out every ounce. I felt her shiver and then start all over again. Finally
she had to reach down and pull my happy face out from her crotch.

We both just stayed right there, with her bent over my back. She could
not straighten up and I could not stand. After about two minutes of this
we just both started laughing like crazy. I looked up and down the beech
to make sure we were still alone and was happy not to see a bus load of
tourists taking pictures or something.

When we were mobile again, we started to pick up our stuff and shake all
the sand out of it. I packed it all in our bag and we started walking
back along the water to the bike. As we came around the first turn there
was a young couple about 200 yards away and walking towards us. I grabbed
my tee shirt and covered my self. We held hands as we walked in their
direction and as we got close the girl smiled and said, "Be careful about
going topless on this beech. The park rangers bust people here all the

I said, "Thanks, I will", but I was thinking, "If they had seen what we
were just doing, being busted topless would be the least of our worries."

The rest of the ride was fun, but far less adventuress. We drove for
almost an hour stopping at several pretty beeches just to see what they
were like, finally we stopped for ice cream, and then turned around and
rode back south to Key West.

By the time we got back to the B&B it was dinner time. We were both in
need of showers. The sand and the salt water and the road dirt, just
makes you feel yucky from head to foot. We took a quick hot shower
together with lots of lovely lathering from both of us.

When we got out and were getting dressed I noticed the little message
light on the phone was blinking, I hit the button and there was a message
from Kathy and Miranda. They wanted to know if we wanted to meet up with
them and go to a drag show that was on Duvall Street. I asked Melly how
she felt about it and she was for it so I called them back. They had
already been out to dinner and back so we decided to just meet them there
at 9 for the show.

The Bar where the drag show was playing is at the south end of Duvall. Not
a long walk from our place so we decided not to ride the motorcycle. We
found a nice street side cafe and had dinner and a couple drinks before
walking the rest of the distance to the club.

I was wearing a sundress and sandals (and nothing else). Melly stayed in
shorts with a nice sequined top. The closer we walked to the drag club,
the gayer the street got. There were mostly guys with guys, but there
were a couple of girl-girl couples too. I spotted Kathy out in front of
the place and she gave us a big smile. She said that Mir had gone inside
to get us a good table. We bought our tickets and went in a nice, if a
little gaudy club. It was long and thin with small tables filling the
floor and at the far end a stage that stretched from wall to wall.

There were about five rows of tables and then an isle for the waitresses
to walk in and then another five rows and then another isle. Mir had
gotten us a table in row five of the first section. It was just far
enough away from the stage to see everything that was going on. A
waitress came by and introduced herself. Kathy said we were there to have
some fun so keep the drinks coming. I ordered a corona with a lime wedge
and Melly was drinking Hurricanes. When she ordered it I laughed and
said, glad we didn't bring the bike, because I would never be able to get
it and her home. The girls asked about the bike and we told them about
Melly's big hog, and our ride up the highway that morning. They of course
noticed my tattoo and we talked about those for a while. Mir had to turn
around and pull her shorts down just about to her crack to show us her
real tattoo. Kathy called it her "Tramp Stamp"

The show was fabulous. All the performers were guys dressed as girls.
Each one was very believable. A few of them were gorgeous. One of them
came out looking like Lucy, and did a very funny bit about her and Ricky.
He/she had been in a movie (Rat Race) performing in his Lucy drag. Then
one performer came out looking like Cher. He was the best. We had had a
few drinks by the time he came out and we were getting pretty chummy with
the waitress. When Cher came out and started to sing, Melly said, "Wow!
I'd fuck her."

We all laughed and then from right behind us the waitress said, " I could
make that happen if you are serious."

I have seldom seen Melly blush, but she was as red as my hair instantly.
She stammered that she was, "Just kidding." And we all had a good laugh
at her expense.

The show ended right after that. We tumbled out on the street with every
one else, and just stood there enjoying the street show going on all
around us. Kathy and Mir had a car and asked if we wanted to go with them
back to their place for some drinks around the pool. It was tempting, but
we had both gotten the vibe that they were wanting more than just a
drink. We had discussed it while we were walking to the club and decided
if our new Canadian friends were looking for anything more than a night
out, we would decline. I looked at Melly and I got no indication she had
changed her mind so I said we appreciated it but we had had a long day
and were looking forward to going home and crashing. Mir tried to change
or minds, but Kathy understood we were not interested so we said our
good-nights and walked home.

True to our word we just walked home and then went right to bed. My head
barely hit the pillow before I was in dreamland. The next morning we went
down to breakfast and finally got to meet the couple on the other side of
the bathroom door. They were on their honeymoon. Both about 30 and
obviously totally in love. To be honest, they were both kind of on the
homely side, but that just made their happiness to be together that much
more infectious. By the time we left the table I was loving them both.

A quick shower back in our room and we decided to stay in for a while and
enjoy each other. The french doors were open and the fresh air was
blowing across our bed, and we could hear the few people that were
walking past on the sidewalk just 15 feet below us. I was laying naked on
my back and Melly crawled up over me. Her breasts sliding up my belly and
giving me goose bumps where ever they touched. Her hair was still wet
from the shower and it hung down putting her face in a shadow. When she
kissed me we were in our own little dark world. I wrapped my arms around
her and pulled her body down to lay on mine. It always feels so good to
have her pressing down on me. She broke the kiss and took my ear lobe
between her teeth. She gave it a bite and then let her tongue snake
around the outside and then push into the opening. She knows that it both
tickles and turns me on when she does that. After only a few seconds of
teasing my ear she whispered, "I want to fuck you."

I said, "Mmmmm, That sounds like a good way to start the day." Then I
reached up and grabbed the head board with both hands and added, "I'm all
yours, fuck away."

She bit my ear again, this time a little harder, and held it until I
almost called out. Then she slid the tip of her tongue back in my ear and
pressed it in as deep as she could, giving my goose bumps goose bumps.
Her left hand slid up my arm almost to my wrist and then started back
down again dragging her nails along the inside of my arm, and across my
pit. She brought it down my side and then across my right breast. She
scratched across, and then around the nipple until it was standing up and
begging for attention. It didn't have to wait long. Melly took my pink
little nub between her finger and thumb and pinched it. I pushed my chest
up against her hand and she read that as I wanted more (smart girl). She
pinched my nipple harder and stretched it out from my chest. I hissed,
"Yes" in her ear and she pinched harder, letting the nipple slip down so
it was just between her finger nails. It felt like sharp needles going
into my happy nipple. I started to wiggle against her in the bed. She
eased up on the pressure and brought her mouth down to flick her tongue
over the captured nubbin. Slowly she let go of my nipple and sucked it
into her warm mouth. Her tongue slid around it bathing it in her saliva.

When she let the nip slip out of her mouth she came back up and kissed
me. I shifted my body a little and spread my legs so she could mount me.
Again her hair fell down around our faces and we were in that wonderful
dark cave that only she and I can share. Our tongues danced against each
other and she started to grind her hips down against my sex. It felt
wonderful to be under her with her weight pushing down on me. I spread my
legs even further and brought my knees up so our pussies could find each

Melly's hips started a slow fucking motion, sliding her pussy up and down
against mine. I could feel the combination of our sweat and pussy juice
start to lubricate where we met. I let go of the head board and
brought my arms around her to pull her closer. I let my hands slide down
to hold the cheeks of her sweet ass. Pulling her harder against me I
couldn't help thinking of the wonderful view it would be from the foot of
the bed.

Melly bit my bottom lip and then broke our kiss. She pushed up on her
arms and looked down at me. Her eyes were dark and smokey the expression
on her face was pure lust, and as our eyes held each other she started to
increase the pressure and speed of our union. We were slipping and
sliding against each other. I brought my ankles up across her butt to
hold us together.

I brought my hands around to hold her swaying tits. I love feeling their
weight in my hands. I let my thumbs rub across her nipples and she
groaned. She was fucking me with a steady rhythm and I whispered, "Fuck
me baby. Make me fucking cum. Be my fucker."

She groaned again, and really started to pick up speed. We were both
grunting with each push. I flashed on the couple next door and was truly
hoping that they were listening. Just the thought of that pushed me
closer to my cum.

Melly's grunting started to become a cadence. Each push became a word,
"Oh - Fuck - Oh - Fuck". And then as she started to cum just a flow of
dirty words, "Oh fuck fuck fuck. You bitch. You dirty slut bitch. Fuck
me, oh, fuck me."

Her hips were a blur and I lost focus as my orgasm swept over me. I
thought my whole body was going to explode. I know I was trying not to
make to much noise, with the window open and other people in the house,
but I'm sure if anyone was within ear shot, they would of known exactly
what was going on.

It was a wonderful cum that left us both weak as kittens. Melly had
fallen back down on my body and I could smell the wonderful scent of sex
and sweat in the room. We rolled to our sides and I brushed her hair out
of her eyes. We shared a smile and then a long warm kiss. I whispered how
much I loved her and she told me that she has never been happier in her
life. Just hearing that brought tears to my eyes and made this one of the
best vacations ever.

I hope you liked the story. We were in Key West for a week and had a few
more minor adventures. I may share them for later stories. As always, I
love hearing from anyone that has enjoyed my stories. If you would like
to please drop me a line. Remember, I always write back.

Thank you Genny

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